Life as a Metaphor

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Life is a dream, a metaphor.

  • Your life is a dream projected in the third dimension by the states of Being of your grand, Higher Self.

    Picture: the many levels of existence. Octagonal Chapel, Ottmarsheim. Alsace, France

    Copy of Aix la Chapelle

    Your life is the projection, in the physical dimension of the combined will and desires of:

    Your true self is the spiritual one and your true existence occurs within invisible dimensions, impacting your physical existence.

    If you can enter the metaphor consciously, you will be the laughing and happy witness of your life, of the movie produced by your soul. Your life will be the stage on which you will project your ideas and manifest them in mastery.

    Awareness is then the capacity to discern what your Divine Self is doing.

    Perfection and ease occur when one, whether aware or not of the will of Divine Self, has surrendered and given to It the driver seat. You can start opening up to the messages sent by your soul, attempting to open your eyes and awareness.

    -What are you doing, in what areas? What could your actions symbolize?

    -What are the names and history of the places where you live, that you visit? Any meaning?

    -Any connection with historical facts?

    -You are wondering about a lifetime. Could I really have a lifetime as a Knight Templar? You miss a train and find yourself on Temple Street

    • More precisely:
    • Am I the reincarnation of X, a well known historical character? Someone, related to this story, brings you unexpectedly in front X’s tomb. (Of course, we are aware that one atom from Cleopatra contains all the memories of the beautiful queen and that all records are available in the Akashic records, but it is not so simple).
    • What are the names and professions of the people that you are meeting? Of your mates?

      First degree (Trauma clearing): do their look or behave exactly like your father/mother/siblings?

      Second degree (the metaphor): Do their names have any meaning in mythology, in your mother tongue? What do it have to do with your life path?

      Analyze your address. Could it mean something in terms of your soul’s path? Ex:

      -345 Piedmont, you are at the bottom of the mountain.

      -Then, 456 High Mount, you are, or trying to be higher on the path.

      -12 Midvale, you are establishing pure balance.

      -89 Sirius Road. Do you have to remember your existence on Sirius?

    • What is the name of the company that you are working for, of your partners if you are self-employed? Your true soul purpose and will can be deciphered through the activities that you chose. Example: you strangely decide to become a driver. Are you trying to tell to the world or to yourself that you are ready to take charge instead of floating like a sea-weed?
    • A tip: what is the difference between “will” and “desires”:

      Will: straightforward, untwisted decision sent out consciously and purposely from the creator mind, a perfected tool of your Higher Self

      Desires: insidious needs, originating within emotions, and projected as compensations for sorrow, lack of XXX, and emptiness.

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