Lunar Eclipse February 10th, part two

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The February 10 Lunar Eclipse will start a movement that will continue until the August 21st Eclipse. Everyone with an ounce of brain or intuition feels that something is brewing. With or without Trump, with or without terrorism and CIA, it impossible to ignore that we are all sitting on nitroglycerin, or, at least, walking on ice.

Encouraged by your emails, I have read a little more and even took the time to listen to two videos, two! From an ex-Satanist, ex agent living in the UK. Very interesting information about our alien friends but, as always, a lack of unification and understanding of the Cosmic Lord. Receiving such links did not surprise me a bit as I was severely hit by a Satanist energy on Saturday with redundant symptoms of sickness. [Ask me directly for the links to videos if interested.]

One of the main concerns of this author is the return of the Reptilians ‘who consider themselves the owners of the planet’. According to him, they are responsible of the most part of the mess in which we are, corrupting everyone, from the Sirians to the Annunaki, while the Mantis are in fact the nice ones.

No one thinks in terms of ONE BODY, the body of the Cosmic Man. Just try to dismiss your first chakra!

This brought me back to my questions about this eclipse, February 10th. It could not be that simple: a beautiful mystic rectangle and Saturn, happily leading the movement.

This interpretation completely removes the ever-lasting triangle Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus that we have been following for a while. I started to look for the star Vega. Where is Vega in the Zodiac?  In  the Lyra constellation [Vega is Alpha Lyra], 15-19 degrees Capricorn! Now, we are talking! It fits with my intuition.

Saturn rules the Capricorn; thus, we have a confirmation that we cannot ignore the other side of the chart. Pluto entered the Capricorn years ago.



Capricorn, associated with the Sumerian Enki, is an earth sign, the epitome of materialization, crystallization in matter. A Capricorn is ambitious and wants to be at the top of the mountain, whether in human achievement or, when meeting inner death, reaches the highest possible initiation. It is the sign in which structures are built. Pluto, the agent of death and rebirth, has been in the Capricorn for years:

“It’s now 8 years in with Pluto Capricorn (2016), halfway through this transit of earthly life changes.  

We’ve seen with this a struggle of epic proportions, and an awakening to core realities about power.  On the everyday level, I see this with individuals wanting to take back control of their lives — going off-grid, growing their own, homeschooling or starting a self-sustaining business.

Many things we see collapsing are due to systems in place that are tightening the grip, in a desire to consolidate control.  The vital companion to Pluto now is Uranus in Aries, which lights that fire of inspiration for real freedom and authentic culture.  It’s a re-wilding of everything, to break out of the destructive status quo.  

Legacy Systems: Take heart that Pluto Capricorn is an ally, to reform all that’s toxic and not authentic.  In our lives, it’s expressed in the choices we make — to invest in what’s destructive and to feed the fear, or to be part of creating a brighter world.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making it the master of the physical realm, the lasting structure-builder of the Zodiac.”


Where is the Lyra now? 15-19 degrees Capricorn. According to the lore, Jupiter put the Lyra in heaven to honor Orpheus death. Orpheus received his lira/lyra from Mercury, earth assistant of the Archangel. Jupiter now communicates with Pluto and with the energies coming from Vega to build the future structures.



The Aries Era started around 2000 BC and lasted until the beginning of the Pisces, about 0BC. Here we go again. The last structures of this civilization were established at the start of the Aries Era. The last religious wave, and human story that have started with Abraham and Moses started with the introduction of the Aries.


Jupiter is using the strength and detonating energy of Uranus, to change the world and bring new structures. The moon in Leo, thus illuminated by the Solar Deity [channeling the Heart Energy of the Cosmic Man], participates during the February 10th lunar eclipse: this is the start of the great restructuration, after the full break-down (Uranus/Pluto) of the last civilization. All the battles for power, the shunning of the feminine, the epitome of materialism that have started at the time of the Ram/Aries will come to an end.










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