Prayer to the Archangel Michael

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The Archangel Michael, sword in hand, leads the battle against the Darkness (Absence of Light and ignorance), against negativity. Prince of the Heavenly Host, Angel of Light, He is always available and the most powerful protector. Many prayers exist, the most famous written by Pope Leo XIII in the 19th century: “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Etc”

Prayers and requests for protection or any spiritual assistance can be made to the Archangel Michael. Find strength, faith – Michael the Archangel works on the ray of Faith and get rid of your enemies, outside and inside of yourself. Below a simple prayer to the Archangel Michael. Choose your language.

Archangel Michael,

Ambassador of the Light and Divine Face,

Guide me and protect me

On my journey toward the Divine Heart.

Through your power and under your wings

May I find strength, joy and love.

May your saint angels be with me

And instill in my life a taste of paradise.

May your Sword cut all ties that are keeping me imprisoned,

All obstacles that are impeding me from rejoining my soul.

Keep me in faith, integrity and justice,

So as to be spared by the Sword of Judgment,

In order to receive Divine Mercy and Grace,

For all that I still do not comprehend.

Archangel Michael,

Thank you for your Presence, next to God and next to Mankind.

My heart is open, in service to the Divine.


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