April 25, Nibiru update?

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Nibiru, are we playing hide and seek?

BF sent me a link to a French site showing Planet X arriving next to the ecliptic plane.

the French site does not say anything; just refers to a English one. this is the original video, dated 9/29/2016.  A certain Scott, from the Nibiru Channel. He refers to the shut down NASA webpage:





nibiru channel: ok, i cannot find the april 25th update anymore. Saying that NASA has closed their website.  that one? https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=niburu+channel+update+april+25+2017#id=6&vid=691f4929bfb4d785182041b8d0922bf5&action=click


 April 17th https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=niburuchannel+april+2017#id=3&vid=2d893a5db26248528dbf6da88e605150&action=click


I like this one, mexico cams, UK NIBIRU HUNTER


Yet, the end is pretty stupid, in my understanding. If truly Nibiru is going to show up and change the system, we cannot blame the governments for hiding or taking advantage of the situation. it would be a natural event and we have to deal with it.

I would like to hear how your bodies react while listening to these videos. Any shivers? Any alignment?

While in the body, I do not have all information. My human Consciousness is, has always been connected to Nibiru. I have (also) always felt a comet guiding the Shift. Is this one and the same cosmic body?

As mentioned several weeks ago, in a previous article, the info and pictures referring to  Nibiru in the WEB are not always clear and accurate, sometimes confusing several cosmic events.

As for NASA, we have an ongoing display of new discoveries, but, of course, the name Nibiru is not mentioned. It would bring panic on board.


I can only say that I know that all is completed and that the best thing to do is to connect more intensely, more often. The past few days have been intense, energetically speaking, as we are coming closer to the May Full Moon. New groups of ETs have recently showed up helping or intervening in the events. They are not mantis, humanoid bodies.

it is time for human beings to stop blaming the Hierarchies, the Creator-gods for all the problems existing on Earth. We all share a world, a Body, an adventure in Consciousness.  Holding on and emanating the frequencies of Unity, love, self responsibility is the best way to assist yourself and the Earth. Trying to join the effort of the gods instead of  complaining.  more later….

in the meantime, connection and faith.














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