Jupiter in Scorpio, 2017-2018, public post

Jupiter, Photo NASA

A few years ago, I enjoyed comparing the news with Cosmic News and occult movements, making sense of political events. There was some logic. Now, just a bunch of egos, or ghosts, gesticulating on stage when the curtain is already down.

So, what is left to do? Enjoy if we can, and continue working on self, …  this never ends!

Have you felt the impact of Jupiter? Jupiter entered the Scorpio on October 8th and will visit until November 2018. Changes at hand¦ after a plunge! Or alchemy!

Scorpio: in the lore, the Scorpio was sent by Artemis or the Earth to kill Orion, on his killing spree. Money power and sex revisited, illuminated, revealed by the powerful jupiterian vibrance. The ability to go at the deepest level, even death, to come out transformed. Sex reveals your animal nature and yet can be a door to higher levels of consciousness. The life-force, correctly channeled and spiced up by DNA treasures, fires up your glandular system and pull you to god!

Money and power can be utilized with any nuance and shades of the spectrum. What do we do, how do we act when we can feel the power or -surrogate power- of a good bank account?

Basic level for the recent astrological configurations: scandals and old murder cases revisited; Hollywood and the sexual currency exposed, sexual harassment; after Panama, the Paradise Papers, exposing how tax evasion is organized for the privileged. (1)

“True, the Scorpio cuts to the chase, but his quest for truth allows the removal of the veils of secret and illusion. This is obvious at this time and will amplify with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction between October 25 and 29 . The exact conjunction occurs on October 26t, at 3.32 Scorpio; it is trine Neptune in the Pisces and therefore participates into the planetary awakening, in the Ascension phenomena and the change of paradigm.” Jupitair.org French in notes. (2)

Jupiter: law, philosophy, faith-  looks at and present the big picture, what is truly important. Its energy goes outward, while Scorpio delve inside, in the

At the global level power play is on, with bravado and argument around nuclear arms ; although Jupiter spent time in the Libra, expanding notions of peace, Are the positive energies brought by Neptune elevating the level and allowing a more spiritual outcome? Pluto, Master of Scorpio is good aspect with Jupiter. Now, what could be a neophyte’s foolish interpretation: FULL ARTICLE IN MEMBERS’ SECTION.


Scorpius, Photo Stephane Guisard, NASA.

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