Saturn, Maleficent or the Blessing’s Bringer

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Saturn, the maleficent or the blessing’s bringer

Do you remember how to rewrite your life and stories? One of the main principle is: in each challenge there is a blessing. Look at your life, your challenges. Change the perspective, find out what the blessing is, the challenge dissipates. Easy example: the death of a parent can be very liberating. Karma clearing, renewed power, emotional strength, eventually financial gifts, etc.

a few years ago, I have started to remove Myself temporarily and sometimes fully from the presence of certain individuals. The idea was to avoid interferences between each other. Although sometimes felt like a punishment, such situations are exquisitely liberating for both parties.

How do we want to feel and see energies exchanges if we are constantly with a person or a group? How can we be clear enough, free enough, in the integrity of our own vibration to realize under what spell/s we have put ourselves?

The western world is experiencing a trend of single households. (1)  In the past two years, people, especially those in search for answers and for the inner self have slowly migrated into a more confined life, enjoying free time on their own, working, relaxing or meditating in silence. Others have felt the need to remove themselves from the framework imposed by the system or from human desires and pleasures. Saturn, master of time, memory and karma has been lurking in our lives, imposing its own law of austerity and search of wisdom. Let’s explore.



In classical, mundane astrology, two planets were considered maleficent: Saturn and Mars. Saturn devoured her own children; She is surrounded by the scent of death, karma and solitude.  As for Mars, besides a lot of energy and sex drive, he is supposed to bring violence, accidents, mis-apps, etc

“Mars and Saturn are both ‘at home’ in the Capricorn (Saturn rules the Capricorn and Mars is exalted in it): the Capricorn is the sign of the individual who stays at the top after reaching it through sheer hard work, someone who succeeds by will, determination, perseverance, strength, courage and physical resistance (Mars)” Duchatelle, Transmutation des Influences Planetaires, p. 87)

Therefore, Saturn can bring you to the top. Although not in domicile, Saturn has been in the Sagittarius since September 2015. Interestingly Sagittarius is the home of Jupiter, the planet that we mostly associate with ‘the top’. Saturn and Jupiter are two giants that seem fully opposite in nature; yet, correctly understood and balanced, they bring the blessings available to the true seeker.

One must completely accept Saturn in order to be able to enjoy Jupiter. Saturn, the Lord of Time and Karma, brings the constraints that will unable, or force us to shift our lives.

As The Sun is the center of our system, the present goal is to reach the Solar Self, the self in full oneness with the Sun. the Alchemists who worked in their laboratories were attempting to transform Lead (Saturn) into Gold (the Sun). In the quest for self-awareness and evolution, the soul, in a movement of freedom from the Whole and exteriorization uses Saturn to descend into matter; then, it needs to come back to its center-inner-self (Saturn’s energy) to be able to climb back the ladder leading to the Sun and the solar-self.

This is what many people are now doing: removing themselves temporarily from the turmoil of the world. They know that it is their last chance to focus inside in order to manifest themselves as whole and exhilarating brilliance.


What we could have felt as a difficult need to separate ourselves from our countries, families, groups, is in fact the right set-up, the necessary bridge to a new world.

As mentioned earlier to a few members of our spiritual family, the individuals who have played a leading role in the anchoring of specific trends in the last cycle, specifically through occult fraternities, hold in their memories/bones/brain and DNA the codes of the old matrix. During one cycle they have inter-acted and entangled  themselves playing out many stories. Most of all, they have been the spine in a lot of occult organizations, practicing together high magic and bringing down heavy entities, still lingering in the Earth’s energy field. They became almost unable to come together without replaying/re-anchoring the past. Separation is then necessary to break the matrix down. Will it be temporary or final? God only has the answer.


An interesting twist: Saturn arrives at 10º Sagittarius on December 22nd 2015 and will still have the fire of [the star] Antares breathing down its neck. Antares is one of the Four Royal Stars and sometimes connected to Archangel Uriel (?-2).

“Ptolemy linked Antares with Mars and Jupiter, Vivian Robson portrayed Antares as destructive and obstinate, and while Reinhold Ebertin deduced Antares can give mental sharpness and courage, if combined with Mars Ebertin believed the bravery of Antares would become reckless and dangerous.  There is a long tradition of warning about the dangers of hubris combined with headstrong martial force in connection to Antares, yet the clearly forceful and determined correspondences of Antares could also be put to thoughtful use.” Gray Crawford Astrology


Antares is located at the heart of the Scorpio Constellation. Its name, “Rival of Ares” or “rival of Mars” suggests the red color and instincts of the star. In the legends, Gaia used the Scorpio to kill Orion, the hunter, because of his ego and will to kill all the animals of the Earth. Fun enough, in the Zodiac, Mars rules the Scorpio. What a great meeting, Antares, heart of the Scorpio, with Mars, specifically with a conjunction Mars/Saturn on August 24th. We have a very fiery energy pushing around the structures of our system and of our consciousness. The facts seem to confirm that Mars and Antares are, at first sight, inducing violence, corruption and more challenges for the Earth.

Yet, instead of being destructive – as many groups and people chose to— humankind, as a whole can utilize the strength and obstipation of the two red stars to work hard. Mars and Saturn are then acting as the agents of strong commitment to align selves with a different frequency, a wiser self. Finally, Mars being the Sword and the Axis of the Earth, these energies activate the alignement of the humankind and the planet to the new world.

Now, some authors believe that Antares, being self-serving,







Best articles about Antares:




  1. “Using data from the 2012 Current Population Survey and the 2011 American Community Survey, the Census Bureau estimated that 32 million Americans live by themselves. More than half of them are women, but men have been closing the gap.

And America is not alone. According to the business research firm Euromonitor International, the findings mirror a global trend. In Sweden, 47 percent of households are inhabited by one person. The share is around 32 percent in Japan. In Canada, it’s around 28 percent.”

The proportion of Americans who live alone has grown steadily since the 1920s, increasing from roughly 5 percent then to 27 percent in 2013, according to the latest Current Population Survey from the Census Bureau.” Washington post

  1. URIEL: (“Fire of God”): appears mainly in the apocryphal texts of Esdras, 3 times as ‘angel’, once as Archangel. Sometimes said to have been added to the three main characters, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael as the archangel of the fourth cardinal point. The association with Antares is not easy to understand if we compare Uriel’s supposed traits of character with those attributed to the star.



Exalted: term in astrology showing


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