America, the Beautiful

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America, the Beautiful, After elections 2016

A poetry, by Our Beautiful

Another black man falls.

Don’t shoot,

These piercing calls,

And just like that, we lay another wall.

In mourning, our eyes on the floor.


 These repeated scenes cannot be real.

Like nightmares, played on repeat,

Our heads shaking, facing our denial.

Within these disgraceful moments,

We push back, and in our  separate corners, we lay another wall.


And then our women that should be standing tall,

Shamed, called names.

Afraid to walk home.

This is not our America.

Oh beautiful,

Shunning our immigrants?

The foundation of our melting pot.

Chants roar,

Go home!

You’re not welcome anymore.

And more names are spat.


The pushing,

The punches,

The retreating.

The trembling.


And then, with great shame, removing hijabs.

Some hide even their faith.

Stripping away at hope.

And all that’s left is more hate.

And just like that,

We lay another wall.


This is not our America,

Oh beautiful, this grief that we feel.

And then the rainbow flags that had just waved tall,

Are now also afraid of it all,

Men holding men,

Wedding rings on their hands,

Holding on tight.

Hearts pounding in uncertainty.

Within our racing beats, we lay another wall.


It’s like we cannot stop,

This crippling divide.   

White versus black.

Christian versus Muslim.

Gay versus straight.

The right and the left

When will it stop?


Screaming at the top of our lungs,

Our minds spinning in uncontrolled madness.


Shattering us into so many fragmented pieces,

It’s like we are all falling backwards.

What happened to all the progress?

The steps that were made cannot be forgotten.

United, cannot just be an echoed word that is meaningless.


Within our grief, we must find purpose.

We must not build another wall.

Oh America, our beautiful America.

It feels so raw,

Like all of our blindfolds were ripped off.

Standing naked. Stripped.

Oh America, we see  all of our flaws.

But, we must pick up the pieces.

Heal our hearts and make changes.

In fragments, we our lost.

We must show unity and embrace each of our humanity.

Together as women, as people of color, as the LGBT, as all those that ever felt forgotten,

As one nation, we will not fall.

America, our beautiful America!

Take down the wall.



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