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Healing the past

DG: Wondering why the topic of pole shift is no longer in our radar. The evidence is staggering. Or am I missing something? Daniel


MKL: it is not finished yet. The ‘terrible’ gods [according to wannabe conscious anti-kabal internet writers] have been paying attention, so that things go as smoothly as possible. Presently, huge data downloading to reach human brains, allow more people to reach a higher consciousness level and therefore participate in the effort. It would be easier if it was truly a coordinated, ONENESS work instead of have all the roosters screaming their head off in all international chicken coops.

UPDATE 5/3: Read membership section.



Fascinating article. Many new words

his way, emotion vocabulary is a bit like a directory, allowing you to call up a greater number of strategies to cope with life. Sure enough, people who score highly on emotion granularity are better able to recover more quickly from stress and are less likely to drink alcohol as a way of recovering from bad news. It can even improve your academic success. Marc Brackett at Yale University has found that teaching 10 and 11-year-old children a richer emotional vocabulary improved their end-of-year grades, and promoted better behaviour in the classroom. “The more granular our experience of emotion is, the more capable we are to make sense of our inner lives,”

“The feelings we have learned to recognize and label are the ones we notice – but there’s a lot more that we may not be aware of. And so I think if we are given these new words, they can help us articulate whole areas of experience we’ve only dimly noticed…. If you are better able to pin down whether you are feeling despair or anxiety, for instance, you might be better able to decide how to remedy those feelings: whether to talk to a friend, or watch a funny film. Or being able to identify your hope in the face of disappointment might help you to look for new solutions to your problem. In this way, emotion vocabulary is a bit like a directory, etc”


The way to ‘transmute poison” (some old gurus in India were famous for that) is my daily practice. It works for emotions, interferences, whatever:

This is where the mind, when trained (with a triangular connection: human mind, Divine heart, human emotions) is efficient.

Case 2: I am tired because that person, that I met (physically or in my mind) connects me with that life time during which this or that happened; or this person is still and actively connected to an egregore of the 12 or 16th century, still alive, in which we (I was involved) had this role-playing game.

Locate and comprehend the poison (what it is, how it works). Example: I am becoming sick because I just ate chocolate of a low quality or a Ecoli-filled piece of food. X just sent an ego-arrow in my stomach (and I love X so much that I cannot even imagine it!).

In the case 2: use 3 points to clear the memories

        The area or organ in your body where pain or discomfort or … shows up

        The space in your personal library where you have the memory – conceptually found in chakra 1

        The space on the matrix (or on your personal matrix/energy field) where the memory is recorded (remember that soul = several memory disks put together, i.e. workshops)


When we are right on the money, the impact of the poison stops immediately. The more precise the understanding is, the faster the healing.

If it does not work or if you cannot see =

        You are missing a piece: how it works; it can be circumvoluted.

        Why the poison works.  you are not willing to release the bond because it brings you something, fills a need. Find what need.

 tip: To ‘see’ better: give a flush to your 6th and put on your spiritual glasses or binoculars. Command your astral self (the ego, or poor-me) to step back!



Cassini, history, NASA:  https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/2970/nasa-saturn-mission-prepares-for-ring-grazing-orbits/

“is this a symbol? Man, fired with curiosity and opening to the Grand Lord of Karma. I feel inspired, tenderness; without knowing it, is man, almost innocently and awkwardly communicating with the cosmic Giants, with Cosmic Beings…”

MKL: also meeting the Lord of Time.

NASA, the dive:




DG: MANDELA EFFECT: https://youtu.be/e8w3MZEpcSc

Here he explains my pet theory much better than I can. 


The Loughan uranian mind is interesting to watch. He is spitting out a necklace of words and concepts, but naturally lacking emotional maturity and spiritual connection, knowledge of other fields and practice of time surgery and time-space hacking.

He fortunately has  the wisdom to recognize that he is just laying out ‘theoritical physics’ and that because things are so much grander than us, we can just ‘imagine that we know’.

I believe in a possible Mandela-effect (ME), because of my ongoing practice of time distortion and multi dimensional functioning.  Also, I clearly remember when the title Sex in/and the City ‘changed’. I wondered if I was completely ungrounded, could have missed the right tittle OR if they HAD CHANGED IT. The Kennedy photos are very interesting; have you researched the subject: have ALL the photos changed to show 6 people in the car instead of four?

Is the group of people interested in the Mandela Effect creating the changes? The most remarkable, what bothers me about the famous examples repeated in the ME presentations is the lack of meaning or importance of the ‘changes’. Who cares if the movie said Mirror, mirror or Magic Mirror; same thing for the Darth Vader or Forrest Gump scenes. Is this a reflection of the general cultural level of the population? Let’s change reality and move to a world where the hot dogs have a different name….

This is a link to a list,  the famous mandela effect examples: https://www.buzzfeed.com/christopherhudspeth/crazy-examples-of-the-mandela-effect-that-will-make-you-ques?utm_term=.vnrDYYBqX#.gyawooyaW

If we had changed reality ‘as a group’ then there would be no available copy of a bill board announcing Sex IN the City. [see BOTH spellings  in the examples list]. Careful DG, you might be sliding on a weird MD sidetrack (sweats+++).

The brand Meyer/Mayer: people say that they remember this or that. Can it be that they have suddenly realized that they were not PAYING ATTENTION to the right spelling? Or seeing a tail to a monkey because, in their perceptions, the monkey HAD to have a tail. Human perceptions and awareness can change faster that the physical reality in which we live. We know that we are only imagining our world, our brains are interpreting signals and creating pictures. So, what is changing?

Of course, the ME, as exposed in the WEB is perfectly plausible as soon as one understands the consequences of the multi-and infinite universes.

When one starts paying attention to ‘coincidences’ in one’s life, then, it becomes easy to use the mechanics of ‘coincidences’ to trigger events, to manifest.

I have been observing the manifestation mechanics for more than thirty years since I noticed the edge in the frequencies between intuition and creation. When is one seeing the future and/or creating the future? For-seeing an event or creating it?

When you do so, it is also easy to cross the ‘dimensions’ borders. This is a very simple exercise that I would recommend. As all practice, it will only become very efficient when you will have integrated the inner-mechanics of will balanced with let go.

It is about manifesting little things in your daily life, like a sale price in the store that you will decide to visit for the very specific, yet insignificant items that you are about to purchase (not a TV, not a car). Even if you feel tempted to start with the last shopping item of your dreams, I would recommend to shortcut the system and just anchor the idea in your consciousness…

is the store manager getting out of his way to satisfy your need for a pound of potatoes at 35 cts or are you creating a personal reality in which potatoes are on sale for 35 cts, and the register is of course  adapted to your wishes and wallet or amusement? How much of the person next to you paying?











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