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Is the United States going to refocus or fail momentarily their original divine mission? How to assist alleviating the chaos on the Planet? THE CASE OF PLANET X,

Mont Saint Michel, in France, attracts millions of visitors each year and touches each one of them with a powerful feeling of divine magic. For centuries, kings, pilgrims and poets, such as Victor Hugo, have celebrated the Mont, fascinated and in love for this natural and architectural wonder. Why? They are many reasons for that, which we will discuss later.

First and very obviously, because Mont Saint Michel as a whole is a reflection, a physical image of:

  • Archangel Michaels personality
  • The multiples aspects of Gods creation living in harmony
  • The balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Archangel Michael is a warrior, mostly represented brandishing his sword. He is a mighty combatant, who pledged allegiance to God, in his battle against Lucifer. He is the keeper and transmitter of Gods Fire, and as such he has control over the Eternal Dragon. The Earth Dragon is the life, the Kundalini of the planet. As part of their evolution, the Earth as well as the Universe are working with their Kundalini.

Archangel Michael is also:

  • The Fire whose consciousness was split, spread out between the two spiritual poles of our universe, the Lyra and Draco. From Spirit (the wings), Michael is casting and mastering the Dragon, in fact his lower self. The Dragon is the aspect of Archangel Michael that incarnated and was imprisoned in density. It is also the male aspect of Mother Earth.

Recently Archangel Michael released the Dragon. The event precipitated the last battle between the entities of the light and of the darkness.

The Consciousness that allows the merging, the fusion of Heaven and Earth, of Light and Darkness, the male and female energy.

  • As the Creator and guide of the Serpents of Wisdom, Archangel Michael has been involved in the story of secret societies and of the Illuminati.

Mont Saint Michel in France, has always been considered by anyone as a magical place, as an area where one can feel Unity and the blending of Heaven and Earth. It is precisely the vortex, the focal point where is now happening:

  • The blending/merging of the two divine energies for the Cosmic Body  our universe.
  • The anchoring on planet Earth of the merged frequency of the constellations Lyra and Draco. The bridge between the Lyra and Draco was built in September 2002.

This is the last necessary step that has to occur in order for this part of thee universe to reach the Heart Frequency. (Detailed information in the book A Kiss For Lucifer). It is the same attunement that you do when you merge the energies of your 1st and 6th chakra to allow Kundalini to raise up your spine.

It is said that the Druids were worshipping the Dragon in a cave situated under Mont Saint Michel.

In fact, the Earth Dragon or Earth Kundalini did not rise, out of its imprisonment on Mont Saint Michel but somewhere in Paris. This was the connection between the first and 6th chakra of planet Earth.

Then the Dragons and Serpents from many areas of planet started to leave the center of the earth and flair up through many vortices, following the Saint Michael ley lines. And in September 2002, all the Serpents of the Earth converged to Mont Saint Michel, and merged with the Cosmic Dragon Energy. A huge caduceus, made out of millions of Serpents and Reptiles, the Sons of the Great Dragon blended and created a cosmic bridge between Draco and the Lyra.


Since the Beginning of times, the two energies, light and darkness or male and female have been anchored on Earth by the White and the Dark Lodges, and by the 24 Elders. The Light and the Darkness are represented in the physical system through the body of the religions, of the secret societies and the organizations lead by the Illuminati.

The White and Dark Lodges, the Masters composing them are not antagonistic; they are working together. They are the ones who are co-creating the planetary fusion, the merging that has to occur prior for the planet to reach the heart-consciousness.  Among them are the 24 Elders, 12 anchoring the Light and 12 embodying the Darkness. They were attuned to the Christ/Heart energy in October 2002, at Stonehenge and went back all over the earth to anchor the merged-heart-frequency around the globe.

The completion of the merging, at the planetary level, will occur during the Wesak 2003. This energy will be anchored on the earth on Mont Saint Michel. The Wesak festival is celebrated on the full moon in the Taurus, which will occur on May 16th. On the 16th a total lunar eclipse will also happen, so that human beings may receive fully the light of the Sun, and thus move closer to their solar-self.

In 1997, Comet Hale B. appeared and brought many shifts (See Manifestation). We all remember the Six Pointed Star figure appearing in our sky/chart in March 1997.

Behind Comet HB was a second body. People were wondering about this second body. Was it a planet, a spaceship?

It might be time for humankind to have the answer. This is what happened while visiting the Mont Saint Michel in September 2002:

“A contact was made with the Lyra. I then looked and distinguished a huge doorway, opening itself in the galaxy, in the midst of the constellations. A comet appeared that will produce a physical change in our galaxy, and could bring destruction. In my human heart, I felt sorry for my fellow human beings, although I know that collateral damages might occur while the Cosmic Logos is harmonizing its chakras (the constellations). I thus interceded and spoke to His Consciousness, in order to find out with him if we could alleviate the challenges that humankind might have to experience.” (A Kiss For Lucifer)

The second body that I -and many others- saw in 1997 appeared in the center of the sixth pointed star. Since then I had an inner-vision, the second body coming back in the center of a 6 pointed star. A similar figure will be seen in our astrological sky on November 9th 2003. At this date we will again have a total lunar eclipse.

The eclipse will occur between November 8th and 9th, according to the area in which one is living. It has been said that a doorway will be open, allowing those who are ready to depart this dimension. The beings that would be leaving would avoid the mass destruction and chaos that might occur on the earth physical plane.


There is much concern about the arrival in our field of Planet X, by the middle of May or later. Planet X is the 12th planet of our system (Sitchin); Chiron was the last to be discovered. How much do we know and are we supposed to physically prepare ourselves for this event, in order to survive the ordeal?

This idea fits with the comet (or planet?) that I saw in September 2002, heading towards the Earth at high speed. I have to say that I was absolutely not aware of Planet X e-groups and I am not inclined to foresee disasters. Also, astrologically speaking, the aspects for May 2003 as well as until November are pretty heavy.

Finally we can link this idea with the writings of Dr. Michael E. Salla, (, the conflict now opposing the United States with Iraq has to do with the control of the a stargate, located in Iraq :

“If there is a Stargate existing in Southern Iraq that will play a role in such a ‘prophesied return of the gods’, then it is most likely that clandestine government organizations that greatly influence or control the Bush administration, are aware of the existence and the role of this Stargate. Iraq’s President Hussein is most likely also aware of such a Stargate’s existence as might be inferred by his architectural projects intent on reviving the grandeur of early Mesopotamian civilizations, and cementing his place as the restorer of Iraq’s past glory. (37) More significantly, his permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping, suggests that this may be the location of the Sumerian Stargate. This knowledge of a buried Stargate, may also be part of the reason why the German government has been publicly opposed to a US preemptive war against Iraq.”

I will first say that since September 2002, I have been following the movements of the invisibles Masters and Initiates over Europe and Mont Saint Michel. Their moves are immediately followed by a move of the troops between the US and Iraq.

Early March, I asked my Higher Self to show me in what state Bush and S. H. were on the moment . I will not reveal which one, but one of them came out as a dog, a heavy, bull pit-type dog, but very nice in fact and harmless. The dog was  at the end of a leash, itself divided into 12 parts. Each part was in the end of the 12 Masters of the Darkness (see above), thus in the ends of the hidden illuminati-government.

The other character appeared with wings on his back. My next question to myself was then:

  • “What is his spiritual contract?
  • Similar to Hitler’s agreement. To clear something and reveal to the world something that needs to be seen, in regards to the United States.”

I will not go further on that. All the governments are controlled by hidden powers. We are back to the same old story: the control of the planet and of the portals by two lineages of outsiders or extra-terrestrials, with their own diverging agenda and the possible control of the whole human system by a single group of beings. This is a possible scenario if we are staying in the 3rd dimension.

My understanding is that, whoever is really in charge in the United States, this nation needs the assistance of its people, YOUR ASSISTANCE to re-align with their divine destiny:


At this time, THE UNITED STATES has FAILED THEIR MISSION and have failed their ORGINAL INTENT and intuition.

  • The plan has been distorted for two reasons:

  • The need for power, the lack of integrity of the leaders and the fact that they had not completed their agreement with the darkness. On the contrary, they are wallowing in the practices that are the expression of the three lower chakras, among others:

  • Physical, emotional and mental abuse of the population through the economical system, the police, the media, the entertainment industry.

  • Manipulation of the population with drugs, medical or non-medical.

  • Use of mind-control techniques and of sexual abuse in the context of the army, the intelligence community and on children.

  • The lack of education for the mass of the population and its alive desire to ATTRACT DRAMA AND TO BE VICTIMS.” (Excepted from A Kiss For Lucifer)


What is really going on? Are the Annunakis returning? Are the Annunakis the gods, the Nephilim who came on earth millions of years ago? Is this the important point?

Stargates, doorways are inter-dimensional portals. Whether we are speaking about the doorway located in Israel, the one in Iraq, the Great Pyramid, Rennes le Chateau or Mont Saint Michel, we are referring to the major vortices of planet Earth. The inter-dimensional portals are the acupuncture points, the main attunement points of the magnetic grid.

“To explain in simple words, the presence of foreign races on this planet, I will use an example: You agree that part of your task is to develop 7 main chakras and to have them work in synergy and harmony. In the same exact way, a greater entity, Mother Earth, that you are a part of is refining and attuning its centers to make them work together. Above/around the Earth, another being or celestial body which is larger, more conscious, more aware, is attuning planets, systems and so on.” (Excerpted from A Kiss For Lucifer)

The Cosmic Body from which you are a cell is attuning its chakras (in fact constellations). Thus all the living Beings (Ets) that are composing its Cosmic Body are being moved around, cleared, and harmonized. You, the cells of the Cosmic Logos have to follow the movement. The Beings/ETs who are not supposed to be there might be asked to leave, just like you remove implants and entities from your aura. Do you ask yourself if those entities like it? No, because you are your own Master.

So, what are you supposed to do? Do you know enough to be able to choose between the Annunaki, the Venusians or the Pleiadians (I purposely do not want to mention high profile groups) as the right ones, the ones who will either save or enslave humankind? Especially if your information is coming through channels, thus possibly distorted or manipulated.

And even if you know, how can you ensure your safety? And if fact, are the gods going to return physically? If the planet is to exit the physical dimension, TIME WILL COLLAPSE. Then, all occurs simultaneously. This might be why some believe that the gods will return.

The point is that the human system, humankind is a mess. Manipulation, torture, slavery, millions of children utilized as sex-slaves, hunger, war. The western cities, with the American megapolis as the leaders, Paris and London in the first rows are becoming a jungle or a vast swamp, populated with crocodiles and piranhas.

Is this what you aspiring to? Well, this is not what Mother Earth is willing to keep experiencing. Mother Earth is evolving and will evolve no matter what human beings are doing or believing. And, in synchronicity with the Earth, the Cosmic Body is and will evolve.

It is my belief that humankind STILL has a chance, still HAS THE CHOICE to DO THE QUANTUM LEAP, to avoid CHAOS. Even in the event of Planet X approaching. It is a matter of critical mass, mass-consciousness and of personal choice. Many are already responding (peace movements for instance).

We do not know EXACTLY WHEN PLANET X MIGHT VISIT US. Also, IN THE PAST FEW YEARS, WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SHIFT THE ENERGIES AND TRANSMUTE MANY POSSIBLE CHALLENGING ASTROLOGICAL ASPECTS, thus following successfully the growth of the Cosmos. For instance, when an earthquake is happening it is because the ley lines, the grid have to be cleared, harmonized to a higher frequency. If an area and the population living in this area are attuned to the right frequency, Mother Earth does not need a natural disaster to shake off the magnetic pollution.

How can you assist? By choosing to:

  1. BE OF SERVICE TO THE EARTH AND TO MANKIND. Make the decision that your frequency is going to touch as many people as possible and to pull them out of blindness and childish innocence. We are not rescuing others, we are touching their hearts.

  2. Avoid any feeling of fear and stand in faith and compassion.

  3. Do not believe the media or anybody else but your divine intuition. Stop being gullible. Many scenarios could be played out by human and non-human factions to deceive you.

  4. Stop calling upon the Earth consciousness all kind of beings that are manipulating you, attracting you with important information and distracting you from the main focus: change YOURSELF, and clear yourself from any remains of your shadow (shadow=unknown, unaccepted parts of self).

  5. Stop messing up with the earth-grid, creating more infected doorways, polluted by Ets that are not Masters and not supposed to be a part of the game.

  6. Stand up for peace, if you feel like it but avoid organizations that are only present on the front line to confuse you and manipulate you even more.

  7. Call and anchor your Divine Self, the One only concerned with Mastership, in alignment with the Cosmic Body and the Infinite Consciousness.

  8. Until Wesak (May 16th), be your best. Focus on being your Higher-Perfect Self. Anchor within yourself the Conscious Light (Light merged with Darkness  sometimes called golden light), so that you can be and broadcast the non-dual, Heart energy.










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