July, Independence, fear or love?

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astro_july 4th 2016 balance

Just looking at the July 4th chart, I felt happy and said: blessings to come, through a new balance. Yet, looking at other’s writings and insights, we do not seem to agree.

Well, Sun and Moon surrounded by the two frequencies that we have to merge in order to reach what some call emotional intelligence. A good start prior to reach Divine Love…

Jupiter is still the master of the chess board, still conjunct, in agreement with the Dragon Head, the thinking part of your ancient chaotic Father and live-giver.

What is the sun, this gigantic mass of fire and constant emitter of light the symbol of? At the core of our system, …. Light and fire. “The sun is a big ball of hot gases. The gases are converted into energy in the sun’s core. The energy moves outward through the interior layers, into the sun’s atmosphere, and is released into the solar system as heat and light.” http://www.space.com/17170-what-is-the-sun-made-of.html

Astrologers interpret the presence of the Sun in the zodiac as the self, the will to live; but what part of the Self are we speaking about? A question that we could debate: What Ray would the Sun related to? (Theory of the Seven Rays). Comments, ideas, welcome!

The goal of Spiritual work is to free the self from all illusions, from the ego, the personality and the needs of the lower self.  “Beyond the fall lays the revelation of Spirit to him/Itself, revelation by which man reenters paradise, becoming again the man from before the Fall, through self-identification of one’s will to cosmic will, that we call ‘God’. How could we better symbolize this exit out of ourselves than the walk towards the Sun, towards the Light?”

(“Au dela de la chute est ‘la revelation de l’esprit a lui-meme, revelation par laquelle l’homme reintegre le paradis en redevenat l’homme d’avant la chute par l’identification de sa propre volonte a la volonte cosmique que nous apppellons Dieu. Et comment mieux symboliser cette sortie de soi que par une marche vers le Soleil, vers la lumiere? »  Hades, Soleil et Lune Noire, p

The landscape on the 4th:  new moon in Cancer, with a cluster of 4 planets, moon conjunct Sun, surrounded by Venus and Mercury. Sun (see below) and Moon, the two luminaries, one for the day, the other for the night,

Moon conjunct Sirius (14 degrees). Then, in front of the four planets in Cancer: Pluto, end, change, transformation.

The sign of Cancer is  ruled by the moon (exoteric ruler) and by Neptune (esoterical ruler). What does the Cancer/Crab represent?

While many other images of the famous Crab Nebula nebula have focused on the filaments in the outer part of the nebula, this image shows the very heart of the Crab Nebula including the central neutron star — it is the rightmost of the two bright stars near the centre of this image. The rapid motion of the material nearest to the central star is revealed by the subtle rainbow of colours in this time-lapse image, the rainbow effect being due to the movement of material over the time between one image and another.

While many other images of the famous Crab nebula  have focused on the filaments in the outer part of the nebula, this image shows the very heart of the Crab Nebula including the central neutron star — it is the rightmost of the two bright stars near the centre of this image. The rapid motion of the material nearest to the central star is revealed by the subtle rainbow of colours in this time-lapse image, the rainbow effect being due to the movement of material over the time between one image and another.

Tropic of Cancer: “The imaginary line is called the Tropic of Cancer because when the Sun reaches the zenith at this latitude (at the June solstice), it is entering the astrological sign of Cancer. When it was named, the Sun was also in the direction of the constellation Cancer(Latin for crab). However, this is no longer true due to the precession of the equinoxes.” Wiki

The energies connected to the sign of Cancer:

–        Level one : me, me, what is good for me ? feeling good and nurturing myself. Personality level (using the Moon, exoteric ruler). We could be inclined to practicing good, social interactions (Venus); practice emotional intelligence (Venus-Mercury)….

–        Level two: nurturing, mother energy, work with inner feelings of the soul (still using the Moon). Be our own mother;

–        Level three: Global or planetary level: roots, history, bloodlines. Work with the esoteric Ruler: Neptune. When the delusions and illusions of the first level of Neptune have faded away, one can finally embrace a higher spiritual level as well as universal love. Neptune “brings in the illumination of the indwelling Love Presence and serves as a vehicle of sacrifice so that impurities (desire-ridden personality expressions) are reborn into more wholesome expressions of the Love that is the Light.”


 What are the tools, the mental and life attitudes that we need in order to find the best path, to take advantage of the energies offered by the new moon and that will impact us for a few weeks? Or what is out way out of the energies, the situations or patterns, or imaginary dimension that we have created or lived in (the home that we know)?

Mars, Neptune and Venus: Alignment, rectitude and love: if we balance rectitude (Mars) with love (Neptune, past the illusions), Mars and Venus

Understanding and acceptation of the rules, of our karmas, of the laws of incarnation; Jupiter and Saturn are still square. In terms of energy, they complement each other. Only when one accepts fully the laws, energies and consequences of living in the realm of Saturn (density, organization of matter, etc) can the incarnated soul reach and benefit the blessings of Jupiter. The laws of life in the body cannot be circumvented.

The sun, at the center of the cluster is square to Uranus.

We have to tap into intuition (Uranus), not just in the mental (Mercury) in order to access the information rightfully and brake the patterns, the unfertile partnerships, or just negative, subconscious (moon) habits coming from fear of the unknown (the level one of Cancer: I stay at home because this is what I know best and it is safe).

Are we allowed to be weak, overwhelmed by our fears or feelings? No. Saturn is at the corner, asking us to use wisdom and turn our heads in the direction pointed at by the Sagittarius: the Galaxy.

Now, what do we do with Pluto, that most astrologer see as the dark side of this planetary configuration?

“This stellium of planets make us want to hold those we love a little closer and snuggle in for heartfelt conversations. The Moon’s trine to Neptune adds compassion and unconditional love into the mix. Memories of times past could be the topic of conversation as Cancer rules our history, ancestors, roots and homeland. Behind closed doors, we feel safe enough to express ourselves naturally without the guard normally worn in the outer world.

The challenge is that Pluto opposes these soft and tender Cancerian planets. Pluto is like the wolf knocking at the door – ‘let me in, little pig’. Our Cancer quartet would like to pretend they can’t hear it but there’s no ignoring Pluto. The world ‘out there’ is demanding attention too. None of us can close our eyes and wish it away, no matter that the trine to Neptune is the closest aspect in this chart.

With Pluto opposing the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, we may be confronted by truths that we would rather not hear. What we hold dear may feel threatened (Venus opposite Pluto). Mercury opposing Plhttp://www.leahwhitehorse.com/2016/07/02/new-moon-in-cancer-july-2016-wolf-at-the-door/uto may not know who or what to trust. There are secrets being revealed and it’s not pretty.”

Pluto is opposing the group Sun/Moon/etc. energies at 180 degrees angle have to be either balanced or set apart. If balance between the past conditions cannot be found, then we cannot look back. We have to acknowledge the loss, grieve, use faith and put our heart into present and future. All is set, let us welcome the future as imagined by the Divine Will.

So, why not using the intuition and say something that I have not seen anywhere yet on the internet, just for fun: is Cancer, home, mother, moon, with Sirius in the center, an image for the safety net that was created by the Sirians so that humankind could grow through a specific type of experiences?

Healing the scars and patterns of duality: look at the equilateral triangle between Venus, Mars and Khiron. (120 degrees on each side). And eventually let go of the safety net, …. The matrix….

Are we looking at a new push, into the doorway, the ascension portal; with an interesting twist: Pluto in Capricorn (Ruled by Saturn) across from the cluster, giving us a clue: change, move, do not look at the past.

Another fun coincidence: moon conjunct with Eurydice, Orpheus’ wife. Another clue: do not look back. The past is the past. Follow the arrow, towards Heaven.


Bailey’s Esoterical Astrology, ideas about the Sun:

“le soleil voile certaines planets caches, et, dans le cas du Lion, les 2 planetes au travers duquel le soleil centralize ses energies ou influences, sont Neptune et Uranus Astro esoterique, 266

Three levels for the Sun:

“Physical sun, animal soul, multiplicity.

Heart of the Sun: human soul and the divine ego. Duality (note of the author: if we are speaking of duality, then, we cannot speak about ‘divine ego’)

Central spiritual Sun: divine consciousness. The will of the whole… Unite (Author: this is where I would put the Monad).

The Sun veils hidden planets; in the case of the Leo, the two planets rhough which the sun centralized its energies or influences are Neptune and Uranus. The heart of the Sun uses Neptune as its agent, while the central spiritual sun brings its influence through Uranus. Yet, Uranus activity is only registered at a high level of development, etc”


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