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POWER, feminine versus masculine or?

Summer is gone; in the Desert, the Sun-god is finally giving us some relief. The fault line responded well to loving care, activation and frequencies. The Great Dragon was pretty quiet around the eclipses, yet showing his back around the Equinox. The Martian and Uranian energies were canalized in the most productive directions while monitoring our darker miasma, so as to avoid any inopportune movement of the Dragon’s Tail. Followed a swarm of little hiccoughs, or sighs (soupirs) around the Salton Sea, next to Painted Canyon. We still have the hurricanes; not surprising after the last eclipse, in the Pisces, conjunct Neptune + Khiron + the Dragon Tail; we are doing pretty good actually!


All throughout the Summer, I have been pondering about feminine power, watching women around Me and wandering why many countries are so late in this regard, still not treating women as equal to men. And of course, there is Hillary, confronting the trophy-wife collector, Mr. Trump!

Well, in the case of a brutal confrontation, women are naturally disadvantaged, unless they have achieved a martial art training. And even, their sizes might betray them. But, in daily life, what is the problem? Everyone, men and women alike is motivated by love, the desire to give and attract love —in its various expressions— or possessions (out of necessity or for pleasure). “I want to be seen, I want to be loved, I want to have someone to play-love with. And if I do not have love, then I can have things.’

Many women still subconsciously believe and act through seduction; for centuries, it has been the only available tool or weapon available to them. The situation is still going on in numerous regions of the Earth. By the way, how many women have high responsibilities in the Vatican? Mmmm, well, it is the Bible’s fault; God only had a son, a bearded male progeny; so the Divine had/has to be represented by a man in Rome and elsewhere.

Until recently in the modern world, women were not supposed and therefore able to make a leaving. If not born into a wealthy family, their only outcome was marriage and breeding – under the spell of wanted or unwanted fertility, approved by the Churches and the strength of men. Well, in Christian countries, they could choose to become nuns….

So, if you are a woman, the first question to ask yourself is: are you still using your body and your hormones as a weapon for power? Are you still believing that you absolutely need to attract someone — man or woman— in order to be in your power? Do you use seduction in any form to get what you want? Is the power relationship between men and women only a question of hormones distribution and the working of the second chakra?

As for man, one of the major issues about power is the confusion between personal achievement and competition. There is a tendency to believe that power means power over others, over assets; where, in fact, true power is only self-awareness and mastery, self-mastery: ‘do I know who I am, here and multi-dimensionally? Have I achieved mastery over my mind and body? Can I joyfully look at myself in the mirror? Do I walk the path I want to walk, without mask, simply and in peace? In full congruence with my true self?

Women and men have to find their power independently from each other, not as parts of a two-headed units. Love will be available at a higher level when it is transferred from the Moon/Lilith energy to Venus to Neptune.

“Venus is Neptune’s lower vibrational octave and resonance because it is exalted in Pisces – the sign of Neptune’s natural rulership. It is also Neptune’s lower vibration due to the fact that Neptune governs the most elevated form of spiritual and universal love – where Venus governs love that is more personal and subjective in nature. Moreover, Neptune also governs values that are spiritual, mystical and universal in nature – where its lower vibrations’ values are more personal, subjective and sensual in character” astrologyclub.org

Finally, personal power allows one to continue believing in Higher Powers and in What we commonly call God. No need to become an atheist (‘I am not a dumb kid anymore, I have a brain, etc’) and refuse the existence of Powers or Hierarchies that might have a form of inherent impact on our personal lives. When each piece of the Whole finds its own specific part in the Big Picture, no more competition, no more resentment, no doubt. Life becomes simple and everyone is blessed in the immense flow of God’s love.

We cannot imagine God wondering about His/Her power, can we? This is the reason why His/Her love is available to all.

  • Power in politics : Thierry Meyssan’ article ‘Confirmations’ : “The publication of the text of the Russo-US agreement reveals the hidden intentions of the two great powers”.  http://www.voltairenet.org/article193535.html
  • Recommended: the movie Parched, about the condition of women in India and their efforts to find independence and personal power, in the context of a retrograde and often dumb patriarchal society.


  • AND FOR FUN…. As everyone prefers to be entertained anyway!

In the list of the US best restaurant, this morning: Club 33: Anaheim, Ca: We don’t usually think of Disneyland as the paragon of fine dining. But a private dining club in the park’s New Orleans section has proved us wrong. There are plenty of upscale options like king crab-stuffed lobster tail and Colorado lamb chops with thyme-infused stock. But being a VIP at the happiest place on earth comes with a few hurdles: a 14-year waiting list, a $25,000 initiation fee, a $10,000 annual fee and a rigorous background check, to name just a few.”

Note: the past time I visited Disneyland, I suddenly almost fainted, after a blow in My energy field. I turned around to locate the problem, and…. Was standing in front of Club 33…. Oooops! Dear Mr. Disney!



As from Miss Kardashian, she was not informed of the Frenchies* have a tendency to visit luxurious hotels — eventually in Cannes— and borrow jewelry. What a shame! The poor girl was only travelling in Paris with 10 million dollars worth of rocks and metals.

*We still do not know if the robbers were French citizens, as everyone was ready for Halloween.


And the Pentagon using fake ‘Al Qaeda’ videos to find the bad guys during the war in Iraq:



Une vache n’y retrouverait pas son veau!




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