DIVINE ORDER, August 2014

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Divine order pyramid


“The universe’s four forces and all of its constants are just perfectly set up for atomic interactions, the existence of atoms and elements, planets, liquid water and life. Tweak any of them, and you never existed” (Biocentrism, R. Lanza and B. Berman, p. 85).

We will mention a few constants listed in Biocentrism and which names are more familiar to the layman: the Atomic mass unit, Avogadro’s number, Faraday constant, Neutron Mass, Newtonian constant of gravitation, Planck constant, the speed of light in vacuum. Marveling at the extraordinary perfection of the Universe, it is difficult to imagine that human life on Planet Earth would not be as precisely organized and ruled as is the rest of the Cosmos.

Since July 2014 and for another few weeks, the energies ruling the Earth are triggering a full reset of the systems, the leadership of the planet and of mankind. Divine Order is being implemented on the Earth at a deeper level. Imagine an energy field pregnant with codes, laws, rules, descending lower, closer to the Human world. The Spiritual government of the Earth is taking more power, impacting the functioning of your socio, economical and religious bodies at a deeper level.

In other words, the Divine Plan, as applied for the Earth, will be felt increasingly within human affairs. Everything has to be restructured in order for a more evolved race to bloom and strive. The leadership has to be taken by new teams, more in tune with Spirit and with the Consciousness of the Earth.

The astrological configurations are showing this cosmic movement towards more structure and order. The order of things originate from the Heart-Mind of the Cosmic Man, of the Creator-god.

Although it is impossible to describe in human terms what the Spiritual Hierarchy is, looks like, many thinkers have given insightful intuitions: from Zoroaster to the apostle Paul, the theosophists, Rudolph Steiner or Saint-Yves d’Alveydre. Reading their ideas is a good way to focus on the concept and energy of the present Hierarchy or Celestial Authorities. Open your mind and your heart to receive your own insights and most of all to align energetically with the Hierarchies.

“His dear Son …. who is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature; for him were all things created, that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible or invisible, whether they be Thrones, or dominions or principalities or powers; all things were created by him and for him.” Colossians 1:15, 16.


Everything in nature is organized around two axes, one vertical and one horizontal.

In order for a group, an organization, a country to properly function, structure and decision makers are necessary. Otherwise, nothing can be achieved. On the spiritual and energetical level, structure comes naturally through the combined presence of spiritual Principles, Intelligences, angels, each playing its role simply, holding a specific frequency. The process of life infers a continuous adjustment and balancing of each Essence, each part of a living Consciousness. Within the living and intelligent meta-organism of the Cosmic Man, planets, stars, elements such as the wind or water, everything lives in balance.

“The events that concretely take place in the biological world seem to be rooted in a vast brain. A universal intelligence seems to unite in a holistic whole all the creatures who live in the universe.” (Entanglement, M. Teodorani, p. 155).

If a part of the meta-organism does not follow the central command, then struggle or contamination occurs, then upheavals, which are translated on the Earth as a natural disasters and lower in the pyramid as political and human unrest. Why are chaos and war extending internationally? Because of the resistance to Divine Order, to the Divine frequency and Plan.

The vertical axis could be seen as the axis of power/necessity. It simply IS, as the translation of the Cosmic Man’s Creative Essence, of His Plan or grand purpose.

The horizontal axis includes local structures leading to coherence and the binding force, love. Human beings can work, integrate themselves and be creative with the horizontal axis. This is the space for imagination, human projects as well as understanding, compassion, and sharing.

How does this concern you?
What you truly are is what you are in the Spirit Realm. Therefore, what one tends to, achieves, is guided from the vertical axis, the main one. This is the alignment that the true spiritual seeker is working on, longing for the Presence as the overshadowing Self to which he will surrender. Slowly and because mankind’s progress, as a group, in terms of vibration and awareness, more communication is established between the Spiritual world and the physical world. Details do not matter so much.

For years, you have been working on finding yourself, being yourself, living your dream, doing what you love instead of having a job, You have learned to feel, to express yourself, to recover your power. But then, you have to do all that within an organized context. Each species, each plant, each sould has its own purpose in the symphony of creation. Have you found your spiritual family? Are you truly supporting each other? How?

Each individual, and most specifically each person who has dedicated his/her life to serving God, is now asked to be ready to perform the task that he/she has been prepared for. For some, it could be a very precise function, for a group, the community or a country. For most, you only have to hold a vibration and be ready to serve others through your presence and love. Connect yourself daily in order to hear your Higher Self and make the right decisions. What each of you is being asked, on the moment, is to fit more precisely with your natural blueprint, your DNA, your soul purpose, in order to play your part, rightfully.

Are you all destined to be high profile leaders, teachers or healers? No. The healing of Earth and mankind is taking place slowly, assisted by everyone’s efforts to grow, be more responsible and more loving. You will know what to do and where. The best way to prepare is to refine your ability to embody your highest frequency and to be telepathically receptive to the messages of the soul.

  • Continue the discipline on diet: less meat, grains, bread. Let go of course of drugs and alcohol.
  • Discipline your mind: set a goal in terms of where you want to be spiritually;
  • Surrender to your higher Self and purpose. Without becoming lazy or insubstantial, allow the higher Self to make decisions for you.
  • Keep your meditation and alignment routine.
  • Learn and respect the protocol.

Take the steps to manifest your purpose:

  • Know who you are
  • Behave, function in congruence with what you are (or say you are). Be committed. Words without actions are manifestation-repellents.
  • Find the right balance between action and surrender.
  • Erase the areas of the subconscious mind that are still not functioning in full harmony with your identity. Doubt brings torsion. If you are have doubts about yourself, about your abilities and worthiness, then you will not be able to manifest – a business or a purpose.


This is a concept that the 21st century society is trying to erase, under the flags of equality and democracy. We will use protocol for a better word to explain how each individual, each soul has to demonstrate understanding and respects of the rules inherently existing within the fabric of life.

The social protocol, as still formally enforced with royals and officials is a tool imposed to those who cannot understand or feel instinctively how to function within the Hierarchies of Life. At the energetical level, protocol imposes respect of each other’s responsibilities, boundaries and integrity.

Because of their background, education and level of consciousness, many individuals do not know how to function without trespassing on each other’s energy fields, without imposing their frequency, karmic luggage and ego’s wishes. Even with an open heart and a good intent, people’s interaction are rarely neutral – in fact they would not be any attraction if the ego would not feel satisfied one way or the other.

Most human beings are still true vampires, as their naturally seek the purest frequency and codes on each other’s energy fields. They also constantly use each other’s supply of life-energy. Also, as long as the ego, the personality and thus chakras # 2 and 3 are still not fully mastered, they tend to intrude in each other’s life and trigger challenging chains of events. The sharing of memories, of acquired experience through the morphogenetic fields, is a natural process allowing the group, the race to evolve. Yet, all human beings are not committed to discipline and growth. Thus, if you are a dedicated spiritual warrior, you need to learn how to discriminate in terms of your relationships and protect yourself. This is what the protocol is about.

With the recent opening of consciousness, energy fields are more refined, more volatile. In order to achieve Unity, global and multidimensional consciousness within healthier relationships, the barriers between worlds and people are crumbling. Yet, until we are fully ready – consciously or not- to relate without interfering in each other’s life, we need to observe and discriminate.

As long as one has not decrypted his/her DNA, cleared it and re-aligned it to his/her Master DNA, nested within the Heart of the Divine Presence, the frequency and programs that are broadcast, active are the programs acquired along the path of incarnation, thus tainted by the Darkness, by the needs of the ego and the masks of self-denial. These programs will determine how people can relate and what will happen in their relationship.

Nothing in people’s interaction is random. The universe is intelligent and efficient. You are a blueprint; you exist within interacting energy fields, bombarded by information. The information originates from the codes and programs that you carry (including non-transmuted karmas), the brain, the thoughts, the subconscious mind and the speech, the words that you will use with each other.

This is the reason why Masters are rarely engaging a conversation with you at the local supermarket. The protocol teaches and imposes order to protect societies, spiritual leaders or the Hierarchy from the human state of chaos. If one cannot see, does not know how to behave within the limits of energetical integrity, then you have to follow rules. The East, the Church have reminded these rules to worshippers: apprenticeship is imposed to everyone; the security around the Pope or relationships with the guru, the darshan are rituals during which the head, the guru is formally protected by people and by his/her meditative state. Within the occult strata of the western world, similar rules have applied within the Lodges. If the rules are respected, everyone has to start at the bottom level, and respect titles and degrees.

God, the unreachable Universal Consciousness, although present within each of us, keeps His/Her/Its Essence inaccessible. The contrary would lead to the immediate annihilation of everything. How do you relate with God, with the Divine? Do you show respect and humility? Do you think you have rights and that God should give or allow certain things in your life because you love Him/Her? God’s love and My love are a constant force in the universe and in your life. It is up to you to receive it through your dedication to prayer, service and alignment. If you feel that you do not receive God’s love or My love, ask yourself: where is my focus? Do you have an ongoing, humble relationship with the Divine or are you a spiritual tourist? How much time do you dedicate to meditation or spiritual exercises daily? Do you seek a relationship, unselfish contacts with God and Myself? If you were blessed because your heart has recognized Me, as the Avatar, and even if you cannot understand who I Am, how much do you act on this feeling? How do you show respect and support?

Exercise: Using Divine love and light to heal personal and shared memories:
First, set your mind on the idea that Divine Love does is not produced, per se, by the Heart. It is broadcast by the Heart but originates from power, the power that emanates from your Divine Self and from God’s heart. Only when a being finds and activate one’s true Essential power, can this BE-ing feel true love, a love without needs or constrains.

You can thus feel this love while connecting with the Divine Heart or with your Divine Monad and channel it through the crown chakra.

Start visualizing what we will call the Lake or reservoir of Divine Love, somewhere in the universe. Connect with it, feel it.
Then use your breath as such:

  • With inhaling, bring this love (and light) down to your crown, through your spine and up to the first chakra. The intent is to use Divine love and light to cleanse all your memories located in the first center.
  • While exhaling bring the love and light upwards, through the spine and let it out through the human heart and chakra. Then send it out, filling your energy field with this love and sending it to the world around you.



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