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  • Re-unite Self with Source = find LOVE (Unite-unity)
  • Be happy through a purpose, creation
  • Enjoy because while we enjoy quietly, without pushing constantly our limits, life is more fun and all is achieved easily (that is the great miracle that we have difficulty to understand)


(Illness = disturbance of one’s essence or integrity OR inability to integrate a change or a change in consciousness)

  1. Ingestion or invasion of the body with a new substance
    • Virus, parasite
    • Poison that one cannot eliminate (bleach or arsenic f.i but also shots, anesthetics, antibiotic
    • Sudden excess of something: too much bananas or too much coffee
    • Poisoned air/pollution/smoke
  2. Invasion of S’s energy field by a non-visible ‘friend’, usually called ‘entity’ or succubus, or incubus. (The use of drugs creates ‘holes’ on one’s energy field. Entities then enter our field and stay in it, as in a nest).
  3. Emotional change: New circumstances, new situation in life that we cannot bear or accept (New job, home, school, parent, etc…)
  4. Loss or trauma: Death, change of heart, loss of friends
  5. INTERFERENCE: meeting with someone new, who is going to INTERFERE in our magnetic field. Human being.
    • This person can be sending out thoughts translated as energy hooks or energy cords that will make us feel different, invaded, weak, in pain. Energy hooks appears as soon as we have a relationship with someone. This is how people really relate. They become stronger if the 2 individuals have a long or deep connections
    • Self is permeable. Many possibilities:
      • Very weak emotionally because of the need for love
      • Very psychic and gift not mastered. One easily becomes the other. One is a psychic sponge, which is good empathy with friends and lovers but also transform us into things that we do not necessarily want:Ex 1: S. meets a fun goof and suddenly becomes a fun-goof. S, Meets an angry dog and becomes an angry do
        Ex 2: S meets a wounded child who has tantrums and starts displaying tantrums
        Ex 3: S meets a person who wants to die or hurt himself and becomes it
      • Energy structure too loose/not built because Self still does know self or does not affirm Self. Difficulty to say no. Lack of self confidence.
      • Holes in personal magnetic field imputable to fatigue, use of drugs (Marijuana for instance makes users permeable to astral entities).


  1. WHEN did it happen first?
  2. WHAT changed at this time? New life situation. New habit. New ingestion.
  3. WHO arrived (or left) in my life? Did this individual have the symptom or discomfort that is now bothering me?
  4. WHERE. Did I go to any place where I felt very bad, weird, ill?


  1. SUBSTANCE OR VIRUS: STOP ingesting it or ask a homeopathic physician how to remove side-effects from poison (In fact, the technique consists of making high dilutions of the undesirable substance)
  2. SEPARATE Self from invader

ONE who is in our life create boundaries for:

  1. MENTAL DECISION TO SEPARATE SELF. Remove emotional miasmas, (= remains, left over). Cut inappropriate connections/hooks – if I have a boy friend that I love, I have an energy link with him from my heart-chakra (chakras are antennas) to his heart-chakra. And of course, we have a link between each-others sexual chakras. But if he is bossing me around and trying to control me, he hooks me in my POWER-CHAKRA, the number three, which is in front of my stomach. This kind of link is INAPPROPRIATE, and I remove it.
  2. LEARN TO SAY NO. Make your own daily decisions in order to reach your own goal and without giving anyone the right to interfere in your path and happiness. Always balance your emotional needs (how much do I want or need the other verses how much does the other interfere in my life).And, when I am finished with my boy-friend, I remove all links that I do not want to keep. I may decide that I want to keep a heart connection with one person. This is strictly my decision.When I am finished with a friend, a parent, I make sure that I do not keep anything that characterizes them.Ex: My parent had asthma or low-thyroid. Do I repeat the pattern?
    My parent was angry or a drama-queen. Am I angry?
    My friend was a heavy smoker….Etc


EX 1: A boss, a teacher, a parent, a friend who wants to have a relationship with me, and that I do not want
EX 2: A boss who I have to relate to, but who is not supposed to control me

SOLUTION: even if I do not clearly see or feel the hooks, I mentally decide to be free and adult

  • I remove with my hands, I cut with invisible scissors the invisible energy links from my body and my chakras and I feel better!!
  • If the invader persists, I am allowed to kick him/her out!!

NON INVITED (Non-human guest)

There is no reason to accept these ones, because nobody but YOU is allowed in your body and in your energy field.


WHAT was the trauma? Do I remember?

All traumas occur because I chose to experience them, even if I do not understand my choices. In fact the choices are made at the soul level, and my only challenge is in fact to align myself with my Soul purpose and choices.
The soul has contracts to fulfill, and experience things in order to fulfill these contracts and grow through them.

  • What did I learn through the trauma? Even if it seems very painful, I learn something positive.EX 1: Loss of someone very precious. Lesson: I learn that I can love immensely, even if the other does not love me. I learn that love never dies and stays alive even beyond death.
    EX 2. Accident, loss of a limb. I learn that I can be the most courageous person and I develop the capacity to paint with one arm. (FI, one of the most brilliant minds of our century, , is in a wheel chair, unable to speak, but write sensational books)
  • What was/is the BLESSING/s carried by the trauma? IN EACH CHALLENGE, THERE IS A BLESSING. Instead of falling into drama, I quiet and center myself, change my perspective (F.i. I stand on the table to see the room from a different angle) and discover the blessing.EX 1: Loss of a wife. I got a second wife with whom I could have children
    EX 2: Loss of a job. Better job, I discover my life purpose. I moved to a place where I met a new love.

Conclusion: When trauma is happening, ask your soul to show you what blessings is hidden in the challenge. THERE IS ALWAYS ONE.

YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE and of your challenges.

If I can create something, I can change it or stop it.

  • Why am I unable to let go? WHAT CHANGES in my life or in my belief system will I have to make if I let go of my trauma? What do I get/receive by keeping myself in this drama? (Love, attention, free food and shelter…help from…)
  • What do I have to recognize about myself if I change?
  • Do I confuse my drama-self with my true identity? My drama is therefore necessary. Otherwise, I will feel that I have no more identity.EX 1: If I let go of my drama, I cannot complain, and complaining is important to me because…
    EX 2: If I let go, I will not get the attention of XXX and I want this attention because…
    EX 3: if I let go, I will not have inspiration to write novels, and I am not ready to write comics
    EX 4: I cannot let go because I want to demonstrate to myself that life is crap, and that nobody loves me, because I believe that I cannot be loved, because….
    EX 5: I cannot let go because in my mind, if life is quiet and peaceful, I have the feeling that nothing is happening

And I will have nothing to speak about on the phone with my girlfriend, or nothing to say to my Shrink.


Organized from the top:

i. I Am Presence

ii. Soul

iii. High mind (combination of brain, knowledge and WISDOM)

iv. Low mind (Subconscious mind, our little joker)

v. Body

Who is the BOSS?

My I Am Presence has all answers, all power


I can choose to be the Boss. In fact “I” is always the Boss. But “I” makes choices. (Choices are challenging until “I” merges with I Am.)

And the choices lead Self to be sometimes under the leadership of:

  • My Subconscious mind
  • My Body (EX, if I am drunk)


  • Happens when I have a strong EMOTION: joy, fear, anger
  • Drives me out of myself: I could kill someone, yell like a harpy, hurt my best friend.


I split in two or more personalities when I cannot handle an emotion (shock, fear). My SUBCONSCIOUS mind takes over.

I become another me:

  • The child
  • The angry killer (hurting because cannot find love)
  • The promiscuous (looking for love).

A split is not dangerous, just annoying.


  • When I loose my center (my ability to decide WHERE I want my consciousness to be), generally out of fear.
  • When I am tooooo tired,
  • When I am drunk, drugged, of course
  • When I did no eat anything but candies for several days
  • When I have a severe mineral and amino acids imbalance
  • When my energy field is crooked or filled with parasites

WHAT HAPPEN WHEN MY SUBCONSCIOUS/Emotional self takes over?

  • I am controlled by emotionsEX1: I have visions that scare me
    EX2: I have Amplified Reactions

Should I be AFRAID? NOOOOO! The subconscious mind is my JOKER!! All subconscious MOVIES are scary movies, but they are NOT my REALITY

CAN my killer come back? Can the ghost touch me? NO. They are eventually MEMORIES, but memories CANNOT HURT ME. What is difficult is to go into the PAIN that I have suppressed because it was tooo much. So, if I can look at it while in control, I will not be scared any more and controlled by my pain.


  • In front of God, yes
  • In terms of bodies, resources, NO

Conclusion: I have to know my resources and live according to my gifts

EX 1: I am good at…. I use my gifts for my life
EX 2: my body cannot stand sugar or alcohol, I stay away from them


  • I do NOT try to be a hero.
  • I do not take on burdens to prove myself or to prove anything to others.
  • I learn to relax and to relax my body, my brain, my mind (singing, music, sports, relaxation, breathing, meditation).
  • I pay attention to the signs of FATIGUE of my body andI LISTEN. My body is my tool and my temple. I respect and love it.
  • I make the decision to PLACE myself in the NON-DRAMA ZONE: High mind.
  • When I am in good health and supported, I learn to face my fears, my shocks and to release them.


WHAT ARE THE SELVES? Extensions of my Whole-Self, aspects of myself that I decided to explore

HOW DO THEY COME TO LIFE? Time is an illusion. My Selves/brothers are always around me, until I do not need them any more.

I put them on stage when I need them, through a decision, a trauma, a dream. Some of them are fun, some are scary.

WHY DO I NEED THEM? To explore and achieve/create different realities, different ideas. To have all possibilities mastered, because I want to be a MASTER SOUL.

WHEN DO THEY DISTURB ME? When they show up without my permission. And especially if they are scary movies, All realities are movies. Therefore, I can choose my movies, I can go to the theatre and exit if I do not like the movie. They show up when I LOOSE MY CENTER.

HOW DO I CREATE SCARY MOVIES/REALITIES? I use a shock, joyful or painful. All feelings open a space in my consciousness, called the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. The subconscious mind is my MOVIE PRODUCER. He takes all my ideas, imagined ghosts and put them into a play.

Then I am so happy or so scared, that I cannot handle the movie. I then create a drawer in my brain (movie cabinet) and I put the bad movie in it and forget it. But sometimes, the Movie Producer wants to remind me of his talents and opens the cabinet.


  • Guardian Angel: We all have a personal Angel, at our service. This is a fun, loving and powerful assistant. Some people see or feel it. We just need to call it. Might show up even if we do not believe in it.
  • Almighty I Am Presence = Divine Self: Our most powerful part, with which we seek for alignment. Best manifestation tool. Because it is so pure and powerful, the I Am cannot cheat.


The Infinite HEART/MIND LOVES YOU and supports you. It is then YOUR decision to be ready to receive.

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