After Elections, November 2016

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After Elections, November 2016


The pendulum must swing before coming back to the center. We are far from the uptight, hypocritical leadership of the 20th century. Forget class, bypass intellect, a pinch of hatred, a cigar, what a picture of the United States, the land of the free and of the future! The US voters were doomed to choose between two disasters, a disgrace and one of the worst cases of political and human corruption.  The People choose the guy with a fat wallet, a big mouth and a series of trophy-wives… in fact what many would still love to achieve! Funny?

The positive aspect of this vote: The voters have supported the end of the Illuminati dominion, the closing of the distorted version of the mystery schools and the fall of the old families pretending to rule by Divine Right.

The Illuminati had 2 main occult offshoots, one based in Germany, the second in Sweden and were behind the last wars. Because of his radical views, Trump has been associated with Nazism. Before Obama’s election, Jim Marrs published the book: Rise of the Fourth Reich, in which he explained how the US were run by ex-Nazis. Check for yourself what Mr. Marrs’s is now saying.


I do not believe, at this point, that Trump’s role is to lead a revival of Nazi ideology. Too simple. Yes, his speech is overtly racist, but the point is to force the change, close the door to the Lodges’ frequency and take interim before the next big step for the Earth. Without any doubt, the rule of the Dark Lodges and the Tibetans via Nazism is over. The energy moved things around (think hard!). Germany is being damaged at its core through the migrant experience and Tibet, after being invaded by China, had convulsions in 2015, killing thousands, at a very specific moment. In Sweden, no more sweet, innocent smiles of the population lost in the matrix; the country has also changed drastically in the past few years.

COMMENT 11/25 NAZI?? Listen to this video Richard Spencer

Per the BBC, 54% of men voted for Trump, 42% of women, 58% of white, 8% of Blacks, 29% of Hispanics.

Whatever Trump will do, the president is always a reflection of what the people are and want; in this case, a perfect sample of a fallen humanity, of what the majority still is: un-transmuted chakras 2 and 3: interested in making money at all price, putting on a mask and a show on the Face-book personal fame contest, low intellect, low compassion and low consciousness. (I must say that Obama was not truthful, etc, but is smarter and more educated than most!)

What the men who voted for Trump should ask themselves:  what is my level of ethics in life? What am I capable of doing in order to reach a goal, whether financial or personal? How do I behave and speak when I am not in public? When have I used my position, my power, as a man, as a human to bully or take advantage of anyone else for the last time? Are my decisions based on one-on-one recognition of value and merit or on color, race, gender or religion?

What the women who voted for Trump have to ponder on:  How do you relate with men? What are your clothes and your body saying? What kind of life-partner have you chosen? Are you 100% respected or do you have to make ongoing concessions just because….? Are you opening your body because you have to or because you are craving for attention? What have you achieved, personally, in terms of life, art, carrier and inner-power? Do you still share yourself with someone who uses force or foul language about women? Have you protected your children, your daughters when you noticed that something was wrong in your partner’s behavior?

Mr. Trump has already demonstrated that straightforwardness and truthfulness are not his main attributes. People voted for Obama because they wanted a change. No change. If the US and the world, as we know them, are surviving a few more years, it will be interesting to watch if Trump keeps his word on his main promises: besides sending Hilary Clinton in jail, building a wall between the US and Mexico, he gained the attention of the voters by promising to reform taxes within months, re-establish more suitable conditions for commerce, “suggesting to renegotiate trade deals using “negotiators whose goal will be to win for America”. Mr Trump has not spelt out what that “win” looks like, but he has promised to step away from deals like the existing North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) between the US, Canada and Mexico if a good rearrangement cannot be reached.” Easier to say than to do.

More on Trump’s promises:

My belief is that he is endorsing a role that is far worse than the Manchurian candidate. The energetic mechanisms use the best instruments to reach a goal.  For centuries, the state of the Creator’s Consciousness allowed the governance by the Illuminati, the Vatican and orthodox Churches, the Tibetans and a few others. Under the spell of time, the pressure of the combined frequencies of the Cosmic Man and humankind, the Illuminati moved people around, using their ego, their personalities, as was the case for most political leaders. When necessary, rough measures were taken to control people, i.e the Schwarzenegger experiment, Segolene Royal in France,  Lady Di, Obama, pretending that they were admitted as equal in the old-boys-club. Lady Di was young and probably did not have too much of a choice; these are a few examples but the list is undoubtedly longer. We’ll see.

Interesting after-election habit in the US: the litany started 48 hours before the end of the elections: how are we going to reconcile the voters when the battle is over? What should the newly elected president say to appease dissention, disappointment and anger? How to re-unite the country? “I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me”.  Finally, finally, the American people is reacting, taking the streets in several cities:

Meeting at the White House between Obama and Trump, after harsh comments on each other, ouuuch!

“If his closest advisers don’t trust him to tweet, why would any of us trust him with the nuclear codes,” Mr. Obama said during a Philadelphia rally. And Trump has said of the president that he “is essentially incompetent,” and he spent months before and during the 2012 presidential campaign questioning whether Mr. Obama was born in the U.S. (CBS


How do we reconcile this election with the apparent retrograde idea of a Spiritual Kingdom? With the prophecies and inter-religious belief that we are at the dawn of a new civilization, brought by God’s Ambassador and based on high principles, love, respect and beauty carried in our hearts and consciousness?

How does this fit with the re-emergence of the feminine power, as well as the wave of spiritual awakening around the world? Does Trump look and speak like a loving and connected spiritual leader? Mmm.

The Creator’s intent and will do not change. Sooner or later, balance will be established. Can human beings change instantaneously? No. How is the Divine Energy and Heart/Mind, in the process of implementation and start of a new civilization for twenty years, going to impact the Earth? No one can tell. Our visions could be the fruit of our desires. Visions of another dimension, of a pole shift, yet, no calendar. So, let us be centered, focused with one intent: perfection and timing according to the Cosmic and Planetary needs and calendar.

Prior to the end of the elections, focus on Royal and wannabe royal houses in several areas of the globe. Another layer of Time-loop.

After elections: My Presence has reacted and positioned Itself in strategic areas. Wait and see.

As for the Readers, how much longer shall you wait to impose the rules and principles that you believe in? What actions are you personally willing to take, immediately, to put one brick, ONE, as the foundation of God’s Kingdom? What can you do, now? Do —not think about, in your personal life, that would show support for the Divine Plan, as you understand it? Think hard and take action.

IN THE — weird— NEWS:

Trump’s victory announced by Nostradamus, and end of the world

Earthquakes in Italy linked to alien presence; I do not believe so but why not? Attracted alien attention because they see energies better than humans and know more about secret history than you do!

More in the ballots:

“California, Nevada and Massachusetts approved measures legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, while Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota voted to allow pot for medical purposes

Gun control was on the ballot in four states, including California, which already has some of the nation’s toughest gun-related laws. Voters there approved a measure that will outlaw possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, require permits to buy ammunition and extend California’s unique program that allows authorities to seize firearms from owners who bought guns legally but are no longer allowed to own them.

Washington state approved a ballot measure that will allow judges to issue orders temporarily seizing guns from individuals who are deemed a threat.

In Maine and Nevada, a group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent millions promoting ballot measures that would require background checks on nearly all gun sales and transfers. The measure was approved in Nevada but was too close to call in Maine early Wednesday.”



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