Past-Parallel existences; How to transmute them.

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How to deal with a past life [more than I killed my brother, he will kill me….]- we will call it PL and deal first with the mind and consciousness aspects.

You have located a past/parallel existence, eventually a significant one.

        Read, watch movies about the context, period in history, the country in which the event took place. Set your consciousness on this PL to stimulate your memory, your feelings, recorded in the mind and in specific areas of the body.

        Set your intention to remember in order to transmute = transform the experience into a jewel, a piece of gold that enables you to evolve.

        What was your role, your purpose?

        How does this story connect with what you already know about your soul, your soul purpose? Your present reality? Does it influence, intersect with the present? How is it shaping your beliefs,  behavior and choices?

        Where you part of a group? Did you do something AGAINST or WITH someone else or a group?

        Why did you create this situation for yourself? Even if you were not the leader, you joined, thus, you are responsible.

Nothing is black or white. History flows for and towards a goal. Groups, leaders, colors, religions come and go, play a momentary role in the process of human evolution.

Also, the Monads have purposes that are sometimes difficult to change = human beings in the physical world do not have the choice but to participate in group-events.

Being ‘against’ implies bringing new or different point of view. Was your point of view, your new government, the war in which you have participated a just or unjust war? More precisely, coming out of a dual and bias point of view: what was the timely impact of the actions, yours or the group?

        How would you reframe the event/s with your present understanding, knowledge, social life? Has your belief system changed? Would you re-do the same thing, in the same historical context and now?

        How is this fitting in the context of what you know about Divine Plan?

        How was your ego involved? Your need to exert power or to be loved? Group members can act because they have very strong family, emotional or spiritual bonds and beliefs.


        What about feelings? Have you made repetitive, subsequent choices because of the outcome of this PL? [your self-esteem; your sense of righteousness; who you associate with, your conduct, your judgments on self, on people or the world in general]. How would you consider the situation now? Anything that you should correct to liberate your true self?



        Any hidden aspect of your psyche still lurking in relationship with this PL? Conduct or belief that you are not so proud of or that is not very popular? Could this PL explain fits of anger, sadness, depression, lack of self-esteem, self-sabotage?


        Reframe. Change your mind, change your life or reaction to life. Reset the situation in the 2017 context, with your present level of consciousness, beliefs and code of conduct; also according to your age, if event happened at a young age.


        Take responsibility for everything, even if it seemed that you had no choice.


Body and memories:

Where is this event recorded in your body? any pain, birth mark, handicap, reaction when you think, speak about it, when you meet so and so or go in specific locations?

Connect energetically this area in your body, the time/space in which PL occurred, the non-local area of the Earth matrix where this event is recorded (Earth records or Akhashic records). Bring light, eventually cobalt blue light to this triangle. Dissolve in the infinite.

Re-read article End of Karma – there is more in the website; I just cannot locate the right articles… !


PL and time loops:

‘A time-loop is the completed trajectory of an experience projected into the space-time of a universe X, by an individual, a consciousness or a group’. Amen, p.135.

All PL are a part of a time-loop, whether the group experience of a cycle, an era. Most PL are the projection of a belief, an archetype; in this context millions, on Earth and elsewhere, could be participating in the completion of a belief, of a specific ‘story’.

You might discover, within the limits of humility and congruence (with your level of evolution, your other PLs, what you are today), that you are/were a major player in a historical group or situation. In this case, it is important, for the sake of freeing Earth from human karma, that you complete one or more time-loops. This implies complete any un-finished business related to this story, that might still be lurking in your shadow (unknown). If you are still involved in the ‘story’, one way or the other, then make the necessary changes to cleanse any wrong doing and align with the newly acquired information, level of purity and consciousness. For instance: you have participated in the killing of dozens of people because your church called them ‘witches’.  What is the consensus now? Make peace with the souls that were sacrificed during the experiences. Write an article in your church magazine with more evolved principles regarding psychic and healing gifts. Visit a witch and make a gift. Make a donation to the local witch church! Etc, be creative in good deeds.


If any reader has more ideas about clearing and transmuting PL, please send a note. Thank you.













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