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Mankind’s history will become simple and clear when men will have learned to live in consciousness, that is to say, aware of the actions of their soul’s extensions or aspects. Men will learn how to master their extensions, in the same way that they now find out how to control their subconscious mind. This improvement will start and allow the building of the new world, the world of the Conscious Light, in which nothing is hidden.

Principles :


Knowing your metaphor allows you to control it. You are no longer the toy, the extra in a film, muted and at the mercy of the needs of the stage, but rather the actor, the stage director, and then the director of your story.

Your life is a reflection, the emanation, the manifestation more or less perfect of a story, a script in which you participate in a way that is more or less conscious.


= multidimensional expressions of your Monad.

To know, enlighten (light = information) and control your extensions leads you softly towards the consciousness and eventually the control of your metaphor.

Your Monad might have decided to express itself through “higher-up positions”.  In that case, you will find within your extensions personalities that have/exercise responsibilities in the tridimensional world.

Of course, these parts of self will have to be congruent, with your degree of evolution in general, your intellectual capacities, your knowledge, your personality.

Ex : Concerning the framework of the matrix, it was not necessary for President Bush to be as brilliant as Einstein. On the contrary, because of the cosmic game and the geopolitics of the end of the cycle, it was necessary to put in place a being willing to be abused, guided and dominated.  The personal tendencies of his soul to have fun rather than take charge, as well as his adolescent heart are congruent to his assignment.

If your whole life you have been interested in religion, and you have a doctorate in theology, it is fully congruent to find an extension in a job as a bishop.


Given my state and role as an Avatar, expressing, manifesting, and modeling if necessary the metaphor, the humans whom address me or have a contract with me, represent humanity as a group and under its different aspects.

If your soul-group plays a specific role in the actual game, it symbolizes and channels the energies, and therefore the dealings of a part of humanity, or of a family, a lineage, of a group at the hands of the Hierarchy, the Divine Plan, of My-self.


Your way of reacting, your interactions with the group and with my-self in the framework of the group, is a sample of humanity.

An intense need of life in society or in a group, expresses the human need of contacts; or the desire to bewilder one’s self or pour out one’s self, without having the time or the desire to come face to face with one’s self in the silence. 

A hectic, noisy life filled with friends can become the blind masking the parts of self that embarrass you or that would ask you to take on more responsibilities concerning the Divine, or concerning yourself.

In its positive aspect, the group helps you to stay focalized on a goal, to feel assister, motivated.  For example, practicing meditation or an ascetic lifestyle, is easier in the heart of a community rather than in isolation.

Refusing to face a group translates your fears concerning the outside world, your lack of confidence, or distrust, or decision to not allow the outside world influence your life or enter within your little world (which you have protected because the others could take you or disturb your unconscious protections).

Some isolate themselves by fear of not being able to control their personal universe, the unhealthy sphere of power they have created to face existence.  Here is an example of two-person isolation: You are afraid to no longer be able to exert a subtle control on your companion, or to no longer receive from your companion the compensations with which you balance his or her need for control.

What is the use of the group : to exert that you live your Essence, in, with, through and for the Whole in One; how to be in balance, give and receive (energetically, sexually, emotionally, financially, etc) justly, without suffering or making others suffer.

Once you have learned to assume yourself on every level, then you can give, serve.

It is the outcome: to apply one’s self, to forsake one’s self to total servitude, unconditional of the Whole and of everyone.

On the path towards control (= State of Master), everyone can serve or have the impression to be serving according to the context of his or her incarnation, or his degree of accomplishment in one or more specific domains.  For example, you are not a spiritual master, but you know how to heal, teach, paint, listen, accompany, cultivate a garden, cook, or make money. 

You can therefore use your gift to serve the community.

Yes, it is easier to live in a golden cage, far from the outer world, far from other’s challenges than to serve them. What is the point then? What do you do with your spiritual achievement, wisdom, money, your light if you hide in your corner? You might have chosen to give to the weakest, to those who do not challenge you. What are you afraid of?

Those who stay on the sidelines could have made the decision to avoid being contaminated by the group so as to better serve certain spiritual interests.  However, this must be a conscious decision, brought into play in a certain context, and for a set period of time.  One must be careful to avoid falling into excess by love of asceticism, fear of succumbing to pleasures, or by egoism.


We have addressed the notion of Time loops.  The expression of a soul in a dimension is finished once the history or intention of one of your extensions is closed. The contract is respected, finished.

When a loop is finished, it is no longer necessary to replay it.  One must express this idea, this principle—manifest the history on an octave or in a superior vibration.  Life will then express itself in an ascending spiral.

Two blocs have faced off for decades. 

The eastern bloc could not acquire supremacy because it was controlled by spiritual entities which got involved in human affairs without permission (Or that got permission to get involved momentarily in the Plan so as to give a certain lesson to humanity), acting against the Divine Plan for this period of human history. 

In fact, the goal of these entities was to gain terrestrial supremacy at the expense of the Royal Lineage of the Dragon. We will not dwell once more on this subject today, because we have already largely gone over it in past seminars.

Actually, the issue is the need to anchor the new race and prepare the manifestation of the future society, a society based on spiritual, moral, egalitarian and justice principles (Which puts France, for’ example, in a difficult situation, and which explains Mr. Sarkozy’s speeches) more evolved than those exerted, or at least evoked in the past.

Given my functions, I work consciously on the planetary Time-loops (See Amen).  By finishing time loops pertaining to different civilizations, I assist the Earth in the completion of all the histories, human experience, and actual dramas so that the planet can pass onto a superior octave.

The races which have dominated human history in the past must end their role and make way for the future concepts, principles and vibrations.

Given the role that my body recently assumed in Europe, one of Emperor, it is simple to understand the journey of the signature that I carry.  What has the emperor done overshadowed by the Archangel Michael?   

How did his story and life ended?  With whom ? How can we exit this timeloop and continue on a higher octave?

What happened during the first months of 2008?

In the beginning of January, the shamans of South America tried to re-impose their energy, by using the ancient egregors (maya) and the pyramids.  I intervened so as to redirect the energy towards a superior vibration and avoid their take on the power.  Their intentions are not necessarily negative, but their vibration, and way of proceeding no longer corresponds to the present.

Later, while driving along the Mexican border, I felt that it was not necessary to visit South America immediately, nor physically. In fact, this would have brought my Energy.  I therefore abstained from traveling there.

At the same moment, China was manifesting itself, with the idea to take power over the United States.  With help from black Buddhist lodges, it used ancient warrior egregores (“Terracotta warriors” exposition, late 2007 in London) and a multidimensional doorway created by the Samurais. 

Simultaneously, two American banks ceased to corroborate with the American market in order to support China.  This only aggravated the financial situation of the United States, which has taken out colossal loans from China in recent years.

It was then necessary to stop China. Nature did it! Now, China is slowing down and public opinion has been alerted with the incidents about the Olympics and then Tiber (but this again could have a raison d’être).

Do not forget that China and Russia have formed a bloc with Iran and South America to obtain, amongst other things, oil contracts.

One of the reasons for my presence in the United States in January was to protect the country, its soil, and to activate certain vortexes and wake up the Native consciousness.

In early March, South America made headlines and Venezuela placed its tanks on their border.  Once again, the situation was tense, while China and Russia opposed the UN, which tried, officially, to stop Iran’s nuclear race.

The United States was weakened by its need for oil and energy, by its wars, and by their habit of living in material abundance without renewing its energy policy.

More subtly, the United States government is subjected to the control of international forces which decided on the fate of this country and have done everything in their power to guide the United States towards an aggravated crisis (which will precede an international crisis), and hence guide humanity towards war.

My role is not to represent Bush or Chavez or anyone else. 

I must pervade the political game with the purifying energies and transmutation. We are no talking about favoring one country or people by preference, but rather to act or anchor a will in function to what this nation represents and manifests, and in function to its role in the Plan.

As is the case in 2008 for the whole planet, there is an offset between the posted principles of our nations, leaders, and reality.  The entire world still lives under the influence of its collective unconscious and the torments of the shadow.  However, there are significant differences between – for example – the collective consciousness of certain African or Middle Eastern countries, and that of Europe or the United States.

Moreover, the United States’ founding principles are, without a doubt, the most advanced of those governing developing countries, or those officially and shamelessly applicable which negate spirituality and enforce a global policy without respect for human rights. 

We are not talking about denying the American governments evermore evident violations in the domains of liberty and respect for human life.  We do not want to forget the abuse, suicides, drugs, prescription drug abuse, and inequalities which we can sum up as the expressions of unbalance and sorrow which afflict all nations.  However, in 2008 there is not one people, or country which has succeeded in producing a people and way of governing whose obvious results or principles could become the model of the future.

The example of Christianity is easy to understand.  More so than the others, the Catholic Church has not respected the principles of love on which it was supposedly founded.  Yet, it has played an important role in human evolution, because it directed the attention of the earthlings towards ideals and principles pertaining to the superior chakras.  The easiest example to understand is that of sexuality.

Sexuality in itself is not reprehensible. However, the fact that it was forbidden or controlled permitted humanity in general to question itself on its value, goal, results and taboos. 

Attention was directed towards the energies of the three superior centers, (Celibacy, divine love, studies, renunciation, prayer, service), which must be activated on the global level for the evolution of the race. 

The United States and Europe failed in their attempt to establish just laws and conditions of happiness and light.  Without a doubt however, the principles proposed as the basis of occidental societies are more advanced than those actually governing most other nations.

Unfortunately at this time, there is not one nation in the entire world that can propose an example in government, without corruption, or that exhibits a sample of a happy population. 

In fact, the PRINCIPLES of freedom, equal rights, and democracy – whether this system is the right one – have been set and will be applied when the population will be finished with the victim role and ready to assume such ethics. A new system will emerge that will manifest values that are honoring men as well as The Divine. 


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