June 2016, the Finger of God…

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(photos: NASA)

Around the Summer Solstice…

Weird or God’s Mind working through human personalities… or, how the non-local consciousness impacts human’s brain and mass consciousness….

In the June astrological charts, the earth is under scrutiny. Fingers of God pointed in Heaven… a Finger of God resembles the Hebrew letter Yod [the green V made by Mars/Sun-Venus and Uranus. Two angles of 150 degrees and one sextile/60 degrees.

Beware of your surroundings!

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“Because Mars RX is the nozzle for the Yod, clearly this is showing us we’ve all had to make serious adjustments in the past few days. For many, long standing health issues have been a focus. The symbols for Mars have involved efficiency and adaptation, as well as an ability to see the structure of what is and evaluate what is strong and what is weak, what is solid and what is flawed.” Aquarius papers



Time to adjust, to make decisions, to change our path, in order to be in harmony with ourselves.

“So take a new look at wherever you have late Scorpio in your chart, and see if something has been shown to you in that sector that would involve sacrifices, or reconsideration of old assumptions and/or ways of doing things. We can expect the next few weeks to bring more adjustments, sacrifices, and productive expansions.”



Even NASA is giving you some clues. Just read the news:

Despite Nasa’s disclaimer, Paul Cox astronomer announces that there a second Sun in our system. Planet X?  this reminded me of a cosmic joke that I watched 26 years ago. I was walking and praying on the board walk in Manhattan Beach, AFTER SUN SET. It was already dark and I was admiring a magnificent red sun, on the horizon, above the water, in front of me…. Until I realized that it was impossible as it was already night!!



Now, NASA, as we have already been told, is not so innocent. As a matter of fact, very interested, at this point, by Jupiter…. Jupiter? Spacecraft scheduled to arrive on Jupiter on Independence day, July 4th! Is NASA trying to replace or to meet the gods?


While pointing the finger at Pluto, the powerful god of transformation http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/wonder/nasa-released-the-sharpest-photos-of-pluto-in-history-%e2%80%94-and-theyre-epically-spectacular/vi-AAgZ5Za?ocid=spartandhp


Meanwhile ISIS, blowing up a 2500 years old temple in Iraq, threatens to destroy the Egyptian pyramids… mmm, how many kamikazes necessary?



NOT JUST IN THE US… Amazing disparity in salaries in Iran!



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