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Cosmically, all the Dragons and Serpents conquered by their Slayers, are, in their origin, the turbulent confused principles in “Chaos” brought to order by the Sun Gods or Creative Powers.” SD II, 386.

Divine Royal Bloodline… King by Divine Right… Even for the ones who believe in God, isn’t it presumptuous to accept such concepts? Why would God or Creative Intelligence need to be represented by a Bloodline? If you opt for the concept of a creative intelligence, then you have to accept the idea of a red thread, a plan, and eventually you have to follow it. Because, it would be absurd to recognize your belonging to a whole, a thinking and loving meta-organism, and to pretend that you can be detached from it on any pretext.

The notion of Divine plan does not induce a will for domination, but inscribes itself in the context of intrinsic interdependence expressed within the principles of intelligence, survival, wisdom and love; in a word, within such perfection that corroborates the concept of Divinity.

The Infinite Consciousness after having built a plan, a concept, projects it into the infinite and then delegates its Essence, its powers, to successive Consciousnesses that will represent It in all parts of the universe concerned by this idea. The more we understand the structure of the universe through physics, the more we will grasp the nature of our intimate relationships with the cosmos.

The Divine Plan is the utterance in space of a concept of life. This implies the generation and then the progressive elaboration of a global genetic code X attached to a specific space-time.

The Divine Plan is the original map, the blueprint in the universe, of the Divine Thought. You are, because of your birth, involved in this plan, the goal of which is the ELABORATION OF A PERFECT RACE that incarnates EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN SPIRIT AND MATTER.

This is how the text of Genesis (2,1) is translated in the popular Bible versions:

“Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.”

This is a literal translation of the Hebrew text of Genesis 2,1 by Fabre d’Olivet:

“And shall become thus were wholly finished/completed the heavens and the earth and all the whole RULING LAW OF THEM /ELMENTISING/REGULATING NATURE.”

The text is describing “successive developments, a crossing, passing over from power to action.” “The Hebrew roots utilized in this verse by Moses are וּצּ and contain all idea of order, commandment, of a direction imprinted toward a goal, and אכ, expressing all organizing and efficient will. The universal nature deploys itself with the universe, must lead it from power to action and rise from development to development up to absolute perfection.”

This is Fabre d’Olivet’s translation for Genesis, Chapter II, verse 2:

“And-he-fulfilled, He-the-Gods, in-the light’s-manifestation- the seventh, the sovereign work (the act of his almighty power) which he had performed; and he restored himself (he returned in his former divine self) in the light’s manifestation the seventh, from the whole sovereign work which he had performed.”

The words מלאכחו are translated as the sovereign work/act of his almighty power in order to convey the idea of an action accompanied with all the royal majesty.

As for the expression “He restored Himself,” it includes the idea of restoration, or the return to an original state.

And finally, the number “seventh” implies complete restitution and cyclic plenitude. The root that is included in this word “involves all ideas/movement of curves, inversion and cycle.” p. 455.

Thus, the Hebrew text suggests and confirms the notions of evolution, time and cycle.


Because, although Life was imagined, launched in the flow of space, without limitations and restrictions, the creative will does not tolerate anarchy. The flow and the choices are authorized for the holders of Life and especially for those whose evolution already implies the possession and use of individual intelligence. But, because of its nature, the creative energy is pure and its trajectory direct. By essence, the frequency of Will, the Will that gives the creative impulse, entails a sense of immutability.

Consequently, the DNA visualized by the Creator institutes a Lineage that will stay pure and will be the perfect and final sample of the original concept. This family’s mission is to keep and preserve the divine original idea in its full purity. This does not necessarily imply elitism but rather an inexorable state of Being.

Interferences might occur which are natural results of the surging of intelligence in the creature (= reflections of self-questioning of the Creator/Life for the purpose of evolution). In order to develop and cultivate intelligence, life has to undergo the experience of choices. Choices are interesting, amusing, instructive. But the creative force is such that it overcomes all obstacles to come back to itself, to reach, in the same state of purity, the result that was projected in the original plan. This allows us to understand the notion of a descendant whose raison d’être is the continuation of the Divine Plan, of the Original Concept.

If we add to that the modern comprehension of the concept of time, if all exists simultaneously, then the Alpha and the Omega join in Unity. The stages and choices are but passages without importance.

Practically speaking, on the Earth a multitude of Beings have intervened in the Divine Plan, on the basis of their own will. Extra-terrestrial races that were not included in the divine original purpose have interfered with the Divine Plan. This does not infer that all extra-terrestrial additions are contrary to the Plan. But the Plan is the general map, the primordial recipe for a perfect human race. A number of beings who have practiced genetic breeding have acted out-of-Plan. Their presence is not natural. It is without love. Those beings, who imposed themselves by dominance and secrecy, will then be eliminated from the human context.


The Divine Plan is inscribed in your cells, in your DNA. It is the matrix of your basic programming on the physical level as well as on the levels of the psyche and the soul.

How can one know the DIVINE PLAN? How is it possible to hear it? Although the DIVINE PLAN is imprinted in your cells, it became inaccessible to all those who have progressively slipped out of the Divine Consciousness. Therefore, you must:

  • Free the psyche and the subconscious mind of all miasmas, traumas, beliefs that are veiling your pure and Divine Self;
  • Find yourself;
  • Remove your need to affirm yourself through personal ego and learn SERVICE;
  • Develop the capacity to be in harmony with the Divine Consciousness and stabilize this state in your daily life. This is possible through inner silence, through the ability to overpass the mind and to surrender;
  • Learn to hear and listen to the information presented by your intuition.

When the One Consciousness enters into a creative cycle, a cycle of openness, of extension, He/She emerges from the state of Abstraction, of Nothingness, and becomes the Origin, the dot, the Hebrew Yod. This Consciousness, God, Father-Mother, Spirit in Essence, then emanates a replica of Itself with which He/She is in constant relationship. In fact, the Consciousness is inevitably in relationship with Itself by the subtle link that is called Divine Love (what the author emphatically names the “glue of the universe”).

In principle these two parts of the One Consciousness engender a third aspect. Whatever phraseology is used, we find the concept of the trinity, of the primordial triangle, Father-Son-Holy Spirit or Father-Mother-Son. From this materialization of the birthing-into-form principle then emerge seven aspects. These aspects are the Seven Creators or Divine Faces. This process repeats itself in the ‘descent’ or crystallization of Spirit into Matter, specifically in our galactic and solar systems.

In the Christian literature, the Seven Creators are the Archangels; named in the Vedas, the Dhyani-Chohans.

The Consciousness or Aspect of God who has endorsed the responsibility of representing the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS in this section/portion of the universal story, and for the ongoing cycle, is known in the Judeo-Christian traditions under the patronymic of Mikael, Michel in French, and Archangel Michael. Mikael means “Who is as God?”. This points to the fact that Mikael is the manifestation, the visible and perceptible face of God, as well as the Archangel of the manifestation. Mikael is the Chief of the Seven Spirits because he presided at the manifestation. In consequence, he is called:

  • The Chief of the Archangels by the Christians
  • The Chief of Aeons by the Gnostics (SD I, 195)
  • Christ’s Ferouer and his Guardian Angel
  • The Lord in various verses of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The question mark at the end of the expression “Who Is As God?” expresses the fact that by his mere Presence, Mikael engages the souls to position themselves in their personal relationship with the Divine. A soul who accepts to undergo manifestation and form automatically confronts the dilemma of its reconciliation with God.

In the acceptance of participating (= to be a part of) in the creation, Mikael immediately loses his status as Spirit and falls literally into the category of the “incarnated.” In so doing, he becomes “opposed” (in relationship to Spirit).

“The Greek ophites, the precursors of the Roman Catholic Church, had identified Michael with their Ophiomorphos, the rebellious and opposing spirit. This means nothing more than the reverse aspect (symbolically) of Ophis – divine Wisdom or Christos. In the Talmud, Mikael/Michael is “Prince of Water” and the chief of the seven Spirits, for the same reason that his prototype, Sanat Sujata, the chief of the Kumaras is called Ambhamsi, “Waters.” Because the Waters is another name of the “great Deep,” the primordial waters of space or Chaos, and also means “Mother,” the celestial virgin Mother of the visible universe. Furthermore, the “waters of the flood” are also called the Great Dragon or Ophis, Ophia-Morphos.” SD I, 459.

Understandably, as this aspect of the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS has generated and permeated the creation with its vital fluid, the Archangel will in turn be found represented under many faces in the history of humankind.

How does the phenomenon of incarnation occur? Through mitosis. Mitosis is the process by which a parent cell divides itself into two cells. The offspring cells are identical to their parent.

When a Consciousness incarnates, takes a body, a similar phenomenon happens. The Being/Consciousness divides Itself in two parts. One part stays on the plane of Spirit. The other descends into matter. Or more exactly, the second part changes dimensions charging itself with density and becomes continually more solid, lower in frequency, until it appears on the material plane. A Consciousness, in its descent toward density and into matter, takes successively different bodies. A human being, for instance, is composed of a divine self, the Monad, a soul and a physical body. The physical self is the body of expression of the soul and of the Monad. The spiritual Consciousnesses express themselves through planets, constellations and galaxies.

It is impossible to substantiate and to comprehend in detail what happened at the dawn of the human epic, but humankind has kept the memories and the intuition of this beginning conveyed through myths and legends. The latter translate the movements and interactions of the universal spiritual principles and of the Consciousnesses who animate the planets, the stars and the forces of nature, in the context of the terrestrial story. These Consciousnesses imprint the human beings with their vibrations, their qualities/personalities, and impact the human psyche in the form of Archetypes.

The characters described in the mythology and the religious texts, as well as in a number of biblical texts, are not automatically gods. Whatever denomination/name we choose to describe the creative principles, they will be only a pale reflection of the reality. But, without any doubt, these Creative Energies cannot be conceived as having human personalities and traits of character that transform them into grotesque semi-gods, often stupid, mawkish and diminished.

The Michael Consciousness is traditionally represented slaying the Dragon. When this Consciousness took form, It divided Itself and incarnated (in your universe) through two constellations:

The constellation of the Lyra in which is located Its Spirit

The constellation of Draco or recipient of the Aspect Matter and Fire.

Then, at the scale of the solar system, the Mikaelic Consciousness goes through the Central Sun and then through Saturn and Vulcan. The Divine Fire or Vital Essence densifies itself under the form of a Dragon and pours its essence in/into the Earth. This is the origin of Life or Kundalini (=coiled Serpent) of the planet Earth. The Dragon brings the Creative Force to the earth, and then he conveys his DNA or construction model of form.

The function of the Archangelic Part is then to master the Dragon who will stay for a long period of time in a state of gestation or chaos. This is the meaning of the Archangel slaying the Dragon. “Cosmically, all the Dragons and Serpents conquered by their Slayers, are, in their origin, the turbulent confused principles in “Chaos” brought to order by the Sun Gods or Creative Powers.” SD II, 386.

The dense or material part of the Mikael Consciousness is the Great Dragon. The terms “Prince of the Waters” or “Chaos” do not refer to the Michaelic Consciousness as a whole but to the Dragon in his state of stupor triggered by the cut from the Archangelic Self. The archangelic or superior Self stays in Spirit, as an organized Creator and as a conscious leader. The part of the Michaelic Consciousness that incarnates – the Dragon- is in a state of imprisonment, of amnesia, and temporarily experiences chaos. Incarnation is the decision to rejoin the darkness and to live in it. In the context of the story of the earth and of the solar system, the Dragon incarnated, terrestrial Lord, becomes the inferior self of the Archangel.

The Dragon then successively divides itself and engenders dragons and serpents. The dragons or Dragons of Wisdom are Beings from the Michaelic family who voluntarily incarnated on Earth in order to create a new race. Whether one calls these Beings the Elohim or Annunaki is not important, if one understands their origin. They are the descendants of the Dragon and of the Michaelic Consciousness or Co-Creative Consciousness for this life-cycle of the Earth.

Contrary to the theories commonly accepted of the Elohim’s motivations, the goal of the Creators and Dragons was not to create a slave race. It was to prompt an opening, a blossoming for the human race. To reach its goals, life is sometimes harsh, of an unsettling truth. In the context of the creation, specific events become necessary that seem unloving. But Divine Love, for the one who has had the opportunity to experience it, goes beyond words and human comprehension.

If the Great Dragon is the physical self of the Creators, the consequences are important:

  • The Dragons, the Serpents, are the family and the children of the Michaelic Consciousness.
  • Mikael being the “Divine Face,” the initiatory Consciousness, and the one responsible for the creation, his children or descendants represent the Divine. Naturally, the Dragons and their families are then the Lords and the priests.
  • The right and capacities to govern were offered and anchored on the earth by the Dragons and will be taken back by the legitimate and sacred descendants of the Dragon.

Are all the present bloodlines issued from the Dragon legitimate and capable of governing? Knowing that we are speaking about divine government, are the claimers to this function ready to be the mediators between the terrestrial people and the Divine? Even if they can provide genealogical proofs of their descent, have they kept the LINK with the Divine, the reality of the Divine Plan? The understanding of the Divine Plan will give us an answer.


If the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS created the human beings and if they are the cells in the limitless body of the Universal Consciousness, it is then logical to believe that human beings, as small and unconscious as they can be, have an innate sense of the divine purpose. In fact, this inherent and instinctual communication with the Whole is deep and vital. Without the awareness of his connection with the Whole, man declines and languishes.

This is demonstrated by humans’ need to associate themselves with more than a global or supra-human purpose. They are thirsty for a raison d’être, a spiritual mission that transcends all aspects of daily life. Human beings have the INTUITION of their Destiny and of the Divine Plan, intuition expressed by the thinkers, the researchers, and the poets. Through their ventures and their mastery, they exteriorize the need to belong to the Whole which, in fact, they describe or explain. To feed oneself, to make a living and to sleep is not enough. As for the generally mediocre individuals who have tried to deny the Divinity and replace it with money, power or romantic love, they usually finish their lives in moral and spiritual misery.

The intuition is the divine voice imprinted in the core of the cells. The Divine Plan was inscribed in your cells and its evolution in the functioning mode of your DNA. This is the reason why you need to understand and integrate yourself in the Whole. Your spirit, your mind, connect you with the Supreme Intelligence. If you accept listening to the voice of your intuition, the Whole will whisper the answers in your heart and in your ears.


The Divine Plan or concept projected in the universal matrix generates a constructive force, definite and immutable, which:

  • Evolves through cycles
  • Implies the notion of TIME
  • Comes back to itself when the plan is completed.

Human beings are naturally sensitive to these cycles and to the programs that were imprinted in their cells. They feel the unfolding of the Plan, then they intuitively cognate, and they interpret its movements through their brains.

Certain people, more receptive, more connected than others, emerge from the mass. These beings with more developed senses serve as recipients for the message of the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS. They naturally become the tools of the Divine and manifest the plan in the physical dimension. Without looking for it, only by following their instinct or their intuition, they co-create the events or the conditions that correspond with the divine purpose. As long as they live and act in harmony with the necessity of the Divine Plan, the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS guides and orients them in the direction of God’s thought. When/if their personality loses them, circumstances will occur that will naturally change the direction of events. Other leaders, other groups, sensitive and receptive to the Divine Plan, will become the tools of the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS.


  • No one can decide to represent or to manifest a certain aspect of the DIVINE PLAN. One is, or is not, innately part of the team that executes the plan.
  • An individual can feel the DIVINE PLAN and decide to collaborate but, since the origin, each person has a pre-determined function and tasks that depend on one’s genetic map, and on one’s faculties and capacities to receive information.
  • The one who manifests part of the DIVINE PLAN has the required attributes, desire and ego for this particular part of the plan. For example, Hitler or Alexander the Great had the qualities and inner difficulties that were necessary for the role they played in history. The INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS does not function on the basis of human criteria and judgments, but on vital prerogatives.
  • When an individual or a group is no more in harmony with the purpose of the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, it becomes useless. Because it does not hear or cannot execute the DIVINE PLAN, it is simply replaced. This principle is very important to understanding the development of human history.
  • A man, a group, humankind, cannot oppose the DIVINE PLAN. They might have the illusion of resisting, but the DIVINE PLAN being a reflection of the whole, opposition is contained in the global unfolding of the Plan.
  • If there is a Royal Bloodline, it can only be a divine emanation that lives and imposes itself by its Quality/Essence and its Presence. No one can pretend to belong or to join through a belief, an initiation or a marriage. No one can fake or evade destiny because the power issued from the Origin is the absolute power.

“But where is Divine Love in all that?” good-thinking people will ask. It is beyond, in peace and serenity, in the strength that one can reach when completely, formally, sincerely at one with the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, with God. The pearl, when one finds it, the greatness, the immensity, the feeling of Divine Love, are difficult to explain. This treasure can sometimes be transmitted when one is unified into infinity. It makes one powerful and humble at the same time, in mute and respectful awe in front of the Divine Glory.

We will now attempt to find the signs left by the actors of the DIVINE PLAN as well as the path followed by the Royal Bloodline. Our approach will not be the one of historians; the author very happily leaves them with the challenging task of compiling an illusion created from scratch by all those whose egos strived to compete with the Divine Plan.

How do we find the actors involved in the Divine Plan in human history?

The Serpents, emanations of the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, incarnated on your planet each time that it was required. A small group of them undertook the responsibility of staying with the human race all throughout history in order to:

  • Take care of the Bloodline; keep its trajectory in order and protect it.
  • Educate the receptive souls so that they can participate.


The DNA of the Bloodline ambassadors has to be kept as pure as possible. We will discuss later the matter of purity in its occult significance.
Humanly speaking, marriages are organized in order to maintain the lineage. Although the physical nature of the Lineage cannot be denied, it mostly means those special souls’ contracts are stirred up, engendering situations on the physical dimension. These coincidental circumstances are pre-programmed in the extraordinary computer of the cosmos and in the earth’s magnetic field. Human beings unconsciously respond to this information. This is what is called destiny or the perfection of the universe.* Those who have a precise role to play in regard to the Bloodline will be completely directed by their soul. The children are born in the appropriate families in regard to the genetic material, the level of consciousness, the lifestyle, the education. If necessary, all the details are pre-programmed, up to the diet and the type of medical care available in order for the DNA to be protected. Of course, the families of the Bloodline will be attracted naturally to the areas on the earth where the vibrations of their celestial Parent, that is to say the Great Dragon, are strongly available and in the best possible way for their progeny!
· Note: This is the answer to all those who ask naively about their mission. Your only mission is to become your Essence. You must get rid of all miasmas, emotional and mental debris that have transformed you into a weak and fearful person.

The Dragons and their descendants, in the care/hands of the Lodges, of Light first and Dark later, have had a tendency to favor intermarriages in order to keep and amplify the genetic characteristics of their families. At the time when the Dragons were in power, the lineages could be taken care of by the families. But, along with the evolution of humankind, the control imposed on the Bloodline by the families and priests became a challenge. Also, because of the perversion of the group consciousness and of the opposition of adverse factions, the lineage often had to be hidden in order to escape jealousy and eventually murder.

The invisible spiritual Powers and Consciousness who are leading the planet have had to intervene in order to keep the Bloodline active. For those who do not live in resonance with the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS and of the DIVINE PLAN, such an assertion might seem arbitrary and scientifically unacceptable. Humans are just starting to accept openly the role of the intuition, and this because of our recently acquired miasmas of Cartesians. However, for the one whose awareness is in harmony with the Universal Intelligence, the infinite capacities of Life are obvious. For the one whose eyes are open, the proofs of an organized and perfect intelligence are many. For the actors of the DIVINE PLAN, and especially for the Bloodline, no detail is left to chance. The universe is the most potent computer ever imagined by the human mind. The only concept that miserably disintegrates is the one of freedom. In any case, the definitions of freedom and freewill have to be reframed and adjusted.

The principle of purity of the blood has led to unacceptable situations. In the satanic lodges this principle has become a pretext to oblige children to have sexual relationships with their siblings. This is an excerpt from the Merovingian Dynasty:

“The sacred marriage ritual required sexual union between male and female siblings; fraternal twins of a divine bloodline were the preferred stock. In esoteric astrology, the Gemini Twins represented ‘sacred marriage’ between fraternal twins. Sacred marriage in the original Tarot card deck refers to incest between siblings, especially twins, as typified by the astrological sign of Gemini.”

It has been understood that the Pharaohs married their sisters and half-sisters. This custom still shocks many people as evidenced by Joumana Medlej:

“But the Pharaohs married their sisters and daughters!” Another myth due to a very superficial reading of the culture. During the Ptolemaic period, when Greek pharaohs governed Egypt, marriage between siblings did occur because that was practiced in Greece. Egyptian Pharaohs sometimes married a half-sister, but when a marriage is mentioned with a sister or a daughter, these unions were of purely symbolic and ritual value, with no physical dimension. The 52 “sons” of Ramses II were in truth the children of people of the court: in order to have a wide selection to pick from when the time to choose an heir to the throne came, he ordered that a royal education should be given to them, and called them his sons (since effectively, they all stood an equal chance to be the next king, on an equal foot with Ramses’ own boys). Similarly, and there is the source of confusion, a woman calls her husband “my brother” and a man calls his wife “my sister”. This never referred to blood bonds, only a metaphorical expression of unbreakable bonds. www.cedarseed.com/air/realegypt.html

However, men have a tendency to identify themselves with their archetypes and Creators, and Isis and Osiris were brother and sister. Therefore, in reality:

In the royal family it had been almost mandatory since time immemorial for marriages to be solemnized between the closest kin, the national prototype evidently being the mythological sibling-spouses Osiris and Isis, who had come into this world to raise humans from savagery, teach them the elements of civilization and proclaim the wisdom and omnipotence of the gods. As the king saw himself as a god-incarnate, he hoped to pass on his exclusive divine status to his successor. Accordingly, he had no hesitation in taking as wife his sister or-step-sister (as did Seqenenre Tao II, Ahmose I, Amenophis I, Tuthmosis I, Tuthmosis IV, Ramesses II, Merenptah and Siptah), his daughter (Amenophis II, Akhenaten and Ramesses II, who went so far as to marry three of his daughters) or even his aunt (Sethos II). w.touregypt.net/historicalessays/lifeinEgypt8.htm

Whatever the origin of this practice, astrological, mythological or the result of men’s quest for power solely available to God, it is time for humankind, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, to overcome this stage of ignorance. The search for identification of Self or identification of the King with the gods has to evolve. The “Sacred Marriage” is not a contract or a sexual relationship between two individuals. The story of Isis and Osiris symbolizes the divine and spiritual laws. The Sacred Marriage is an initiation undertaken individually when a human being fuses within him/herself the two polarities, male and female.


As soon as the human race was ready, the Serpents of Wisdom opened the Mystery Schools. These schools focused on the transmission of knowledge, on the Tradition. The first Mystery Schools were organized during the reign of the women, that is to say, at the time of Lemuria, during which the human was semi-incarnated and kept an easy connection with the spiritual dimensions. The legends of Avalon and of the fairies originated at this period in history when daily life was still an interactive dance with earth and with the cosmos, whose cycles were honored. The souls were so closed within the Divinity that nothing was happening out of a spiritual context. Fortunately, more and more human beings, after having practiced for a time in different spiritual philosophies, have now understood that LIFE IS, has to be, the path, comprehended and interpreted as the tool for redemption and freedom.

The Mystery Schools have progressed according to mankind’s needs. They offered an educational system both practical and intellectual. The program was long and fastidious. The candidates participated in ceremonies that would use the channel of the subconscious mind in order to provide both initiations and knowledge. The instructions that the participants would receive allowed them to experience different states of consciousness and to reconnect with their souls. They were also submitted to challenging rites, during which the students had to confront their fears and limitations. This would then free the subconscious mind.

Mystery Schools taught the hierarchic universal laws of obedience and of discipline. This would prepare the disciples for:

  • The recognition of their inclusion in a loving Whole, however organized and then eventually, hierarchical.
  • Self-discipline and then the mastery of one’s personal dragon.
  • Preparation for the notions of service and humility, two qualities that have to be developed simultaneously with one’s awareness and spiritual power.

Only the ones who had endured years of preparation and service were admitted into the secrets of initiation. In our time, the minds have opened up and spiritual search is a part of the daily lives of many. An unprecedented mass of information is available, even offered by Hollywood. One could be led to believe that mysteries cannot be hidden anymore. Unfortunately, in addition to the abuse of power exerted by some individuals, this outpouring has mostly created confusion, and the partisans of new age spirituality are not necessarily ready for the discipline and rigor required by the Divine Plan.


How can we find the actors of the Divine Plan and consequently the path of the Royal Bloodline? By the understanding of the role and life of the Lineage.

The Teaching of the Ancient Tradition
The Great Tradition, as originally taught by the Serpents of Wisdom and by Hermes the Trismegistus, has not changed. The laws of the Cosmos are immutable, and so is the manner in which a human can use them to link with his soul and to improve his life. One only has to understand these laws and simply apply them to oneself. It is thus of little worth to invent endlessly new complicated techniques and gadgets for the building of the Body of Light. In regard to religious and secret organizations, the Sons of the Bloodline stayed truthful to the Tradition. The organizations, the schools, the individuals who work for the Divine Plan, have been teaching the same things since the beginning of human history. They were not debased by historical or modern interpretations and accommodations. Furthermore, if we place ourselves in the concept of no-time (= all is occurring simultaneously in different space-times, which perception only depends on the observer), the teachers of antiquity are the same as the ones of the twenty-first century.

2. The Children of the Dragon
As the Creators manifested themselves through the Dragons, the main actors of the DIVINE PLAN have to belong to this bloodline. They have not joined the Dragons and the Reptilians out of sympathy or desire. They were born among the descendants of the Dragons of Wisdom. Therefore, if a group, a church, or a guru claim to have a role in/with the Celestial Hierarchy, in order to be credible, they not only have to recognize the existence of the Dragon and of the Dragons of Wisdom, but they also must belong to a Reptilian family and have been initiated in the Dragon’s rites.

3. The Dragon’s Veins
The Dragon’s energy flows through the terrestrial meridians and through the fault lines. The Dragon gives life to the ley lines and to the volcanoes. The ambassadors of the Lineage, in an innate resonance with the Dragon, utilize consciously their energy (energetic) structure to communicate inter-dimensionally with the Spiritual Consciousnesses, with the Earth, and with the Dragon. They do not need any expensive and secret technology to master the planetary movements. Also, they do not seek, as some human or extra-terrestrial governments, to trigger earthquakes for their own benefits. They respect the Dragon whose blood and DNA they share, and their technology is solely spiritual (= that use the “spirit” material).

The ‘master-points’ of the meridian chart are the sites that were marked by the Elders. On those points are built the most important temples, churches and pyramids. The Royal Bloodline and its affiliates are the builders and the guardians of the earth energy grid, of its energy centers or vortices. Naturally, the ley lines and the vortices or multi-dimensional doorways attract the Children of the Dragon. In the mystery of communion with the Divinity, they hear the divine messages. According to the divine calendar, to the planetary configuration and to their personal codes (or inner destiny map), they rejoin the Consciousness at the appropriate sites in order to play their roles, and thus become the instruments of the divine thought.

4. The Goddess, the Mother
In the interactive game of creation, Spirit represents the male pole or Yang. Matter holds the female polarity, Yin. When the Dragon is precipitated in density, in Matter, it changes polarity. He transmits the Vital Fire to the Great Mother who receives its seeds and becomes fecund. The Dragon and the Mother are thus inseparable; they are the eternal lovers who only exist for each other. The Dragon is the male pole of the Mother. As a consequence, the cult of the Mother was inaugurated and celebrated by the Serpents of Wisdom, by the Dragon’s Children. Naturally, the Bloodline honors the one who bears/holds them in her womb. It adores the Mother under her many aspects. The Mother is celebrated on the flanks of the Dragon, on the sites where his energy flares up, on the meridians. The most important sites dedicated to the Goddess are also the multi- dimensional doorways.

5. Dragon and Lodges
The Serpents of Wisdom originated the Mystery Schools. Undoubtedly, the members of the Royal Bloodline are then instructed and initiated in the Mystery Schools or what is left of them. At least, they are connected with the lodges, White or Black, as there is no real difference. Originally, the Mystery Schools functioned under the authority of the Enlightened Ones or Illuminati. The Illuminati, Masters of Wisdom who appeared at the dawn of the Earth, also got lost in the meanders of matter. They became the Black Masters and led the international organizations of the Shadow as well as the degenerated Lodges. At the end of the present cycle, the members or the true Lineage are invited to examine their personal and spiritual situation in order to:

  • Determine if they are intimately connected with the Earth and with the Dragon, if their lifestyles and their expressions of spirituality are still in harmony with the Earth-Consciousness, as it is now.
  • Make the required adjustments in their minds, hearts and souls in order to accompany the Dragon instead of fighting it.

6. The Bloodline Evolves
The Lineage represents the Divine Plan and was instituted to lead the planet in agreement with this Plan. The Divine Plan is perfect, but its manifestation evolves according to the dimension that it crosses. On the physical plane, due to the existence of time, the group consciousness slowly transforms itself and the Plan comes closer to perfection. Therefore, the beings that incarnate and anchor the Bloodline follow the combined ascending movement of the planetary and race’s frequency. The Kings and Avatars who represent the Divine Plan are simultaneously the reflection of the Consciousness who overshadows them, their Creator, and of the space-time in which they appear.

This means that the Kings, and to some extent the Avatars, who have served the Earth, although wiser and more refined than the average population, were not perfect and also evolved with the general frequency of mankind and of the earth. Their history was embellished in order to fit with the expectations of human beings and with the needs of the authorities. It is enough to examine the life of the saints, as recorded by the famous Légende Dorée from Jacques Voragine. Below is an example:

Saint Alexis: “The child received the most liberal instruction; and later on, when he reached puberty, a beautiful young woman was chosen in the Emperor’s house and brought to him as a wife. But, during the wedding night, as soon as he was alone with the young woman in the bedroom, he started to teach her in the fear of God and to inspire her to keep her virginity.”

After Alexis had served God for seventeen years under the porch of the church, the miraculous picture of the Virgin, which was in the church, said to the guardian: “Let the man of God in, because he deserves the Kingdom of God.” The guardian did not know who the Virgin was talking about….On the next Sunday, after mass, a voice was heard, in the temple: “Come to me, you who suffer, and I will console you! Look for the man of God so he can pray for Rome.” Hearing that, the frightened crowd, sank to the floor, face to the ground. The servant in charge of Alexis went to find his father and said: “Lord, is the man that we are looking for the one that we call the foreigner, as no one equals him in patience and saintly hood!” Euphemien ran to the foreigner’s room. They found him, already dead, but with the enlightened face of an angel. And Euphemien tried to grasp the paper that the man held in his hand, but the deceased refused to let go. pp. 331-2.

Saint Bernard: “One day, Bernard, sick and almost out of strength, was carried in spirit before God’s tribunal. Then Satan arrived, the mouth filled with unjust accusations against him. And when the adversary was finished talking, Bernard, confused and troubled, only answered: “I am not worthy to gain heaven out of my own merits.” p. 446.

As for Saint Benoit, with whom the author has a soul connection, he was supposed to remove the prisoner’s ties from a distance; he heals miraculously, he lifts stones with a sign of the cross, and he resurrects the dead.

The Lodges must follow the evolution of the Divine Plan. At the end of this cycle, the whole planet must transmute its shadow in order to return to the Light. Thus the Lodges also have to shift, clear themselves and get rid of the fruits of the Darkness.

A LINEAGE OF INITIATES (excerpt from Kiss)

“I am writing this paragraph from precise personal remem­brance. In my physical existence, I have only had one goal: to remember and to grow. Because of my capacity to travel inter-dimensionally and then to know my past/ parallel existences, I reconstituted my journey since the birth out of the Divine womb. Throughout my incarnations, I met many times a group of souls, always the same. All are very old souls, some are Initiates. Together, we have played out a story that covers all the meanders of the human race’s journey.

We are/were present on Orion, on Sirius, on Alcyone, in Lemuria, in Atlantis, in Egypt, in India, China, Chaldea, Babylon, of course in Europe, to cite the most important space-times. We have been priests, Sages, Magicians, As­trologers, Alchemists, Doctors, Writers and Artists, Kings, Inventors and we have had less prestigious incarnations (to learn humility!). We appeared many times in the story of the western royalties.
The more I anchor Myself in my physical body, the more I read and observe with ease the plan of the Infinite Consciousness, the more I realize that, sometimes in the open, generally in silence, this group of souls made the commitment and took the responsibility to guide the race since its embarkation until now. Our lives are deeply intri­cate one with the other. We have traversed through many occult groups and left landmarks in many countries. We have been working on the evolution of human faculties and on the DNA. The karma that we have created, to use inaccurate human wording, we also have had to clear, for ourselves and for the race.

For those of us who are the Creators of this system, we have accepted to perform the GREAT SACRIFICE. In other words, we willingly left our spiritual clothing and endorsed a physical body in this system, coupled with the limitations and sufferings inherent to forgetting.
In order to guide the race, we have utilized many cos­tumes. Some of our disguises are judged by those, younger, who during the 21st century are somewhat discovering the wheels of this world and are trying to free themselves from what they perceive as MANIPULATION.
There is no manipulation, no conspiracy, but ONLY LAWS AND COSMIC REQUIREMENTS. Any parent knows that teenagers need, in order to become adults, to find reasons to free themselves from the influence and the presence of their parents. This process is a natural step in their life. It is with great joy that we want to pass the torch to those who have grown enough to endorse the re­sponsibility of the next cycle. The candidates have only to become Creators. And to be a Creator, one has to de­velop Consciousness, not the head-in-the-sand policy of the ostrich. “


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