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NOT FULLY FINISHED. to stimulate your brains and mind.

Alien Buzz

30 years later…. A new wave of the New-Age (NA), calling for Cosmic communications and union

My call for reconciliation and love



NA= New Age

HBs = Human Beings


A few weeks ago, it seemed, through my own looking glass, that French people were obsessed with happiness, ‘à la recherche du bonheur’. And then, my attention have been redirected to the extreme buzz, the NA interest for aliens, aliens encouraging ascension, Alien disclosure, Cosmic Alliance; a trend that might indicate that something is about to change, with them or through the conjugate effort of all the spiritual community, even if there is a lot of fantasy. People are no more speaking about ascended Masters but super-Aliens. They are new gurus, mostly males, offering information about the bad guys — the 3D organization now called Cabal and the draconian malevolent aliens, the councils preparing and protecting the earth, ascension techniques. Eventually, they will also provide for space crafts if the good HB need protection during or after the ‘Event’.



Nothing is new; in 1952, ‘George van Tassel was likely the first to claim to receive an Ashtar message.’ “The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, our Commander-in-Chief, know to Earth as Jesus the Christ. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, we are here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing and polar realignment.” [MEN: I doubt the connection with the Ancient Great White Brotherhood but they might be speaking about the Light movement in general].


The ET energy around me has dissipated, since I started to focus on the subject end of May, but is still present. So, why should we speak again about Aliens?



WHY should we talk about the subject?

  • Because there is an ongoing RE-ORGANIZATION of the ET teams in charge of the Earth.
  • Is an Alien intervention the necessary material short-cut needed for HBs to undergo the ascentional shift?
  • Or, is a group of ETs trying to intervene or prevent Human ascension to remain in power on Earth? Are we going toward a deception organized by HBs or by unscrupulous ETs? 
  • Since 2012, people are waiting for THE EVENT: the Light imposed on the Earth, with a physical removal of the governing powers. This is an old site: 2013.  In the Manifestation book (page 103, English):
  • I like to go back to my first books, written at a time of grand innocence, freshly embodied:
  • In France, the weirds and rebels were speaking about spaceships and aliens in the 60s. I have mentioned my connection with other Stars throughout my writings; Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades have always been included as a possible ground for a Monadic extension. I have also said that the people who channeled an ET for years are generally channeling one of their own aspects/extension.
  • “In 1996 and 1997, I attended several inter-dimensional councils related to the end of the Pisces…” – I do not speak about ETs but deliver a message from the Great White Brotherhood. What I do remember, until today, are humanoids beings of light, Masters, filled with love. And yes, amongst the ones who accepted to take a body and work in 3D, many lost their path and associated with the Darkness. Read page 104 with the ETs concept in mind. Although, I continue feeling a distinction between the Beings attending a Wesak Ceremony and the beings who are supposed to attend the meetings referred to by Goode, Wilcock, Cobra, etc.
  • Note the ‘opening of the ring-pass-not’ and the fact that, even while speaking about the Kumara’s lungs or feet, it is obvious that we are speaking about Consciousnesses that are far from 6th or 9th dimensional beings and that they used Planets as a body.
  • Page 100: ‘were we going to implant a new grid of command in order to precipitate the marriage of the energies? ….the Taurus Era was at the door… (around 4500 BC). What I know as a fact, besides intuition, vivid dreams or contacts, is that many vortices had to be closed to stop alien traffic. The vortices that we closed to ET navigation blocked Greys and Mantisses. In relationship with Sirius, the vortices that were closed were no more relevant; the Giza vortex was one of them. There has been ongoing monitoring of the aliens who invaded eastern Europe, probably Nordics (not sure) who had an alliance with degenerated Reptilians. The ones that I call the Vampires, who are also degenerated Reptilians, are astral doubles of humans. I met them mostly in Eastern Europe, Great Britain; they were stopped years ago. This does not mean that all remains of their organizations and political structures are gone. It takes time. Note that the Reptilians doorways were not shutdown. They were cleaned up. What was shut down was the astral and human infrastructure that they had generated.        Is this trend the trace of the transmutation, a leftover of the old structures? Many of the main whistle blowers are from military families, probably multi-generational Satanists. Many new-age leaders of the past were CIA and FBI related (Starseed Conspiracy, Lynn Picket). For some reason, I have attracted CIA people around in the past weeks.The following pages are not an organized article, just excerpts harvested in the past 2 weeks. Besides keeping my mind focused on the Cosmos, an eventually a war in the Cosmos, the idea is not to create a buzz amongst my readers, but to rise questions and responsibilities, especially for those who have played an important role in the organization of the dying 3D world structures.
  • If truly, beings are living under-ground or ‘under-earth’ and above now +helping humankind, why am I not more informed or collaborating? I believe that the inner Earth hosts many different species, animal and human. Yet, I have not been invited to any underground meeting with 3D HBs + Aliens. I had a weird vivid dream a few days ago about an underground facility in New York, but it was after listening an interview on the subject. So… no answer.
  • HBs, claiming their right to co-create, are redefining the reality in which they want to live, the new world. A reality filled with intuition, extra powers, consciousness and a high amount of technology, plus a zest of nanites enabling the body to heal and stay young. With a few others, I have been speaking about the cosmos, galactic beings for decades and finally the rest of the troops have jumped in the boat… or the space ship!
  • Now, because of all the buzz and eventually silly things moving around on the WEB, are HBs co-creating the right future together or generating an immense chaos?
  • The positive aspect of this Cosmic-contact movement: the NA has extended its vision of the world, out of planet Earth and uses the word Cosmic. Awareness has expended from me-me-soul-searching to Cosmic search. Through their minds, HBs are pushing the limits of their habitat, reaching more layers of their multi-dimensional world and extensions. Fortunately, a few are reaching the Heart of the Cosmic Man. This is going to help crash the 3D astral matrix, open more multi-dimensional bridges and facilitate the ascending process. All the thoughts and wishes, the focus on ascension is fantastic. A larger group is rapidly growing and somewhat starting to take responsibility in the Earth ascension process
  • There is a lot of hate for what the public calls the Dracos, although the names of a few characters appearing in the ‘councils’ are highly draconian: draco, red-dragon, white royal dragon, … (??)
  • The newly open minded public, speaking about ascension, yet not educated, often forgets to distinguish the good and the bad ones. They have generally very little or no understanding of the reasons why the reptilians felt so low and why ‘alliances’ were made with other extra-terrestrial races that in fact became predators. The whole Lucifer/Darkness story is eluded as well as how Satanism started. All the responsibility in on the Draco’s shoulders.
  • No acknowledgement from the speakers of their own reptilian DNA — and they are many!
  • No mention of the big picture.While reading the following pages, weigh your reactions. Any pictures, feelings, body heat? Any coincidence with your life, reading, travel? Who are you involved with? Any intuitions? What feels true to you? Which speakers are you trusting? Why? Your comments, suggestions could bring solutions, openness to such chaos and lack of love, unity. Do you realize how much anger and hate is aimed at the ancient rulers of this world (the Dragons’s grand grand…. children), towards the organizations that so many of you have served for centuries? The Dragon’s Name has been tarnished; it is sad. Instead of finding wholeness and re-habilitation, the Reptilians whose responsibility was to guide humankind are now attracting all the anger and self-issues of the Web. Are you still serving the darkness in any way? What can we, what more can you do to transmute the darkness that we have participated in? Note that I say we, as I take responsibility for my physical self who worked with the old structures and Darkness in the past. There was a time when, during rituals, the Mantis aliens were invoked, as godly powers. Satanism and abuse have ruled the world. Are you sure that all your ties, serving the Lodges, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the dark Tibetans, the Mantisses and Greys, the degenerated Reptilians have been cleared? Are you, in any aspect of your life, living in or repeating a situation, or re-activating connections with people with whom you have served the interests of the Darkness? In your work, your partnerships, financial, marital or sexual? Are you focusing on seeing more [we all know how human blindness is frustrating], knowing more about yourself? Do you have any extra-terrestrial extensions? 
  • Detanglement is a key to the dismantling of the 3D matrix. Make choices that are in favor of freedom. To reach a higher level and reach your I Am Presence, you should CONCOMITANTLY:
  • Rise your frequency – meditation, invocation, abstinence/discipline
  • Free yourself from the contracts of the past
  • Stop re-activating the past – Detangle from any connection that is bringing back the past or opening time-bridges with past contracts/habits (I even wonder if I should publish these pages!).
  • Daily use your will to get out of the emotional body
  • Keep focused on inner alchemy = boosting the pineal and the upper centers while shooting up the energies from the lower chakras many times a day to activate your light body.
  • For ascension: you need to
  • Be able to exit time.
  • Exit the emotional/astral world
  • change your hormonal contentHow do you bring yourself to the Zero point, at the center of the cross (nothing new, but check if you have truly achieved it)Two axes, one vertical, one horizontalVertical:
  • are you using equally the two sides of your brain while working and in everyday life (Although this principle is contested by science)?
  • Are you equally showing organizational, detail oriented thinking, as well as a synthetic brain?
  • Are you able to do the math, analyze, yet function on intuition?
  • Are you using both hands and legs when performing daily chores?
  • Are you both a leader, yet capable of serving? Do you do the dishes at home as well as the accounting? Can you demonstrate love to your children? How? Are you alternating the roles at home with your partner? “developing four core areas—capturing new ideas, engaging in challenging tasks, broadening knowledge, and interacting with stimulating people and places—people can enhance their brain’s ability to innovate. Seventy-four city employees in Orange County, California, participated in creativity training consisting of exercises that focused on these four proficiencies.”Horizontal
  •  ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST – this is Ramadan time… a few terrorist attacks. Look at the dates hinted at in the Manifestation quote. Think about the groups and countries around which war and western destabilization originates; and terrorism, whether real or engineered. Still around the old vortices. Mankind is still working out stories that have started thousands of years ago and that are part of the religious culture.Sumer, Mesopotamia, already existed around BC 5400, when the city of Eridu was founded.  Remember that everything happening in 3D is the reflection of something happening Above, therefore involving religions, then countries. Abraham is supposed to be the father of both Ishmael and Isaac. Hagar, the concubine, gave birth to Ishmael. Isaac, is Sarah’s son. In the Jewish tradition, although second born, Isaac is said to be the legitimate wife’s son and the one approved by God. Sarah decided that Ishmael, Hagar’s son, would have a bad influence on Isaac and asked Abraham to send him away. God did not abandon Hagar and protected them in the Desert; Through Gabriel, a spring appeared and God promised that Ishmael would become a ‘great nation’. He is the father of the Ishmaelites or Arabs. Then, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. Jewish people, using the Old Testament, believe that this story pertains to Isaac; although it is not part of the Coran, most Muslims believe that Ishmael was in fact the son that God asked to be sacrificed. The angel Gabriel assisted Hagar and later asked Abraham to bring Ishmael to Mecca, where he built the Kaaba. Hagar and Ishmael’s wandering in the desertic hills around Mecca is remembered during the Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca. The Irak vortex was mentioned years ago as the onset of the War in Irak, marked by the Marduk Temple and the Ishtar Gate. We must add the vortices present in the Sinai, a perfect alien territory. Is the ongoing war in Palestine the reflection of an ongoing battle between two alien factions [the aliens being layers of the material world] and/or a spiritual war between the frequencies of the Sun and the Moon?    INFO GATHERED OVER END OF MAYBooks. Movies, on Aliens, space, the cosmos are part of the best seller list. Physics and the Cosmos are an ongoing popular subject – Neil De Grasse Tyson’s book, Physics for people in a Hurry is a NYTimes and Amazon best seller…. The internet activity around David Wilcock and Corey Goode has grown to the point of being noticeable in the Webbot analytics. (see below).  Corey Goode and David Wilcock ‘however, there certainly are some of them who seem to be very focused on destroying humanity. Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales has confirmed that these people are heavily involved in banking and finance, and do represent the core of what many people call the Illuminati, but which the SSP Alliance P 447: Corey independently confirmed that a treaty was worked out between these people and the Draco to pursue their mutual interest (EVENTUALLY HELPING HUMANKIND TO EVOLVE? TO EVOLVE FASTER WITH MORE BRAIN AND MORE EDUCATION?). Jacob revealed that this has been in place since the time of Queen Elizabeth and her court astrologer John Dee, and other alliances had occurred in a variety of prior instances (YES, LONG TIME AGO!). It definitely appears that this negative influence will finally be transformed as we go through the ascension process etc.” P 458: ‘you have become a conscious channel or ETs or some other source… you are no longer sleeping Wanderer!” 462 :I asked the universe whether I was an ET soul, and I got a highly dramatic answer,… P 463 the Law of One spoke intensively about the Cabal on Earth, which they called the negative elite. It also clearly indicated that these people were being controlled by a highly negative ET group called the Orion Confederation…. Jacob and Corey confirmed that the Draco have a major stronghold in the Constellation Orion’ [ this was translated as the Egyptian story of Osiris and the pharaohs being from Orion = for a cycle, the command was left to the Orion Confederation = NOTE a very good article on elongated skulls as a custom and ritual amongst the Burgondes Goode and Wilcock have added another character to their story, the mysterious Lt Colonnel Gonzalez “in a liaison role between the Blue Avians and the Solar Warden– well, the SSP breakaway faction that included Solar Warden. It’s not just Solar Warden. [in their lore, THE BLUE AVIANS ARE THE NICE GUIDES].CG: Right. A lot of people have been putting out that it was just Solar Warden. It’s kind of a conglomerate of defectors from the different space programs.CG: And he had been presenting information from the Blue Avians for some time, and then all of a sudden out of the blue, they give him my name and information, and he comes to the SSP council, alliance council, and says, the Blue Avians have chosen this guy to be their delegate. And they were not happy at all about it. They wanted Gonzales to be the delegate.” […]…. “when this contact first happened in your case in 2011, did you actually see them like the Android Jones illustration that we have? Were you seeing these beings, or was it like a blue sphere? What were you actually experiencing?
  • CG: They first introduced themselves to people in dreams, in a very lucid dream. And then they appear to you physically after they have prepared you through dreams.”
  • DW: Right.
  • DW: It’s not just Solar Warden.
  • I was unable to read every word of DW’s childhood and teenage struggle with self, body, drugs, etc, ESP, mix of non-integrated part of Multi-dimensional self
  • “people with elongated skulls are still alive on earth today. At times, they have warred with the Draco and at other times they have formed alliances with them. By no means am I advocating that we hunt them down or treat them all as criminals. Heroes can come from the most unlikely places. If we treat them as aliens or villains, we are only going to repeat the same cycles that have damaged us for so long” p 446 (D.Wilcock, Ascension).
  • When DW started to publish on the WEB, years ago, I thought that he had very interesting additions to make to the usual pinkish new age literature. He helped the readers to make the connection between spirituality and science. Then came the Edgar Cayce phase; later the conspiracy phase — this must be seen to start recovering one’s freedom. And now, amidst the soul-searching and healing, vague information about bloodline, American presidents, book of Enoch, giants
  • Abraham is said in the Bible to come from Ur, one of the Sumerian cities. Although it is estimated that the patriarch lived around 2000 BC, “Archaeologists have discovered the evidence of an early occupation at Ur during the Ubaid period (ca. 6500 to 3800 BC)”. Wiki

CG: Most people are being contacted having experiences with the blue orbs, which is– the blue orbs are actually the highest density of the sphere being alliance. So I mean, they’re higher density than the Blue Avians, but everyone seems to have locked on to– I guess the Blue Avian, there’s something romantic about it. People have locked onto it. But most people are having experiences with the blue spheres.

DW: What would that involve? What’s actually happening?

CG: Usually a blue sphere or spheres appear to people and zip around or stop in front of them and pulse, and people receive either a message they remember consciously, or they just think they just saw a very cool thing and don’t understand that they received a message subconsciously, or their higher self received a message. And they’re receiving a message from these higher density beings for future reasons.




To connect with the channeled text ‘the Law of One’, back in fashion because D. Willock mentions it. 6th and 9th density beings [I am impressed, and impressed by their ability to communicate with HBs]. The Blue Avians would be ancient ‘followers of Ra and Horus’.

We hope then that they were not contaminated by the Praying Mantis alliance, as the Mantis aliens might have emerged from Orion. Or, if they are in the 6th and above dimensions, they might have escaped before the alliance. What do you feel?


KRYON: Still on the market, still announcing his channeling of ‘magnetic….’ Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service

So, his evolved partner still does not know that the cycle did NOT officially end up in 2012 but in 2010. This brings questions about the accuracy of his channeled messages.


AU LENDEMAIN DE ROSWELL: A book suddenly published in French, sensation in because the publisher appeared at the Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree. Nothing new, neither at the conference, nor in the book, published in 1997 and available for free on the internet, in English:


Note: The Roswell Desert is far from Joshua Tree, a famous spot in the past for UFOs sightings and of course, location of one of the largest military base in the US (mostly geographically located in 29 Palms, after Joshua Tree). Do we have special underground bases in JTree National Park (I cannot prove it, intuition). Probably; that would follow a pattern in the US.




The CE-5 teams (Human Initiated Contact Teams) are burgeoning around the world. The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) initiated. A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI. [That was in 2014, Joshua Tree, Contact in the Desert].



Patty Greer is an award-winning UFO filmmaker who’s delivered 8 illuminating full feature UFO films in the last 10 years. She received 8 prestigious awards including 5 EBEs at the largest UFO film festival in the world, “The International UFO Congress Film Festival.” Her movies offer explosive footage and scientific evidence about Crop Circles, Plasma Vortex physics and Orbs. Without any mis-information she filmed the movies herself in the epicenter of the phenomenon, Wiltshire England. Patty is bold, direct, and intuitive on camera and has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circle personally. She fearlessly filmed multi-dimensional footage for years after entering her first UK Crop Circle in 2006. On the ground in the fields and from the air in small planes she relentlessly filmed day and night. Patty knew instantly that she had stepped into a parallel reality because the energetic buzz was unusually strong. She had tingles and






The first Army Air Force analysts and engineers both at the 509th and at Wright Field were also bedeviled by the lack of any traditional controls and propulsion system in the crashed vehicle. Looking at their reports and the artifacts from the perspective of 1961, however, I imagined that the keys to understanding what made the craft go and directed its flight lay not only within the craft itself but in the relationship between the pilots and the craft. If we hypothesized a brainwave guidance system that was as specific to the pilots’ electronic signature as it was to the spacecraft’s, then we were looking at an entirely revolutionary concept of guided flight in which the pilot was the system.

Imagine transportation devices in which the key to the ignition is a digitized code derived from your electroencephalographic signature and is read automatically upon your donning some sort of sensorized headband. That’s the way I believed the spacecraft was navigated, by direct interaction between the electronic waves generated within the minds of the pilots and the craft’s directional controls. The electronic brain signals were interpreted and transmitted by the headband devices, which served as interfaces.





“And by the way, Kent has revised his reptilian population numbers since his warning that thousands of them were attempting to escape earth under cover of black dust chemtrails. In the May 28 Goldfish Report he stated that there are only about 90 reps left on the planet.”


Wao, this is one of the best jokes of the internet! I have such a hard time continuing to post anything on the WEB.

ABOUT COREY GOODE, FACEBOOK LAMBREMONT WEBRE (I am reading his volume Omniverse).



Alfred, what is your opinion about Corey Goode? 5/30/2017

ALFRED: John Corey (Original name) appears to be engaging in apparent intentional Exopolitical research fraud casting the field in disrepute in 3 major respects: (1) John Corey is appropriating bits and pieces of the life stories of 3 official Mars whistleblowers to himself, thereby commiting “Stolen Valor”. (2) Visits to Gonzalez in the Kuiper Belt – Expert witnesses from the actual Secret space program have provided a full analysis of why this scenario is (a) implausible under current SSP, and (b) why “Gonzalez” is an apparent fabrication by John Corey based on an actual distinguished SSP officer of Hispanic descent. (3) Antarctica MSU [Making Shit Up] Immediately after the very period that John Kerry, Obama, and Buzz Aldren visit Antarctica & Buzz Aldrin is in the news because he is rushed to New Zealand by Air Ambulance because of heart issues as Pre-Adamites are discovered in Atlantis, John Corey creates a topical addition to his apparent ongoing intentional whistleblower Exopolitical research fraud by announcing that over the weekend a spaceship landed in his back yard and took him on an inspection tour of Antarctica & the recent topical finds so he could remain newsworthy on the air and at lectures. The CIA Mars Jump Room whistleblowers that I have interviewed from an official US Secret Space Program all have multiple corroborating witnesses and evidentiary documents, gathered over a period of more than 15 years. John Corey [AKA Corey GoodET as originally renamed by Bill Ryan according to his wife Christine Anderson in personal conversation with me] does not have a single corroborating witness or evidentiary document from alleged decades of service in alleged Secret Space Programs, which as a matter of the law of evidence is utterly implausible Alfred Lambremont Webre May 30, 2017

My intention as the acknowledged founder of the science of Exopolitics (Relations with ETs) through my 2000 book Exopolitics is to police the field of public abuse & profiteering through apparent fraudulent Exopolitical research, such as John Corey is engaging in in the specified respects at GAIA TV in violation of GAIA TV’S own Code of Conduct.

A positive article about Corey Goode:




COBRA: public figure, no face ;


(Cobra) I have many sources of information. First I have a certain connection with the Resistance Movement. I will speak about this later if there is time. I also have some people in all major interest groups on the planet give me intel. I also have my own physical experience with the Pleiadians a long time ago. All of these sources combined gives me a pretty accurate picture of what’s going on on this planet.

(Alfred) Would you like to give us your nationality, or is that not relevant?

(Cobra) It’s not relevant and it’s not important.


“Pleiadians would land at the UN in 2014 or 2015 and speak. Is this part of that?” DID NOT HAPPEN


THE LIGHT FORCES: “There are various Dragon groups, for example. Some of them are completely positive, some of them are mixed and some of them are negative. You have Templar groups – again – some of them are extremely positive, some of them are mixed and some of them are negative. And you have some other groups I will not name, which are of a very positive nature. I can only briefly mention one of them and this is the Brotherhood of the Star.”


UNFORTUNATELY, STILL DUAL THINKING. “Our planet has been under quarantine status for the last 25,000 years. This status has been imposed upon humanity by the negative ET races”






“During 2012 a specific group was created to inform the people about the approaching Event and help coordinate the many Resistance members dedicating themselves to it.  Their anonymous messenger, code named “Cobra”, opened an informational website, in March of 2012 . This group grew out of agents within governmental and military organizations from this planet, who realized that this world was being largely manipulated and controlled by sociopaths and realized that they had to stop them. They were attacked and forced to take refuge in underground tunnels under New York in 1975. From there they have organized a worldwide network of underground bases and are now working tirelessly to take this criminal cabal down, arrest them, give them fair trials and the healing they need.

The mission of the Resistance Movement’s blog is to inform the population of the spiritual and operational activities initiated for the liberation and protection of this planet.  Their spokesman, whose codename Cobra is derived from the two words “compression” and “breakthrough”, also in contact with off world groups such as the Pleiadians, but his information is not channeled, it is received through direct physical contact.

The Resistance Movement is based in cities in the inner Earth. They are a different group than the Agarthan network, but they work together very closely.”



In 1975, a certain intelligence agent under codename Michael was running for his life from Illuminati that were chasing him. He gathered around him a group of 12 operatives in order to protect himself. While on the run and in hiding, they discovered a maze of tunnels below the New York underground subway system. They entered the tunnels, disappeared from the surface and regrouped down there. So the Organization was born, having its main command center under the subway system of New York. Through the vast spy network that Michael still had on the surface, they have contacted many operatives that fought against the Illuminati and many of them went underground and joined the Organization.


Their main objective was to overthrow the rule of the Illuminati and give advanced technologies to humanity. Personal computers that we know now were developed with assistance of Organization and I have personally seen a room full with rows of computers as they were being developed in their main underground command center back in 1977.


This new awareness has made it easier for the Resistance Movement to improve their plan of overthrow of the Illuminati on planet Earth.


Until 2003, they have managed to clear all the deep underground military bases and only the uppermost portions of those bases remained.


Since then, the Resistance Movement  has infiltrated around 300 of its operatives inside Illuminati network, mostly in top positions in the  military and intelligence agencies. Those operatives are undetectable and Illuminati have no idea who or where they are.


In January and early February of this year of 2012, the Resistance Movement has seized most of the gold that was in Illuminati hands. So if you are asking yourself where the Yamashita gold is, now you know the answer. It is not in Mariana trench, it is not in Fort Knox, it is not in cellars of private Rothschild villas and chateaux, it is not in vaults under Kloten airport, it is not in safes of UBS in Zurich, it is not scattered in safes of small banks around the world under Jesuit control. It is in underground chambers of the Resistance Movement, and after the Event it will be returned to humanity and it will serve as a reserve for a new currency which will mean abundance for everyone.







Plasma is made visible in our world in the form of lightning and the aurora borealis. Etheric plasma also holds a tremendous amount of information. Reactions and emotions increase in plasma in our pineal and pituitary chakras and are transmitted to the physical plane and become “our” reality. (i think this is why feelings and emotions play a major role in the manifestation process and how we create our reality) The cabal has placed a scalar plasma network in the brain (similar to computer software programs?) to block our access to higher consciousness. 95% of all illnesses are created as a result of this negative plasma network. Antigravity plasma propulsion can make a bridge or portal between the physical and non physical, and thus there is no “speed, gravity, or actual mass” involved. The same “meta- physics” are utilized in the plasma standing wave that transmits electrons across space, which is what Tesla discovered…. and he created devices that could transmit electrons (electricity) without the use of wire. He and his inventions were hijacked by the cabal.




“If you need healing or think that you are one of the 144000 chosen light workers to assist the planet, you need to buy your CINTIMANI STONE.”

Coming from Sirius… [how lucky! I do not have not the right connection!]. “Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from the Sirius star system. Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth after a long journey through interstellar space. In the last 25,000 years, the positive Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones. Throughout the history, they have given pieces of Cintamani to some of those individuals who had the maximum potential positive influence on the human history. King Solomon, Alexander the Great and Akbar were in possession of a piece of Cintamani stone.” [there is NO POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE AGARTHA. THERE WAS AGARTHA]. One piece of Cintamani, previously in Templar possession, was given to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who revealed the existence of Agartha to humanity in his famous novel The Coming Race.


Later this same piece was given to a certain Templar group near Untersberg and then to the Vril girls (die Vrilerinnen) who channeled the technological know-how for first working space program on the surface of the planet since the fall of Atlantis. Another piece was given to Nicholas Roerich, who attempted to achieve world peace with it. His well known Banner of Peace is a symbol related to the triple Sirius star system. Cintamani is the sacred stone of the Brotherhood of the Star, the last true remnant of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. Many Lightworkers and Light warriors belong to the mandala of 144,000 star beings of Light who came to planet Earth many incarnations ago to assist in the liberation of this planet and the Shift of the Ages





With a little flair of Merkabah — see the picture—- stones displayed using the Flower of Life pattern; this is the perfect new age soup. Who remembers that the Flower of Life promoter was working for the CIA?



Cobra-school, he has a wife:




‘they arrested the Cabal on planet X in 1999’ END OF THE BABYLONIAN BROTHERHOOD


RM and technology:


“Free energy chambers are the main source of energy inside the Resistance movement and they produce physical energy out of the etheric substance.


This technology is recently being replaced with tachyon energy which is not based upon electromagnetic radiation and is a clear source of energy of light. With tachyon receivers it is possible to permeate the physical matter with tachyons so that it becomes an emitter of pure light. This process is called tachyonization. By using this process they make wonderful refreshment drinks and change them into an elixir of life, which rejuvenates cells of their bodies. Cloning technology is developed to its perfection and with its aid everyone can choose a physical body according to his taste. People have no health problems except for occasional symptoms that have emotional origin. Eventual problems with inner organs are not removed with operations but with special materialization chambers.”


“Their biotechnologists have developed so called bioskin that can heal up any physical wound in a few moments. With the use of nanotechnology they have developed miniature robots for removal of viruses and harmful biochips. Their computer programmers have broken into the mainframe computer of the dark forces. This computer has a program that controls thinking processes of humanity with a network of microbiochips that are implanted in the brain of every living human on the surface of the planet. A good example of this program is shown in the Matrix movie. When the program in the mainframe computer will be completely broken, the biochip network will begin falling apart and people will realize in astonishment that they have lived psychologically for years in a virtual world without any real contact with themselves, with each other or with nature and the universe. When was the last time that you have been watching the sunset?


Spiritual guidance of the Resistance movement is the Atlantean network. The Atlantean network also consists of three circles. The inner circle are few dozens of priests from Atlantis that have retreated from the surface 25 thousand years ago.


AH, I THEN TRIED, RM COBRA DISINFORMATION… MMM asking for $1000 donations increments…. A recepe I should try!

Honey Badger sent COBRA an email asking how one could donate money (COBRA was asking for donations in $1,000 increments, far more brash and bold than Deatra Loomer, freedom scam artist). COBRA said one could use the Paypal of a “friend,” giving this email:

That email belongs to someone named “Istar Antares,” author of this article full of terms used by COBRA, such as the Galactic Codex that justifies the use of space dust on the Cabal, etc. Ishtar writes:







Alfred Lambremont Webre

Today’s COBRA EVENT AI MEME UPDATE 😉 Alfred Lambremont Webre was ejected from COBRA Etheric Liberation group for the act yesterday of posting and commenting on the fact that the Blue Avian meme may be an AI deception. I just found out when I went to post the below on COBRA’s Sept-Dec 2015 Galactic Wave – Event meme.

Guess What! I think the Vibe just outed COBRA’s Event as an AI entrained Mind Control meme?


Here are alternatives to consider around any expected Galactic superwave 😉 COBRA details evidence for a galactic superwave in the Oct-Dec 2015 period leading to the Event.

The non-galactic AI artificial Intelligence version of this phenomenon would be a remote neural holographic thematic false flag activated around CERN, Schumann resonance manipulation, mass stimulation of mind implants and DNA through super computer banks connected to HAARP for example, leading to some ground-based “Event” by personnel entrained to the Artificial Intelligence AI.

QUESTION: What is your evaluation of this alternative AI interpretation of an expected galactic superwave (I have interviewed Paul LaViolette on his galactic superwave theories)? 😉

The Portal: Galactic Wave of Love by COBRA…/07/…



“This is going to be short. Two videos by Jordan that address some of what’s going on.

Overall, all EXPOSURE is breaking loose… meaning the ones trying to disaffect those bringing forward the elements related to disclosure (3D, 4D, Cosmic, etc.) are being “attacked”. As a result, the “attackers” are exposing themselves, and they, like all other adversaries, dissolve in their perceived power, and fade from view (eventually).

Corey had announced it….” Kauilapele’s Blog


patty Greer




Article Knights of Malta: One Djedi priest mentioned in the Egyptian’s Westcar Papyrus is said to have possessed the key that opened the “secret chambers of the sanctuary of Thoth,” who many esoteric historians believe was a missionary and Master of the Force from Atlantis.  Within his sanctuary were books authored by Thoth that covered in detail the physics behind activating and developing the Force through alchemy—the art that Thoth-Hermes would eventually become the recognized patron of throughout the world.  Through Thoth’s alchemy, the esoteric symbol of which is the  caduceus, a future Djedi could awaken the normally dormant “serpent” power, the fiery Force at the base of his spine, and then move it upward to his head where it would culminate in supernatural powers and intuitive, Gnostic wisdom.  The proof that a Djedi had accomplished this alchemy is intrinsic to his name, which was, essentially, an honorific title.  The Djed of Djedi denoted “column”, while the root word or sound Dj denoted “serpent”.

Recommended videos:



1:34 – 1:43 – 1:50

‘ they could never use the


The David Adler story


Cliff high about Corey minute 27

Cliff High is the man who created the Webbot, a

Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words and using the result to make forecasts based on the emotional ‘tone’ changes within the larger population. A form of ‘collective sub-conscious expression’ is a good way to think of it. Predictive linguistics can be used to forecast trends at many different levels, from the detail of sales to individuals, all the way up to forecasts about emerging global population trends.




Buzz is big enough to have impacted the Webbot data – Mr. High has to ‘put some filters’

“polluting a period of time where we are coming very close to a realistic disclosure

“CGoode ‘pissed me off because he is claming to be one of the people flying the ships that I see upthere with my night vision gurgles…he took the whole cosmic space program and brought it down to a comic book you would read in an outhouse.” At the end of the video he is inviting the person he might have offended (Goode, Wilckock, Gaiam TV) to a personal combat on Friday night!!



FRENCH: Good luck!

4:12 Dracos assistes de mantes et humanoides

Empathique-intuitif – draco royal blanc- ils ont des suzerains

I wonder why this man is invited to speak with the Royal Whide Dracon and any council

14.51 suzerains sont responsables de la presence des IA

Les nordiques a 6 doigts ont….

Episodes a vendre


Et le mot de la fin a David Willock : « Tentative d’arrestation de Jesus ratee….Cela suggère donc que les Russes et les MIC ont maintenant fait équipe contre les Dracos, ce qui est un développement très important.

Un astronome amateur a pu voir Jésus qui était à un hublot et qui était en état de détresse.

Le peuple de la Terre ne peut pas laisser le Christ aux mains des Dracos. L’Alliance arrive pour sauver Jésus le 17 février prochain !”






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  • cangemi says:

    Bonjour Cher Archange. Et merci pour ce nouvel article riche en informations.

    Mon sentiment après une lecture la plus concentrée possible de toutes ces informations “divulguées”. Cela m’amène à des questions. Dans certains sites, les Dragons/Dracos évoluent avec les Mantis, sous une forme ‘négative’. L’énergie véhiculée par ces personnes me fait penser plus à une énergie reptilienne dégénérée (avec de la nanotechnologie en plus) de type vampires : Draco -> Dracula 🙂 Il est effectivement possible que ces cousins des Dragons, en manque d’ADN originel ont cru être obligés de récupérer l’information manquante à leur patrimoine par la prédation : sang, contrôle psychique, en s’associant à d’autres prédateurs cosmiques (insectoïdes). Cela a sans doute été rendu possible par la nécessité pour l’humanité de plonger dans la matière et l’amnésie afin d’expérimenter l’opposé de la lumière dans un processus alchimique bien connu d’emprisonnement de la lumière subtile au coeur de l’atome/dissolution de la matière primera/réintégration consciente par le raffinement/construction du corps de lumière transmuté.

    Rêve personnel : je vois une énorme Mantis me faire face, puis un Hippocampe passe à côté et se fait atteindre par un coup de ‘pince ou sabre’. Il tombe étourdi…. L’Hippocampe est aussi une région du cerveau situé a priori en dessous du cerveau reptilien. Il est le siège des émotions et des inhibitions…

    Difficile de dire si cela est au final positif ou négatif. Il y aurait simplement deux forces qui se cherchent, s’opposent et se retrouvent afin d’accomplir le Grand Oeuvre ?

    Hello Dear Archangel. And thank you for this new article rich in information.

    My feeling after a most possible focused reading of all this”disclosed” information. That brings me to questions. In some sites, the Dragons / Dracos evolve with the Mantis, in a ‘negative’ form. The energy conveyed by these people makes me think more of a degenerate reptilian energy (with addition of nanotechnology) of vampire type: Draco -> Dracula 🙂 It is indeed possible that these cousins ​​of the Dragons, lacking original DNA, believed they were obliged to recover the missing information from their heritage by predation: blood, psychic control, by associating with other cosmic predators (insectoids). This has undoubtedly been made possible by the need for mankind to dive into matter and amnesia in order to experience the opposite of light in a well-known alchemical process of imprisoning subtle light in the heart of the ‘Atom / dissolution of the Primera matter / conscious reintegration by the refinement / construction of the transmuted light body.

    Personal dream: I see an enormous Mantis face me, then a Hippocampe passes by and is hit by a pinch or saber. He falls stunned …. The Hippocampus is also a region of the brain located a priori below the reptilian brain. It is the seat of emotions and inhibitions …

    Difficult to say whether this is ultimately positive or negative. There would simply be two forces that seek, oppose, and find each other in order to accomplish the Great Work?

    Avec amour


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