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Hello Everyone and Merry Xmas, happy everything

this is the text that I have read this morning. It is an excerpt from the Manifestation Book, Section IV, last paragraph: Basic Manifestation Principles:


  • Manifestation is no more a personal matter, but the alignment with the group, the group consciousness, the Divine Purpose.
  • unconditional love
  • Unconditional surrender to God
  • Unity
  • BE god.

the one who has merged, in humility and full consciousness with the Monad, with the Heart of the Solar Logos, dissolves his/her ego, removes oneself from personal desires/wishes, will and surrenders to God. One with God, he/she is in love for God, in love for the god-self and serves it.

manifestation is no more a matter of personal power. It is the merging with the  Highest aspect of Self, the Divine, with the purpose of creation perfection as well as manifesting Heaven on Earth.”

Where are you in this regard? Do you feel that you have healed enough and grown enough to have not only contacted your Higher Self, but also dissolved the human desires in the ocean of love for God? What is your mail goal, today, in your life? Your main focus? What are you working on and for when you are not sleeping, that is to say 14-16 hours a day?


How and how much are you contributing in the manifestation of the New Paradigm? How many people have you touched, moved forward, silently, by your presence; as well as directly? Daring you speak the truth, what you believe to be your truth,  naked, yet strong in front of the other?

All astrologers agree that 2018 is the next opportunity to manifest your highest dream. What do you really want? How much risks are you taking, how much faith are you demonstrating, faith in yourself and faith in the universe? Do you believe that you are right where you are supposed to be?



A show in the sky tonight, space rocket launch:

In spectacular 2017 finale, SpaceX launches 10 satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base

launch3Gene Blevins









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