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How many people do we know whose health, and sometimes life, is destroyed by uncontrollable addictions? Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and sexual dependency are the key symptoms of a rampant problem that has been at the base of the degeneration of our societies for centuries.

I though that I had already expressed myself and closed the subject of abuse and satanic abuse in my writings as well as in my workshops. Because of recent meetings with students strongly affected by abuse, and suffering from the consequences in their lives, I have to write this page and make it very clear and open.

As mentioned in The Kiss For Lucifer and I Am That I Am, sexuality was introduced in the religious practice eons ago as a tool to mimic the act of creation and to incite human beings. This decision was made when humankind was still under matriarchal law and ruling. This means that sexual rites were offered in the temples in a nurturing way and the second chakras were involved. Strictly speaking, a female priestess offered her body to a male and intercourse would be practiced consciously, in order to mimic sacred marriage and to awaken the Kundalini.

However, humankind’s distinguishing feature and destiny was to fall into the darkness and therefore to twist the laws of nature in any possible way. The female rulers became enthralled with power and started to use their position as a way to control all aspects of society. The priesthood was no more a choice, but a chore imposed under the pretext of service to the gods. Marriages were imposed in order to keep certain lineages alive. And males became tools cleverly manipulated by the High Priestesses or the emissary of the Mother. The female matriarchs were abusing their power until such excesses triggered their fall.

This is a normal process. The pendulum goes all the way to one side before swinging to the other. The abuse of power by the females naturally prepared the way for the male era and the introduction of patriarchy.

Did the sexual rites stop? No, they just changed forms. The males took over the power in the temples and the secret societies, then imposed their strength, laws and rules over the females. The female body and soul was no longer a sacred vase or a sacred door, but a useful tool that had to be controlled by the males. I am still speaking here about bisexual and vaginal intercourse.

Then the next step invented by humankind, and reflecting its fall a little deeper in the shadow, was the rape of the first chakra. I am not only speaking of (physical) anal intercourse which leads, of course to homosexual relationships, but about the intentional access of the first center. Although we have to distinguish physical doors from chakras, it is obvious that this kind of relationship is more of a direct access to the first center. And the rape of the first chakra does not reproduce/mimic the sacred marriage. It is an access to the life force, an appropriation of one’s capital and DNA.

This type of rape was introduced under male rule in our societies and has continued until today in most dark lodges, secret societies and satanic groups within religious or so-called spiritual organizations.

In some Luciferian groups, the female body is only utilized for its hormonal production and for breeding. But intercourse is not completed. Therefore, the male participants use ‘door number one’ or practice homosexuality.
Let us be very clear on human habits. What are humans favorite injurious or bad words based on? Not only sexuality, but specifically….. What is the meaning of the world most famous bad word? “I do not like you”, “you get on my nerves”or “I take power over you”… If people would think about it, they would often restrain themselves from pronouncing such words, because they probably to not want to have intercourse with their enemies!
How is rape (second or first chakras) connected with addictions? ABUSE DOES NOT ONLY TAKE PLACE ON THE PHYSICAL LEVEL. MOSTLY, IT OCCURS ON THE ASTRAL LEVEL.

This is the trick that gives psychologists and therapists headaches. A child can be removed from his abuser. An adult will think that since he left his family, he will therefore be protected from old patterns and habits. However, the rape will often continue on the astral level and especially at night. Thus the victims who block the memories of the abuse suffer subconsciously. They will eventually have dreams that could trigger their consciousness memories and allow healing. Most people do not have dreams, do not remember what is going on in the astral level and express it through self-destructive behaviors. If they have a tendency to express their anger outwardly, such individuals will become enraged, violent and eventually murderers.

In terms of secret societies, most of the dark rituals are happening on non-physical dimensions. We will generalize and say that the astral is the most favorite playgrounds for the darkness.

What does it mean?

  • Most abusers and victims have ongoing relationships on the astral for years.
  • Most practicing Satanists have no idea of what they do at night until they can access this part of themselves and thus continue to paddle in the darkness forever. This means that you can be from a Satanist family and have no conscious recollection or awareness of your affiliation to these groups. And the practice and participation will not stop until consciousness allows healing and change.
  • The victims cannot heal until they become conscious and learn how to stop the abuse at night. Thus the addictions, the depressions, the insomnia, the panic attacks in closed areas and the strange life events that do not make sense continue.

Now let us go a little deeper and speak about occult societies. As expected in a male dominant system, most secret groups were, and are still, often male oriented and male governed. It is interesting to notice that the Templars, for instance, were males, at least at the beginning. How many female grand-masters in the Templar and Freemason orders?
There is no public proof of what went on in the past in Templar lodges. However we have many hints and although the Catholic Church and the French Monarch, King Philip had a specific agenda and wanted to harm the Templars, they were strongly suspected of sexual practices.

In many contemporary lodges, Templars still practice sexual rites and often impose sexual practices on their members. The relationship of the Templars with the Assassins is known. It feels good and is intellectually self rewarding to think that the Templars moved to Jerusalem to protect the temple, to look for spiritual information and so on. It is also remarkable that human beings having twisted and spoiled everything and that good motivations often go hand in hand with the most aggressive indulgence. In this page, I will not go into the ulterior motives, such as, the conquest, the desire of the nobilities to install their presence as kings in Jerusalem or of the commercial advantages that followed the crusades. They are enough books on the subject.

But I cannot refrain myself from thinking about the rampant homosexual habits that exist in Islamic countries, imposed by Islamic religious leaders on little boys. When the ayatollah Khomeny regained power some decades ago, a wave of abuse occurred, practiced by aged male leaders who were protected by their position.

What about new age or select-first-rate groups? I will only cite a few, because I personally met and worked with people who experienced such abuse. Therefore I am not speaking about rumors but about facts.

The original Templar order has originated many branches and each chapter is responsible for its own policies and acts. However, many groups did and do practice sexual rituals.

Gurdjeff was imposing homosexual rites and practices to his disciples. Years of abuse were inflicted to his followers, under the pretense that this was a requirement for evolution and enlightenment.

What about Sai Baba, the holy man, the personification of god (Sorry, I will not use a capital g. in such a case)? Why does he need to touch, especially young boys? To trigger their kundalini, I was told! Girls have no kundalini? When I received the police report about Sai Baba, several years ago, I had difficulties reading it, because the content was so low that it was sad. Did the police lie? I had direct contact with individuals and families who were victims. I had also personal conversations with Sai baba’s ex-team members, who devoted their lives to rally the crowds around him.

A spiritual leader, himself ex-homosexual told me: “Sai baba is so enlightened that people who come to him create a reflection of their own psyche and needs. Baba does not do it”. Interesting again that young children have such a twisted mind and a strong libido, that approaching an old man gives them the desire to have sexual contacts with him. And even more interesting is the realization that a number of ashrams that were/are over-shadowed and opened under the impulse of Sai baba are lead by male, homosexual gurus. Once again, it is a question of lineage.

In consequence, if you cannot stop an addiction, if you experience reoccurring insomnia, loss of emotional control, panic attacks, blank mind in the presence of authorities or strangers, unexplained anger, LOOK FOR THE ANSWER IN OTHER REALITIES, and specifically in the ASTRAL DIMENSION/REALITY.

If you loose control as soon as you are in a group, if you blank out during mid-terms or in front of anyone in a position of authority, if you have a death wish, if you are constantly involved in accidents, look into your subconscious mind. The astral dimension is the playground of the subconscious mind. Although your total self is multi-dimensional in the sense that you have many lives occurring at once, your 3D self is also multiple. Then, for your 3D self, there are several possible scenari.

  • You act out your subconscious tribulations in your 3D official life: challenges, fears, drama are your cup of tea or you chose an unusual pretty, perfect and organized existence, leaving no chance to luck.
  • You have multiple personalities enacted during the day. In each of them, you are a part of your mind, the wise sage, the rescuer, the slave, the prostitute, etc…
  • Your soul has been trained to dissociate from the darkest parts (dark = non-acknowledged and processed). You have a secret life, played out mostly at night. You might have hints through dreams and nightmares, but you cannot put the pieces together.

The astral dimension as well as any other reality in which a part of yourself is struggling has a direct impact in your three dimensional life.

We are not blaming or judging anyone. But absence of information or denial are not the answer. Awareness of facts and consciousness are the price to pay for enlightenment and there is no consciousness in denial.


Whether we are speaking about harmonization of a part of self (= past/parallel existence) or about a challenge that is happening in this lifetime but on the astral dimension, for instance, the healing techniques are similar.

Identify the problem and eventually the abuser(s), group or individual.

Acknowledge that you are as responsible as they are, because no abuse ever occurs if you did not make a soul contract with another soul. You chose and orchestrated your life and your difficulties.

Understand why you decided to undergo such a challenge and what is the positive impact of this experience in your personal evolution and growth. You created your dilemma, consequently you have the right and power to stop or change the course of the events.

Stop blaming others or yourself for the situation. All is experience; nothing is to be judged. Judgment and emotional response keep you in the astral dimension.

Physically or telepathically address your abusers and tell them your decision to stop the situation, as you do not need the lesson anymore.

Cut any link between you and the abuser/partner. You will find the astral and etheric connections in your chakras and some strategic areas of your body. If you do not know, just use your sense that you can find
Preceding the reaction of a number of readers, I will immediately make my point about love, and homosexuality.

What is sexuality? A reproduction of the laws of energy, within and through the dense physical body. In the cosmos, two energies interact and come together, the male and female ones. And nature reproduces the laws of the energy. The bodies have a specific design that I do not need to explain.

The alchemical process merges different substances; it does not involve a chemical reaction created by the fusion of sames. And therefore the sacred marriage is the result of the combination of the two energies. Although souls are free to experience anything, the training through the body for future spiritual merging involves a male-female relationship. Finally, androgyny has nothing to do with homosexuality. (For more in-depth answers, please attend my workshops).

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