The Flight of the Phoenix

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Beloved Spiritual Family

We are enjoying the blessed season of glorious skies, shifting colors every ten seconds. Our hearts rejoice Not only such beauty lifts our hearts up but it also re-enforces our gratitude towards the Divine, Whose blessings are at reach for everyone.

In Spirit’s world, a new world is born and the Kingdom is being anchored, under whatever form It might take in the moment.

At this time, anyone serving the Divine Plan and the Cosmic Creator’s should only feel the urge to SURRENDER. We are not only speaking about trusting faith. No, at this point in the transition, the Divine Plan demands a complete capitulation.

The new planetary Government was formed and installed in 2012. It is still occult, not to be concealed to human sight, but because the majority of human beings cannot see or feel what is happening on the inner Planes, the dimensions in which the Consciousnesses in charge of the Earth are dwelling.

Nothing with be left of the structures built under the energies of the past, of the Darkness and of Lucifer. Nothing will survive of the religions. No occult lodges, social and political organizations, visible or invisible, which have accompanied humankind [according to its level of consciousness and evolutionary needs until now], will survive.

These words do not mean to be judgmental; they summarize a fact, the result of the physical changes that have occurred in the cosmic balance and laws. The cosmic and planetary energetical equilibrium have shifted towards the Light and the Upper Chakras; the Cosmic Man recalibrated Itself and is starting His/Her/It’s life over in a new direction. The Earth must follow His path.

These words are uttered from the center of our hearts, with all the love and compassion that we feel for you.  In order to manifest peace and ease during the planetary and racial transition, we are asking for your full cooperation.

May we all examine ourselves, with honesty and simplicity, and then ask ourselves once more: have I done everything in my power to get rid of any old habit, attachment with the Darkness [entertained to feed the ego, the trivial and stubborn personality, and the subconscious mind]. Have I stopped all activities, ongoing contacts that are keeping me at a low vibratory level, impeding my spiritual vision, my evolution and my work for the Divine Plan? If I had the opportunity to do so, have I successfully rejoined the New Spiritual Government? Am I at service to the later, or am I still restrained, tormented by human and personal needs? Am I feeling the unquenchable thirst for the love and connection of/with my Divine Presence, or is my spiritual practice another reasonable addition to my human life?

Yes, for most human beings, the needs of this world are unyielding and often still intoxicating. But is all this worth sacrificing the peace of your soul and your fast evolution?

Yet, the changes – stop a bad habit or activity, leaving a location, a group, should not be made because you feel pressured or out of a mental decision. They must be the result of a deep and true feeling, the urge to move on, in association with the Divine Heart. A true transformation should be concomitant with a veritable mutation of the personality. Otherwise, you will sow resentment, which will trigger a friction, energetical torsion, and then challenges.

Concomitantly, Comet Ison came close to the planet Mars, which energies and trajectory impact the movement of the earth axis. « As 2013 unfolds, the comet is still very far away—near the orbit of Jupiter.”

Early November the earth axis was re-aligned from two major sites in South America and from another location (Never aligned until then) from which a global planetary movement could result. Comet, Mars (Alignment, Axis), Jupiter, Divine Plan, Typhoon. Coincidences?

Comet Hale-Bopp, discovered in 1995, visible in 1996-97, has precipitated the end of the Pisces Era and of the Sanat Kumara (Until then in charge of the Earth and of the occult Government).  In 1998, I embodied in order to create a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and then physically impact the Planet and its energy field. This is one of the Avatars’s functions.

Since 2013, a new part of the Cosmic Life has begun, the take-off of the Phoenix, the Divine Bird, who has completed his alchemical journey and is reborn from his ashes. Is Ison the Bird’s companion, announcing to Mankind the Flight of the Phoenix.

Is Ison announcing the manifestation of the new Spiritual Government, whether it becomes a phenomenon or not? Spectacular energetical bridges and multi-dimensional portals were created by the planets that are supporting life on earth:

  1. Two remarkable six-pointed stars anchored again the Christ Consciousness pattern/codes. Christ Consciousness = capacity to function in equilibrium between the Light and Darkness, out of Duality and through the Divine Heart – not the emotional low heart.  July 29th and August 25th 2013.

  1. October 18th full moon: tearing of the Veil.

  1. November 3rd eclipse.

The Christ Consciousness also implies that we have understood, integrated that duality is an illusion. Life needs both the Light and the Darkness. Consequently, there is only one Government, one Lodge, a council of High Beings, leading the world towards Unity. Therefore there is no need to continue speaking about conspiracy, about a fight against the bad ones, ‘resistance’, hacking the software of the etherical implant’, etc.

There is no evil implant, bad matrix, just a reflection, a projection of Humankind’s level of consciousness. All can disappear, at once, if and when the Planet and when YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS are READY.

There is only one thing left to do: utilize the energies of Mars for our personal alignment with the Divine Heart and Plan, in order to Be a conscious –cre-actor of the change. And, if you doubt about yourself, about the work that you have accomplished, then, find the path of grace. The innocent heart finds refuge in the Divine Grace, and is blessed according to his own beliefs.

Be ready and open to God’s blessings.


I love you.

Archangel Michael

Comet ISON first appeared through a telescope at 00°59′ Leo between constellations Gemini and Cancer. The comet aligned with alpha Monoceros, the brightest star in the Unicorn constellation. The two longest solar eclipses in the last two millennia fell on this star. The eclipse of 26 June 363 AD heralded the end of Paganism and the rise of Christianity through the Church of Rome. The last pagan ruler or Rome, Emperor Julian the Apostate died the day after the eclipse. He was succeeded by the Christian emperor Jovian. The solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 coincided at the height of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Monoceros rules the Catholic Church, Germany, Ireland, Israel, equality, communications and aviation.

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(Textes souvent extraits du site NASA)

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