January 2018; Working on Time and the News


While it became so fashionable to speak about Zero-energy, no-time, moving out of time, I wonder.

How do we reconcile the no-time with the clocklike mechanisms of a solar system or a galaxy, with so many bodies orbiting with and around each other?

photo: Brucemctague.com

How do we explain that, whatever efforts and difference we put into beating the clock, we are doomed and stuck with a celestial  calendar: we are subjected to astrological aspects, for instance; controlled and blocked by the evolutional calendars or other civilizations, cycles, precession: May 2018: a Uranus transit that did not happen in 84 years; November 2020: three major planets conjunct in Capricorn, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.  Once in a life time? Pluto takes 248 years to tour the zodiac. Can we beat these influences  with personal frequency and hard work? Or can we only surrender to the powerful and magnificent body and Mind of the Creator-god? (as I am not a professional, still checking those dates…).

What is the word in physics? Relativity? All a question of perspective? Or entanglement?

Time line, opposed to Time? Can Saturn, now in its kingdom — Capricorn, suddenly disappear of our solar system or take a different role, as its frequency merges with other planets?

Would love to publish your comments! MB’s wording seems the best: continuity. Let’s then practice resilience and faith, floating with the boat.


SNOW IN SAHARA, just for the beauty!



Geoff Robinson Photography/REX/Shutterstock

These incredible pictures by amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata show the town’s red dunes dramatically capped with white snow. [different name… let’s use both!}

The last time flakes are reported to have fallen here was when a brief blizzard hit town in February 1979.”


IN THE NEWS: The ongoing and public cleansing of our societal boils, whether financial corruption or sexual behaviors, is necessary to pull out mankind from the second and third chakra consciousness. If we cannot find the personal strength and motivation to clean up our acts, the stars and planets, will force the group to do so.


Cells phones in the Church : Apps and social media accounts tweeting out Bible verses allow a private expression of faith that takes place between a person and their phone screen. And the ability to pick and choose means they can avoid doctrine that does not appeal. A lot of people who consider themselves to be active Christians may not strictly even believe in God or Jesus or the acts described in the Bible.

According to the company behind YouVersion, people have spent more than 235 billion minutes using the app and have highlighted 636 million Bible verses.”

Here we go again… “Millennials prefer this generalized (Mkl: Wiki type) picture of God rather than an interventionist God, and they prefer God to Jesus, because he’s non-specific,” says Phillips. “He stands behind them and allows them to get on with their own lives rather than Jesus, who comes in and interferes with everything.”




The early studies suggest that, as well as making us more connected than ever before and giving us exhilarating hits of dopamine, social media usage is associated with symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness in some people.

Social networking giant Facebook responded to these concerns in a blogpost last month, claiming that it’s down to how you use social media



THE LARGEST TECH-SHOW IN LAS VEGAS: the ultimate manly get away where women are still accepting to play bimbo. Well, sex and money are worked on in the same chakra, right?


“The technology industry premier annual gathering kicks off next week with no women leading the keynote sessions and no code of conduct that might prevent incidents of sexual harassment, despite efforts by organizers to cast the show as more inclusive event.

CES, the showcase for the latest consumer electronics from televisions to self-driving cars, is knows for mostly male attendees and female models known as ‘booth-babes’ showing off the new technology.


To keynote at CES, the speaker must head (president/CEO level) a largen entity who has name recognition in the industry”, said Karen Chupka, who oversees the event as senior vice president at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), in a blogpost a month ago. “As upsetting as it is, thjere is a limited pool when it comes to women in these positions. We feel your pain. It bothers us, too. The tech industry and every industry must do better.’”




ABOUT SEX…. JUPITER still in the Scorpio…. In the depth of mankind’s conscious and subconscious beliefs and cultural denial. adding these thoughts in the website, making sure that the message goes up-down, from human consciousness to High Presence. Then using the Word, to modify the morphogenic fields. Do you understand the mechanisms?

Heard on the BBC, although I cannot find a reference: more legislature passed so that rape is recognized as a crime, not a question of culture. This has been the case in many societies, rape of women and children, all colors, all religions, with or without ritualistic purpose…. Sexual initiation or pure violence. Ouf, we are finally recognizing the problem.

As for Japan, culture change: women are finally waking up, moving away from the culture of silence, shame, eventualluy triggered by the Buddhist background.

The term mostly utilized to define rape is ‘gratification’, as used now by journalists reporting on progresses.  One reference: http://aic.gov.au/media_library/publications/proceedings/27/dussich.pdf

“In a more recent book, The Japanese Woman, Sumiko Iwao (1993) also excludes the word rape in her index although other topics such as incest, prostitution, spouse abuse, domestic violence, pornography, sex crimes, are listed. Rape is often portrayed in the media as the unfortunate fate of those who stray from the role of the traditional model women. The notion that rape is an extension of sexual gratification is still a dominant theme. The notion that rape is an act of aggression rarely appears in the scant literature on sexual assault (feminists and victimologists included). Oda (1990) writes that many Japanese males rape women for pleasure seeking sexual gratification.”

Let’s mention again, so as to attract My High Consciousness on this particular aspect of the issue: rape has always been a weapon during the wars. It is still one of the most violent aspect of conflicts around the planet. Just like the re-population (through rape or not) of a country with a different ethnic or religious group is often a motive or a goal in conquests and not-so-social behaviors.


“From the systematic rape of women in Bosnia, to an estimated 200,000 women raped during the battle for Bangladeshi independence in 1971, to Japanese rapes during the 1937 occupation of Nanking – the past century offers too many examples.

So what motivates armed forces, whether state-backed troops or irregular militia, to attack civilian women and children?

Gita Sahgal, of Amnesty International, told the BBC News website it was a mistake to think such assaults were primarily about the age-old “spoils of war”, or sexual gratification.

Rape is often used in ethnic conflicts as a way for attackers to perpetuate their social control and redraw ethnic boundaries, she said.

“Women are seen as the reproducers and carers of the community,” she said.

 Women were raped so they could give birth to a Serbian baby, Medecins  Sans Frontieres report

“Therefore if one group wants to control another they often do it by impregnating women of the other community because they see it as a way of destroying the opposing community.”

A report by Medecins Sans Frontieres says it first came across rape as a weapon in the 1990s.

“In Bosnia systematic rape was used as part of the strategy of ethnic cleansing.”

The same tactic was used in a “very strategic attack” by state-backed Pakistani troops during the fight for Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, Ms Sahgal said.

Ex-“comfort women” in Korea hold a weekly rally demanding reparations

“They were saying ‘we will make you breed Punjabi children’,” she said, with the aim of weakening the integrity of the opposing ethnic group.

Amnesty this year accused the pro-government Janjaweed militias in Sudan’s Darfur region of using mass rape in order to punish, humiliate and control non-Arab groups.

Such attacks cause women and children to flee their homes, lead to fragmentation of communities and bring the risk of infection with HIV/Aids” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/4078677.stm


AND, we make sure that we include our President: President Trump, the alternative to global domination by the old illuminati team: no plan, just an ego… keep watching… well, a fire in the Trump tower in New York. What a coincidence, the title of the infamous book being Fire and Fury!

Americans have sought some hidden meaning behind the erratic actions of the man who now sits in the Oval Office. His tweet Tuesday night warning that his “Nuclear Button” is “much bigger & more powerful” than Kim Jong Un’s (and that “my Button works!”) has prompted more of the same. But nearly a year in, it turns out that the truth is hidden in plain sight: Trump’s actions appear angry and impulsive because Trump is angry and impulsive. Computer programmers use the term WYSIWYG — “what you see is what you get.” The real secret of the Trump administration is that it is the WYSIWYG presidency. There is no grand plan or veiled purpose. There is no wizard behind the curtain — just an old, irate, obnoxiously ignorant man.

Some see a strategy in the president’s outbursts. To his supporters, his brash actions and hateful speech are calculated to show that he “tells it like it is” — that the billionaire is a man of the people. (Or, rather, of the right people: White nationalists and other extremists view many of the president’s moves as coded signals of support.) To others, Trump’s command of the public conversation suggests he is either a master persuader, bending public opinion to his will, or a maestro of distraction, drawing attention away from where it could harm him most. None of these explanations is convincing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2018/01/03/there-is-no-secret-master-plan-trump-is-the-wysiwyg-president/?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-c%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.01f025deaa7a



ASTRO: good videos for French speaking audience: we can agree or disagree; yet, lot to learn about astrology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgXp14MIGig

2018, summary: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=youtube+astrologie+2018+ablas#id=2&vid=ff1f2eced6a0c399155b3d111a6b6f79&action=click


NIAGARA FALLS, nature wonder? Or the most man re-made wonder? Still extraordinary powerful and fantastic!


Niagara Falls photo: © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post Water flows over the American Falls as ice forms in this view from the Canadian side in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This icy scene was set by engineers, not nature. (Aaron Lynett/The Canadian…







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