Venus, Mercury and the Mind

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The planet Venus is also called Venus-Lucifer. The pentagram, symbol of Venus, symbol of incarnated man is, when reversed, the symbol of Lucifer . In this case, Venus, symbol of love and Wisdom, becomes essentially Isiac and plays the role of the priestess whose body is the temple. Lucifer is a male spiritual principle. When the Archangel incarnates, abandoning his light to lead the human beings in their terrestrial journey, He takes form in matter and then reverses his polarity. He then becomes feminine.

“Venus has been known since pre-history and she is the shiniest object in the sky after the Sun and the moon. As was the case for Mercury, the popular belief was that they were seeing two separate bodies: Eosphorus was the morning star and Hesperus the night star. But the Greek astronomers already knew that these were a one and only star.”

Venus is the daughter of Zeus. Before the rise of the Sun, she is Hesperus , Star of the Night. In the darkened world, in the absence of the Solar Gods, she is then allied with Lucifer and with Babylon. As in the legend of the War of Troy, her beauty triggers battles. During the Lucifer cycle of reign, Venus is the alter ego of the earth. As Venus -Aphrodite she brings experiences and sensations to the young soul, willing to learn the archetypes/principles of darkness, matter, sexuality and procreation. The soul’s voluntary descent into matter and darkness is thus performed next to Lucifer. Venus , Isis , the feminine principle, allowed humankind to be acquainted with the capacity of feeling. Through maternity, sensual desire and then through romantic relationships, a human being experiences the various faces of love. Parental love and especially maternal love is the love of the blood, the instinctual attachment even felt by animals. It is inexplicable and imperishable. Romantic love teaches the capacity to love, without reason sometimes, but still with the possibility of making choices. Mastery consists in the understanding of and working with a feeling instead of being enslaved by it.

The soul has to INTEGRATE what was experienced or felt, using it as a tool for evolving. This aspect of the work is achieved with Mercury, who is called the god of Wisdom. In this sense, he is Hermes , the one who brings wisdom to the gods and to the human beings. The tool proposed by Mercury is the mind. With the assistance of the Serpents of Wisdom and through the Hermetic Tradition (Hermes =Mercury). The soul is progressively guided toward higher dimensions. The integrated experience allows the spiritual marriage, the birthing of the Herma-phroditus or the fusion between Hermes and Aphroditis. Venus Aphroditis plays then her role of Morning Star and covers, with her presence, the sign of the Taurus, symbol of divine manifestation. When the link is permanently established, the need of questioning, the doubt, which is Satan or the opposition principle, disappears. Lucifer does not need to play his role as a guide any more. Venus has transformed into Sophia.

This evolutionary principle of the soul was well understood by the ancients who venerated the menopausal woman. Maturity and wrinkles were not considered or lived as degradation. The woman was not rejected by society because her body had changed. She became the channel and embodiment of wisdom, of the counselor. The woman at that time comes back to Saturn, the planet that incarnates wisdom.

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