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Although there is gap between what is going on at the galactic level and on the planetary level, the best date to the celestial return to “zero point” — should be August 2011, when the Adam Kadmon or Cosmic Man changed the configuration of His Energies and chakras (for convenience, we are using the Hebrew name Adam Kadmon for the Cosmic Man). See Article Adam Kadmon raises His Heart…

At the galactic level, our Celestial Man or Adam Kadmon was able to realign all the constellations and planets of His Cosmic Body and reach a point of balance and merging, between the Light and the Darkness, the Masculine and Feminine energies.

A major step was taken in 2003, in Mont Saint Michel, France. The New Jerusalem was anchored. In the book of Revelation, the New Jerusalem is the Bride of the New Christed King (= Anointed King), sitting on His Throne, ready to bless the Earth and Mankind.

At the end of 2007 and early 2008, the Cosmic Man/Adam Kadmon was recalibrated under the guidance of the Creator-god or Michaelic Consciousness.

On the Earth these changes are implemented by Archangel Michael, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Forces of the Light and Sirius. The human race basic geometrical pattern moves from a base 5 to a base 6.
The Cosmic Man merged within It/Himself the forces of Matter (The Feminine aspect, the Shekinah) with the fires of Spirit (His male creative aspect = the Creator-god for this galaxy = the Michaelic Consciousness). (See Article Adam Kadmon recalibrated)

“Since early December 2007, an exceptional shift has been taking place at the cosmic level. This movement concerns, not only your Solar System but also your galaxy. The Adam Kadmon, supreme archetype or software of the human race, was reorganized, recalibrated. This movement was intensified at the time of the Solstice then stabilized after the full moon.”

Then the Creator’s heart could move upward. In the Solar System, Venus was pushed to also move upward. In terms of sacred geometry, the 5 pointed star is now positioned upward. A few months later, the Venus Cycle ended. These combined events marked the conclusion of all ancient mysteries based on the cult of Venus/Lucifer or Inverted Five Pointed Star and the end of the dominance of the Darkness for the triumph of the Light and the equilibrium.

The Cosmic Man went through a period of engagement with his Bride, the New Jerusalem. The engagement started in May 2003 (Article New Jerusalem).

The marriage occurred in August 2011. Then the Bride shall bear fruits: the New Kingdom.
The Earth is now under the guidance and Leadership of the Anointed King, the Ambassador of the Light, the Archangel Michael, Who leads the reconstruction and revival of the Planet.


Rumors have been circulating on the internet about the planetary alignment that took place on December 3rd, with a stunning photo (??) showing three planets above the Giza plateau. In the astrological chart (not just in Egypt…), Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Dragon Head are massed in the Scorpio. Mercury is square Neptune in the Pisces and Saturn trine Khiron, next to Neptune in the Pisces.

In the Capricorn, Mars and Pluto are conjunct.

Seven planets are lining up between the Capricorn and the Scorpio. They are all facing Jupiter, who is again, and naturally, the Master and Leader of the events. Jupiter, representing and pouring the energies of the Divine Plan, holds and tames the forces in action. In Jupiter’s house, the Sagittarius stands the Sun: for humankind, the evolution process, the goal pointed at by the arrow of the Sagittarius is to meet the Solar Self. The masculine aspect within is no more the rough and flighty Mars – associated with the third chakra and personal power- but the Enlightened Solar Self and the Monad. Mars, next to Pluto is to play his role as the axis, leading personal alignment.

The moon, while receiving the solar and bright influx of the Leo (the Sun’s abode), is in good aspect with Mars, itself conjunct with Pluto (Master of the Alchemical process). The old lunar feminine aspect makes peace with Mars, the masculine energy, who is to accept his own transmutation and rebirth.

The moon is also communicating with Venus, Mercury and Saturn, guided by the Dragon (The Archangel Michael’s Lower Self, ancient Earth Leader of the Grail Bloodline and holder of the DNA in evolution). Assisted by the Scorpio, a transmutation has to occur. For the healing and growing to take place, Mankind is assisted by Neptune, sitting at the cusp between the Pisces and the Aquarius, searching harmony with Saturn. Form, matter, structures have to be infused by the spiritual and more refined energies in order to follow the ongoing growth process. Concomitantly, Mercury communes with Venus. In the home of transmutation, the conscious feminine aspect, Venus, feeling the healing offered by Khiron, and accepted to live by the Divine Intuition instead of the low subconscious needs (Moon) has to merge with Hermes/Mercury and become the Hermaphrodite.

First impression: the position of Mars – the Axis- and Uranus do not look threatening – it seems quite improbable that the Planet is going to flip, or that a large earthquake will hit.

From early December Jupiter has been the activation point of a Yod or Finger of God (The V shape: two 150 degrees angles and one sextile), mastering the dance of the energies. “Jupiter’s function is to organize practically and in a functional whole, the indispensable building materials for the success of the solar purpose.” (Chœur des Planètes, p. 88). On the 21st, the Yod is formed with Pluto, conjunct to the Sun (Between the Capricorn and the Sagittarius) and Saturn (In the Scorpio, adding to the transmutation, change for rebirth). The Yod is associated with major shifts and turns of event. Will we see what is happening or will some hidden decision be made (occult nature of Pluto)?

At the personal level, this is an invitation to follow one’s true and higher path. “The sextile between Saturn and Pluto show the productivity at the base of the energy configuration. This shows productivity between the signs of elimination and regeneration (Scorpio) and organization and personal authority (Capricorn,) and planets associated with Dharma, responsibility, and “doing the right thing” (Saturn) and transpersonal transformation, annihilation and rebirth (Pluto).{…} Jupiter’s degree indicated “… major ‘expansion through sacrifice’ energies, squeezing us all wherever this configuration falls in our charts. Expect some fairly dramatic adjustments that will help you master certain life trajectories. We can redirect momentum in multiple life areas, and can “pull out of nosedives” and “right ourselves gracefully.” Aquarius December 2012

“The experiences felt by Venus are personal and subjective. Jupiter has a similar function but at the collective level. […] with Venus, we approach reality with our senses, […] then, on the spiritual level, Venus will be our personal way to feel the self, the type of beauty though which we want to express the solar ideal. Venus feels the spiritual forces in the body, as feelings and emotions. Mercury makes intelligible the energetical forces perceived by the organism. At the highest level, Venus’ function is to merge the spiritual energies with those of the personality. We are no more dealing with intuition, as it is the case with Mercury, but with a takeover of the body by a spiritual force. (Luc Bigé, Chœur des Planètes, p. 54)

On December third, Jupiter, the Sun and the Sagittarius align with the Center of the Galaxy. On the 21st, the Sun has moved to the end of the Capricorn, while Mercury and Venus are in the Sagittarius. The Moon is now conjunct with Uranus in the Ram, in a dissonant position towards the Sun-Pluto Conjunction. Will the transmutation of the Feminine and of Venus as the principle of harmonization and peace, be more difficult than expected? Jupiter happens to be also conjunct with the Royal Star Aldebaran, often associated with the Archangel Michael. Will the Archangel Michael, utilizing Jupiter, and still the Master of the situation, utilize Neptune to force mankind in one direction or will the input of Khiron be strong enough for a smooth ride towards the future? For that we need a resolution of the karmas and a softening of the memories hold by Saturn (Aspect Neptune-Saturn) as well as a balance Sun-Moon-Uranus-Pluto.

Just between Pluto and Saturn, Mercury is still very close to Venus (See above for the meaning). Another detail is quite interesting: the conjunction Mercury-Venus faces and balances Uranus and the Moon, in the Ram. [We will discuss this later].
Although it is very difficult to be very precise in terms of date, the beginning of the Long Count is dated by various authors around 3100-3300 BC.

“Kali Yuga is in length 432,000 years according to the old Indian calculation, and we are now coming to the end of its first five thousand years, that preliminary period being reckoned from the death of Krishna. In passing, it may be justly thought that this five thousand year period is the origin of the idea of the Hebrews that the world is about that age […].

At the end of the 19th century Saint Yves d’Alveydre, a strong believer in the necessity of establishing communication and relationship with the Hierarchies in order to implement the right government on the planet, mentioned a schism that fractured Mankind history. He stated that this major event occurred 5100 years ago. If we add 120 years, we are about at the same start.
Although we have now remains, traces, artifacts of civilizations that are much older, the last significant turn of events and revival for the human race occurred at this time, between 3500-3100 BC, during the Taurus Era.
Then, the next important step was taken during the cycle of the Ram.

According to the rumor, we are heading towards a return of the Feminine. “The return to the feminine energies in Aquarius refers to the quick and unexpected return of your soul spark to light and total consciousness when our reality program ends and we all leave physical reality. That process is accelerating as witnessed by everything going on in the world today. Some equate it with 2012.”

Well, 2012 is over. Other writers mention the alternance of polarization of the zodiacal signs. [In the Zodiac, six constellations have a feminine polarity and the other six are masculine. The negative signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. The positive ones are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

As we move from one era to the other, our consciousness then bathe for approximately 2100 years in a more yin or yang vibration. But, as a whole, the Planet has experienced longer cycles that were pertaining to the development of its chakras. The Matriarchal power is much older than the Pisces and Taurus Eras. It was dominant at the Lemurian epoch, which was much more remote in time. The Earth, as well as the Cosmic Man have just completed the work pertaining to the 3rd chakra, masculine in nature. Logically, the next shift should be the merging, the balance of the polarities within the Heart.

What is certain is the return to a more conscious connection with the soul, feminine in nature, through the heart, thus a more feminine whole self. Also, the progressive alignment with the Galactic Womb, the Great Mother, is, without a doubt, a more soul-oriented, spiritual, intuitive and nurturing energy to Humankind. But, technically, Spirit and the Light are masculine in polarity.

Finally, the Aquarius is androgynous, and ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Saturn, structures are still necessary, yet they are balanced by the spiritual energy emanating from a healed Uranus (See the chart of December 21st).

What is occurring is a softening of the differences between men and women, a conscious new approach of life, of the working world, new mentalities and attitudes on both sides. Women cannot expect to gain respect from men if they behave like victims or try to use the second chakra as a weapon. As for men, they still have to improve their understanding about true power and about love. When the weaving of energies between men and women – holders of the polarities for the Mass consciousness- reach a natural balance in the daily flow, then the energy field around them and beyond evolves accordingly.

This is the energy that the stars and planets have been broadcasting towards the Earth during the month of December 2012. The relationship of the moon, Mars and Mercury and Venus, under her new face, are asking for:

  • A new understanding of the role of sex and of the role of the women in society (A different face of Venus).
  • A shift in the quality of love that human beings give and allow from each other – the practice of service over self-gratification. Under Jupiter’s influence, the Being must find one’s path towards the Solar Self and the love of the whole. The self-centered, venal aspect of Venus will have changed.
  • A harmonization with Consciousness, through the mind. The boundaries between the human world and the spirit world shall fade.
  • A blending of the polarities WITHIN, not just in the society, but within each embodied soul, so as to seed the Earth with a different race, androgynous and spiritual in nature.

As the Constellations, the Earth and Mankind shall have different relationships, based on a better comprehension of each other. Acknowledging the existence of Consciousness at all level of life, within self, recognizing the Earth as a Being, and the Cosmos as the Body of your Creator-god shall shift your daily conduct and your path. Knowing, deep inside, intimately, that you are a part of the Whole, each choice, decision and action is then made according to the wellbeing of the group, of the god.

“Something within the core of the world is awakening and making its presence felt. A certain barrier that had defined the physical dimension and held it apart from the energies of the inner world is falling away. This has to do with the merging of the inner and outer, the coming together of these two dimensions. In our dualistic thinking we forget that a shift in our collective consciousness also means a shift in the earth’s energy. Our science may measure the ecological effects of pollution, climate changes, and global warming, but we do not understand the relationship between our consciousness and the earth. We do not realize that there can be a direct energetic relationship between our collective consciousness and the earth’s energy patterns. Responsibility for our planet becomes a central theme as we move into a new era. (The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee).
Yet, in order to become responsible and loving, in order to serve according to your personal essence and purpose, you need to know who you are. The eclipse of the Sun by Venus in June 2012, the stars configurations change ‘the quality of life- the energy streams moving more swiftly in some places, and more slowly in others… the eclipse will stimulate in turbulence the Venus question: To what group does my “I” – my individuality, my sense of self – belong? What is the purpose or work of my group of human beings? How can I participate actively and further this purpose? Will the Venus eclipse make these questions more anxious? Or will the influences of Sun and Venus combine to answer those questions” (Venus Eclipse of the Sun, 2012, David Tresemer, p.8).


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