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Although we want to keep our head and our hearts in the stars, I will not, at this time, utilize astrology for the December 2014 newsletter.

The energies are so strong, so direct that we do not need astrology to feel in what direction we must go. Yes, we are not offered alternatives; we are commanded to look towards the future and build the new world.

Over the past decade, many opportunities have been offered (astrological configurations; opening of the wormholes; seeding of the planetary field with new codes) so that you could:

  • Remember who you are and who is your spiritual lineage and Family;
  • See what karmas/stories you have created for yourselves;
  • Determine how to correct, transmute, and bring love to those situations.
  • Move forward.

We have been working as a group, travelling together to ancient sites, visiting the old power places, temples or cathedrals. What was the goal? Becoming a shaman or beg for their blessings and wisdom? Use the ritual of the dead in the pyramids or become a rigorist Christian? No. The objective is to:

  • REMEMBER – Remember how you have participated and eventually have old attachments to this or that culture. Understand who you are based on your background, on the beliefs that have impregnated your souls and ego.
  • AWARE – Determine how the past has impacted, damaged or fragmented your souls ; how the contracts that we have made with people, entities, countries are impeding your evolution, and keeping us imprisoned. Understand that your astral bodies are seeded with the past and that you keep repeating the same experiences: you love a certain dish, you practice yoga or shamanism because these are familiar experiences.
  • HEAL the past. Cancel all contracts; STOP the practices of the past. Stop using the disguises of the fearful, victimized ego: the fake self, built to hide your misery; the liar; the manipulator; the flamboyant star or the corrupted leader, etc
  • RECOVER your lost parts and your power; then. Move as quickly as possible into the heart and the Divine Heart Frequency.
  • RECONCILE – Bring the new frequencies to all these cultures, experiences of the past. Some of you have had the privilege to meet, feel and recognize the frequencies of the Divine within My Presence and my human Self. If this is the case, then your job is to purify and strengthen yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to be as impeccable as possible, as connected as possible so as to be able to carry this Frequency and participate in the transmutation and seeding of the planet.
  • LET GO and surrender to a brand new future, to the UNKNOWN. Forget the fear of the unknown, believe, trust, practice faith as your moto.
  • Bring the SEEDS of the future: if you are ready, assist Myself and the Hierarchies in the immense task of reformatting, re-organizing the energies and frequencies of the Earth, through the main vortices.

We respect all cultures, all efforts made throughout the centuries and today to bring the spark of the Divine into the human heart and soul. Yet, you have learnt to discriminate, haven’t you? If your intent is to be an instrument serving the Divine, in alignment with the cosmic shift, you cannot linger in the religions and practices of the past; chanting a magically and energetically charged mantra or song reinforces, feeds the old links and energy fields. Smoking ayahuasca with a shaman is not innocent: you give him or her credibility and you partake with an egregore. Without mentioning the damages on your energy field!

Also, let go of the spell of old feelings such as the need to prove yourself right, competition and lack of self-love. Each human being, with his/her own frequency plays a specific part in the building of our reality; and as such, in God’s heart, each one of you is important and loved.

All planetary times loops (See Amen book for definitions) have been closed. December 2014 is the last opportunity to complete any unfinished business and karma. Do it!

The old planetary government has left and was replaced by a new spiritual government: The office of the Light, which leader is the Divine Principle of the Light: the Michaelic Consciousness, known in the human and Christian culture as the Archangel Michael, Who Is Like God. Open your heart, hear the call and make the right decisions.

I love you,
Archangel Michael
We have a few important meetings this year:

  • WORKSHOPS in Switzerland, France, Mont Saint Michel (France) and California.
  • We will launch a SCHOOL for professionals, a high level training for those who want to serve as doorways for the Archangel Michael’s Frequency, and dedicate their lives to the enlightenment of the world through true knowledge and wisdom.
  • Spiritual Trip in Louisiana and Texas at the end of the summer.
  • Ongoing global meditations on the first and third Thursday of the month, at 11 am PST.



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