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(Excepts from Amen, the Archangel Michael..)

“Ie or Iu ” in Egyptian means the Coming One, the duplicator who is of a plural nature. Har-Iu, the reduplicative Horus , was a title for Osiris in this sense. Iu-em-hept, the second Atum , called the Son, the Word, or Logos of God the Father, was the Coming One, he who came with (or as) Peace, and brought good luck and happiness. The calf-headed god Au, whose name denotes the past, present, and future of being; the Hebrew Iaho; the Phoenician, Chaldean, and Gnostic Iαω; the British Iau; Manx Ie; and the Delphian Apollo (designated Ie), were all forms of this Iu, the Ever-coming One, who was personified as the divine child, that is, the Su (Eg.), whence Iusu (Gr. Jesus) is the coming child whose mother’s name in one cult is Iusaas. Jehoshua and Jesus are two names derived from two different lines and one original root, and the name has to be determined by the nature of the type. The Kamite Iu and Chaldean Iao-Heptaktis, gods of the Seven Rays of Light, were continued as the ? Ω, who is Jesus in the Book of Revelation.”61

The expression Alpha and Omega appears three or four times in the Apocalypse , depending on the translations.62 In Chapter 1, Verse 8, the character who introduces himself as the Alpha and the Omega says that he is the Lord God: “‘I am Alpha and Omega , the beginning and the ending,’ saith the Lord, which is and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Is the One giving the Revelation, Jesus, assimilating himself with God?63 Chapter 21 describes the future and the introduction of the New Jerusalem or matrix of the manifestation of God’s Kingdom: “And He that sat upon the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new. It is done. I am Alpha and Omega , the beginning and the end.’” At the end of the Revelation, he repeats: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

The meaning of these verses, commonly attributed to Jesus-Christ, still hinges on the meaning of the terms Jesus and Christ. Who is the Anointed One whose responsibility is to introduce the New Jerusalem or Energy Matrix of the Divine Kingdom? This expression can only apply to the Son, the firstborn, whose function is to initiate and then to complete the Divine Plan, manifesting it in perfection. The symbol ΑΩ, in the form of a composite, is the union of the Alpha and the Omega. It represents the manifestation and the trajectory, followed by the projection (launching) of the Divine Plan in the universal fabric.

The Infinite Consciousness manifested Itself in the form of a Trinity (Triangle), then of Seven Luminous Rays and/or Seven Creators. The Divine Consciousness undergoes a succession of states, represented by the numbers, one, two, three, and seven. The creation or division of Unity encompasses the Trinity and the seven aspects of the Divine; thus, the totality of the Creation is symbolized by the number 10 (7 + 3). It is the meaning of the Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.

In Revelation, the Son of God is also the Amen /Amun, because he is the first incarnated, the Beginning of the Creation: “These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the Creation of God.”64

Amen , Amin in Arabic means truly, in truth, so it is. It is the expression by which a being or an audience confirms its belief and gives its support to the enunciation of a fact or of a concept. For the Kabbalist, Amen is one of the titles of Kether, the Crown , the first sephira of the Tree of Life, which corresponds to the number one. Amen is then more than an answer. The one who says Amen states that his word, his purpose, is anchored and shall then manifest. God approves His Creative Work. The Amen anchors the materialized Divine Impulse, in might, in becoming, and launches it into the cycle of Creation.

In the Hebrew tradition, Amen , Aleph , Mem , Nun is an acronym for El, Melech Ne’eman, which signifies “Lord, faithful King.” According to the Littre Dictionary, a faithful individual is one who honors his commitments. Adonaï is the divine name associated with the Sephira Malkuth , which stands in direct vertical opposition to Kether. Malkuth receives a direct influx from the Crown or Divine Head. It is the lowest sphere, but it is also the foundation, the base of the sephirotic tree, and thus of the Divine Manifestation.

The signature of the Amen is, in essence, its capacity to “keep its commitments.” That is to say, it is to manifest, in and through Malkuth , the will launched, intended by Kether. The three letters composing the word Amen , AMN, are very revealing. Aleph and Mem are two of the Mother Letters.

Aleph ? is the beginning, the masculine impulse. Element: air. Symbol of Spirit. Mem, ?, middle letter of the alphabet, is feminine, and thus connected to matter. Element: water.

Combined, these two letters engender Nun , the fish , the Son. We are back to the symbol of the Trinity . In Egyptian cosmology, the non polarized cosmic ocean, characterized by chaos, is Nun , the “Subjective Being, the symbol of the unformed, undefined, undifferentiated energy/matter, inert or inactive, the uncreated state before the creation.”65 Jesus is also the Son of Nun because he is the manifested form of Divine Chaos. The Plan or Ordinance of God’s Thought translates in the cosmos and in the Creation through a set of incontrovertible laws and principles, personified by Maat, cosmic order. Through the laws imposed by the intelligent mind of the Creator, chaos organizes itself progressively and enters into an objective or material state. It is Atum or Ra-Atum, the One in Becoming. “Thou comest into being in this thy name Khepri (Becoming One).”66 Khepri-Atum engenders the twins Shu and Tefnut (forces of duality), then Geb and Nut, then the royal family of Isis , Osiris , Seth, and Nephtys.

In the background of all creation the active and occult Divine Force is at work. The Egyptians called it Amen /Amon/Amun, “which means hidden [and] represents the hidden or occult force underlying creation, the Breath of Life.”67

In the Turin Museum, one can find a papyrus on which is inscribed the “mystery of the Divine Name.” According to this legend, Ra refused to say his name. When he finally agreed to reveal his identity, “he divulged his ‘secret’ name as Amen … which means secret/hidden.”68 The Almighty God cannot be discovered by human beings because they have neither the consciousness nor the faculties that would enable them to contemplate Him/Her. For this reason, the Divine must use a name, an intermediary, a tool that is perceptible and accessible to human beings.


In Egypt, the Divine took the name of Amen /Amun during the Ram Era. The energy of the Ram Constellation incarnates the First Ray, the will-to-create or to incarnate of a Consciousness or of a Being. At the beginning of a creative cycle, the impulse given by the Ram allows the becoming by the will to do. It is then the energy of Will and Power, the determination to express itself by the descent into matter. “The Ram is one of the constellations of the Cardinal Cross. It is the Cross of God the Father, and consequently the cross of the Monad that incarnates.”69 If the Amen is the first impulse, the conscious pronunciation of this sacred word at the end of a declaration creates a circle, a new beginning. The Whole comes back to Itself as All Is One.

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