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Venus and the Sun, follow the trail….
A very good technical article describing the many aspects of the Venus, the Goddess, working as a path to the light, through Lucifer, visiting the underworld or standing next to the Sun.

The Venus Cycle, Morning Star – August 2015 – June 2016

and then, we are wondering about a second Sun..


While NASA is showing the way: time to perform the divine alchemy: bring the Sun/your monad; follow the music of the gods. Achieve the inner alchemy, merge kundalini and Higher Self/swan in order to become the Phoenix.

july 16th: Dragon launched into space: SpaceX is targeting the launch of its Dragon spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in the early morning hours of July 16, marking the company’s ninth Commercial Resupply Services (CRS-9) flight for NASA. Dragon will deliver nearly 4,900 pounds of cargo…

Symbolic alchemy: in April, Dragon to meet Cygnus for the first time in space: symbolic alchemy
the lore says that Zeus/Jupiter disguised as a swan to seduce Leda, wife of the Spartan King. Leda gave birth to the Gemini, Castor and Pollux. Questions of paternity arise. Pollux is supposed to be Zeus’ divine son.
The swan is also said to be the body/home of Orpheus, Apollo’s son (or the son of a king). Hermes invented the Lyra, Orpheus perfected it; but his music could not be heard by the mortals’ ears. After his death or suicide, his limbs were eventually scattered around the Lyra. The Swan/Orpheus would be resting next to his Lyra.
in order to perform inner alchemy, humankind needed a little help from Pluto, the agent of transmutation: “New Horizons’ Pluto Flyby” organized with a thrilling moment in July 2015.

For the grand finale: Juno’s arrival on Jupiter (Divine Ruler) scheduled for July 4th – launched on Aug. 5th 2011; Understand origin and evolution of Jupiter, look for solid planetary core, map magnetic field, measure water and ammonia in deep atmosphere, observe auroras, etc – video:

And let’s not forget all investigations made with the Orion spacecraft…

Not so romantic, but worth a few minutes:
According to the ones still following (how?) the journey and tricks of Illuminati on Earth, on the 6th of June, 6/6/16 the antichrist will reveal itself or the Illuminati. Was it the Swiss and Cern exhibition in the Tunnel du Gotthard? My understanding is that the last wannabe or unconscious servants of the Illuminati endorsed for a last attempt the costume and egregore of the Anti-Christ, in order to stop the implementation of the New Kingdom of Light and Love. (Sun conjunct Venus).
what exactly were the organizers trying to achieve? Where is the esthetic in all that? pretty ugly and low frequencies!
Uncut Occult ceremony at the Opening of World’s longest tunnel near CERN in Gotthard massif.



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