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Health, a question of frequencies. Change your frequencies, your thinking, change your body.

The healing process, the reintegration of the vital force begins with the mental mechanisms, and leads to a very personal change, one which is taking place on a cellular level, a change that is not only a remarkable metamorphosis of the intensity but also of the quality of your emanation.

In the past, this transmutation would occur very slowly. Today you have available to you a great deal of help. You are being bombarded by the vibrations of the planet and the planetary Logos, as well as by the vibrations of the spiritual Hierarchies and the Great White Brotherhood. You are also receiving a very specific influence from the evolving solar system, from powerful astrological transits, as well as frequencies broadcast by your extra-terrestrial neighbors. This inflow is helping you to remember easily and to become more open to awareness and knowledge.

Nevertheless, any new information, any frequency that touches your brain cells is just an opening, a beginning. Whatever information you have stored in your memory, it must be activated in order to become productive.

For instance, you might hear something about time travel or multi-dimensions. These terms will not make sense to you until the time when you actually feel them, in your cells, in your own body. When that time comes, you will be able to say that you have understood and fully integrated this knowledge.

A new process, then, has been initiated on the physical level. The body has had access to areas of frequencies that until now have been neglected, laying dormant. Your intellect, in modifying itself, will change the quality of your thoughts, i.e. the vibratory flow in which you are living and evolving. Your physical envelope, in conjunction with your brain and spiritual body, is waking up. Your body is recalling its innate but unused natural abilities and is now allowing you to use them. As this happens, the physical vehicle will ask for help from external frequencies, vibrations of being. Little by little, your genetic code and DNA will renew itself.

Homeopathy gives both the body/mind information on how to modify its magnetic field. This type of medicine, then, is perfectly appropriate to complement the efforts made by the disciple.

Illness, Definition

Illness is a disintegration of the mental programming. Every thought that are positively oriented, will uplift you rather than humiliate you; in a very literal sense of the word, they will “built” you.

“Man is at the junction of intelligent active substance and of original will or Spirit. He is the child born of their marriage or coming into harmony.” (Alice Bailey. Treatise of Cosmic Fire).

The system of energies that you function in is based in duality, the marriage of positive and negative forces, white and black, Yin and Yang. The challenge of the apprentice god is to discover these two polarities in himself, to experiment with and then balance them.

Before you reach this glorious state, you are subject to extreme sensations and experiences. Consciously or not, you ask for these challenges so that you can study the whole range of vibrations that make up the beauty of creation. Of course, you like exciting and sometimes very dangerous situations that might possibly lead you to a dead end. When this happens, you turn gloomy, lose yourself in sadness and depression. Your body follows your lead and, in turn, experiences stress and fatigue, before finally becoming ill.

During your terrestrial journey, it is not always possible to avoid problems or negatives experiences. Nevertheless, you can always choose the way in which you react to outside events as well as challenges that you have created for yourself. How you respond will determinate not only your state of physical and emotional health, but also your -more or less- rapid progress toward a positive and favorable position.

Thus, when you find yourself in a difficult and negative situation, you have a stubborn tendency to harmonize yourself in a negative way instead of balancing the problem through sending out clear thoughts.

Positive energies build up; the entire chain of negative energies is an entropic system, leading to self-destruction. To wallow in an attitude or thoughts based on doubts, apprehension or sadness, is, in a way, to commune with the dark side of the universe. This also holds true for a lack of self-esteem, the inclination to see only the wrong side of things.

Illness sets in, then, when one’s life or belief system is based on seeing things in an entropic vein rather than through creation. It is a destruction created but too heavy a pressure from the negative frequency. This vibration generates a reversal of the rotary movement of the chakras and produces a general weakening. Thus, it is important for each of us to pay attention to our mental state, our thoughts, our environment.

A negative state of mind might stem from a person’s genetic inheritance, the “data” he came into incarnation with, related to his past/parallel lives. In this case, the vital force will be marked by these destructive inclinations. Work in self-discovery will be necessary, as well as deep cleansing, in order to bring about a change in the DNA structures.

These negative patterns also have their origin in childhood situations or in one’s education. In fact, it is helpful to get rid of thought and their related patterns that stem from a model in the past; it is helpful to recreate the programs of your personality and arrive at a stabilized health. In-depth work on the subconscious mind will then modify parts of the vital force.

A deep healing of the subconscious mind will allow for a modification of certain aspects of the vital force. Finally, after a great deal of efforts, the student will be ready to welcome Kundalini, who, while passing through the etherical channels, will purify the ganglions of the nerves, on both sides of the spine and change the individual’s atomic structure. This does not mean of course, that the disciple will suddenly be in perfect health -but he will at least feel a noticeable improvement in his general state of being as well as a higher level of energy.

The key, then, is to accept and to love yourself, to appreciate the life you have chosen in order to nourish, within yourself, the Love-Creation vibration every single moment of your life.

Finally, the intensity, the health and integrity of your Vital Force depends upon your relationships, your interactions with the surroundings in which you are evolving, as well as the people you associate with.

Nothing is in a greater motion, more malleable, than energy. We are made up of energy, and because of our weaknesses, our mental and emotional instability, we are unusually subject to change. Thus we have a tendency to attract other beings whose frequency is a burden for us more than a source of strength. A good life style implies then frequenting places and associating with people who will nurture and honor us instead of draining us.

Chakra Therapy

Homeopathic Remedies that Stimulate and Attune the Chakras:

The remedies listed below have not been tested according to the usual methods. But a number of them have been used with success. We can only suggest to health practitioners that they expand their concept of homeopathy.

Listed below are some suggested remedies:

1st chakra:

  1. Water element: Hydrophobinum

  2. Earth element: Natrun Muriaticum

  3. Fire element: Aurum Metallicum

  4. Air element: Tuberculinum, Natrum Sulfuricum, Phosphorus

If one is deliberately working on the kundalini: Naja X 1000, Lachesis X 1000, 3 times, one month apart, with:

  1. Abdominal breathing

  2. Grounding exercises

  3. Daily meditation

  4. Concentration on the 1st center, asking the Higher Self for assistance.

In this regard, we noticed in people interested in Kundalini arousal or practicing intensive yoga the signs of the snakes remedies.

2nd chakra: Hydrophobinum, Thuya.

3rd chakra: Bach nosodes, Nux, Lycopodium. Sulfur.

4th chakra: Gelsemium, Ignatia, Belladonna, Aurum Metallicum.

5th chakra: Mercurius Vivus et Solubilis. Lachesis. Ignatia.

6th chakra: Platina. Cobalt.


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