Are the Jewish people the Chosen people?

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An introduction to the concept of chosen people and Divine Bloodline.

(Amen, Excerpts)

“The Jewish people and their story (real or counterfeit), broadcasted around the world through the Bible, is the perfect image of the human lineage’s role. This certainly does not imply that the Jewish people are the Lineage or the chosen people. But it symbolizes:

  1. The belief in a chosen people

  2. The faith and the challenges inherent in such a role

  3. The efforts made by the Dark Lodge to destroy the people who hold the DNA and are linked to the Divine.

  4. The delusional arrogance of those who believe that they are of the Lineage, but whose only responsibility is to occupy center stage with the assigned role of attracting the crowd’s attention.

Mankind’s global history is a repository of parallel stories about people, such as the Jews and the Arabs. Each group is convinced that it enjoys a privileged relationship with God and eventually claims to be the Chosen People, from which the Messiah or King, Standard-bearer for the race and recipient of divine power, is presumed to have descended.

The example of these adversaries is the easiest to comprehend but also the one generating the most controversy and the hottest emotions, because it concerns the very foundations and reality of Judaism and Christianity. (…)

We have already discussed the question of Jesus, and thus the basis of the Christian faith, but we must press on further, to an issue that could be elaborated in a later work. Where have the Jewish people come from? What is the true source of the various texts gathered in the Old Testament? The Hebrew letters present strange similarities to the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt. Part of the biblical text was written in the manner of the Egyptian priesthood, and the stories may be interpreted as remakes of the struggles that shook the XVIIIth Dynasty.

Are the Jewish people as well as the presumed story of their emergence a disguised account of the battle that took place between the pharaohs and the priests in Egypt? If this is the case, the story and identity of the Jewish people are built on a distortion of the truth, of the Plan and of the Essence-tial orientation programmed by the Divine for humankind. We know that the Old Testament is an altered and embellished version of the life of this population. Although this may appear to be of little consequence in itself it creates a distortion of the time-loop skeleton and of the historical Consciousness of the Human Race, because the Jewish people made the mistake of taking on the burdensome identities of both Chosen People and of victim. In turn, Islam decided to be their reflection in an unending hall of mirrors.

The year 2006 has been marked by a massive transmutation of the lineage from which the Jewish people are descended. The Essence of this lineage as well as its true identity must be reestablished. This is why the conflict shaking the Middle East has been reignited. Again, Israel is at risk of losing its territory and hegemony. Still, this does not imply a victory of the Islamic nations. Keep in mind that the Koran is supposed to have been dictated by Angel Gabriel. This affirmation of the Prophet is of great consequence, as, in this cycle, Gabriel does not assume Royal Power.

These two nations and their diverse socio-political extensions are thus condemned to decimate each other in order to clear the way for the coming of the Invisible Divine Government. In regard to the much-besieged city of Jerusalem, it can only fade away before the splendid Celestial Jerusalem, Seat of Divine Power.”


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