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The concern of the Hierarchy at this time is to lead the planet during its final sprint. All in the spiritual matrix has been completed and is set for the implementation of the kingdom of God. Peace was made between the two Lodges representing the two energies. But, in the physical dimension all has not been played out yet.

The elections were scheduled just after Halloween, and after the eclipse on the full moon. On the 28 of October, the astral dimension was fully opened and pouring all its content in the physical world. Each year, at this date, the dark Lodges celebrate the marriage with the darkness, with Satan. This year the darkness was stronger than usual. In fact, the energy started to shift about 10 days before Halloween and ‘hell’ was to be wide open. The old Satanist lodges are no longer trying to hide. A part of the New Age is agglutinated to their heels begging to come in and have a piece of the action, not fully understanding the impact of their decision – or at least this is what I prefer to think.

Our attention was brought to the lunar eclipse preceding Halloween because two quintiles or five-pointed stars appeared on the astrological charts, one on October 28 and the other on October 1st. According to a number of astrologers the quintiles announce a balanced energy. This interpretation seems acceptable since the planets, major ones in this case, are equally spread on the charts, with 72 degree-angles between them.

The five-pointed star, however, is the symbol of Venus and therefore of Lucifer. The mystery of the connection between Venus and Lucifer is again at play during these two grand quintiles. Lucifer brought to humankind the gift of discrimination. Only through the capacity of choice does a Being grow in awareness and consciousness. The understanding of the extremes brings the soul to the realization of the vanity in our world of illusion, and later to the unending quest and thirst for the only reality/truth, that is to say the Union, Union of the male/female aspects and Union with God.

The pentagram symbolizes Man, the human gifted with the mind, therefore with the divine quality of discrimination; with the capacity to think and make choices. However, humans live within the body of the cosmos, and the planets offer their energies/qualities and humans must chose what to do with these offerings. The response, the choices made by humankind, by the ‘standing man’ will generate different experiences.

Since Wesak 2003, the planet Venus, thus Lucifer, has been hovering above the Earth and playing a major role in the unfolding of human history. In the spiritual world, the journey of Venus is connected with the healing and re-integration of Archangel Lucifer, healing that is taking place with my assistance. The Venus transit with the Sun (similar to a moon eclipse) brought together the embodiment of the male energy (Sun) with Venus, the female Archetype of Love. Together the Sun and Venus enjoyed the reconciliation of their energies, in a blending announcing a sacred Marriage. At another level this aspect symbolizes the welcoming of Venus/Lucifer by the Solar God, in Christianity, Myself, Archangel Michael. The Twins are coming together to allow and usher a world without duality.

Then, the choice once made by the two Archangels to re-unite is offered to humankind. The energy emanating from Venus during the October quintiles leads humankind to the crucial choice: are you ready to transmute your need for more experience (= our need for a dual world)? Are you ready to abandon doubts and questioning for the surrender to God, to the Divine Plan and to your God-Self? Are you ready to transmute your shadow into Conscious Light? Are you ready to stop needing Lucifer? Because you can now access the loving, uniting frequency of Venus. With Venus, you have to access a higher octave of love. Venus is no more the Green Mother, priestess of high magic but the Divine Mother.

What mechanism, what circumstances are used by the Universe to bring up those questions to humankind?

The energies were not a peace before and around the full moon. On the contrary, about ten days before the eclipse, the energies building up around the planet were dark and very astral. The population in the United States was focused on the elections. In Japan, the earth kept shaking. Two volcanoes erupted. Mount Saint Helen still threats to spit enough ashes to change the climate and to obstruct air navigation.

What are those signs indicators of?

The occult lodges are the trigger, the tool through which the necessary energy is released in order to complete the totality of the karma pertaining to the human destiny. The transmutation of family karma and lineages (Jupiter in 4 and in Scorpio) is initiated by a strong move or sudden action of the darkness through the occult lodges. This transmutation in only possible and will carry a positive outcome if this brusque action is understood. Karma and issues will be solved if there is an awakening in consciousness of the collective Ego (Lion). The lineages as well as the Divine Ruler who will establish the Kingdom , represented by Jupiter, are protected by the beneficial aspects of the moon.

It is very interesting to notice that on October 1st, Jupiter was surrounded by Mercury and Lilith; on October 30th, Jupiter sat between Venus and Lilith. What happened on the invisible planes? By the end of September (2004), I had an unexpected visit of the ‘Dark Mother”. I – my bodily Self- thought that her transmutation was completed (See A Kiss For Lucifer, Document 10).

The Mother stayed with me for several days, during which I had to comfort, explain and support this aspect of the feminine. The “dark Mother” needed to reframe her new situation, her role and to achieve the next level of self-transmutation.

In conclusion, the astrological aspects of the month of October were certainly very promising. However, humankind still has to make the right choice, and especially the spiritual community. Spirit, the spiritual aspect of each person and of everything, is always the leader, the creative trigger. The egregore formed by the mass of believers, whether Christian, Muslim or New Age, is the field from which commands are launched; thought forms that generate/create the world in which you are living. What is the message broadcasted by the world spiritual community? Is it a message of maturity, peace and compassion? Are you unified within yourself, at-one with the collective consciousness, and finally with God’s specific Plan and purpose?

These powerful energies were the frame in which the elections took place. Whether the vote was true and legal or not, President Bush is on duty for another 4 years. They are many reasons for that.

1. A nation has only the leaders that it deserves. President Bush does not appear as intellectually threatening to the average American. In public, he smiles, laughs and speaks an easy language. He promises to keep the country in its dream-state, the exact state of illusion and denial that so many prefer to hang on. And for those who want to believe in our strength and power, the President offers his edgy aspect, the authority of a strong ego and sometimes a layer of paternalism and condescendence, seasoned with the spicy Born Again philosophy. This is perfect for many.

And for those who think that they do not deserve President Bush, what did they do in order to create a change?

2. A large enough number still believe in the reality of the ‘American Dream’. They still consider free enterprise, self-retirement, self insurance, private schools, as the keys to an equal, rich society. If we had elected a Democrat, and in the event the situation worsened, the voters would have incriminated them again. In the present situation, with a Republican President, the dream is on again and the people will have to witness its inadequacy and its worse aspects.

3. America and other parts of the world still believe that old-fashioned Christianity is the answer. They think that the doctrine of the Church is the basis for the success of families and the improvement of morality. They do not comprehend the value of self-mastery rooted in self-consciousness instead of fear based religious limitations.

The failure of a society that will attempt to impose old rigorous values will demonstrate, without any doubt, the failure of our religious system and especially of the Roman Catholic Church.

4. Although more and more individuals are now awake and spreading awareness, many still believe that America was attacked. Many believe that the United States is saving and freeing Irak and the world. Many all over the planet still want to pursue the American dream, the world that was imagined and seeded by our forefathers. Very few, in terms of percentage, know that the official governments are a comedy, a show put on for the gullible. People still believe that our leaders are genuinely defending freedom, democracy, families and morals. The expression of the audience and the glow on their faces at the Republican Convention was amazing. Unless all the attendees were paid actors, they seemed to look at President Bush as if they were beholding a god! And although it is no longer a secret, the ego of the President is such that our leader is sometimes confusing his own views (or at least what is displayed) with those of the nation.

Therefore, the vote is a demand from the people for a clear answer. In a word, America and the world need to drain the sink to the dregs.

5. This last reason is only comprehensible to the ones who know that all events are in fact perfect, following a global Plan, monitored and in charge of by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Although it might be difficult for you to comprehend, President Bush has the support of the Hierarchy. And he is connected to the implementation of the Divine Royal Lineage.

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