Cosmic Man’s evolution triggering clean-up with ETs, Aliens, part 1

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The first time that I was whispered about ET cover-up was in 1972. Many amongst our readers were barely in kindergarten. All the following information is based on personal experience and interpretation, from the world of illusion. I can therefore be wrong; yet, I do not rely on other’s perception or on insiders.

In 1986, I had my first personal encounter with two beings who travelled in a small shuttle, about 20 feet wide. They entered my bedroom, next to Cannes, France, and we had some sort of a telepathic-loud conversation — I was speaking out loud and reading them telepathically. they were only visible in clairvoyance, yet making audible noises while walking. Leaving their spaceship in levitation above the ground, they entered through the balcony. They told me that they were sent to study my brain, because “I was wired differently”. I trusted them. Now that I know that they were Mantis, I wonder….

Then, when necessary, off and on, I have briefly met a few different species, greys in area 51, mantis/insects, Sirians. I honestly cannot say what a Venusian or a being from Rigelis looks like. When B. Marciniack published the Bringers of the Dawn, I was happy for the release of information, the fantastic tool for mass-awareness that she became; yet I was outraged by what was later acknowledged by the channeled Ets as lies and interpretation and even more, the complete oblivion regarding the Sirians’ work and responsibility. Of course, my bodily self was from Sirius and had an ongoing relationship with the Canis Major constellation and star system. I thus asked Spirit to provide for someone channeling beings from Sirius, and the answer was quickly provided (I have forgotten the name of the book)!

I have refused to work with many people over the years because of their conscious or unconscious involvement with the ‘wrong ETs’ (we will explain). Also, people, supposed international spiritual leaders, have accepted for fame and a little bit of power, to be manipulated by twisted aliens and sometimes demons, bringing terrible frequencies and karma for the Earth.  Then, around 2004, it was time to close many doorways utilized by Ets to enter Earth and enslave mankind. Yes, some ETs were very selfish and applied their technology to stop men’s development.  For instance, in South America, they used low tones and frequencies to keep the population from evolving. In Eastern Europe, they have dominated Their portals were magnetically closed so that their spaceships are unable to cross over. Idem in several areas in North America.

Note that several categories of aliens are very, very interested in science and technology.  The people who are expatriated-aliens or represent them on earth are thus more inclined to speak and rely on science than new-age and gnosis.  Extra-terrestrials are manifested (material, although not 3 dimensional) layers of the Cosmic Body. They have helped in many ways, introducing new knowledge and expertise. The beings who brought language, writing, astronomy and astrology, agriculture, religion were extra-terrestrials. More recently, they intervened in many areas of science, eventually having something to do with the atomic bombs (Nazi technology; then Einstein went faster). Interestingly, Tesla is mostly represented as a hero, where he had to be stopped; otherwise, he would have damaged the Earth. Also, he invented advanced weapons.

“This 71-year-old witness who was then a mechanical engineer between the years of 1966 thru 1979 at Area 51 continues to state that he worked and received instructions via mental telepathy in his own voice from an Alien Grey Scientific Translator code name Jrod. Further this gentleman also suggests that there may also be thousands of this type of Alien Greys who are working throughout the military establishment with advanced technologies in an exchange for Human/Animal/Plant Genetic Harvesting performed by the Greys.”

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“Security contractors recently discovered preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors where users go, whom they talk to and what they write in text messages. The American authorities say it is not clear whether this represents secretive data mining for advertising purposes or a Chinese government effort to collect intelligence.”


“The Nimrud ziggurat was apparently bulldozed and pushed into the ancient bed of the Tigris river,” says John Curtis, the president of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq. He received the news in early September from Iraqi sources, but was asked to keep it confidential. In the past few days, satellite photographs have confirmed the destruction.   The ziggurat was a conical-shaped manmade hill built by the king of Assyria, Ashurnasirpal II (883-859BC), as a base for a temple, which was destroyed long ago.

CHINESE MEDECINES, shameful practices!!

Bear farms, torturing animals to collect their bile: careful, painful to watch and read. Shame on China! And on anyone doing such a thing, shame on human beings!

Bear bile has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. Why so? Thanks to its high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) – a substance useful in the treatment of gall bladder and liver conditions. However, many synthetic and herbal alternatives now exist that can be used in its place, which makes bile farming even more unnecessary and cruel. Funny, with a degree in Chinese Acupuncture, and having practiced for a few years, in my own way, I could never ingest or prescribe Chinese remedies, finding them uneffective on Myself, and too low in vibration; therefore, I never wanted to recommend them in my practice. There is much to say in this regard, another time



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