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Beloved Readers

I am Michael and I embody the essence of the Blue Ray, the essence of Archangel Michael.

“I preside to the Light and to the Darkness. I Am the transmutation and the fusion. I AM steel, gold and silver. I hold the dragon because I Am the dragon,

“The dragon of fire, dragon of wisdom, the eternal principle emerging from the night…

“I integrated the dragon to become the undifferentiated force. “

(Excepted from”Manifestation“)

I entered in this physical body in 1997. Before this date, the Being in charge was an extension of Myself.. As I am one of the Creators, naturally, this extension of Myself is/was a Serpent of Wisdom. She entered this system a long time ago, to carry and bring the Light on Earth. Also, through the planet Sirius, or to speak a more universal language, through the frequency of Sirius, she brought the Sirian DNA to your planet. Finally, she was one of the Beings who initiated the Egyptian tradition in order to implant divine wisdom in this corner of the universe.

When she completed her assignment, according to the plan of the Universal Consciousness, she left, and as per our agreement, I, Michael entered this body, after re-engineering it according to my frequency. It was quite an ordeal in human terms. When I arrived in this body, and within 24 hours, all the walls of the house where she was living moved and were cracked, … without any earthquake of course.

You understand that the story of the Beings that you call reptilians, with a touch of fear, is very important to me, as this aspect of creation has been misunderstood and mis-interpretated so many times., and as it is part of my assignments to balance and merge light and darkness.

In the PAST FEW WEEKS, counted in human time, major shifts occurred in your neighborhood. The “end of the Babylonian lineage started, as it was decreed eons ago and as its purpose has been completed. Its roots, its life energy, its right to control and abuse human beings was eradicated from the magnetic field of your planet. The corruption, the degenerated reptoid bloodlines cannot last any longer in the Christ Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light and Love.

This means that any expression of the Babylonian heritage in your world is going to disappear progressively. This emanation of the dark three dimensional forces is not allowed any more on and around planet earth. The belief system, the religions rooted in Babylon, the egregore (though form, group energy) attached to it, has to be en-lighted (injected with Light, merged with Light) or recycled.

However, full manifestation, integration in the group consciousness and at a DNA level will take time. The next few months are very important in this regard. And THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN ASSIST, if your heart desires.

1.You already accomplished the first step, which is to receive and hear the truth. If you do not comprehend all of it, intellectually, do not feel upset or sad. In time, everything will be perfectly clear, for all of you.

In order to be ONE and WHOLE, to put together the parts of your multi-dimensional structure you have first to discover your essence, the core of your being. The first step is freedom, from anything that is not pure Love, pure Godself.

Also, it is recommended to learn multi-dimensions travel and awareness. This is the easiest way to know what you are doing on other levels and to make sure that you are not creating more problems for yourself unconsciously. What does this mean? That many beings have multi-personalities, built in past / parallel existences and no awareness of multi-dimensions. Astral / emotional extensions of Self are tricky and need to be mastered in order to reach ONENESS, full alignment, and integrity of the Self. Then, the next step is to connect with the different parts of your soul. Most of Satanism and satanic abuse, most family abuse and violence, a lot of crimes, serial killing, difficult relationships are the result of FRAGMENTED SELVES AND SOULS.

2.Get rid of any side effects, burdens coming from your childhood, your education, your genetic (father, mother), past / parallel lives. This is the only way to clear your structure from all the consequences of the incarnation and to balance the masculine and feminine energies within yourself. Then, free yourself from any belief system or blind attachment that you might have with a group, a church, a country. Why? Not out of judgement but, temporary letting go of all spiritual habits, of all groups allows you to witness your life, and make sure that nothing is holding you from your pure essence, from your pure Love-Self. Do you know the spiritual affiliation of your church, of the new age group with which you enjoy doing rituals? Do you know about the integrity of their leaders? Most of the religious groups have been affected by the shadow.

Full freedom from the old world facilitates the clearing of karma and the integration of the new at a cellular level. The work is now being accomplished, on a planetary level. Running from one group to the other, absorbing the energy of all the new age groups, “guru hopping” is intellectually and socially amusing, but often create upheavals in your energy field and in your life. No guru, nobody is going to change your consciousness, if you do not commit to do the job yourself. Spiritual leaders, churches are doors, keys. You are the Alchemist.

3. Make the decision to clear your karma regarding the dark side of the universe, at the same time that mother earth is clearing herself. Most probably, you do not remember being part of any Satanist or Dark group or church. This is a possibility. However, most of these activities occurred / occur on other dimensions, and concern parts of the self that you might not have access to. Dare to ask your Higher Self to show you these aspects of yourself, or at least to enlighten them with Divine Love.

Ask your Soul to connect with any part of you that still on the frequency of the Magician, the Sorcerer. This frequency, inherited from Atlantis, is to be transmuted into pure surrender to love and trust. The Magician, the Sorcerer, whether they utilize the right or left hand path (white or black magic) do not surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit, the flow of Divine Light. Magic translates the need to be in control, to give a direction to one’s life, to use power or devas to manifest one’s wishes.

You might wonder and say: “I do not practice any magic.” Most students on the path learn the use of the mind, to realize little tricks and acquire powers. For instance all techniques of VISUALIZATION are reminders (left over) of the vibration of the mind, the anchoring of self in duality through conscious understanding and choices. The frequency of Divine creation is a different one, based on full alignment, harmony with the Godself and the laws of the Universe, in Divine Love.

Your habit to practice RITUALS is a most important part of the old paradigm that HAS TO BE RELEASED. Rituals are enactments of the laws of the universe, on a small scale, with symbols, sounds and words that tend to repeat the pure movement of Life, of God. First, most rituals contain the distorted energies that are being purified now. When you travel and visit the power points, Peru, Egypt, Scotland, then Templar’s sites, it is good to recover your memories and re-collect the pieces of yourself that might be trapped in traumas or layers of yourself. However, no attachment. All those rituals are just keeping you in a dimension that is disappearing.

All the ancient schools, secret societies, teaching the occult laws shall progressively vanish. Also, external representations of the divine, external technology are obsolete. INNER TECHNOLOGY, INNER GEOMETRY are the path to the Divine Godself, One and United with the ALL IN ONE. You have to look for and achieve the divine alchemy of the Self, coming from a whole different vision of your world, your universe, a new SET OF MIND and thoughts.

Release any agreements that you made with the dark side of the universe to gain fame, money, pleasure or because it was your wish to experience this aspect of the Self. If you do not remember any such agreement, ask your Soul to clear yourself from any attachments, known or unknown that you might have with the shadow, in any dimension, any space time.

4. EVERYTHING that you KNOW, the LAWS, the TRADITIONS that you have lived by have to be QUESTIONNED. UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, the fourth and fifth dimensions cannot be implemented fully unless a vast amount of human beings change radically their thought patterns and create enough of a difference to balance the masses, still in a dormant state.

Mother Earth is ascending, whether humankind is ready or not. It is your choice to ascend with her and to assist her or to be a challenge for your planet, whose destiny is to reach sacredness and shine as a jewel in this universe.

5. Your reaction to any “Conspiracy Theory” is rooted in the feelings of separation and loss of power that humankind experienced a long time ago. First, you still feel the separation from the Universal Consciousness. Then, many Beings started to feel victims when they lost track of their divinity i.e. when they had, as per agreement, to dive into matter and blindness.

For those of you who were created (are the extensions of…) by the divine beings in charge eons ago, it is time to release the feelings of SLAVERY. Whether you arrived on this planet as a Master, a reptile, a bird, a Nephilim, a Semi-god or a gold-miner does not matter. Each and all of you, Beloved Friends, are One, part of the immensity of God, the sea of Love. Yes, of course, you can still think about the dozens of initiations that you have to go through or steps to climb in order to fulfill your dreams. Very simply, comprehend that you have the opportunity to be freed from time, very soon. and therefore to stand in bliss, fully supported and guided by your GodSelf.

Did you notice? “Supported and guided by your GodSelf.” I did not say God. Not that you do not surrender to God. God is All There Is. But you have to fully relinquish the habit of adoring and worshipping some incomprehensible, unreachable creature (creation of your mind) OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF. The mystery that you are to unravel is the meaning of the dot in the center of the circle. EVERYTHING IS WITHIN SELF.

As you reach this inner feeling of Wholeness, and abandon all aspects of Separation, you will be capable of clearing yourself and the planet of the vibration of VICTIM, abuse, SLAVERY, conspiracy, co-dependency. And, as you KNOW and FEEL, deep within your heart, your own DIVINITY, you heal your cells, your DNA, from any imprint that was to exist in the course of the refinement of the human race.

The human DNA has two strands. It is the result of the binary world that you had to experience. Yes / No, White / Black, Masculine / Feminine, Matter / Spirit. The double stranded DNA is illustrated by the two intertwined snakes of the Caduceus. The movement of life, within the binary code is also expressed within you. Your inner meridians. Ida and Pinguala, on both sides of the spine, look like two intertwined serpents But, as you probably noticed, looking at any drawing of the DNA, or the 2 Serpents of the Caduceus, there is an opening at the top, toward Heaven. The snakes of the Caduceus lead to the wings, to the full opening of the Third Eye and to Spirit. The symbol of the infinite, contained in the DNA strands or the movement of the serpents, the 8, is open. Through your DNA, through your climbing of the ladder of the infinite possibilities of Self, you can reach the Infinite Consciousness. THIS IS THE SET OF MIND that you need to keep to ANCHOR THE NEW PARADIGM, the paradigm of Light and Love.

5. In order to create a huge push of energy towards full transmutation of duality, of the ‘dark side of the planet’ into CONSCIOUS LIGHT (= Light merged with Darkness), an intent was created. A group of Beings started to pray, meditate, share themselves, at each full moon, with this specific intent. I, Archangel Michael, consciously unite those beings, willing to ride the dragon, without fear. Workers from many parts of the world have already joined forces. Their intent is to recognize their divinity, and assist Mother Earth in the transmutation and balancing of the energies. It is also to consciously send light so that all lineages of the Babylonian denaturated vibrations, all expressions of it, may make the shift and reach pure Love. By expressions, I mean, all planetary systems whose hidden purpose is the control of humankind’s expansion, beauty and freedom, through religion, education, politics, finances, secrets groups, and of cause, the frequencies of violence, abuse, rape, torture, mind control, manipulation.

If you feel in harmony with this purpose, in harmony with Archangel Michael’s frequency and wish to share time and Self, through your prayers, you can connect telepathically with those Friends. A text of affirmation is available for those who want to connect through words.

If you wish to let us know your name, town and country of origin, we will be glad to hear from you by email and to share more blessings together. 

With my Love and Blessings, Archangel Michael


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