Serpents of Wisdom

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Who are Serpents of Wisdom and Dragons, their role.

In most areas of the world, human recollect of a time when beings with special powers and knowledge, visited the planet. “In China, this mysterious being, who has a physical nature and spiritual attributes is the mythical dragon, i.e. the symbol of the historical actual Adept, the Master and professor of occult science.”

These beings, directly connected with Spirit, or spiritual in nature are called the ‘dragons’, the ‘serpents’, serpents of Wisdom, Sons of Wisdom. They are the Sons of the Creators. The Creators are the Dhyan Chohans of the Hindu Tradition, or Archangels of the Christians. The Dhyan Chohans themselves are the “Fiery Dragons of Wisdom”.

God, the All In One, is the UN-manifested. The Dhyan Chohans are the manifested lives, or the vehicles for the manifestation of the Divine Thought and Will. What are the “sons”? If you accept fully the concept of Oneness, Wholeness, All in One, “son of”, means in fact “extension of”. All the creatures are extensions of God and of the first Creators or “First Born of the Mind of God”.

I will repeat this idea to make sure that you understand it. God is the Universal, Non-manifested Principle. He is far beyond our reach and will be for a while as you/we are incarnated, ie, a part of the manifested world. The Beings called Creators are the First Sons of God, who directly emanated from Him. The Sons of Gods are also known as “Fiery Dragons of Wisdom”. The Creators’ extensions or sons are the “Sons of Wisdom” or “Serpents of Wisdom”.

At the beginning of their evolution, (Lemurian Age) “. human beings had access to the spiritual planes. There was still full communication between Heaven and Earth. The human race was directly taught by the Creators and their Sons. The Serpents of Wisdom, emanation of the Universal Consciousness and of the Creators revealed the mysteries to the human race. They were a link between the spiritual and the physical world, a remembrance in the physical dimension, of the power and beauty of Spirit.

After Lemuria, during the Atlantean period, when humans lost their faculty to communicate with Heaven, the Serpents of Wisdom used physical bodies to be able to communicate with the human race. They created or inspired human beings, Adepts or Sages to create the first mystery schools.

The renown Enoch, Toth / Hermes, Orpheus are not specific beings. These are generic names for a category of Beings, offshoots, extensions of the First Manifested Creation, of the Seven Sons of God. They are the keepers and teachers of wisdom. Some of Them still use a physical body in order to teach or accomplish specific tasks for the planet.

The human beings who received the mysteries made the choice to use them for the purpose of the community and the evolution of the race or for they own sake. Two categories of humans appeared. One remembered Source and kept worshipping the unseen Spirit. Their goal was/is to master matter and the body. They are the “Sons of Light”.

The other group became entrapped in the powers of the Earth, the senses, the body, themselves as incarnated beings. “From Sons of Light and Wisdom”, they fell victims to their lower natures and became the “Sons of Darkness”.

One aspect of the Serpent’s role is the unveiling of the mysteries. Man, or the God-Man in matter, in incarnation, suffering of self-amnesia, has to deal with density and duality.

In order to:

experience both aspects of creation (positive / negative or Yin / Yang or light / darkness)

recognize the Self and the non-Self and later re-unite and generate the heart / love energy,

the being has to be able to discriminate.

Discrimination is possible / was made possible by the gift of the mind to the human race. The serpent shows the way, incites humans to use the mind, in order to learn, experience, both aspects of duality.

“God said to Adam: ‘But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat. For in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt you die.”…”Ye shall not surely die: for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.”

The MIND is characterized by the capability to make choices between extremes, opposites. The individual has to learn to balance himself by making conscious decisions in the physical world. When one has found the path of balance, of peace and quiet, not needing to attract extreme situations in his / her life, he / she then is ready to move to the frequency of the heart.


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