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Throughout 2007, humanity is experiencing a harmonization with the Sun. It is evident that, since the beginning of the incarnation, humans are exposed to the vibratory influences of the Moon and must progressively come back into contact with the solar, or Spirit energies. However, due to the era we live in, the alignment is stronger.

Your soul, your psyche is letting go of everything that has been hidden from it/him, including certain subconscious aspects of Self in order to be able to receive and live the influx of the Spiritual Sun, which is the heart of the system.

Most of the work is taking place between two eclipses, whose energies are assisted by the actions of Saturn, Mercury and Pluto.

The title of this voyage insists on the anchoring of your Solar Me. Before concentrating on this, we must dive back into the lunar forces, the Mother energies.  A new phase has been reached, concerning the ascension to power or rehabilitation of the feminine power.

The Mother is meeting its Masculine self, the Dragon, and assisted by its experience, maturity and love, she is turning towards the Father, symbolized by the Sun, which dictates the Plan.

Over the last ten days, the Dragon has come out of its hiding place.  A new alignment of the terrestrial axis has taken place, adjusting itself with higher dimensions.  I returned to and focalized my Presence (solar) toward the area in France, where the ancient volcanoes, sit, which are openings into the Dragon’s nest.  A work of fusion has taken place between the Dragon, Mother, Archangel Michael, with my physical body serving as a catalyst or acupunctural needle.  These volcanoes, these direct openings into the magma are marked by the presence of the black virgins and of Archangel Michael.

The old pilgrims camino or Camino de Santiago de Compostela crosses all this area.

Between these two eclipses, the Earth and humanity are subjected to the progressive interaction of Saturn and Mercury.

On the personal level, Saturn is related to the past, time and karma.

It is asking you:

Whether you have noticed how the decisions taken in the past have affected your life: if your thoughts or mental attitude have pushed you in certain directions that have modified you life course.  Similar situations come up, which activate the same mental levers.  Will you fall back into your past behaviours, or will you take a leap forward, as proof of your new personality and level of consciousness?

If you have master your subconscious sufficiently so that it will not underhandedly affect your life.

If you have understood and integrated the mechanisms pertaining to time and karma.

Mercury, Master of the Virgin, represents the body, the manifestation, in matter of the Solar Self. It is connected with the throat chakra, which concerns the capacity to communicate, as well as the ability to create or manifest.

The Virgin, presented with a load of ears of corn representing terrestrial blessings, is the symbol of the feminine energy, the Mother, which is the body of expression of the masculine forces, also known as the forces of the Father.

The planet is in the process of ascending to a superior level of purification and seizure of power by the feminine energy.  So as to be able to propel towards a higher frequency, the Earth is assembling its forces.  She is leaning on her feminine power, symbolized by the Virgin.

All the vortexes connected to the Mother are activated so that the Earth can absorb the forces necessary to pass into the new cycle.

The Mother calls and welcomes within herself the forces of the Dragon-masculine-so that, with this alchemy, this magical impregnation, she can turn towards the Solar Star that is waiting for her, like a wife ready for her wedding celebration.

Two Black Madonnas in the Cathedral, the one on the right being the official Lady du Puy. One wonders why the other one is not mentioned in most sites, as her energy is so much strong

This also means that the Mother will manifest or manifest herself on a dimension at a higher frequency.  As the principle of manifestation in action, she is preparing to manifest a reality based on a refined frequency = to manifest another dimension; She is helped by the movements of the Dragon, at each eclipse (See Amen, the Mother and the Dragon).

Each time that a new alignment of the central axis takes place, as was the case at the beginning of June.

We are experiencing this preparation since the eclipse of March. A new step into the alchemy moon/sun will be experienced during the solar eclipse of September, followed shortly after by the celebration of the equinox.

One must not forget that the equinox of September marks the equilibrium between day and night, light and shadow.  It is the celebration of the victory of Archangel Michael, whose mission is to defend Light and Spirit.

It is this victory that we will celebrate together during our journey.  We will finish our trip on the Saint Michael meridian, a journey that we started two years ago. Little by little, we will have travelled the three branches of the Saint Michael meridians, and we will celebrate the victory of Light.

Below a precise way to work with the chakras and triangles :

The Mother energy is lodged within the second chakra.  The Mother is linked to sexuality, procreation, and abundance in all its forms, including the ability to bear fruits/fructify (money for instance).

However, underneath this center lies the first chakra, which is often said to be feminine, although I would prefer if you would consider it as masculine-feminine.  In fact, the Kundalini, which is considered feminine, lies within this chakra, but from a larger standpoint (See Amen, chapter on the Mother) the Dragon is also present.  (We are working on the meridians, right?). The Dragon is the masculine pole of the Mother, which fecundates her once she is ready to receive and fructify his impulse.

Then the combined energy will be introduced to the Small Sun, the third chakra, which represents your establishment in the third dimension, as well as your capacities to be respected, to anchor yourself materially, according to the principles of this world.  It is the residency of the Son, fruit of the encounter between the Dragon and the Mother.

The Great Sun, is then your Spiritual or Solar Self, Spirit that you are bringing down into matter.  It consecrates the work carried out in the third dimension.  These blessings are within your reach if you have sufficiently clarified your psyche, your subconscious, and if you have learned to surrender yourselves. That is, if you have let go and let be, if you have understood that at the moment where you let your Spiritual Self take the helm, your life will become the expression of Its perfection.

You can re-do the exercise of the inferior triangle -the triangle of matter- with these principles in mind.


“I honor within myself the fertilized Mother energy, divine principle of manifestation and abundance. May the Mother be fecundated by my inner dragon, producing the son, fruit of their love. May they all be blessed by the Spiritual Sun, incarnation of Divine Plan.”


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