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In the Grand Scheme of Life within the Consciousness of our Creator-god/Cosmic Man, the Earth evolves through cycles, which are the results of the energetical, frequential and magnetic interactions between the different inter-related cosmic bodies.  The two main cycles that the Earth is dealing with at this point are the precession of the equinox (about 26000 years) and the orbiting/return of Nibiru around the Sun (3600 years? 3600 to 4200?).

Add the tilt of the Earth axis, and you have a pretty accurate cocktail: “Earth roughly 26000-year rotation around the vertical combined with the roughly 41000-year tilt cycle are the main mechanisms that both start and stop the ice ages” Genesis Race p.200.

About 13000 years ago, our polar star was Vega. The Sphinx is dated to about 10500 BC, the age of the Leo. It is a marker for the end of the Atlantean era (10500 + 2000 = 12500). Vega will be Earthlings’  polar star again in about 13,000 years. = 26,000 years. We are at a half cycle, at the end of the descent into darkness. Half a breath of our Creator + possible Nibiru’s visit.  This does not imply, of course, that HBs have only existed for such a short amount of time.

Nibiru does not need to hit the Earth to impact the magnetic pole — which is enough to completely erase life as we know it. It just need to be close enough, whisper in our ears and the earth will react.

A question lingers to which I have no clear answer is: who, what alien group, restarted civilizations in the four corners of the Earth (Indus Valley, South America, Middle-East, China), around 4500 BC? The question came back a few times because I had to remove Mantises from other people’s energy field. Then, I stumbled on the video about well-known archeologist William Petrie, inserted below. The Sirians, mankind’s guardians stayed in a time-bubble/interdimensional space next to Giza until 1996.  4500 BC was the time of the Taurus era, and a male energy. Based on the development of the Cosmic Man, mythology, the Egyptian lore and archeology, the Earth was attuned and ruled by the male hunter, Orion.

I would prefer to continue believing that the Sirians, who shared their DNA with HBs, after the Dragons, also brought back spiritual knowledge and education to the race that they had engineered. then baby-sitted for so long. But, something else appeared on Earth around 4000 BC? The Mantis aliens, in a deal with the degenerated Reptilians, who have ruled the Dark Lodges and probably influenced all the present religious system.  Where the Mantis coming from Nibiru, as helpers of the ones generally called Annunaki? I have always intuitively evoked an interference. Was the appearance of a new religion in Egypt, with a symbol for the god that could be the interpreted as the Sun or a star related to the famed, elusive Nibiru?

A very annoying video if you do not like numbers….



Two spiritual lineages appeared when humankind restarted:

  • The Asian lineage issued from the Indus Valley that gave birth to Hinduism, Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.
  • The middle-eastern lineage that started in Egypt – including the civilizations of Sumer and Babylon, and leading to the occult tradition (mystery schools, lodges, N. W.O) and the three exoteric religions still in existence.

We then have several rulers: the Sirians, the Dragons and the Mantis who seemed to be utilized for breeding. In the web-buzz, they are often seen behind the Greys; of course, they were not alone on Earth, as so many aliens have interfered. The interactions between human and ETs are regulated because they are a consequence of the Cosmic Man’s evolution. The galactic wars are secondary to the inner movements of Its/His Consciousness.

Cosmic Man thinking and evolving=> galactic alignments or wars=> Aliens travel and are assigned to different roles within the Cosmic Body=> leadership on Earth that reflect the evolution of the Cosmic Man and impact the evolution of human beings.


WHERE DO WE STAND NOW? Nothing much seems to change in the 3D world, ALTHOUGH,  although there is this deeeeep sense of completion; mission accomplished. Then, there is this ongoing vision of a portal, the last one at the September Equinox. People going through a portal. What could this be? A glimpse into the True Reality? Are we, in fact, in the portal and not fully aware of the process? This is what I have a tendency to believe.

Natural phenomenon and disasters are the evidence of a lack of attunement, coherence between Heaven and Earth. Hurricane Irma hit first the French Islands of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin. Hurricanes in the US, Porto Rico; massive fires in northern California, in wine and marijuana country.

In 2016, I was informed, through a vivid dream that a time-line had been closed, aborted, the ‘catastrophic time-lime’, involving the End of the World that had been predicted and anchored in the Bible prophecies (I was specifically told, the Old Testament; no reference to the Apocalypse). This time line, based on death, fear and human sacrifices was brought and kept alive by the Dark lodges — degenerated Reptilians— and the religious cults created for the masses, advertising for the end of the world. This is what I wrote in 2016: “There is another solution and an exit door. This time-line, that ends in drama, … that still functions with death and sacrifices, connected to the Old Testament, the Jewish god, was anchored within people’s subconscious mind…. I reject this line of future and those who are still associated with it.”

This was a confirmation of the ongoing intuition about a separation between two groups, two separate futures or time-lines.

Interestingly, after this very night, I stopped having any dream about disasters and catastrophes. This showed that our subconscious mind can be affected by our surroundings and education, especially religious beliefs. Yet, the divine intuition has been sending messages about a different future; then, the intent to manifest a ‘different universe’; finally, the urge to separate Myself from the old matrix and anything that could re-activate the old programs.

Questions remain:

  • The goal of incarnation and visiting the earth is consciousness. Can everyone reach the portal? Is the 100 monkeys law going to be enough and change the majority? Can the Earth continue supporting billions of people? Are all individuals included in the new time line, or does it depend of one’s frequency and programs?
  • If there is a portal, it must lead to something else, not the same-old-earth, a different dimension.
  • How fast or slow is the crossing, crossing of the portal going to take? Months? Years? Obviously, the old matrix is still alive and ruling our lives. How is it going to be torn or transmuted? Uranus and Jupiter (see notes)?
  • If Nibiru is looming next to the Earth, is the mechanism of Nibiru’s return, next to Earth, and according to its orbit, always bringing catastrophic events? What about the reversal of the magnetic poles? Are we only going to feel the vibrational impact and respond from inside? Is inner chaos, evidenced by harder living conditions for more individuals throughout the world, replacing total destruction?
  • What about the magnetic pole reversal? Isn’t it a mechanism, that is occurring at the end of 13000 years? Readers are invited to comment, make research, and share.




Still the same principle about the mind and manifestation; in that case affecting large portion of mankind:  you need to change your beliefs, your intent, to assist in the manifestation of the new time-line, a different future.

Despite the difficult decisions that I had to make to stand in the right energetical space and to recover physical strength, My/my heart is filled with love and compassion for all those who have served, in any way, to educate and babysit humankind. Our path might have looked as a dark one; however, it was the fastest to the light and the alchemical transmutation.

  • Make the right decisions. A detail can change your path and your life. Sense where you are. Are you still riding the old programs? Having relationships with or serving the old masters? Be flexible, yet firm in your intent. Move out of your comfort zone. The new time-line does not repeat the past.  You activate the shift when you look at things and people under a different angle, when you stop repeating the behaviors of the past. Remember physics and the “observer”.

I believe that we can ALREADY create mini-bubbles out of this matrix. It depends of your intent, your capacity to manifest within a certain range of frequencies, the people who are around you. Decide and act upon your decisions to shift your programs.

This is a recent example: discussion about business and the banking system. The question was: do we know what the close future will be? how do we go about our lives and conduct business in such a volatile environment? How do we prepare or make sure that we are now riding the new time line? Good, positive reaction of the business owner:

  • “I believe that this business is a divine opportunity!
  • ˜why not! although the financial and banking system was initiated and is completely tied up by the old masters, we can imagine the scenario that was found in the WEB a few years ago:  the existence, within the banking system, of conscious individuals, White Knights, in charge of changing the system from the inside.

That implies that the business owner that I am speaking with, could be working with them, because of his/her mental attitude, intents [by the way, whether they exist under this name or not does not matter].

Now, do we know if and how we will conduct business within the new time line? No.

Can we trick ourselves, have a perfectly divine intent and still work with the old programs and teams? Yes. Be circumspect and honest, brutally honest with yourself.


But, if there is a chance that we already are in the Portal, let’s  function with the highest frequency, best attitude and intent.

  • Ask your soul to provide clues and listen to them. Your surroundings, home, objects, everything can become alive and participate in your awareness process if you summon the forces of the universe, if you believe in magic.


  • Practice love through action. What can you do for your family, your neighbors, your friends that will make their life happier or easier? What can you change in your relationship-mode to ease their life? Learn to care for others, without expecting a reward, just out of innocent love. Later, you will realize that unconditional love lies inside your heart, takes its own breath and space, beyond the logics of what and why.

Love is more than egoist bliss or feelings that makes you feel good about yourself. When spirits and souls are united by love, there is action, inter-actions with happy and rewarding outcomes on either sides.


Jupiter entered the Scorpio on October 10. Deep transformation is going to take place in many areas of our societies, in the financial system, hastening the global transformation of the world. At the individual level, any unturned rock in your soul will have to be lifted. [more below]


Before bathing in love, comes compassion; compassion for self and for those with whom we had to learn something or complete a karmic assignment. Your DNAs are communicating and you respond with a feeling or recognition. Then, it is up to you to utilize the opportunity and progress. At the completion of the experience, love should be

  • Abuse: again and again; the trend is to open up about corruption and abuse by people in a position of authority or power. Most of the cases are brought up by women, although, I firmly believe that men are often in the same situation. The heavenly stars are pushing towards women’s power. If you are in a feminine body, examine yourself, your life. Have you exorcised any trace of behavior coming from abuse or simply the long habit of giving up your power to a man, when men are present? Are you, as a male or a female, giving mixed messages to the opposite sex about your intent? A victim tends to ask for abuse. What is the need that will be fulfilled if you give up power with so and so, if you fail to respect your intuitions or deep feelings?  Many of the women involved in the last Hollywood case have accepted to undergo sexual harassment, smile next to their abuser (to a different extent) because they wanted a job.
  • Have the courage to be different, to brake the consensus, if needed. In Hollywood, people have known for ever that prostitution is a norm. But they want to be on the screens and have a piece of the $cake. Same with politics, etc.


May we all find the best way to continue serving and loving the Earth, Spirit and God.





POSTED IN 2016: ArticlE: About Love

SPIRIT’s INTERVENTIONS : the Return of the gods.

There is one certainty in My/my human heart: it does not matter how we strive together to appease our overwhelming energies or old karma/stories, still hooked to the Earth-matrix; I cannot stop loving and supporting our Spiritual Family. Yet, a part of myself, probably in resonance with the overwhelming necessity for a planetary shift, is more and more detached from human concerns and priorities.


When chaos reaches a critical point and in coherence with specific cycles, Spiritual Teams and semi-gods intervene directly to protect the Earth and re-direct the path of mankind. They have to impose a shift, a new world, to human beings. Spiritual power and spiritual leadership —triggering and consolidating a shift in consciousness, or the apparition of a new religion for the masses, is always the basis of all discord and wars.  In the present case, we are operating with a shift in the time-lines.



WAS WILLIAM PETRIE SECRETIVE OR REPRESSED? TRUE OR FALSE: COVER-UP ABOUT EGYPTIAN ARCHEOLOGY… Ooops, I thought that I was done speaking about our alien brothers… Besides being an exceptional Archeologist, Sir William Petrie, who published his excavations of the Serabit El Kadhim site, in the Sinai, in 1906, also had little secrets. Or was he silenced and forced to hide his discoveries?



http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1048489/pg1 The top photo looks photoshopped. Too good to be true?


MANTIS in Egypt, this is a student paper. Not a UFO believer:


Praying mantis, not grass-hopers were found represented in Egyptian tombs.

In the Book of the Dead (Chapter LXXVI: ‘Spell for being transformed into any shape one may wish to take’ 1 and Chapter CIV: ‘Spell for sitting among the great gods.32), a creature named ib3y.t (variants b”3by or “3by.t) is said to have brought deceased individuals into the Hall of Osiris. The word ib”3y.t can be determined by a bee (Gardiner Sign-list L2), a bird (possibly Gardiner sign-list GI) or the symbol for mammals (Gardiner sign-list F28).33 The word ib3y.t has consequently been translated in many different ways such as ‘bird’,34 ‘wasp’,35 ‘grasshopper’ and ‘dancer’.36 In the Papyrus of Nebseni (British Museum no. EA 9900), it is clearly determined by an insect which many scholars have taken to be a praying mantis due to the shape of its forelegs. However, this identification has not been accepted fully.37 More certain is a clear reference to a mantid in the texts associated with the ritual of the Opening of the Mouth. On line 47 of a version of this text found in the tomb of Seti I is the following statement: “I have seen (my) father in his every form-the form of the [drawing of a praying mantis].” This image also occurs on an ostracon in the Cairo Museum (JE 44892) that features the same line from the ritual.38

These texts indicate that the praying mantis may have had some religious significance for the Egyptian people. This is also suggested by a curious object unearthed by Bernard Bruyere at Deir el-Medina in 1929 and reported by Louis Keimer in 1933.39 Inside a tiny casket dating from the New Kingdom-crudely modelled from sun-hardened Nile silt, grey in appearance, and featuring a lid with a schematic nose and eyes so as to resemble an anthropoid coffin-were found the linen-wrapped remains of a praying mantis. Although the insect was in a very fragile state, it was identified as a member of the species Sphodromantis bioculata. Other small coffins excavated from this site were found to contain grain, suggesting to Keimer that their purpose, including that of the praying mantis, may have related to the worship of Osiris.”

In different cultures, the mantis is associated with magic and the world of spirits. Capacity to hide, silence, to retreat were associated with the mantis, for instance amongst the Kalahari Bushmen.

“In France, for example, it was believed that a praying mantis could indicate the way home for lost children, and people in Arabic countries similarly insist that these insects point toward Mecca. In other cultures, mantids were associated with magic and divination because their raised forelegs suggested an attitude of prayer or adoration. In a 9th century BC Sumerian-Akkadian lexicographical dictionary, two Sumerian names appear for mantids, one meaning ‘necromancer’, the other meaning ‘soothsayer of the field’.54 The word ‘mantis’ is a Greek term meaning ‘prophet’, initially applied to human behaviour but eventually used to label these insects due to their reverent appearance. 55

If they suggested a directional motion, perhaps the mantis image in Hesi’s tomb was intended to point him in the right direction, as his canoe glided through the marshes.56 Or, like the enigmatic creature ib3y.t, that guided deceased individuals in the next life, perhaps its function was to lead the soul of Hesi to Osiris. Among the determinatives employed in hieroglyphic script is a human figure which, while kneeling on the ground, raises his arms in a pose of adulation (Gardiner sign-list A4 i). The posture is precisely like that of the raised forelegs of a praying mantis. Not surprisingly, this sign appears as the determinative in the word dw5 ‘adore’, but it is also associated with the terms sdgi ‘conceal, be hidden’ and jmn ‘secret, hidden’.”  Linda Evans, the Praying Mantis in Ancient Egypt. PDF available on line.


Praying Mantis, Tomb of Hesi, Sakkara (copy from above website).






Started with a page written around 2012 by Barbara Hand Clow; felt anger flaring up and slipped on the Nibiruan Council website. Great believers in 2012. Some interesting points. Note: Jelaila’s husband is ‘a walk in of Jehowah’. Read between the lines.

Next step: Nibiruan Council: “This new timeline would circumvent many of the old prophecies of cataclysmic destruction seen by Nostradamus and others (he was seeing the 3D timeline). This would be possible due to the templates (mentioned above) that would enable us to finally resolve the ancient issues that have plagued us as a species since shortly after our creation in the Lyra system.”

I believe that a PART of humankind made it to the new time-line, a timeline free from the destruction that was anchored and entertained by the old degenerated reptilian brotherhoods, who collaborated, in the modern world, with CIA, secret services and several basics churches that were created to accommodate populations with a more basic level of consciousness.

“For those who may be new to the Nibiruans’ work, let me explain what I mean regarding timelines and those who work with them. Though I have had contact with the 5D Nibiruans (Enki, Enlil, Anu, etc) I have worked mainly with their ancient ancestors, the 9D Nibiruans. The 9D Nibiruans are actually Lyrans from the first human home world.  (not sure about that) Their planet was located in the Vega system of the constellation Lyra. It is no more—destroyed during their war with the Draconians. (See We Are the Nibiruans, Book One).  [I do not believe that this is accurate, because of personal experience, but there is no historical records available about Star Wars!!]. The 9D Lyrans took the name 9D Nibiruans as a way to identify their ancestral connection to our parent race, the 5D Nibiruans. [ well, probably easier to understand for the Earthly receiver, the channel].

Although the author claims that the whole experiment is to get out of dual thinking, we are still thinking in terms of war between different factions. There is no war, attunements. Where, the whole experience takes places within the body and Consciousness of a unique Being – the One that we call our Creator-god.

There is no war within a body, between the glands and chakras, just perpetual adjustments. And the bad Dracs, as she calls them, cannot simply leave. They must merge with the Light and find the Phoenix.

9D living; This page is beautiful and feels accurate. Although, I have difficulty to believe that we can correctly communicate with or become 9D beings, starting in 3D, unless we can reconnect and function primarily with our extensions that have been trapped in 3D.  The Niribuan Council site owners have created, in the past, a pretty well marketed 3D system to attract $$. 9D?  http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/new-assignment-9d-living/



“Uranus, making its way through Aries until 2018-19, always brings epic revolutions that change the structures of society. The European revolutions, the American revolution, and now the Arab Spring, Brexit and Trump have all arrived in Divine time under the battle cry of Uranus in Aries.

When the crusted-over complacency of the ruling classes has overshot their already obese sense of entitlement, nature demands a correction.

Uranus is the God of revolution, and he’s been conjunct the asteroid Eris all year, bringing an extra-sharp edge to world events. Eris is the uber dark Goddess, bringing conflict, strife and destruction to any situation that is long-overdue for change. It was she who threw the golden apple before Hera and her crew, inciting them to turn against each other and spark the conflict that began the Trojan war.

Uranus and Eris were travelling alongside each other for a long time during the Medieval 100 Years War. The next time Uranus and Eris were conjunct was in the late 1920s, just before the Great Depression and the rise of Hitler. Now, they make one last conjunction in March 2017. Expect a conflict the that the Military Industrial Complex have been gearing up for, as Eris throws her last apple for several hundred years into Uranus’ revolutionary fire.

When Uranus moves into Taurus, in 2018, the revolution of currency, the financial system, food and agriculture will begin. As the old markets break down, new ones will be cultivated. But Uranus is not happy in the slow, steady sign of the Bull. And this will be evidenced in stubborn resistance from the powers that be, who are fixed and comfortable in their gravy-filled pasture.”  http://www.eloisemeskanen.com/blog/2016/astrology-of-the-new-world



“The planets have some gravitational influence also, but insignificant compared to the sun and moon. Still, the planets manage to cause the orbit of earth about the sun to precess and morph. The inclination of Earth’s orbit varies with respect to the solar system’s invariant plane with a period of roughly 71000 years. Apsidal (Earth’s orbit’s major axis) precession P = 112,000 yr, combines with the 25,770 yr precession to make it about 21,630 years for the Vernal Equinox to cycle 360 degrees. Planetary perturbations also cause an oscillation in the ellipticity of earth’s orbit whose main component 413,000-year long, in which the eccentricity varies from its mean of 0.0019 by +/- 0.012.

Taken in conjunction with the 26000-year spin-axis precession, the 71000-year orbit precession causes a 41000-year oscillation in the tilt of the earths axis, about plus or minus 1.3 degrees from its average value of 23.3 degrees. This number is not absolutely stable – it depends on the combined positions of all the planets through time. The obliquity (tilt) for the last 600,000 years is shown below.”  http://astro.wsu.edu/worthey/astro/html/lec-precession.html



SERABIT EL KHADDIM: https://egyptsites.wordpress.com/2009/03/15/serabit-el-khadim/

EUROPEAN BLOODTYPE, worse a look! Alien or not Alien, this is the question…. http://humansarefree.com/2017/09/if-you-have-this-blood-type-you-might.html


IN THE NEWS: THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING: one madman or a mad system built by a mad human race?

Cottle, a veteran, “built is a multimillion-dollar empire based on the simple idea of converting a semiautomatic rifle into a weapon that can fire up to 800 rounds per minute, about the same as a fully automatic machine gun.” To gain clearance from the


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, he only needed “to demonstrate that the bump stock was itself not a machine gun. In a letter to the ATF, Slide Fire argued that its product was an accessory to help people with disabilities who had difficulty firing the AR-15, a semiautomatic civilian version of the M-16 military assault rifle. The ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch ruled that the bump stock is a gun part, one that isn’t integral to the functioning of the weapon, and as such excluded it from federal firearm regulations, according to a June 7, 2010, letter from the bureau. ”  Of course, he had the blessings of his town and neighbors, in need of cash and work. He even employed the mayor of the little Texan community. Bloomberg.com oct 15

Some YouTube reviews of the device drew almost 1 million views.”

Was the killer the only crazy man?


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