CONSPIRACY THEORY – 7 main chakras in the Adam Kadmon body. Cycles & the start of the White Brotherhood

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To explain in simple words, the presence of foreign races on this planet, I will use an example: You agree that part of your task is to develop 7 main chakras and to have them work in synergy and harmony. In the same exact way, a greater entity, Mother Earth, that you are a part of, is refining and attuning its centers, and having them work together. Above/around the Earth, another being or celestial body, larger, more conscious, more aware is attuning planets… systems and so on.

(For more information, see the article The Reptilian Conspiracy)

From your human standpoint and according to the trends and the group beliefs in year 2000, you might interpret the story as treatises, invasions, interplanetary wars, gods and ET.

Please ask yourself: Which one of your chakra is predominant, now? Do you truly know? Which one of your organs is sending armies of Streptococcus or parasites to your kidneys or your throat, which you will perceive as a flu or as a urinary infection? Are your so-called spiritual chakras capable of keeping you, 24 hours a day, in deep peace and compassion? Or, are you still in a physical form, learning from your adventure and improving every day?

You are a living part of a huge consciousness, being, which is in constant evolution. More exactly, you are One with the Universal Consciousness, One with God. As you breathe in cycles of inhale/exhale, as you experience sleep and alertness, the Whole, your galaxy moves through cycles. These cycles are the YUGAS of the Hindus. Plato spoke about a period of 25920 years. It is the number of years necessary for the equinox to cross the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each sign represents 2160 years. You are approaching the end of a cycle, and therefore many aspects of your world have to be transmuted in order to allow the new paradigm to anchor itself on the planet.

Your internal cycles or the evolution of the human race follow the integration of the vibrations associated with the chakras. The evolution of your system is linked to the growth of the planet, which is a consequence, a part of the growth of the solar system and so on. At the time of Lemuria, planet Earth was working on its second center. The Atlantean civilization emerged when the planet started to refine the third chakra. You are now in the process of reaching the frequency of the heart’s 4th center.

It is then normal to find a story, several stories that can be traced throughout your history. Powerful souls have been leading your world since the beginning. Are they always manifesting love and compassion? No. The whole group, the whole race had to experience the shadow, which is a consequence of the incarnation process. Body implies shadow, which implies extreme behavior. Like a child or a teenager, you, as a group, made choices, eventually sensed as mistakes. You just have to be AWARE and stop giving away your power to a fraction of the group that is not willing to evolve in the same direction as yours.

Why were BROTHERHOODS created? Because a group of leaders organized a system to keep the knowledge and distribute it to the human race. (See SERPENTS OF WISDOM). But, all human beings were not ready and willing to take responsibility for themselves. Therefore, only a few were / are committed to learn and grow. Any soul who was interested could attend the mystery schools or connect with Spirit and receive full, personal attention. Also, the mystery schools, churches have been polluted. It is a result of density. When a body, a group is seeking for balance in duality, some are always attracted by the extremes. So be it. HOW MANY, NOW, ARE WILLING TO know about themselves, the universe, the past? How many are willing to WORK ON THEMSELVES, EVERY DAY, WITHOUT FEAR OR SELF INDULGENCE to create a significant change, a shift in their lives?

Let us speak about manipulation. OK, you all heard about your origin as slaves, the DNA manipulations orchestrated to use you, in order to mine gold for a foreign planet. Nibiru. I personally remembered, before reading it anywhere, and that is why I believe it, a part of Myself, being sent from Sirius, with a group of my brothers / sisters to give my DNA to the human race and allow it to evolve. This is the story of the HALL OF AMENTI that you can find in the book “Nothing in this book is true…” Our intent was not to manipulate. It was an act of sharing, an act of LOVE. In a similar way, the Sirian civilization operated some months ago a blend of Earth consciousness with the whales/dolphin consciousness. This was done to facilitate Earth Ascension.

Your DNA is the result of a cross between the Nephilim (Nibiru) and the Sirian. (And some little adjunctions along the way to make it fun and a little more complicated!). Sirius has the lead role, it is the head of your system. However, a body can be sick, a family fights. Some ETs did not respect the Cosmic plan. And that also, is acceptable. Life is in constant movement. Life is movement, evolution and integration.

You always have two solutions, two points of view in any situation in life. Yes you, we all have reasons to feel used, victimized, manipulated, … as long as you want to stay a victim. Do you consider the big picture? Do you ask yourselves if the Sirians, the cetacean consciousness is also a bad thing? Are the Sirians also looking for slaves? That is YOUR CHOICE. Awareness, consciousness has always been available for those who are ready to pay the price: RESPONSIBILITY. This word contains the word RESPONSE. YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO. The state of victim is a degeneration of the energies of the chakras # 2 (sex and money) and #3 (power. Self love). It is a consequence of our fall into matter, into bodies, density.

How many books were written about governments, churches, brotherhoods, and considered as lies, over the years? How many children, souls were damaged, because humankind, as a group, refused to hear about abuse, violence, drug, rape, and manipulation?. How many people were accused of insanity, drugged, locked into mental asylums because they had spiritual awareness, psychic abilities or were capable of remembering their abuse? How many Light Workers claimed that they were too enlightened or pure to have anything to do with shadow and Satanism? How many practice Yoga or tantra, which goal is to arouse the Serpent and yet speak about reptilian conspiracy? It is easier to be asleep, or in denial.

(SEE REPTILIAN CONSPIRACY) Of course, the degenerated reptilians, which serve the dark side of the universe willingly, used their power over human beings. And, a small portion of human beings took advantage of the state of consciousness of the masses. They used the extreme force contained in chakras 2 and 3 to create wealth and power for themselves and for those who would accept to play their game.

I personally met groups of people, beautiful young women who voluntarily were agreeing to have intercourse with the “Master” of a templar group for the sake of being “initiated”. They were feeling bad about it but still accepted. The young men were watching and it took years for some of them to have the courage to follow their heart and leave! A man, in his forties, called for help some years ago. He started to practice Satanism at a young age, with his family. He tried to stop, but finally made a decision. The thrill of killing and lust was more important than this conscious! It takes courage to change and self-compassion to witness our difficulties.

The planet and her children are NOW, awakening, at the edge of a huge shift. Open your eyes. Stop being afraid of looking at yourself and consider that shadow, in all its aspects and expressions. FEAR OF THE SHADOW IS SHADOW. Stop acting like a child, having fun with all the toys created and offered to you by the Old sorcerers, the Adepts of technology who were at the origin of the fall of Atlantis. Not that technology and toys are necessarily wrong, but the world in which you are living is enslaving you in a very easy way: you want more, you work, you use your credit card, you give your time to your company and you DO NOT THINK. You eat degenerated food and loose your taste for natural, healthy products… and your body is so weak that you cannot think and react. It is much easier to believe that your country (America or another one) is the best, the land of freedom or culture (for Europe!) and to be hypnotized and asleep.


The Reptilians are a part of the consciousness that had to mingle with yours in order to refine your race (through the mind / manas energy) and allow you to reach the glorious state that will soon be yours.

Satanists, politics, bankers, the NEW WORLD ORDER are the expression of the EXTREME. The world imagined by this group is a POSSIBLE LINE OF FUTURE.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY is to balance this energy, in order to stabilize the LIGHT and allow the Heart / Christ consciousness to express itself fully on your planet.

As a conclusion, I would say that to believe in a CONSPIRACY IS A SET OF MIND. Yes there is a dark plan going on, and it could take form to the point of winning full control of humankind… IF YOU ALLOW IT. There is also a plan for LOVE and happiness, and it is your responsibility to make it happen. There is no abusers without victims and no slavery without a consciousness ready to play out the role of the slaves.


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