Alien Conspiracy or Consciousness management?

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Have you ever heard about the ‘Battle of Los Angeles’. It happened in 1942, US army against UFOs, and was witnessed by thousands. It looks like a Hollywood movie. People heard the sirens, expected an attack by the Japanese army and… saw a gigantic spaceship hovering above the city. I actually have a tendency to think that it was a protection.


recent news from the front line, Michael Salla’s june report: “According secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, Pope Francis and other world leaders have been contacted by a group of four human-looking extraterrestrial civilizations that are encouraging them to unify as a prelude to the establishment of a new global religion.

The second development was the synchronistic June 14 release of an alleged Majestic-12 Document [jan. 1989] describing four groups of extraterrestrials known to the military intelligence community, including one that is human-looking and friendly. It states that formal diplomatic relations began with the human-looking group during the Eisenhower administration, and secretly continues to the present day.” I recommend reading the whole article:


End June 2017- The quest continues, forcing us to realize how much intrusion or connection/oneness exit between HB life on the Earth and alien civilizations.  Or, this is a re-framing exercise of our vocabulary, adding more aliens to the metaphysical décor and letting go of angels. The fact that I have been spending so much time on this subject, in association with a growing crowd, is a confirmation that the Earth’s and mankind’s situation and future are intimately connected to alien civilizations. Yet, somewhere in my consciousness, I still have a problem mixing aliens and angels.  The frustrating few hints and glimpses that we have into the universes from our prison suggests a multitude and diverse creation. Categorization might be an easy simplification.  It is still challenging to visualize the Sirian Teachers with a cell phone stuck on the ear (most ETs are represented without ears..) and still believe that they are two kinds of species coexisting in the created world

          the material ones (HBs, ETs).  Like HBs, aliens can be evolved and live in higher dimensions/frequencies or low level even if their nature/signature is different than humans.


         The spiritual ones, holding a fully different frequency. Otherwise, all the metaphysical principles, fires, merging, alchemy fall apart. Based on concrete evidence, the human spiritual anatomy and hormonal system, the alchemical process appears to be still valid.

Now, I want to make sure that no false interpretation is made about my main focus: the goal is not to debusk a conspiracy or the last ETs behind the scene. Behind all this agitation, I am centering myself more and more at the Michaelic Consciousness/Adam Kadm


on/Creator level. This is my life work; the little handmade diagram representing the AK, the Galactic Body of the Creator Consciousness that sits in my office has not left my attention for more than 16 years. Keeping in mind that Its/His/ body of expression is a conglomerate of Constellations, thus inhabited by alien civilizations!  This goes far beyond the ET battles and sins of the lodges. My Axis, the focus of my alignment are the Creator’s Consciousness and Heart with which My/my heart and Consciousness relate with, naturally and ceaselessly.

So… after reading, the Lambremont Webre’s volume, The Ominiverse, hesitating between irritation,  disappointment or gratitude, I decided to refresh my memory and compare with the 1999 book, Stargate Conspiracy, from Picknett and Prince. Nothing much in the Omniverse, except an assertive style and a vocabulary that might attract a different readership: the author uses expressions such as: ‘It is more probable than not’ … “Exophenotypology… the classification of ETs based on their physical appearance: standard terran humanoid (ET walking next to you, in a human disguise); Shorter humanoid … shorter than most terrestrial humans; Taller humanoid, look terrestrial in appearance but taller than the average human being’. Etc p. 40

LW is male, lawyer, involved with politics; his biography is impressive. Yale graduate and professor, ‘former general counsel to the NY…former director of the 1977 Carter white house ET communication study, former NGO delegate to the United Nations’, etc. worse reading.  LW is ‘the founder of Exopolitics, the science [it has to be a science!] of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse’. I did not think about that one; only using the terms ‘geo-politics and Cosmic News!

The positive aspect of this international information-disinformation frenzy is that being a time-traveler, a naturally telepath, empath and of Sirian origin became totally acceptable and even trendy; people can finally believe and function using ‘trans-dimensional intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife’, without being an out-cast; as long as the gifted individual is using ‘a scientific method from a variety of sources’ (p. 22) such as ‘replicable scientific remote viewing’, ‘replicable information derived though technology based out-of-the-body experience, Montauk chair device… stargate…etc”. Dutifully and stubbornly replicated for more than 60 years! I hope that they did not find me for the Montauk experiment!


“Primary databases for exopolitical research and activity can be derived using the scientific method from a wide variety of sources:

–         Reports from whistle-blowers from inside secret ET liaison programs

–         Documentary evidence from government and official sources

–         Replication information derived through technology-based, out of body experiences, Mantauk chair device, chrono-visor, teleporter, stargate, plasma chamber and jump-room

–         Replicable scientific remote-viewing using standard laboratory protocols.” Omniverse, p.

We wonder if we should scream alleluia or freeze in amazement. After the gays, trans-genders, aliens disguised in humans as well as psychics can finally come out of the closet and, if using ‘standard laboratory protocols’ have a chance to escape being burned at stake!

Thanks God —or thanks dear ETs, psychics, empaths and trans-dimensional travelers have fortunately existed long enough, courageously opening mankind’s consciousness, raising the level of awareness, changing the scripts on the matrix. As for ‘the science of relations, etc’, the dreadful occultists used to call this the functioning of the Spiritual Hierarchies and Spiritual Government.


In brief, it is time to finally accept spirituality and psychic abilities as an intrinsic part of life, an important one, instead of shutting down people’s gifts (for different reasons- see chapter XXX) or secluding them as the secret and perfect weapon used by an elite, and/or by the army to re-enforce manipulation and domination over the masses. [see notes, R].


Also, the recent progresses (or awareness) in science and physics allowed a larger public to perceive and imagine what seemed so unfathomable a few years ago, as previously stated in my writings:

–         a group of Sirians in charge of the Giza vortex, yet living in ‘another dimension’.

–         a ‘invisible’ chamber around the Sphynx (I mentioned working in this chamber years ago).

–         Stargates

–         a Hall of Records that does need to be located anywhere in 3D, just in the field of Consciousness surrounding the Earth and accessible through the doorway of specific frequencies; without forgetting our first chakra connected to our personal library, which is more or less extended according to individual evolution.


In Stargate Conspiracy, Picknett and Prince connect the impact of old Egypt on philosophers and writers. as well as a number of organizations, scientists, politics who, at least since the 50s,  were involved in the study of the mind and consciousness and claimed to receive information from a beings introducing themselves as the Egyptian Osirian Ennead, the Council of Nine.  The Nine happen to be very familiar, as I had a special meeting with them in 1996 (if I remember well). This was before My Embodiment. N. was working in Salt Lake City, Utah, undergoing strange phenomena that culminated with the injunction to let go of poverty consciousness and book a room in one of the fanciest mansions of the city. Later, at night, the Ennead paid N. a visit and appeared with their ‘Egyptian look’!


Note, Egyptian Campaign.

The Egyptian Campaign ended as a military disaster. However, the amount of information and cultural gain was fantastic, as France anchored a presence in Egypt last lasted until the end of the 19th century. The team came back with, among other documents, 20 large volumes known as ‘Description de l’Egypte’.  Finally, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, opened the understanding of the hieroglyphic language.

Since the Napoleonic era and the Egyptian campaign, more or less secret research has been conducted to unravel the secrets of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. It culminated with the 2000 project of ceremony in Giza at the end of which a golden capstone would be placed on the Great Pyramid. A ‘massonic plot’ was denounced and the ceremony cancelled.

“the teachings of the Nine emphasize that they are many civilizations throughout the Galaxy, some of whom are banded together in a Star-Trek like federation throughout the Galaxy…some operate closely with them.” “The second coming will take place as part of the mass-landing, when Jesus will arrive as the Jewish Messiah.” Stargate p 190-1

looking directly at one of the sources: The Planet of Choice,

this is how, Tom introduces the Nine: We are what is identified [in the Hebraic tradition] as the Elohim. We wish you to know we are not God. We are collective and become one. We wish you to know that we are you as you are we. [author’s note: all right, that makes sense, whetehr it was truly the Elohim speaking or not]. You created us, and out of that creation you were created. Do not underestimate who you are, and your ability. [now, we are reaching science!].


The silent messages that were left by ancient civilizations were already explicit enough in terms of Earth relationship with the cosmos.  While the masses, in a happy, religious fall into darkness and oblivion, decided to accept the ban imposed on the interactions with other civilizations, with the star people, the bonds with Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, etc have always been acknowledged and celebrated by the Natives and in the Occult and metaphysical Groups. In this regard, Picknett and Prince recognized the similarity with the occult teachings as brought force by Schwaller de Lubicz, Aleister Crowley, and re-vamped by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology [who, in 1952, “referred to the great beast –A. Crowley, as ‘my very good friend” p. 274].



An important part of the mysteries Earth-alien concerns the Mars missions, mentioned in most of the aliens conspiracy writings, and in both Omniverse and Stargate Conspiracy books. What is the true nature of the Mars missions and experiments? Why are the governments keeping the results secret?

In “April 1998, NASA informed that, at “12:39 AM PST), the Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) on the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft successfully acquired a high-resolution image of the “Face on Mars” feature in the Cydonia region. The image was transmitted to Earth on Sunday, and retrieved from the mission computer data base Monday morning (6 April 1998). The image was processed at the Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) facility 9:15 AM and the raw image immediately transferred to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for release to the Internet. The images shown here were subsequently processed at MSSS.”

This was the beginning of a long-lasting epic of secret missions, experiments and conspiracy stories. According to LW, “B. President Obama was ‘engaged in jump-room experiments such as a flare experiment to determine the location that the jump room technology was teleporting to…was involved at the early age of nineteen in a highly classified top-priority US national security project and went on to be a lifelong CIA asset or operative.”  These missions were carried on with the assistance of grey Ets.  This information was denied by the in 2012 p.73 source unverifiable; yet, confirms my version of the story, as published after his elections.

[ref: how Intelligence legend and Mandchurian candidate Barack Hussein Obama was created.” – not available].

Randy Cramer (see Notes) is considered one of the key ‘witnesses’ as he claims having spent seventeen years on Mars, as a part of the ‘Mars Defense Force’ (Om, p. 75).  The team travelled, using wormhole propagation. The goal of the mars missions was to protect the earth from other aliens, and claim the planet as US territory. According to LW, ‘the eyewitness and documentary evidence establishes, on the face of it, that it is more probable than not that intelligent life exists on Mars and that the US government and other terrestrial governments now have outreach programs to the Martian civilizations as well as colonies on Mars.” Om p. 82

What would be, is there an ancient connection between Egypt and Mars? A few authors, like Hurtak who was ‘championing the connection between the Elysium pyramids (Mars) and those of Egypt.” Stargate, p. 164.

Mars is sometimes considered a symbol for or the house of Horus, Osiris’ son. Astrologically speaking, Mars is the male par excellence, the drive, sex, blood, war, anger and violence, the axis. No wonder why the army and navy are so involved, as well as mind control through high impact techniques.  Although the Greys were the most involved with the US army, the degenerated Reptilians in the mind-control experiments, I wonder if the Mantis were not a part of this story. Mantis made agreements with the reptilians for the low tasks and are most cited as supervising the abductions in which the greys were the technicians.

Finally, in the Egyptian philosophy, the constellation Orion was Osiris’ home. Orion and Mars carry a similar energy, Mars being the receptacle of the Orion frequency in the Solar System, which fits with Father-Son relationship Osiris-Horus.



Many times, the Nine have announced that they will intervene, through disclosure and mass landing. “major events failed to materialize as prophesized but the Nine’s glib excuses … were lapped up by devotees who simply could not bear their belief to be undermined…” p. 199

According to one of their spokeman, Tom, ‘the Earth was created as a battleground to enable the Nine to confront the others (The Pleiadian followers of the Beast) on a physical level.” Stargate, p.193. Some websites evoke a war between pleiadians and lyrians,


I was never informed nor asked to announce a close landing. The information coming through the veil is still very spartan, meager and often frustrating. Yet, I have always had the inner knowing, that, ‘next to the end’, a fake or deceiving, yet tempting event could take place, organized with or in the name of aliens. It would then be up to me, to each of us, to decide, what feels right or not and who to follow.



ARE association for Research and Enlightenment founded by Cayce in 1931.

Stanford Research Institute International (1946) ‘ who has always enjoyed closed links with the US department of Defense and the intelligence community’. 84

Esalen Institute

IONS Institute of Noetic Science, founded in 1973, US Navy Mitchell, Apollo 14

Later came SETI – 1994, founded by Tom Pierson and connected to Carl Sagan “He pioneered astrobiology and promoted the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

SETI: The SETI Institute needs your help to help raise $80,000 to fund the search for life on Mars.

In addition to research and field expeditions in some of Earth’s most extreme environments, the SETI Institute is a leading force in the development of new search methodologies.” I did not find any connection with the army, yet funded by NASA and National Science Foundation.


Navigating within all these groups were very strange characters and new-age gurus such as

–         Andrija Puharich, specialist in parapsychology, hypnosis and mind control, worked with MK Ultra, Artichoke, Bluebird(?); he promoted Uri Geller who finally left and refused to cooperate. Puharich was ‘described as the great psychic circus manager of this century… he was carrying out secret research for the defense and intelligence establishments intro two main areas: techniques of psychological manipulation, including the use of hallucinogenic drugs; and the military and intelligence capabilities of psychic skills.” 206

         James J. Hurtak, the author of The Keys of Enoch

Hurtak ‘claims to have been in touch with the same ET source of wisdom since 1973’. Stargate, p. 164. He is sometimes referred as the number two in the Council (?).

“The first experiments were authorized by the CIA in 1950, codenamed BLUEBIRD, later renamed ARTICHOKE and then, in 1953 MKULTRA. The US Navy had a similar research program, project CHATTER (beginning in 1947), which pooled its resources with the CIA projects, and the US Army had its own version called Project OFTEN (1968-73). P. 207.

Surprisingly, Drunvalo Melchisedek is not included, although he was also involved with the CIA.

“The work carried out by this interlinked network of organizations was imaginative and innovative, presenting a serious challenge to the previous arrogant certainties of the scientific world. It was undertaken in a genuine pioneering spirit, largely born of the idealism of the youth culture of the 1960s and a desire to change the world for the better. However, a dark shadow was cast over this idyllic promise by the involvement of the Pentagon, CIA and other security and intelligence agencies, who soon realized that the breakthroughs of these idealists had great potential in their own spheres, such as remote viewing. And they did  not fail to note that research into altered states of consciousness, including the use of LSD and other drugs, also had darker implications in the various techniques of mind control.” Stargate, p. ?


In my 30 years carrier within and out of the New Age, most of the people involved in this movement have always triggered an inner negative intuitive response. All efforts to join those groups have led to a full blockage.  Then, information would be provided, now almost common knowledge that these businesses, institutes, individuals worked with the CIA, the army, the Pentagon, and were often, in fact, funded by them. Many of these organizations became a front for army research.

At this point, it seems important to stress out that the US were not the only ones interested in mind and psychic research. It was well known in the early 80s that on ongoing battle was taking place to locate the best psychic individuals and use them for investigation and service. The more advanced countries were supposed to be Russia, France, Israel. Then came China.




–         Alien connections and interventions on Earth have been known and integrated in the occult teachings. However, because of the heavy ceiling set in our world or block on our consciousness, very few individuals had enough awareness to remember contacts and interactions with other worlds. In the past, it was the privilege of the priesthood, whether using hallucinogenic plants and drugs or not. This can alter the mind’s interpretation and restrictions apply according to the specific frequencies of the plants.


–         The present infatuation and emphasis about alien civilizations could just be evidence of a new generation re-discovering a body of information already released decades ago. Or, a re-enforcement, a tool, carefully designed to assist a larger public in opening their minds and DNA (information, question, openness, change), then download multi-dimensional frequencies while having fun on their screens?


–         Are we empathically impacted by the last and hidden part of the iceberg undergoing a major cleansing? A layer of the earth matrix would be controlled by a fighting group of ETs, through technology. These ETs, not necessarily more evolved than HBs, would be facing their superiors in the last battle for Earth leadership. As ETs and HBs are one and the same-body, the human extensions would be tuned in and entering the battle field.

Is it another stunt, pure entertainment keeping people hypnotized by their screen or a trap in the making? What category of aliens is at the origin of the present movement? Are we suddenly supposed to trust the CIA, Pentagon and people who have implemented most of the operations of mind control in the last decades?

Is the goal of this alien/army movement to prepare humankind for a mass landing?  Organize and thus control the new religion, with the assistance of the Vatican and allies and attempt to keep or seize power instead of accepting the Hierarchical changes? Most importantly, in the eventuality of a mass landing, and an invitation to depart with aliens, what would be your reaction?


Vega, Dragon and Reptilians:

This might sound like a repetition, but we need to go back to the public’s anger against the reptilians and Dragons. I finally found one website stating Vega as ‘the cradle of our civilization’. The fact that Vega is the Archangel Michael’s abode has not hit the mass consciousness yet. Idem for the connection between the blue light, the blue aliens and the Archangel Cobalt frequency and hue. As for the connection between Draco and Vega, it is largely ignored, probably because most American writers are not religious and unaware of the occult European tradition, always uniting Michael with the Dragon. The false interpretation of Christian churches, that have exchanged the Dragon with a representation of the devil in different forms — often a man with devilish horns and a goatee, did not help.

–         Reptilians have completed their story, most especially are the degenerated, or hybrids ones.

–         As for the Dragon Blood, per se, I do not think that I can disappear, as the human DNA originated within the Dragon’s womb, the Great Dragon’s Frequency, the incarnated part of the Creator-god [Trinity Michael Consciousness/Dragon/Black Mother]. However, the Dragons of Wisdom are part of history. They have played out their role, at humankind’s inception. Now, the leaders should be the ones who have accomplished the sacred Merging of Heaven and Earth, of the Dragon and the Angel. At the alien level, that would infer the level of Consciousness mixing Draco and Vega, … birds, phoenix.

More will probably be added to this post, as I am now reading one of the oldest publication channeled by the Nine, The Planet of Choice (free internet Pdf), to check Picknett and Prince interpretation.







Amen, written in 2004; Divine Plan: ‘practically speaking, on the Earth, a multitude of Beings have intervened in the Divine Plan, on the basis of their own will. ET races that were not included in the divine original purpose have interfered with the Divine Plan. This does not infer that all ET additions are contrary to the Plan… a number of beings that have practiced genetic breeding have acted out-of-Plan. Their presence is unnatural and without love. The beings who imposed themselves by dominance and secrecy will then be eliminated from the human context. (These words were underlined in the original text). P. 50.


Books: Although this book was published in 1999, it might be a good source of information for those interested in Physics. Besides the David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order), Picknett and Prince mention the theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti who claimed personal contacts with ETs when he was 14. He said: “I have extended David Bohm’s version of quantum physics to include mental phenomena. Post quantum physics violates Einstein’s idea that the future cannot influence the present in detectable and controllable ways… Post quantum physics purports to be the unified explanation of both ordinary consciousness and extraordinary phenomena like remote-viewing used with spectacular success during the Cold War..etc” page 243 Sarfatti wrote, among others, Spacetime and beyond. Jack Sarfatti still have an active website wit  [his soul is visiting on the window, pretty large bird, strong and inquisitive = very sensitive consciousness].





R: Randy Cramer, US marine, 17 years on Mars: 2015 interview:

“Alliances are made and broken.  All high technology is just used to spy and steal from each other with the hope that whoever wins the ‘Deep Black race’ will get to rewrite all the rules and make the world in their image; because, quite simply, there will be NO ONE to stop them from doing so with all the competition eliminated, or left in the dust.”

Finally, Randy claims that President Eisenhower created the US Marine Corps special section in 1953 as a counterweight to the MJ-12 Group. That makes a lot of sense given the long history of the Marines and Eisenhower’s suspicions about the growing power of MJ-12 that culminated in his 1958 threat to invade area 51/S4:

President Eisenhower (‘Ike’) created USMC s.s. because he didn’t trust “those MJ-12 boys”, and he wanted a military unit (disciplined and oath driven, not like intelligence community people), and he wanted them to be marines because he wanted them to have the highest ethical and moral fiber.

Randy’s training, parallel life erased and recovered. (Time gymnastique!)



Wilcock/Edgar Cayce?

A few years ago, David Wilcock introduced himself as the reincarnation of the Sleeping Prophet. Edgar Cayce was supposed to access the Hall of Records. Many of his prophecies failed to happen but we now know that the future can be changed according to individual or group awareness.

Although many of his prophecies did not materialize, he ‘predicted major events in the future, especially beginning in 1998.’ Stargate, p. 63. … To associate with the fact that the ‘Great Pyramid was closed on 1 April 1998 for cleaning’… Stargate, p. 75

Paul Hellyer, Canada former mister of defense.








Teleportation using quantum physics

Mayas and aliens, look at least at the photos!



OVNI, P 237

On a vu qu’au niveau atomique et moléculaire, ce qui subsistait était la plus grand probabilité de survie, dans un environnement donnee. S’agissant du vivant, nous avons pu constater sur Terre, qu’il y a eu des convergences evolutives.




“Ka Aree stated that the Nordics have worked with Humanity for a very long time. They have mostly worked quietly in the background, but do pop up in historical documents referenced as “Angels”. They would directly interact with certain groups within the Military and Government (including the founding fathers of the United States) as well as with various religious leaders. They have been heavily involved in developing Humanity in a number of ways.

First they (& other races) began to manipulate our DNA to assist in the ability to use speech and to have higher cognitive abilities. Then they developed civilization and base religions with humanity. During this time, Humanity began another important stage of our evolution. The Industrial and Technological Booms were assisted by a number of races including the Nordics. From the beginning these groups were manicuring our consciousness through belief systems and religions.”

Despites strong feelings (no proves) that Goode is weak —therefore easily manipulated,  damaged and eventually lying to shine his ego, his explanation about how ET disclosure will affect the religions is right. This was the idea laid down on page one of this article: Humankind needs to change its vocabulary and reframe its belief system about the ‘Hierarchies’, the gods, etc.




now, at this point, and in agreement with Michael Salla, interviewing Goode, no one, not even the Army fully trust the ETs, having been duped before. However, I still feel very annoyed by the confusion between the original gods coming from Draco and the degenerated Reptilians who have ruled the world CONCOMITANTLY WITH OTHER ALIEN GROUPS of low level, lust and power-thirsty aliens and demons. I will not accept such a generalization and shall not back up.

“It is highly significant that the disclosure scenario outlined above heavily features human-looking Nordic extraterrestrials. This will certainly allay the fears of some concerned about the influence exercised by non-human groups such as the Draconian Reptilians, whose close relationship with the current power structure (Cabal/Illuminati) has proved to be very harmful to humanity in recent history. There have been two world wars, thousands of smaller scale wars, and the covert influence of the Fourth Reich, all of which can be traced to the Reptilians and their relationship with human elites over the last century.”



–         2014, Weird news in the Huffington post: connection ETs+Nazis+US revealed, Snowden, Canada… ‘iran’s Fars news agency, the US government has been under the control of a shwdow governemt overseen by ETs who helped the nazi Germany in the 1930s. the news agency story suggests that documents revealed by Snowden are part of a Russian Security Service (FSB) report which states the information provides uncontroversible proof… etc’ Huffington Post ‘has pointed that Iran’s quasi official agency has a tendency for fanciful tales and fabricated quotes’.


–         BLUE RAY! Another encouraging insight, provided by Dr. Maree Batchelor, who experienced a soul-awakening after the passage of her son in 2008. She now works holistically, and claims an “interactive relationship with the Blue Ray Founder Race ETs. These ETs are multi-dimensional galactic Light beings, developers of the science of the Vedas & Yugas, who have been unable to enter Earth because of our quarantine.   According to Maree, the Blue Ray Founder Race ETs are now returning to support the planetary density Ascension of Earth and humanity from 3D-3rd density duality consciousness time-space [I win – You Lose] to a 4/5th density of Love and Unity Consciousness.”




Pondering about Religions:

When the Australian Church is facing trial for sexual abuse, the question is: can humankind live without an organized religious system? If gurus and ministers are bad, the great religions have abused and manipulated the vulnerable people… can we imagine the end, a termination of the whole organized religious system? No more catholic or non-denominational groups, no synagogues or mosques?

Should individuals only rely on themselves to find the discipline to connect, not just be connected. Everyone will agree that a true and daily silent meditation requires discipline.

What about finding a space and a group of souls with whom to share your inner life?

I am still grateful to the Church for taking the responsibility for the management of special, sacred spaces, in which one can rest in silence and access different worlds (illusion or not). Vatican news, ooops …


This morning idea: quoted by Saint-Yves d’Aveydre in Mission of the Sovereigns and written in 1880 by M. Lauffrey in the book Histoire Politique des Papes/political history of the popes.

“condemned by the whole world as a cosmopolitan power, … because the political domain of the popes has never been anything but the last stepping stone towards a Universal Theocracy.”

This seems so old fashioned. This is perhaps why I have always attempted to balance my functioning with the world between respect and utmost simplicity.

The French revolution, with its false principles of 89, and without realizing it, did exactly the same as the papaucy: politics on Religion, instead of the contrary. We cannot walk on our head…. France, ‘the most religious of all countries, in the true sense of the word ‘regligious’; the nation that has, among all, the feeling of intellectual and moral Universality, has been dogmatizing … against Religion; looking in politics for something that cannot be found there: principles. [France] has been ignoring that Its need for truthfulness, justice and peace were instilled by religious doctrines; principles that will only be nurtured and appeased by a purely theocratical and social government.” P 251


Picknett/Prince: lecture about the book – nothing new but a good summary of their book.


Snowden :

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