For Halloween, choose the Light

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A few days ago, in search for some activity, I walked through a Halloween maze in down-town …, …well, no, I will not advertise for it!  Ranked one of the top of its kind in the US.

We all know, at this point, that Halloween is not an innocent game of candy collection and batman costume display. Halloween is the celebration of the plunge into the dark side. The more the merrier (plus on est de fous, plus on rit). It is the subversive, commercial version of the most important Dark Mass in the year. This is the time when the dark and satanic initiations are performed, using abuse, mind control, torture, drugs and human sacrifices. Well, that was perfectly enacted, for the excitement of the tourists, in this maze. All basic examples of human madness and perversity, minus the lodges and occult background (are the organizers uninformed or playing dumb?).

It was interesting to watch the rubberneckers (Badauds) and exhibitionists of all kinds slowly engulfing the sidewalks, before turning into a wave of drunkards, … but this usually happens later in night, while I am dreaming about angels. At first, the scene appears like the celebration of freedom, creativity, assertiveness and self-confidence. Everything is permitted, no judgement; the positive sides of California. Freedom and fun, costumes, humor; yet one might wonder about the necessity of exhibiting so much flesh, alcohol and wannabe decadence-style; it looks to me like a desperate, attention looking meat market, where the subtleties of the old-fashioned sensuous vibes, spiced with a zest or romanticism, have given way to a wild and raw narcissist display of the low consciousness of mankind. The astral world has merged with the physical realm and taken over the minds and hearts.

That is exactly what was only supposed to happen at the time of the Halloween full moon, a door between the astral and physical dimensions, with an invasion of the earth of low demons, larvae, etc. So, how can use this situation in the best way? Turn around the intent.

The October full moon, on the 16th, is heated up by the presence of Eris, a good friend of our dear free spirited rebel and sex addict, Lilith…. (almost quiet, at 16 degrees Scorpio) Supermoon and super-Halloween. For more information about Lilith and feminine figures, read A Kiss for Lucifer, page 158, English edition. Chapter 5, Sacred Sexuality.

So, what are YOU going to do and to celebrate? Are you done with Lilith, or do you still feel her tickling your feet at night? Do you still need to explore more aspects of your vibrant plunge into the world of Lucifer and his hordes of demons?

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