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Philosophers and researchers have always tried to decipher the nature of God and of the creators, the steps and cycles involved in the evolution process of men and universes. We will be wise enough not to attempt defining things that are still far beyond the capacities of a human brain.

If we simplify the picture at maxima, one could say that the unreachable All-Pervading God Consciousness divided Itself into Creative Aspects. Further down, on the long path to manifestation, Earthlings relate with the Ones traditionally called the 7 Creators.  Each of them takes the lead when his specific energy is needed. The beings that we call Archangels today are late expression, extensions of the Creator-gods.

Let’s look at the forces now struggling for power on the Earth, from the spiritual standpoint. Although political and bankers want to believe that they are the ultimate leaders, mankind, people and the Earth Itself primary respond to Spirit, to spiritual forces, egregores, churches and spiritual leaders. What is the most powerful trigger for passion? How many countries are at war for religious reasons? And who is fighting? Christians against Christians in a few territories, generally separated by political dogmas. But mainly Islamists against Christians, Jews and Buddhists (“80% of the Indians are practicing Hinduism but India counts the second largest Muslim community in the world” – Atlas des Religions, Le Monde, 2015). Islam lives under the influence of the moon and the Coran was inspired by Gabriel.

The earth is experiencing, at once:

  1. The end of the patriarchy – the male power in reference to the dominance of the third chakra.

  1. The end of the hidden cult to the Great and Dark Mother, the dark feminine archetype. The dark Mother revered as Isis, as the Black Madonna, etc has accompanied Lucifer as the initiatrix and is still a part of the old rituals worldwide.

  1. The end of the exaltation of Venus-Hesperus, the Night star.

  1. The dawn of the kingdom of the Sun.

  1. The emergence and anchoring of the Solar Energy infused through the Michaelic Consciousness (You can call It differently is you feel like it), Which Frequency permeates the manifested aspect of your Meta-organism (Cosmic Man).

In order to comprehend the present situation, we have to correlate different religious ideas:

Who, according to the lore, announced the birth of Jesus – accepted by most as the Christian god and Messiah? Gabriel. [For more details, read Amen, section III].

Who is considered by many as the last prophet? Mohamed, inspired by Gabriel.

“The angel Gabriel (pronounced Gav-ree-ayl in Hebrew) means the justice or righteousness of God. The root form of the word, g-v-r, is connected with courage and heroism, as well as a word meaning a man. Thus, Gabriel could be literally translated as a “man of God,” who courageously lives according to the universal laws. The root of Gabriel is also connected with the attribute of Gevorah on the left side of the Tree of Life. Whereas Michael is on God’s right hand, Gabriel is on God’s left hand. The left hand is the one that metes out punishment; the right hand overrules strict justice and is more merciful and thus more lenient.” http://rabbidavidcooper.com/cooper-print-index/2010/11/8/2192-the-archangel-gabriel.html In the tradition Gabriel lives in, is connected to the Moon. Accordingly the old site of Mecca was, in the far past, dedicated to the Old Woman (Are we speaking of Hagar, mother of Ishmael, who is believed to be the Muslim’s ancestor, or about the Archetypal Mother).

According to Theosophy, the cycle of evolution preceding ours was the moon chain; Alice Bailey mentioned that ‘the inner group around the Lord of the World [note of author: the one who was in charge before, the Sanat Kumara] have been primarily recruited from the ranks of those who were initiates on the moon chain”. Initiation, human and solar, p. 29.

Within the Cosmic Body in evolution and as a response to the recent changes of the Cosmic Man, a general reconfiguration is occurring, in the Solar System and therefore on the Earth, that will remove the last layers of the Moon frequencies, and the Matrix attached to it.  The Earth has to receive the Sun’s rays and frequency more directly while releasing its connection with the Moon. The increased number of earthquakes and natural upheavals, everywhere in the world, are the evidence of a re-adjustment of the planetary energy field.

How is the shift, that we all feel, going to happen in the manifested world? The Moon, as a satellite of the Earth, cannot just disappear. But the energetic relationship between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon is shifting. This change and frequency was anchored, on the Earth, by the arrival and down pouring of the Solar frequencies through the Consciousness known as the Archangel Michael – co-responding to the archetypal Solar deity. (See Amen).

Now, some other ideas to bring to our attention:

  1. The last major shifts that occurred on the Earth were: the end of Lemuria; then Atlantis, about 13000 years ago, with the biblical deluge. (This does not mean that the Atlantis cycle was only 13000 years!).

  1. Around 15000 BC: emergence of more advanced civilizations in South America, India, appearing concomitantly and with similar talents in different areas of the globe – Egypt, South America, Harrapa in the Indus Valley. It is the return of white-bearded gods, sometimes also mentioned as visiting around 15000BC.

  1. The remains of the fourth race and first sub race of the 5th (Aryan race) that have left their imprint on the planet. We are thinking about the civilizations that existed in the Far East, in the Gobi Desert, then India. From them emerged Hinduism and then Buddhism. These belief systems and all their offspring have to give way to the new religion, the new way to communicate with the Divine.

All the belief systems, the religions that have guided, served humankind for a cycle are now obsolete. The understanding of Spirit and of our reality have changed. And the path of mankind through the shadow, through the energies of the second and the third chakra have to be cleansed. All energies, thought forms, karmic stories, dramas, entrapped in the individual’s and in the Earth’s energy fields have to be released. Only then will the new frequencies and their manifestation be able to flow freely.

  1. If you have studied and understood the Amen book, you now know that the character introduced by Christianity as Jesus is a composite of the attributes of the Solar god mixed with stories referring to a group of candidates to the job of Messiah, who have lived in the middle-East.

The Son of God, the Avatar, did not, could not, technically, visit the planet, in Palestine 2000 years ago, at the supposed onset of the Pisces.

In the Hinduist tradition, the last Avatar of Vishnu is not Jesus but Gautama Buddha who is believed to be born around 623 BC. The Hindus are still waiting for the 10th Avatar, the Kalki. The Jewish people expect a Messiah and the Muslims, the Mahdi. In fact, only the Christians believe that their Messiah already visited the Earth and expect a Second Coming.

Do we have to revise our common beliefs according to which the Pisces Era started around zero?  Interestingly enough, around 600 BC:

“Zarathustra (627-585 BCE) promulgated the Dualism of Good and Evil,

Lao-Tzu  (604-531 BCE) wrote the Tao de Ching,

Confucius (580?-479 BCE) “flaunted his agnosticism”,

Buddha (565-483 BCE) taught a “godless wisdom”,

Xenophanes (550 BCE) criticized Greek polytheism,

Pythagoras (550 BCE) taught sacred geometry and mathematically based science,

Isaiah (550 BCE) taught “the first true monotheism in history”,

Theagenes (525 BCE) “rationalized Homer”, and

Hecataeus (500 BCE) “mocked the Greek myths”.

Circa 500 B.C.E., the Olmecs brought forth their calendar and mathematics; Heraclitus talked about universal flux and rhythm, Parmenides wrote about the oneness of Being, Empedocles about the unity of opposites, and Democritus about atoms and progress.” http://www.halexandria.org/dward207.htm – Very good text on the precession.

It is strongly possible that the Pisces started much earlier, eventually around 600 BC, when, inspired by a group of spiritual thinkers and philosophers, several religious currents started.

Although, at the turn of the Pisces Era, the constellations blessed the Earth and Mankind with a great impulse and new energies, the Son/Sun of God, as the Embodiment of Light and Spirit, did not visit the Earth.  The state and frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants around year Zero were not ready for the 10th Avatar to be able to embody because:

  1. The fall into the darkness was not over.

  1. The Son of God, as the Kalki, or Avatar of all Kundalini could only appear when the Earth and Cosmic body would be ready to justify His Presence. He could not have triggered the rise of the Earth’s and the Cosmic Man’s Kundalini, because nothing was ready. The Cosmic Man was still dealing with polarities. The Earth and humankind as a whole, as evidenced by the present state of affairs, did not have completed their experience of the two polarities (Feminine/second chakra and masculine/3rd center) to be energetically ready for the balance of the energies around Kundalini and in the heart.

This was impossible 2000 years ago.

The major change that occurred around year 0 was the destruction of the second Temple, the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, initiating a general diaspora of the Jews. Three centuries later and for political purpose, the Roman Empire fabricated a new Church, to support its conquests. Then, over the centuries, a full story was built up, an illusion, anchored in buildings, literature and in human’s memories as true. Minor characters and sects who played a part in the religious and political conflict in Palestine around the first century became famous under one unique identity, known as Jesus. Meanwhile, the Jewish community, started its long journey around the world and spent less time in Palestine than often believed.

We understand then why the Asian religions have spread in the western world. For many, they have been an alternative to old fashioned Christianity.  They have flourished amongst the westerners because their role was not completed yet. Until recently; until the arrival of the 10th Avatar and the recent releases of the Earth and Cosmic Kundalinis. (See Cosmic Love).

  1. A 7.8 earthquake shook Nepal in April– the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates collided. What is an earthquake from a spiritual point of view? The release of tensions, between new energies entering the biosphere and the old energies accumulated, entrapped in precise areas. The earth has been undergoing major osteopathic sessions, translated into earthquakes and tsunamis.

  1. We then understand the two main axis of the conflicts that are shaking the planet.

  1. The polarity shift, from lunar to solar frequencies

  1. The opening of the minds and heart for a new type of communication with the Creator-god.


Chains and rounds: Wiki: The phrase “planetary chain” refers to a group of seven “globes”, “spheres”, or “planets” linked together into a single scheme of evolution. According to Mme. Blavatsky there are seven chains in our system.

The concept was published for the first time in 1883 by Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book Esoteric Buddhism. He wrote:

The life and evolutionary processes of this planet . . . are linked with the life and evolutionary processes of several other planets. . . . One globe does not afford Nature scope for the processes by which mankind has been evoked from chaos, but these processes do not require more than a limited and definite number of globes. Separated as these are, in regard to the gross mechanical matter of which they consist, they are closely and intimately bound together by subtle currents and forces, whose existence reason need not be much troubled to concede, since the existence of some connection – of force or ethereal media – uniting all visible celestial bodies, is proved by the mere fact that they are visible. It is along these subtle currents that the life elements pass from world to world.

A round is a process in a planetary chain, according to which a life cycle or life-wave of souls or monads begins its evolutionary journey on the first and most subtle or spiritual of the series of seven globes; then finishing its evolution there, proceeds to the next, and so on, to the densest or most manifest globe (usually called globe D), which in our case is the gross, physical Earth

Earthquake in Nepal. April 2015


Associated Press – Updated Aug. 8, 2015 7:22 p.m. ET – BEIJING—A typhoon was pounding southeast China late Saturday, leaving more than a million homes without power after lashing Taiwan, where it downed trees, traffic lights and power lines, and left six people dead and four missing. Typhoon Soudelor hit the city of Putian in Fujian province late Saturday night and was expected to move across the region, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The storm earlier caused more than three million households in Taiwan to lose electricity, as streets were strewn with fallen trees. All 279 domestic flights on the island were canceled Saturday, as well as at least 37 international flights. At least 101 people were injured in the storm.



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