February 2017, News update, all about the Cosmos

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In the news, February 2017

Besides the anti-Trump international coalition, February 2017 is all about the Cosmos. NASA could stay without a moment of fame (thank you all for sending Me the links!)



We all want a shift; many feel the shift. Weird feelings or tiredness. Bizarre dreams. Are we all vomiting all the leftovers of our subconscious mind, of the matrix, while reshaping the future? Is it going to take decades or hundreds of years? Are we going to receive a little push from the stars if not from an ego fight between countries, stubborn leaders and their alien allies? At least, we are more in tune with the Cosmos and thus becoming technically capable to go beyond the Earth, explore, watch the vastness and beauty of the creation.

PLANET P9 or PLANET X? French astronomers are now part of the international search for Planet 9. Any connection with Planet X/Niburu and the predictions of Zachariah Sitchin?

A good start, yet a little confusing article linking international efforts to find and understand the search for the planet that they call P9. “The latest research have led to the conclusion that, with the present technology, it was possible to detect bodies corresponding to the description of P9. At least four teams – among others, the French one, with Jacques Laskar and Agnès Fienga, have been searching for P9 throughout the sky. Followed, via the media impact, a flow of optimistic declarations in terms of the time needed to locate P9. In the US, Konstantin Batygin announces that the discovery would take ‘about three years” despite the fact that a revelation in 2017 is possible. […] Other astronomers, such as Alessandro Morbidelli, from the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, are looking at 2022….”

The proves of the existence of this planet, were, at first, very tenuous. They are based on the study of a category of iced planetoids, moving in the far end of the solar system, and located in the orbit of Neptune.”

In very simple terms, ‘extreme’ objects would respond to another planetary body, they are ‘pulled off in one direction’ (see below).
“The proves of the existence of this planet, were, at first, very tenuous. They are based on the study of a category of iced planetoids, moving in the far end of the solar system, and located beyond the orbit of Neptune: the trans-neptunians, or Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO); 2000 have been recorded, one of them being Pluto. And more precisely, on the discovery of a sub-family in the KBO: the ‘extremes’ or ‘detached’ ones.”
A quick look in the web, and we find out that we are probably speaking about two separate bodies. P9 orbit is evaluated at about 15 000 years, while Nibiru is supposed to have a 3600 years orbit.


In response to the confusion between P9 and Niburu, “astronomers pointed out that this planet, if it exists, would have a perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) of roughly 200 AU, or 30 billion km.[9
Planet Nine, if it exists, is too far away, says Brown, to have such an effect on the Kuiper belt.[95] Nonetheless, an article in the British tabloid The Sun (later republished in the New York Post)[96]conflated the three ideas of Nibiru, Planet Nine, and Whitmire’s planet to suggest that not only had Planet Nine been found, but that it would collide with Earth at the end of April,[97] which resulted in Batygin receiving a spike in panicked calls.”   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_Nine

Postcad, In search of Planet 9: “we’ve also discovered lots of smaller bodies outside the orbit of Neptune. A few are close to Pluto in size (one, Eris, is actually more massive than Pluto), and many smaller ones. In 2014, two astronomers, Chad Trujillo and Scott Sheppard, wrote a letter to the journal Nature stating that something was, well, a bit odd about the orbits of all the small, dark bodies recently found outside the orbit of Neptune. The orbits appeared to be oddly lined up; their perihelions (the closest approach to the Sun) were almost on top of each other in a similar part of the sky, instead of being randomly distributed as one might expect.
These small bodies didn’t have the mass to line each other up that way all by themselves, so the suggestion was made that a much more massive planet might be out there –way out there, maybe 30 times farther away than Neptune, exerting a gravitational pull to shepherd these objects into similar orbits.
This “new” planet, if it exists, might fill in an important missing piece to our solar system. As we’ve explored worlds around other stars, we’ve noticed that the most common sort of planet out there is one we don’t seem to have in our solar system. Planets in the mass range of 5 to 10 Earth masses, sometimes called “super-Earths” or “mini-Neptunes,” (we do not yet know if such planets are more similar to a large Earth or the core of a gas planet like Neptune) substantially outnumber other planets. Where is ours? Maybe we’ve finally found it in “Planet 9”, perhaps flung out into a ludicrously distant orbit by a past encounter with another massive planet. Just waiting for us to finally include into our family of planets.”  http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-resources/orbital-path-astronomy-podcast/orbital-path-12-in-search-of-planet-9/
Let’s ask Mike Brown himself, from Caltech, ‘the guy who killed Pluto’, and started the movement to identify P9. This is what he said in an interview: “It’s so far away that it’s actually just at the edge of what our biggest telescopes on the ground can possibly see because it’s so far away.
Fifty billion miles away. It’s also hard to find because it has an enormous orbit.
Mike Brown: Planet Nine we think takes something like 15,000 years to go around the sun.
Bill Whitaker: Wait a minute, 15,000 years to make one orbit?
Mike Brown: One orbit.”
Bill Whitaker: So now, you think there’s another pretty big planet out there?
Mike Brown: Yeah. I am pretty dead certain that it’s out there.
Bill Whitaker: What makes you think that?
Mike Brown: As we were studying these objects out beyond Neptune, Pluto and the other objects in the Kuiper Belt, when you get to the most distant ones they all look like they’re being pulled off in one direction.
Bill Whitaker: And you think the thing that’s pulling them is a big planet?
Mike Brown: Yes.”
As for P9 destroying Earth, we are not close to see it; it could affect the Solar System in 7 billion years.


We have enough latitude to reincarnate a few more times!!

Trump and the Muslim Brotherhood : NYTimes: “the Brotherhood calls for a society governed by Islamic law, and some of its former members and offshoots — most notably Hamas, the Palestinian group whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel — have been tied to attacks. Some advisers to Mr. Trump have viewed the Brotherhood for years as a radical faction secretly infiltrating the United States to promote Shariah law. They see the order as an opportunity to finally take action against it.
Officially designating the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization would roil American relations in the Middle East. The leaders of some American allies — like Egypt, where the military forced the Brotherhood from power in 2013, and the United Arab Emirates — have pressed Mr. Trump to do so to quash internal enemies, but the group remains a pillar of society in parts of the region.”
Anything disturbing you in this photo?

I choose my physical name intuitively – not knowing what it means at that time—with 2 known ideas in mind:
– Honoring the being whose body I was going to use, therefore including her in my name
– Using words and a spelling that would honor the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims.
Yet, I do not and cannot support any organization as a whole, a package, and do not support everything that these religions and some of their factions, out… believe and advocate.
Great, these men look nice, open and smiling but, are we missing something here? From where exactly did all these men come out? A man’s appendix?

oh, year, I had forgotten, Spirit is the male energy, thus the initiator, thus the boss… but Spirit does not express Itself without Matter, without a Womb!

– Strange re-occurrent feeling a few days ago: Is a faction going to organize or simulate an attack on the person of our leader (I choose my wording in order to avoid search engines) to trigger a civil war. We should all send

The bad side of technology, if you have not yet figure dit out: hackers in the crib!


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