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As man walks up Jacob’s ladder, his level of consciousness changes. At each step, he might believe that he has reached transcendence or enlightenment. However, in the absolute, as long as one is not permanently back to the Womb of God, annihilated into nothingness and free of the need for individual consciousness, the return is not complete. And strictly speaking again, as the All in One is in perpetual movement and mutation, there is no end to the process of reaching infinity.

We will therefore limit our discussion to the restricted fraction of the human universe, to the confines of creation that make sense to our limited brains.

During its epic in the human body, the soul utilizes many aspects of the human structure to learn, experience and evolve. A human being consists of a physical body, an etherical body, an astral/emotional self, a mental self and so on. (See I Am That I Am, ). The bodies are being built by progressive addition of the spiritual substance corresponding to each layer of the self. As time does not exist, one’s perception and awareness of another layer of one’s structure occurs when one can access or navigate through a consistently higher frequency.

It is thus comprehensible that the concept of the Grail has many meanings, each of them linked to a specific level of awareness. The mass consciousness has produced reflections, translations, of its understanding of the universe mechanisms. In other words, each level of comprehension has generated religions, rites and behaviors that corresponded to a temporary state of consciousness.

    While experiencing the stage of animal-man, the being is abandoned to the sensations and satisfactions of the primary body. Existence is limited to mere survival and reproduction. The body is self-regulated by the production of hormones, and sexuality is triggered by the ebb and flow of chemicals. Eating and killing are a matter of survival and one does not question what is food and who is killed.

This was the time when the magic of life was celebrated in fertility rites, during which man duplicated the principles of nature and creation through mating and fertility. The female body was honored as the sacred vessel capable of receiving and nurturing life. Eventually, the celebration of the female body with large breasts and buttocks lasted a little longer than needed. But again, some feelings are so simple and comforting that man gets hooked on them without being able to evolve.

    Then man started to think and to use the knowledge injected onto the planet by Spiritual leaders, nominally by the Dragons of Wisdom   (add an appendix about who are the Dragons of Wisdom)

The Dragons created the mystery schools in which a body of knowledge as well as a system of initiations were offered to man. However, the gnosis or knowledge and the rites instituted at this time, although taught by entities of a high level of consciousness, had to be adapted to the capacities and the understanding of the population.

The body and sexuality are the tools through which man experiences duality/separation and unity/love. As God and nature are intelligent, specific apparatus and hormones are provided to ensure that man will remember his true identity and access his divine self.

At this time, sex was introduced as a sacred path towards extended consciousness. Sex and physical union, practiced as a rite and an art within the temples,  were proposed as bridges to the divine and to other dimensions. The mechanisms and the inherent responses of the glandular system were utilized to develop the first and second chakras and anchor humankind in the principle of “union.”

    Much later in time, when enough human beings were ready for another leap in consciousness, man was guided to turn his focus to purely spiritual union. The body, although still the vessel carrying and manifesting the divine, was to be utilized differently. The attention of the spiritual seeker was to be seated in the higher chakras in order to achieve the inner marriage of polarities and then UNION WITH THE DIVINE.



As long as one is not ready for the sacred marriage, sexuality can still be devoted to spiritual progress. The lovers, a male and a female, come together consensually. They do not have to be married or engaged in an emotional contract (“You are my Prince or Princess forever.”). However, maturity and mutual respect are required. Otherwise, one will take on the role of the victim and eventually be hurt. If Soul-love is present, the effect is more pleasurable and powerful. Romantic human love can be succedanea.  The choice to practice belongs to the partners only. No temple, no parent, no secret society or institution, no guru or philosophical principle, no family/clan tradition can be involved in the decision made by both lovers to engage in sexual acts. Any attempt to justify one’s involvement in sexual relationship with anyone, especially someone younger, virgin, pure, etc., under the pretext of initiation, spirituality or ancient tradition, is an easy way to give adults, unable to achieve spiritual maturity, the right to abuse children and to steal their life potential. And by sexual relationship, I do not only mean intercourse per se, but any touching, kissing or hormonal harvesting.

The woman, in the manner of Mother Earth and of all feminine archetypes, plays two parts in the repetition of the drama of life:

The Materia Prima and then Earth and Nature are the recipients of the Thought, the willed  and creative intent of the Divine Consciousness in its masculine aspect, as an initiator, a leader. When a woman agrees to receive and bear the seeds of life, the same schema is reproduced. She welcomes life in her womb and then manifests it.

The Earth, while allowing the incarnation and therefore the experience of independence from God – from Spirit, offers the way to consciousness. The Divine Itself evolves through its creation. In the same manner, the woman offers to the man the energy, the vibration, the hormonal substances that will allow him to vitalize his glandular system and especially his pineal gland. In doing so, man receives the extraordinary gift of consciousness that allows him to begin his redemption, and then his way out of the karmic wheel.

As a consequence, the recent awakening of the public to the presence of Mary Magdalena next to Jesus (whether this character is real or symbolic) is a balm for humankind. Yet it is very important not to get stuck at this level. Such an attitude would reduce considerably the significance of this saga.




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