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We have spoken in the past, according to general growth and trend, of emotional intelligence. Let’s take it a little further. In the last decades westerners have learned to express their feelings; in chorus the term love has been almost been trivialized and yet, less and less true communication is happening between people. A few weeks ago, someone sent an email ending with: ˜I love you, at the soul level.”   How should one read that?

The subject is too vast to be discussed in a few lines. Following are great quotes from our readers- thank you all, as well as a few ideas that came across.



PAUL ZAC, the love doctor, AND OXYTOCIN

The neuro-science of trust. Scientist Paul Zac, ” two decades of research have taken him from the Pentagon to Fortune 50 boardrooms to the rain forest of Papua New Guinea.  All this in a quest to understand the neuroscience of human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork.  His academic lab and companies {…} develop and deploy neuroscience technologies to solve real problems faced by real people. Pauljzac.com

This is not new information; just happen to run through my screen. The experiment: measure the level of oxytocin, a brain chemical called oxytocin had been shown to signal that another animal was safe to approach” another rodent. Paul Zac calls Oxytocin the ‘moral molecule’ and says that it is responsible for trust, empathy and feelings that help creating a better society.

“Since 2001, my colleagues and I have conducted a number of experiments showing that when someone’s level of oxytocin goes up, he or she responds more generously and caringly, even with complete strangers. As a benchmark for measuring behavior, we relied on the willingness of our subjects to share real money with others in real time. To measure the increase in oxytocin, we took their blood and analyzed it.”

Interesting fact: oxytocin is released by the body of a woman entering labor. “The hormone causes uterine contractions during labor and helps shrink the uterus after delivery. When an infant suckles at his or her mother’s breast, the stimulation causes a release of oxytocin, which, in turn, orders the body to “let down” milk for the baby to drink. Oxytocin also promotes mother-child bonding.”


Is love [A consequence of] the release of Oxytocin by the pituitary gland?




HBs are meant to be social creatures; we feel happier, more motivated when we can share our ideas, our lives, our stories. Energy and information flow between and among people. “Relationships are how information and energy is shared as we connect and communicate with one another.” Dan Siegel Mindsight, the New Science of Personal Transformation, p 55, 267.


In an article published in July (Bastille Day), we were exploring the NECESSITY of interferences, thus relationships for our world to take form. “The brain operates holographically. On the subatomic level, the fabric of reality seems to possess properties that are reminiscent of a hologram. We put those two ideas together —that a brain seems to be holographic and the universe is a hologram, may be a hologram— not that it is literally a hologram, but this is a good metaphor, a way of understanding things. Maybe we are more plastic and changeable, like an image, not a construct.”

So, time to understand a little more how a hologram works¦ “One of the things that makes holography possible is a phenomenon known as interference.” (Michael Talbot). Interference, hence relationship.

“our resonance with others may actually precede our awareness of ourselves. Developmentally and evolutionarily, our modern self-awareness circuitry may be built upon the more ancient resonance circuits that root us in our social world.” Dan Siegel, Mindsight p62

In brief, without creatures’ instinctual union, HBs craving for relationships, recognition (how many likes on Twitter?), interferences, love or hate and all shades in the middle, the world would not function? No hologram? No universe without observer”


Is human love a splendid word referring to:

  • Life’s intrinsic bounding essence — no form and visible world without sharing of consciousness, information, substance.
  • The needs of the body: hormones asking for this and that and leading to growth, evolution and survival of the specie. We love the beings with whom we feel complete.
  • The body creates the bond between parents and children; then, the souls build up and/or continue a story.
  • The needs of the emotional body — based on past experiences recorded on the brain, nervous system, etc. We attract and love the souls who, either share an experience with us or can give us the experience that we need; any color, any shade. The pale, bloodless lady in the Carpathian Mountains loves her vampire!
  • Is empathy, the natural sharing of others’ energies, genetic and karmic data, a form of love? Is the natural healer serving others through his body and field? Should the empath always allow the process to occur? When do we feel equal love, affection, empathy for anyone, everyone, without needing to be rewarded one way or the other?



Higher consciousness increases empathy. The brain is able to receive and integrate, be aware of more information. Yet, in the world of form, empathy without boundaries, without wisdom leads to challenges. If empathy, if love triggers toxic reactions, shouldn’t we wisely regulate it? Should a couple start regulating love-making after two, three or twelve children? How do we set limits, boundaries and still love the other?

We all share the same life force, the same substances. Are love as well as vampirism – a natural attraction for data and light— the natural consequence of Unity?

In the third dimension, most individuals are still learning survival skills in terms of energy [= I take from my neighbor what I cannot produce by myself or reach]. What is the boundary, the edge between self-love, self-respect and loving else?  See below, E.N.

Now, when people do not love or even care for one another, what is the problem: lack of ˜heart’, challenging non-verbal relationships or lack of information that the brain can receive, with the inability to see or feel the other?



For a while, and probably a cycle of incarnations, while the soul is focused on itself, on the display and investigation of all masks, facets of the ego, one of the step of empowerment is learning self-love and authenticity. The lesson is then to say ˜no’ with love. When living in 3D, there is a moment when you deeply feel the necessity to refuse embracing the other’s choices. Each at your own level, you have learnt who you are, and what and where you are supposed to be, according to your awareness and needs. you love yourself enough to overcome the fear of rejection, separation and favor personal choices, recognizing that each embodied soul is on its own unique path and level.Â

At what point in the evolution process does one feel sufficiently fulfilled to naturally relinquish personal needs and be at service to the group? Is service ‘love’ -empathy, sharing, compassion, or is the pure mind/consciousness finally involved in the choices made by the individual? Who am I? Who, what is the other? How can I or should I attend my fellow human beings? Does my soul feel that I should do so, rightfully, not out of helplessness for myself or desire to be in control? Does my heart want and feel that I should do this or that and why? Is this a different shade of love? Is the context of a purpose necessary for love to exist: being to-gether, cohere or coalesce (se fonder) to accomplish or feel this or that? the remedy for love would be finding a common purpose.

When love is replaced by its opposite/complement, hate, union is still the subconscious goal, even if we are not capable of feeling or seeing it at the time of tension and friction. The ego and personality react because the self is not acknowledged, fulfilled.






I have had a few personal experiences that made me ponder on the nature of love.

Synthetic love: this story, narrated in the Annex of Kiss for Lucifer— took place in Italy, in 1981. I was visiting San Damiano, a catholic site where the Virgin Mary was said to appear, a fact that I was not aware of, at first. When people were ‘ready’, their faces anxiously turned towards the sky, a wave of love surrounded the whole area. It was both amazingly strong, deep and  motherly, tendre. A few minutes later, I was granted vision of the mother and child; odd vision, they looked like the copy of a catholic statue, inert but perched in the sky. No wonder, it was in fact a hologram, most probably originated by ETS [or the Vatican was already using holographic images to gather the crowds].  I never understood how the ‘feeling of love’ could be artificially generated, but it felt odd.  Never again, even in worshipping, devoted crowds, focused on one purpose or one person, have I felt that. And yet, it was a vulgar set-up.  Were they Spraying oxytocin?

Archangel merging with a body:  It is impossible to forget the amazing quality of love felt during the first months of embodiment and for a few years, off and on from and through My Divine, Archangelic Presence : complete innocence and inability to distinguish, notice, judge any difference or problem with, within ‘the other’ and love as described in Manifestation [= tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil; everyone is beautiful and kind]. natural surrender to the Divine leading to the blessings of sharing Its quality.


Love and Self-awareness: After a few years, more maturity in 3D, love expressed itself as a consequence of full self-awareness, and trigger by the I-power, freely flowing and acknowledged. This experience that I have a tendency to refer to as ‘Divine Love’, was, is different from the love/empathy. it is a flow,  (funny enough, I am blessed with a scent of roses floating around; thanks!!). So, the energetical embrace, the translated ‘emotion’ coming from the Crown chakra and transmitted through the heart chakra. this love is activated through full self-awareness, full understanding and acceptance of power and moved downwards, poured through any part of the creation, thus anyone. Full embrace of ‘the other’ as a part of One’s Creative Body. Hummm, the roses are still there.

And then, maturity in the embodiment process, anchoring of more power and awareness in the body, yet having faced the loss of innocence – the reality of form, the unavoidable mechanisms of life, the slow evolution of consciousness resonating with the stories of the Ancient Testament, in which the angels have encountered human vampirism and ego, the experience of violence on the human form. Human levels of embrace are dropped. Tsim-tsum.

What is left:¦ When I pay attention, allowing My Presence to Be — instead of trying to act as a human, I finally enjoy the embrace and free flow of the Divine.

When one has fully let go, even the practice of the Sacred, is the invisible, inalterable, unstoppable flow of life, imbued with cohesive power and merged with the ongoing evolving, self-organizing mechanisms, engraved in the Creation through God’s Mind. 

when one practices Oneness with God, eventually merges with Divine Consciousness, Love is.



If HBs are all coming from the same Alpha-Omega Creator Heart/Mind, how can they be so different, and often so in-different to each other?

The brain, heart and guts communicate through nervous connections. We know that when we cannot get a clear information ‘the network of nerve cells around the heart and throughout the body communicate directly with th social part of our brain and they sent their heartfelt sense right up to our middle prefrontal areas.” Daniel Siegel, Mindsight, p. 12

“the careful focus of attention amplifies neuroplasticity – capacity of the brain to change, by stimulating the release of neurochemicals that enhance the structural growth f synaptic linkages among the activated neurons.” P.43

Can beings/entities love each other, if they are unable to communicate, simply because their brain cannot process certain levels of hormones and data? What happens when a simple HB, used to McDonald and Facebook, meet an ET from the sixth dimension or an angel? The MacDo eater might not see the traveler from space or have a heart attack! … and finally drop the fries and ketchup!


UNIVERSE, Brain and Consciousness

Divine Consciousness knows that when creating Its loses Itself. Therefore, limits are set, to expand life, yet keep it whole and harmonious.  When a Creator splits Itself or retracts Its Light and engenders all levels of life, It shares Its Mind, lifeforce and love with everything and every life. Yet, this explosion of life stays united within the limits set by the Creator. Love is the cement, the force keeping the creation, the whole together, One, within the limits imposed by the Mind.

Is the Creator doing so out of love or necessity? Or, is love the natural movement and embrace occurring in the process of the ongoing flow and transformation called Life?

This is the concept evoked in the Kabbalah by the funny word: Tsim-Tsoum, or  Tsimtsum, ”a way of being present in your absence.” and allowing a space for form to be, without  losing self-integrity.  the Creator reduces Its light to give space to creation. The challenging outcome is that the Presence of God might become invisible, unheard…. until the created beings have grown enough to perceive Light and Presence within themselves.

“Tsim-tsum is how G-‘d makes space for us to make our own choices.” http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/2047206/jewish/Tsimtsum.htm


” brains are also naturally attuned to the evolving universe and Cosmic Life. Otherwise, how would we explain the paradigm shifts, or sudden steps of global spiritual changes as well as scientific progress, or similar discoveries in different parts of the planet? “Thomas Kuhn, in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions… argues that science does not progress in a linear manner, but undergoes periodic revolutions in new ideas… as increasing date accumulate there eventually is an entire shift from one paradigm to the next. Excellent examples in the 20th century include the shift from Newtonian physics to Einstein relativity…The brain typically must rely on a prevailing world view paradigm which it uses to interact with the world.” Andrew Newberg, Principles of Neurotheology, p.110


CONCLUSION:  I am still loving the term that I have utilized in numerous public appearances: GLUE, love is the glue. Love is the cohesive force that holds and sustain life in form; this cohesive force, this formidable, yet versatile glue, is displayed in many ways and degrees, according to the frequency that we are holding or expressing.





  1. the act or state of cohering, uniting, or sticking together.
  2. Physics. the molecular force between particles within a body or substance that acts to unite them.
  3. Botany. the congenital union of one part with another.


to cohere, here and united.




“sometimes known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone,” because it is released when people snuggle up or bond socially. Even playing with your dog can cause an oxytocin surge, according to a 2009 study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior. But these monikers may be misleading.

Oxytocin can also intensify memories of bonding gone bad, such as in cases where men have poor relationships with their mothers. It can also make people less accepting of people they see as outsiders. In other words, whether oxytocin makes you feel cuddly or suspicious of others depends on the environment.”

“My view of what oxytocin is doing in the brain is making social information more salient, [proeminent]” Young said. “It connects brain areas involved in processing social information — whether it’s sights, faces, sounds or smells — and helps link those areas to the brain’s reward system.”



“The force of love is the same as the force of soul or truth. We have evidence of its working at every step. The universe would disappear without the existence of that force…

Scientists tell us that, without the presence of the cohesive force amongst the atoms that comprise this globe, it would crumble to pieces and we would cease to exist; and even as there is cohesive force in matter, so must there be in all things animate, and that cohesive force among animate beings is love. We notice it between parent and child, between siblings and also friends. But we have to learn to use that force among all that lives, and in the use of it consists our knowledge of God. Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction…


If love or non-violence be not the law of our being… there is no escape from a periodical recrudescence of war, each succeeding one outdoing the preceding one in ferocity…” https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/edit-page/Cohesive-power-of-love/articleshow/11676606.cms


ALICE BAILEY offers extensive insights about the facets/energy of love, in relationship with the many planes of consciousness. This is a good summary:

“The law of cohesion: this is the one of the branch laws of the cosmic law of attraction. it is interesting to notice how this law demonstrates in this love-system in a three-fold manner:

one of the planes of the Monad, as the law of cohesion, the law of birth if we might use that term, resulting in the appearance of the Monads [Author: or start of Creation]…

on the plane of buddhi, as the law of magnetic control. it shows itselft as the love-wisdom aspect, irradiating the ego [note, buddhi-ego], eventually gathering to itself the essences of all experiences, … via the ego, through the personality lives… Magnetism and the capacity to show love are occultly synonymous [very Bailey, occultly!]

on the astral plane, as love demonstrating through the personality. all branches of the law of attraction… law of attraction… a force that ingathers, that tends to coherence, that results n adhesion, and leads to absorption.

On the path of involution it control the primal gathering of molecular matter”. Cosmic Fire, English p.576-7




“L’amour c’est  la porte.

L’amour c’est un choix.

Et quand je choisis d’etre dans l’amour, et que je me mets sur mon coeur, en respirant dans mon coeur,

et en visualisant éventuellement la corde subtile entre mon coeur et celui du Grand Soleil Central,

voilà que je suis connectee a l’Amour cosmique.

Cet Amour n’est pas un sentiment, mais une sensation de connexion cosmique.

Tout devient facile.

Les emotions negatives, restreintes ne sont tout simplement plus possibles. Â»


Love is a choice. And when I chose to live in love, being in my heart, breathing in my heart,  maybe visualizing the subtle tie between my heart and the heart of the Big Central Sun, then I am connected to the Cosmic Love. This love is not a feeling, but a sensation of cosmic connection. Everything becomes easy. Negative, restricting Ã©motions are simply no longer possible.” Monika B.


Aimer, finalement je ne sais pas ce que c’est et je crois que l’humanite toute entere ne sais pas non plus.

Aujourd’hui apres des annees d’experience mon bilan est que je ne crois pas en l’amitie ni autres formes d’amour humains comme pour les couples, la famille etc…

Que cet amour construit sur des principes d’une société basée sur le non amour car possessif et basé sur les peurs de l’ego lequel se connaissant éphémère.


La bible de l’ancien et du nouveau testament nous parle d’aimer

« Tu aimeras ton Dieu de toute ta force et de toute ton âme Â».

« Tu aimeras ton prochain comme toi-même Â»

« Aimez-vous comme je vous ai aimé Â» Herve L.


De ces trois lois d’amour, nous allons de l’individuel au collectif.

Mais qu’est-ce qu’aimer ? de ce que je vis aimer l’autre, m’aimer je ne peux le faire qu’a travers l’amour que je porte à Dieu.


Pour terminer une phrase de Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux a laquelle j’adhère totalement laquelle dit : « Aimer c’est tout donner et se donner soi-meme». Herve L.



Love is the emotion/energy that keeps the creation and its progressive transformation in a specific order for The Whole to be alive. So, Love is Life. In Spanish, Love is spelled as Amor and according to its ethimologic, its a compound latin word: “a” means absence of and “mor” is a contraction of muerte (death in english), so it literaly means Life, and I got to the thought that death does not exist in the form of “end of life”, but does exists in the form of “end of life as I know it: transformation of life”, whitch totally can be a definition of Love. Love is the great expression of Eternity, the expression of God. Then… all kind of love (and I mean, the fractal of Love, from There to here where I’m seating), is life constandly transformating to create new life.” Kaybeliz L.T.




L’Amour est la force de cohésion qui maintient un système vivant, fonctionnel

La force de cohésion des atomes,

Aussi bien que d’une planete comme la terre avec le soleil.

La force de cohésion d’un corps, le corps humain par exemple pour que toutes ses cellules fonctionnent ensemble

C’est aussi la force de cohésion entre 2 personnes qui partagent une relation

Ce peut –être une force de cohésion inconsciente, depuis les 2 inconscients de ces personnes qui s’attirent, depuis leurs manques, leurs vides, et créent des frictions explosives

Ou bien une force de cohésion consciente, depuis les 2 consciences, qui grandissent et résonnent ensemble.

Les 2 êtres s’attirent et se repoussent en fonction de leurs mouvements intérieurs, et se maintiennent unis depuis leurs 2 centres, 2 essences. Et grâce a leurs réflexions, actes de se réfléchir ensemble, se transforment et grandissent ensemble.

Cette force conditionne l’Alchimie d’Evolution entre ces 2 êtres.



Love is the cohesion force that maintain a system alive, functional,

The force of cohesion of the atoms,

As well as a planet like the Earth with the Sun.

The cohesion force of a body, the human body, for example, so that all its cells work together.

Also Love is the cohesion force between two persons that share a relationship.

It can be an unconscious cohesion force from the unconsciousness of these two persons

that attract each other according to their insufficiencies, their emptiness, so they create an explosive friction, or a conscious cohesion force from this two consciousnesses that grow up and resonate together.

These two beings attract and repulse each other according to their inner movements, and they

keep united from their two centers, two essences. And thanks to their reflections, the act of reflect/think together, they transform and grow up together.

This force conditions the evolution alchemy between these two beings.” BF



“If I go into it there are a couple of different aspects that comes to mind regarding Love; 1) Humanly Love can be expressed and experienced in different ways. Its unconditional without boundaries and limitless. It doesn’t demand anything back.

2) Divine Love connect us all together. Its the glue of the Universe. The sensation is like a heatwave through the body and the organs. It is totally forgiving and powerful. It melts everything away and unify us all”.  Patrik M.


“Love is so complex and comes in so many forms. Divine Love, Motherly love, Unconditional love, Conditional love, romantic love, platonic love and perhaps more. Unconditional love and motherly is the closest I would say to Divine Love; we don’t always like or approve of what takes place but there is still love without judgement, demands or expectations.

Conditional love is when there are strings attached or when there is a personal agenda that is self-serving.

Love is patient, accepting, understanding. Love endures time.” Kristi M.



1) A definition a priest was using during wedding ceremonies, where he said that there was 3 kind of love: I love you – I want you; I love you – I admire you and I want you to admire me; I love you – I want good things for you.

2) my personal perception that love is a sense of connection through the heart with all living things, coming from the knowledge of oneness.” Emmanuelle N.



« L’amour est ce qui permet de regarder le monde est de dire qu’il est beau. L’amour et le beau sauvent le monde et détruisent tout sentiment de séparation, d’illusion lié à la nécessité de la Création. L’amour supprime la souffrance, il transcende la connaissance, il est la somme de tout ce qui nous unit. Il est ce qui nous permet de voir cette tendresse en nous lorsqu’on pose un regard sur les êtres et les choses. Il est la douce caresse d’un époux à son épouse, d’une mère à son enfant, du Divin pour Sa Création. L’amour n’a pas de frontières, pas de limites, de couleurs, de formes ; rien ne peut l’arrêter, pas même l’ombre de la vallée de la mort. Au-delà du désir, du besoin, il est. Il est une essence, une êtreté inhérente à la vie, il est un aspect du Créateur projeté dans l’espace, l’ombre et le vide. Il est ce feu brûlant traversant les étoiles jusqu’aux confins de l’univers, il est la suprême joie du Suprême contemplant sa propre nature.

L’amour est ce qui viendra ouvrir votre cœur, vous sauver des heures sombres de l’oubli, vous montrer le chemin du retour, la voie des anges solaires, entourant de leurs chœurs puissants et ininterrompus la lumière infinie qui n‘a jamais cessé d’être. Puisse cette lumière hâter sa descente vers vous et vous combler de sa plénitude, de sa joie qui n’a ni commencement ni fin.


Love is what makes it possible to look at the world and say that it is beautiful. Love and beauty save the world and destroy all sense of separation, illusion linked to the necessity of Creation. Love removes suffering, it transcends knowledge, it is the sum of everything that unites us. It is what allows us to see this tenderness in us when we look at people and things. He is the gentle caress of a husband to his wife, from a mother to a child, from the Divine for his creation. Love has no boundaries, no limits, no colors, no shapes; nothing can stop it, not even the shadow of the valley of death. Beyond desire, need, it is. It is an essence, a being inherent in life It IS and is inherent to life ; It is an aspect of the Creator projected into space, shadow and emptiness. It is the fire burning through the stars unto the ends of the universe; it is the supreme joy of the Supreme contemplating His own nature.

Love is what will open your heart, save you from the dark hours of oblivion; show you the way back, the way of the solar angels, surrounding with their powerful and uninterrupted choirs the infinite light that never ceased to be. May this light hasten its descent towards you, fills you with its wholeness, its joy that has neither beginning nor end.” Laurent C.





Heartache, chagrin d’amour, mourir de chagrin, fou de Dieu, God Is Love … what comes first ? Mind or Heart or are they One?

past live love… memory? love carried by or love = information?

“love is never useless, it is shaking up things inside… you are not the same man” movie, the girl of the song

KAHLIL GIBRAN, Spirits Rebellious

“All that happened before my life had awakened from the deep swoon of youth, and before God inflamed my heart with the torch of love, and before the growth of the seeds of my affections. Yes, all this transpired during the time when I believed that real happiness came through beautiful clothes and magnificent mansions. When I woke up from the slumber of childhood, I felt the flames of sacred fire burning in my heart, and a spiritual hunger gnawing at my soul, making it suffer. When I opened my eyes, I found my wings moving to the right and left, trying to ascend into the spacious firmament of love, but shivering and dropping under the gusts of the shackles of laws that bound my body to a man before I knew the true meaning of that law. I felt all these things and knew that a woman’s happiness does not come through man’s glory and honour, nor through his generosity and affection, but through love that unites both of their hearts and affections, making them one member of life’s body and one word upon the lips of God.”






DALI and his pal DUCHAMP, Affection, love: Two Pieces of Bread  



“It’s thought the bread may represent the couple, and the pawn, Duchamp. And Dalí completed another homage to his friend and his love of chess in 1971: he cast a bronze Duchamp chess set, the pieces made of fingers and thumbs, shown as part of the exhibition.” BBC.com




CNN Report http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/14/africa/libya-migrant-auctions/index.html





ASTEROID: Article envoyé par plusieurs lecteurs. sent by several members



le 18 octobre, des astronomes ont repéré dans les sondages réalisés par les télescopes PanStarrs 1 installés sur l’Haleakala, à Hawaï, un étrange visiteur à quelque 37 millions de kilomètres du Soleil. D’abord baptisé C/2017 U1, l’objet vient d’être requalifié en A/2017 U1, suggérant une nature d’astéroïde plutôt que de comète. En tout cas, l’astre paraît très pressé et surtout, et c’est plutôt inhabituel, sa trajectoire montre une extrême excentricité hyperbolique (1,19). Aussi, et si d’autres observations ultérieures le confirment, Â« cet objet pourrait être le premier cas évident d’une comète interstellaire », a déclaré à Sky&Telescope Gareth Williams, qui codirige le MPC (International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center), centre qui engrange les données des petits corps célestes.

« Nous attendons ce jour depuis des décennies, s’est exclamé le directeur de Cneos Paul Chodas. On a longtemps émis l’hypothèse que de tels objets existent — des astéroïdes ou des comètes qui se déplacent entre les étoiles et qui traversent parfois notre Système solaire — mais ceci est la première détection de ce type. Les données aideraient à le confirmer.


Photos :

The Mirror of Venus by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt ARA. 1898. Oil on canvas, 47 1/2 x 78 3/4 inches. Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.

Rassouli: Shores of Heaven http://www.rassouli.com/artists.htm

No references for the Sufi dancers…





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