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For the sake of simplicity, it is possible to describe the Alta Major, linked with the planet Mercury, as an activator, a bridge, an extension of the Antahkaranah.

The Alta Major is the focal point of the human structure, in connection with the pineal gland. It is the anchor of the multi-dimensional energy structure of the individual, fused with the One. It holds a crystal which allows the reception of information and spiritual energies. The crystal, stellated 10 pointed star, is connected to the frequencies of the 10 systems which have been contributing to the formation of the creature that you call human. The mixing of systems had been planned by the Infinite Consciousness in order to achieve a perfect creature which would be the jewel of Divine Manifestation. During the creation of the universes, each race or category of creature was encoded with what we will call specific data and chips or emitter / receptors.

The human being would carry the most beautiful attributes, the most exceptional gifts already implanted elsewhere in the Universes. The threads added to the human DNA are the result of these crossings or additions. The perfect human being , or Adam Kadmon, is almost a miraculous manifestation of the Power and the Beauty of God’s Spirit.

When one activates and develops the faculties of the Alta Major, he / she allows for all the codes added and awaiting in the human genetic system for thousand of years to manifest and express themselves.

The association/connection of the Alta Major with the pineal gland creates the integration and harmonization of all the information and frequencies received through the Alta Major to be integrated in the human system. Also, because of the receptive aspect of this crystal, the activation of the Alta Major re-enforces the ability of the individual to be conscious of his/her multi-dimensions. When you link the Alta Major with the pineal gland, you unite the potentials that you already have/are, the advantages of owning such an incredible physical vehicle with all the gifts and spiritual potentials, characteristics of the races that are involved in your system according to God’s scheme.

If you center yourself on the Alta Major, you create a movement of the all forces/fires of your actual life, your parallel existences, dimensions, inter-galactic encodements on a unique spot. The crystal starts moving and captures the information that you need, on the moment. When the pineal gland is ready, the information will become clear, accessible to the human brain and thus to your human consciousness. Then, when you establish the link between the Alta Major and the pituitary gland, you develop the gifts of vision, clairvoyance. Finally, the fusion between the Alta Major and the throat chakra allows the manifestation of one’s vision or perception.

All the information stored and accessible when the Alta Major is activated has to be disseminated, in order to awaken other beings. Your practice and intent to re-enliven your Alta Major center is an act of service and a gift to others. If your system is vibrantly awakened, you will transmit this ability to all the beings you connect with, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Sound is a very powerful tool that one can use to set in motion the manifestation codes, manifestation being to express God in your life, not only through spiritual activities but also in your daily actions. You have to BE-have as a DIVINE BEING. Your behavior, your faculty to reflect Light and Love are the best tools to transmit the encoded information originated from the Masters of Light and the Universe of Light in which humankind is moving.

The color of blue is the closest from the Alta Major, and its crystal. This center is not fully developed. More exactly it is atrophied. When it is restoredin approximately 20 years for the raceit will be used as the chip through which you will be able to communicate telepathically, as well as to transport yourself or create something. One who knows the sound of the Alta Major can manifest instantaneously.

When the Lords of the Universes imagined and created the Alta Major center and its fabulous communication device, their intent was not to control the creatures, but to be able to call their children and awaken them at the propertime. All the information, all the possibilities exist, in a dormant state, in the matrix of space or receptive part of the energy. These data must meet their opposite / complement in order to be activated. When you are in the process of learning how to create, you are in fact learning how to connect elements by activating the vibrations of life. Manifestation is the ability to transmit the spark of communication or spark of love through your thought or presence. In order for a human being, on the path of mastery, to manifest, he/she has to stand in perfect harmony with the life frequency, with God’s frequency. This means that any negative, depressed or suicidal thought, any doubt, any fear, will negate the power to give life. The lesson is again to truly and deeply see and acknowledge your Divinity and allow it to work for / in / as You.

It is possible to have an impact on the Alta Major, through physiological action:
MASSAGE: Activation of the glandular system, activation of the nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic; reduction of stress, depression, tiredness, addictions; regulation of the sensation of hunger, reduction of bulimic tendencies, balance of the sleep patterns.

CHIROPRACTIC TORSION: Not recommended, without previous adjustment of the sacrum.

ACUPUNCTURE: Freeing of all the accumulated toxins, physical as well as psychological, and emotional. Clearing of traumatic memories, in this life time or others. In fact, the puncture restores the communications with the ancestral frequencies stored in the crystal. But, it is still better to use energy and sounds on the Alta Major.

(Note: In the first part of my life, in my practice as a Holistic Doctor, I was using acupuncture on the Alta Major. This point, when correctly punctured, restores the full balance of the whole system, of the Chinese pulses. Please do not try without a professional. The exact location is not easy to find, even for professionals).

The basic alignment technique with the Alta Major is described in the book,
” I Am That I Am: Alta Major.”

More information and practice is available through workshops. If you wish to organize a workshop in your area, please Contact Us. Thank you. Blessings to All.

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