At-One with Cosmos, Super-Moon

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BE at-One with the Cosmos


November 14, super-moon, do not miss the view! Celebrate the beauty of the creation!

The moon will be closest to the earth since 1948

“October 16, November 14 and December 14 are the dates to see the moon at perigee, its closest point to Earth.  The ‘supermoon’ can be up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than an apogee moon, when it’s the furthest from Earth.” “The full moon of November 14, 2016 is not only the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of the year. It’s the closest supermoon since January 26, 1948. The moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. Should you watch for this full moon on the night of November 14? Sure, and, if you do, it’ll be beautiful. But, for us in the Americas, the moon is closer to full on the night of November 13.

The moon turns precisely full on November 14, 2016 at 1352 UTC. This full moon instant will happen in the morning hours before sunrise in western North America and the Pacific islands (to the east of the International Date Line). See the chart below.

But no matter. The moon will look plenty full and bright all night long on both nights – November 13 and 14 – as it rises in the east around sunset, climbs highest up around midnight, and then sets in the west at or near sunset.”


The energies are a little quieter, now that we have survived the hype of Halloween.


You might want to put your attention again on the Cosmos, as the Creator’s Breath and Heart are impacting prompting changes in the life of Planet Earth.


as you know, learning about Physics is a —useful— hobby for Me. The idea is not to become Einstein but to turn our attention towards the Cosmos and therefore the Cosmic Consciousness. Instead of spending time, and thus energy, with the characters of a TV series or in a bar, you spend a few minutes connecting with the consciousness and data of the universe and evolve with It.


Last week, I had an interesting exchange with LC. We mentioned the movie Dr. Strange; it is a good introduction to spirituality, energies and the concept of multi-dimensions. The question was: can we believe in multi-universes, in the multiverse?


In brief, we (individually and as a group?) would create an infinite number of selves and universes, infinite versions of ourselves, according to our dreams, potentials, etc


Multiverse Definition

“The multiverse is a theoretical framework in modern cosmology (and high energy physics) which presents the idea that there exist a vast array of potential universes which are actually manifest in some way. There are a number of different types of potential universes – the many worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics, braneworlds predicted by string theory, and other more extravagant models – and so the parameters of exactly what constitutes the multiverse is different depending on whom you speak to. It’s unclear how this theory can actually be applied scientifically, so it’s still controversial among many physicists.”


I have personally visited dimensions in which people that I know have a life slightly different from the one in the 3D world that we know. Also, have seen alternative time-bubble (not universes, bubbles like a fish-bowl) created by strong spiritual groups or sorcerers. They were trapped in their own dream. This is the reason why I avoid teaching rituals and/or a very regimented, organized protocol for spiritual work. We do not want to create another human tainted egregore, even connected to the Divine Presence.



in the meantime, check that, for what it’s worse: NASA AND NIBURU! NASA ‘confirms’ (?) that Niburu is falling towards Earth!



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