Synarchy, Saint Yves d’Alveydre, World King, Shambala… Is Buddhism the answer?

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Saint Yves d’Alveydre, World King, Shambala… Is Buddhism the answer?

In Europe, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a number of mystical currents emerged that tried to reestablish a conscious bridge between political power and spirituality. The purpose of the Synarchic Movement was to build a society that would respect the people and separate powers. But, more importantly, Synarchy was founded on the belief in a Spiritual Hierarchy from which power and information would stem. This Hierarchy would have a capital on the planet, Agartha, as well as ambassadors, embodied Masters. This ideology was the basis of Saint-Yves D´Alveydres work. D’Alveydre, who was not the first to introduce the Synarchic concept, suggested a telepathic relationship with Divine Planes from which knowledge would be acquired. The organization of responsibilities within the government would be based upon each individuals natural function, especially the capacity to communicate with the inner planes. Nothing has changed since the time of ancient Egypt and the patriarchs, Enoch and Ishmael ben Elisha

The Synarchic Movement was the foundation of the work of secret groups and societies, and drew a number of eminent European figures such as Louis Claude dede Saint-Martin (from whose influence emanated the Martinists), Victor Hugo, Papus (Gerard Encausse), Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, and Jean Cocteau. Earlier, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz had patiently tried to incorporate politics and spirituality through branches of Freemasonry. He was influenced by Fabre d’Olivet’s writings, which are quoted in this work. The individuals mentioned in the introduction of this book all had more or less close rapport with these secret societies — Freemasonry, the Martinist Order, the Knights Templar, etc.

The mistake made by the mystics, the priests, and the Kabbalists is to think that one can constrain the Spiritual World and Intelligences to converse or cooperate. Magical practices and rituals failed them because they could only reach the mental and astral dimensions, as their souls were not ready for higher planes.

At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the main sources of inspiration about the King of the World was the book authored by a polish physicist, Ferdinand Ossendowski. He wrote an account of his escape across Asia, while he was fleeing the bolchevic Russia in 1920. It seems important to us to share with you ample excerpts of his narration/book so that you will be able to build your own judgment. Professor Ossendowski relates his impressions in a subtle, yet humorous way and does not seem to be embarrassed by any religious context.

“Have you seen how our camels moved their ears in fear, how the horde of horses on the plain stood without a move and in alert. The air has started to softly vibrated, bringing from far away the music of a chant that penetrates the hearts of men the heaven and earth have stopped breathing; the wind retained his blow; the sun interrupted his course the predatory stoat let go of the salga perdrix. It just happened: it is the King of the World, in his subterranean palace, who prays and rule the destiny of the people of the earth. These were the words of the old Mongol, simple uncultured shepherds. P 266

I heard for the first time about the mystery of mysteries in central Asia. First, I did not pay too much attention to it, but later, after pondering on it, and because of sporadic and contradictory testimonies, I had to recognize its importance and value.

The old men from the rives of the Amyl river, told me of an ancient tale, according to which, a Mongol tribe, trying to escape Gengis Khans will, hid in a subterranean country. Next to lake Nogan Kul, a Soyote showed me an excavation from which was climbing a cloud of smoke: this was the entrance to the Kingdom of Agarthi. A hunter had penetrated the kingdom by this hole. He started to tell me what he had seen. Then the lamas cut his tongue.

I got more detailed information directly from a Houtouktou from Narabanchi Koure. He told me the story of the powerful King of the World, who came out of the subterranean world: how he a and his miracles and prophesies. I then understood that, behind this legend, this chimera, this collective vision, was not only a mystery, but a true and sovereign force that is capable of influencing the course of events in Asia..For instance, more than 6000 years ago, a holy man disappeared with a whole tribe in the depth of the earth. He never reappeared to the surface of the world. No one truly knows where he is. Invisible, he reigns on eight hundred millions of men this kingdom is Agarthi. It sits across the subterranean passages along the whole world. I heard a Chinese scholar saying to the Bogdo Khan that the ancient people who disappeared once under the earth inhabit all the subterranean caves of the Americas. All the dwellers of this subterranean world are ruled by chiefs under the authority of the King of the World whose throne is surrounded by 2000 incarnated gods some Indian Brahmans as well as Tibetan dalai-lamas were successful in climbing rocky mountains where no human foot had ever set. They found inscriptions carved on rocks, traces of steps in the snow and marks lefts by mysterious vehicles

Some details given by the Tashi Lama dated eight hundred and fifty years. P 269

The King of the World communicates with the thoughts of all those who lead the destiny of mankind: Kings, tsars, war leaders, powerful men of all sorts. He enters their minds and ideas. If their intent please to God, the King of the World will favor them with his invisible support. If He dislikes them, the King will make them fail.” P 273

What writers generally fail to mention is that Ossenowski does not only speaks about the King of the World. During his heroic journey across Asia, he met a number of high lamas, of living bouddhas and religious characters, worshipped at the time by the Mongols and Tibetans. But, how were these men, among whom many have gained fame through bloody victories and edgy personalities, chosen to merit the titles of saint and the worship of the masses?

“Here, lives the living Buddha, as well as a crowd of miracle-doers, prophets, sorcerers and doctors. All these characters are of a divine origin, and honored a living gods.” P 206

the personality of the living Buddha offers the same duality than otherwise found in lamaism. Intelligent, penetrating, energetic, he is also addicted to alcohol, that has led him to become blind. When he loses his sight, the lamas fell into the deepest despair. Some decreed that he had to be poisoned and that a new incarnated Buddha had to be chosen. Finally they decided to build a large temple with a gigantic statue of the Buddha to appease the gods. But this did not give back his sight to the Bogdo who took advantage of the occasion to hasten the departure of the radically excessive lamas to the other world.” P 242

Ossendowki does not judge but only describes his encounters, sometimes with a lot of humor. He also tells us about the job of the poisoning-lamas. These lamas, feared by all and living long, were not only used to poison ones food. They utilized, serving the will of the religious leaders and saints, all sorts of mortal tools.

These details allow us to reframe the occidental vision and illusions about lamas and tibetain monastic communities. This is one of Ossendowskis conclusions: “the living Buddha does not dye. His soul would sometimes migrate into the one of a child who is born on the day of his death. This new mortal dwelling of Budhas sacred Spirit, mostly appears in the yourta of a poor tibetain or Mongol family. There is a politic reason to that. If the bouddha would appear in a rich princely family, there would be a risk, as it occurred in the past, that such a family, so honored, would refuse to obey to the clergy. In the contrary, a poor and unknown family, that inherits Gengis Khans throne and acquires unbelievable wealth, will always easily submit to the lamas.” P 255

The Shadow of the Dalai-Lama:

As with all great secrets of mankind, an unusual event took place, striking peoples mind and heart. The story was shared, traveling from word to mouth, eventually within the temples or sacred circles, embellished and colored according to the historical and cultural environment of the time. Centuries and even thousands of years later, it looks more like a tale, a myth.

As we already know, not every man wearing the monastic or ecclesiastical robes is definitely a saint. Nor are all Tibetans wearing the title of a lama or a living Buddha indubitably spiritual masters, and even less a Buddha! For instance, Gengis Khan, the Mongol leader who completed the unity of Asia through conquests and blood baths is often considered a saint.

So, what is the Agartha, the power of which Hitler was dreaming to stealing?

The Great Dragon whose fire has engendered the human race has always been the one and uncontested Sovereign of the Earth. This is the reason why, in all traditions, kings and emperors were used to be called the Sons of the Dragon.

At the dawn of mankind, the kings were the direct descent of the Great Dragon, thus the original incarnated Dragons of Wisdom. We are not speaking about the royal houses that are claiming to be the descendants, in the flesh, of the dragons and are only the visible and degenerated face of an occult organization and family. The dragons had then a physical, human descent, that displays some of its parents attributes ; but these descendants are no longer Dragons of Wisdom or masters.

Until recently, the Great Dragon has never used a human or semi-human body. As an individualized Consciousness, he had exteriorized a body in an intermediary, non-physical dimension. This body is only visible to those who can access His kingdom, through inter-dimensional travel and true clairvoyance.


When the Serpents of Wisdom took over the responsibility of guiding the human race, they materialized from a parallel dimension, in which they have temporarily anchored their immortal Self. The latter still live in this non-physical, non-human dimension.

The Dragons of Wisdom are Masters because their souls are older compared to human beings.

Before moving to the Earth, they lived in other systems and still display more developed psychic and multi-dimensional abilities than the sons of the earth. Among other responsibilities, they have had to anchor in the energy field of the earth the matrix of the human story or Divine Plan in order to prepare the necessary steps of this epic. The Children of the Dragon intervene into human affairs, in an occult way, from this parallel dimension in which they exist. One can access the occult world through direct projection or through multi dimensional doorways  the earth chakras. Thus, the Dragons do not live in caves or underground towns, but in a parallel world that is linked to the earth through major vortices.


It is possible, that after the last cataclysms that have affected the earth, groups of human beings have survived by accessing a parallel dimension. Presently for instance, we can imagine the occurrence of a dimensional split between those whose consciousness is ready for more spiritual experiences (= a life on a vibratory rate that is closer from Spirit) and those whose need to continue their journey in the third dimension. These beings would now live in a world that would be more evolved than ours. However, their world is not necessarily the occult home of the Serpents of Wisdom, and even less the home of the Dragon, the only King of the World.

The Admiral Bird would have slipped into a parallel world in the same way that some shamans do, who regularly cross dimensions. That would explain the expressions found in his diary: “With those closing words, our meeting seemed at an end. I stood for a moment as in a dream…but, yet, I knew this was reality, and for some strange reason I bowed slightly, either out of respect or humility, I do not know which. Suddenly, I was again aware that the two beautiful hosts who had brought me here were again at my side.”


When Kuthumi and El Morya were supposed to appear to M. H.P. Blavatsky, they would materialize a body for the circumstances. Then, when the visit ended, they would make their bodies disappear. We cannot directly question Ms. Blavatsky in order to ask whether their meetings happened on the astral or on the physical plane.

In the case of the Author, the only meetings that we have experienced with Beings commonly called Masters, have occurred out of the physical plane and moreover out of the astral dimension. No Master  known in the modern literature- has ever materialized a physical body in order to discuss any matter with Us. No occult or hierarchical meetings to which we have participated in for decades have ever happened on the physical plane.

In regard to the Sanat Kumara, the last Sovereign of the planetary Hierarchy and the ex King of the World, our meetings have also taken place on the inner planes, unreachable to the common.

The Writer has personally met a few individuals (among which Himself) who do practice bilocation. In this case, the body looks like and almost behaves like a human one. However, this body has the ability to cross walls and suddenly disappears when its intervention is over.

Years ago, the Author met two individuals who belonged to the subterranean world, one of them was an emissary of a race that is less developed than yours and lives inside the planet. The man had been sent in order to learn and evolve faster through contact with the outer world and race. He telepathically transmitted information to his people, but was very challenged in your world. He was blind, because, he explained, the organs of vision were not yet formed for his race. He had also difficulty to speak.

The other belonged to a dinosaur family that is considered extinct. They live deep within the underground. This being had taken a human body, but his consciousness was essentially dinosaur. After having experienced a human life, he had decided to exist according to his essence. He lived in semi-darkness, in a decor similar to a cave. He kept his eyes closed, as, he said, he disliked and was bothered by the light and the sun. The animals recognized him and loved his healing. Still an uneasy detail: his body emanated a very strong and disagreeable odor. This example shows that psychiatry could improve a lot by the assistance of inter-dimensional travelers and clairvoyants instead of using Prozac and straitjackets.


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