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How to explain Waterloo and the Berezina…. After Egypt consequences….


A band of ETs, probably Mantis, decided to overthrow the true Bloodline, still Dragonesc and Sirian. They had spent the Summer in Lucifer’s residence, on Venus South Node, and heard beautiful, enticing stories,  alliances for might and love.

In the 12 or 13th century, they kidnaped a member of the Bloodline, took a blood sample, and created a clone. Because of the wannabe royal sexual habits, it was not difficult to infiltrate a queen uterus and throw a little clone in the bed of and English crown contender. Infiltration and Trojan viruses will become a key character in future endeavors.

As we know, the English descendants of Charles the IV, the Capetian, claimed France and the throne. Although the House of Valois had officially won the Hundred Years War, English kings stubbornly kept the title, the language, and hope…. Well, if they had some fake French DNA, that explains.

When they tried to take over His Residence, Saint Michael came to the rescue; His honor and DNA were in jeopardy. He inspired and supported Joan of Arc (1412-1431) … who does not always know what part of the Bloodline to support (Sic)… another virus.

The precious cloned lineage was closely monitored. In the 17th century, James II (grand grand child of Marie Stuart, Queen of France) was still using the title, Stuart King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland; it was time for the French to stop arguing with each other, mess around with the poisonous Medicis and create a full Kingdom of France.


A Catholic King, surrounded by supporters of an Anglican dynasty,  James II tried to save his throne, introducing religious tolerance. In 1688, he was literally throned out by his son in law, the Dutch and protestant William of Orange. James, in German, Jacobus, escaped in France where he eventually created the Scottish Right Massonic Order.

While Anglicans and Catholic were fighting for the throne in England, many Jacobites found refuge in France. A generation later, when ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie, young Stuart pretender escaped to France’ and created a Masonic ‘Chapter of Rose Croix, known as ‘Scottish Jacobite’”.

then tried through a subtler and up-to-date marketing solution: have his word at the time of the Revolution in the voting chambers through the Brotherhoods.

In the meantime, the Mantis had already contacted a group of rebels in Germany, trained by the Jesuits, thus with a brain open to signals, and full of hate for any type of institution, whether royal or religious. They had made an alliance with a band of reptilian desperados.  The latter, disappearingly in need of blood — many had turned vampires by then— were in charge of the rebels and slowly manipulated them….


But the French Freemasons***, already heavily involved in the French and American revolution, defended their rights,  as 407 out of 605 members of ‘Les Etats Generaux’ were initiated in the Brotherhood. In about 12 years, they had been infiltrated by the Mantis trained German rebels, and claimed to be working for the Light. Mirabeau wrote (?):  “overthrow all laws, all order, all laws, ‘to leave the people in anarchy’” *

The taken over by the Mantis engineered revolution did not work fully. Out of nowhere, unsuspected, a little man from Corsica, jumped in the middle of the butchery and took the Throne. He even grabbed the Crown and put it on his own head! If we judge by the embroideries on his mantle, he liked bees more than praying Mantises … or did not know about them…He finally joined the Boys’ Clubs and married a Habsburg…. the clones disliked him even more and sent him to death.

It was not time yet for the Bloodline to take over the world. The Mantises were still in charge. Not only England tried everything to mute and stop the Fierce Bee on his horse, but the Singing Mantis had created a second infiltrating body in Sweden, using a mind turned mystic throw visions of a Lutheran Christ and world(4), Swedenborg. And they gave the throne to Bernadotte (1810), assisted by a famous mantis worshipper from Egypt, who had sworn herself to have her own dynasty and tried to catch again the opportunity. In fact, in Egypt, centuries earlier, the Mantises from B Orionis/Rigel who had revolted against their Masters from A Orionis, had seized the power. To this day, some believe that the Mantis cult is the one that had inspired Moses. This is a very confusing story.

Although Sweden was reluctant to fight with Britain, it entered the group of Napoleon’s enemies in 1813, while his ex-mantis-fiancée married Bernadotte.

Back to the 18th century: The Mantises were very busy attempting to dominate the new continent, as part of the colonies belonged to the King of Scotland – such as the City of New York (!). Although heavily infiltrated, the French Brotherhood seemed to have won that part of the war for power. The number of French brothers involved in the creation of the United States, ousting Great Britain is a quite interesting detail, in the story of French/UK relationships.

As they lost the battle over North America, leaving the clones and vampires in the UK, the Mantis rush back South where they had founded a colony. When exactly did they arrive? Not quite sure, but they had lots of ships and robots stationed in Mexico, Argentina, Peru (where they tried about to look like the Sirians!); through their technology, they made sure that human would not bother them, just organizing a few parties at the top of the pyramids; you know, sacred plants, blood and people would literally throw themselves down stairs (not out of the throne!).

It was easier as the population, controlled through bloody rituals and potent plants, keeping them in the limbos of low astral, and attracting similar succubus….

We arrive at the early 20th century, world wars, the official and non-official roles of everyone. From the US to Norway and Sweden, to Switzerland, it was the worst possible money and power exchange in human history. Many Nazis re-joined the bases in South America. Another group took over the scientific and banking system in the US (Jim Marrs, 4th Reich).




*Massonicwatch, quoting Jim Marrs, Ruled by Secrecy. Without reading his book again, the article seems to confuse Jacobitism (English group, supporters of the Stuarts) and Jacobinism, a French group meeting at the Couvent des Jacobins.

**the inner battles and confusion, within a few families of ‘royals’ marrying each other, were so deep and dark, that it is rather difficult to see any true red thread in their stories. Yet, some characters emerge as clues.

*** Grand Orient established in 1772

(4) ‘Swedenborg heavenly visitor was Lutheran, … dressed accordingly, wearing neither the Stigmata nor the Crown of Thorns… the unseen world, as revealed to Swedenborg, was the exact counterpart of the seen. It was inhabited by spirits of both sexes… they had the same occupations as people on the earth, married and begot children…” WRH Throwbridge, Cagliostro, p. 92

Cagliostro lived during Louis the 16th reign. He was heavily involved in mysticism and lodges, as many at the Court.

(5) How German is the Queen… of England –


“Yet what comes across very clearly — and very quickly — is that there is a lot of German in it.

There is no real starting point, but we may as well begin with 1714. Queen Anne died, and her direct Stuart line came juddering to a halt. This caused a thorny problem because her 50 (or thereabouts) closest suitable relatives were all Catholic, so distinctly non grata. They were passed over, and in the end Georg Ludwig, the Protestant Prince Elector of Hanover, got the job, and our royal house changed from Stuart to Brunswick-Lūneburg-Hanover, bringing with it a wealth of connections to the ancient royal houses of Welf and Este…. From Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor… Etc”


A suivre: The Swedenborg Illuminati and Bernadotte….

“Britain’s first response to Napoleon’s Continental System was to launch a major naval attack against Denmark. Although ostensibly neutral, Denmark was under heavy French and Russian pressure to pledge its fleet to Napoleon. London could not take the chance of ignoring the Danish threat. In August 1807, the Royal Navy besieged and bombarded Copenhagen, leading to the capture of the Dano-Norwegian fleet, and assuring use of the sea lanes in the North and Baltic seas for the British merchant fleet. Denmark joined the war on the side of France, but without a fleet it had little to offer,[116][117] beginning an engagement in a naval guerrilla war in which small gunboats attacking larger British ships in Danish and Norwegian waters. Denmark also committed themselves to participate in a war against Sweden together with France and Russia.

At Tilsit, Napoleon and Alexander had agreed that Russia should force Sweden to join the Continental System, which led to a Russian invasion of Finland in February 1808, followed by a Danish declaration of war in March. Napoleon also sent an auxiliary corps, consisting of troops from France, Spain and the Netherlands, led by Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, to Denmark to participate in the invasion of Sweden. But British naval superiority prevented the armies from crossing the Øresund strait, and the war came mainly to be fought along the Swedish-Norwegian border.” wiki





THE ILLUMINATI OF BAVARIA, Founded 1776, Occult Theocracy, Lady Queensborough (Pretty interesting, although not always accurate… however, this is such a confusing subject, it is difficult to really know).

“According to Le Forestier – les Illumines de Baviere et la Franc-maçonnerie Allemande—the intention of the Founder was to constitute a Protestant organization to fight Jesuitism, using Jesuitical methods.” Adam Weishaupt  was assisted by many people, one of them, Nicolai. “Behind Nicolai as Moses Mendelsshon, and behind Mendelssohn the Jewish Kahal, the Jewish International World Government.” Samuels, Memoirs of Moses Mendelsshon, p 159.

“as the organization of the Illuminati developed, so did its ambitions, which ended in a plot to subvert Freemasonry to its aim of world dominion by any and all means.”






MOAB , April 13th, Mother Of All Bombs – A shame for the human race and more to think about.

Who are the Moabites: “Les textes bibliques racontent encore que des filles moabites, par le conseil de Balaam, entraînèrent les Hébreux dans l’idolâtrie. Eglon, roi des Moabites, imposa aux Hébreux un asservissement qui dura 182 ans. Les Moabites furent soumis à un tribut par David et défaits par Joram, roi d’Israël. Read more at$Moabites.htm#wRZT0Q1aBb1W6CsY.99

The Bible tells that the daughers of Moab, advised by Balaam, enticed the Hebrews into idolatry. Eglon, king of the Moabites, imposed 182 years of slavery on the Hebrews. The Moabites were then submitted by David and paid them tribute; they were later defaited by Joram, King of Israel.”



(Probably a pro-Vatican website) French Chefs and FM: worth a look:  “Outside of the food world, however, the relationship between freemasonry and the big French chefs is not widely known. Only a few chefs–including Robuchon and MORA’s Millet, who answered my question with “Oui, certainement!”–are public about their membership.” …. Camembert and Rituals!!


2017 FM NEWS




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  • cangemi says:

    Thanks a lot for this new and humorous interpretation of european history. I understand better now why I have so much trouble speaking English :). A question about the mantis: we see that some specific characters are connected to the mantis at a certain level (or are mantis ?). I wonder if this connection is simply an aspect of the soul, in other words, an extension of the Monad, or simply an alien interference, which is not welcome to our spiritual path… We can think that, considering others galactic systems, some of our extensions are evolving at certain level of frequency, not the same as we are on earth, and not necessary on the path of the light. That could explain the difficulty to understand / evolve toward unity. Much Love.

  • Merci L. d’avoir amorcer la discussion. Après 3 lectures, les mots ne venaient toujours pas. Je me suis demandée d’où pouvait venir cette difficulté liée à la parole. Je m’interroge sur la relation qu’il y a, si il y a, entre la menthe religieuse et la parole. C’est comme si le son ne pouvait pas sortir.
    A bientôt pour le prochain webinar. Chaleureusement N.

  • PatrikMalmberg says:

    Thanks for this interesting piece of history! It feels like a very convoluted path the Bloodline in Europe has developed and formed. Not sure I understand the exact role the Mantis has played and still might be playing?
    Would be fun to explore some more of this:-)

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