February 2018 Newsletter: Time lines, entanglement and mind power

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Time lines, entanglement and mind power

“The mind is not just what the brain does, not even the social brain. The mind might be something emerging from a higher level of systems functioning … This system’s basic elements are energy and information flow—and that flow happens inside of us, and between ourselves and others and the world.” Dan Siegel, Mind. p 47.

To the question asked to scientists: “you are a specialist in energy. What is it? ‘Well”, they’d say, ‘it’s a potential. A potential to do stuff.”

How do we observe the potential? The potential of energy manifests as degrees of certainty, many but not all physicists I met with would say. These degrees of certainty are like a probability curve, one that moves between near-zero certainty on one end, to a hundred certainty on the other.” Ibid, p. 236


So, according to Siegel, “energy is the manifestation of potential flowing between infinite and finite, the movement between uncertainty and certainty.” we could discuss the definition of energy later.


For 35 years, I have claimed that what spiritual aspirants should do is:

  • Learn to feel, see, move, master energy.
  • Watch, decipher, open the mind to other realms, master the lower mind, subconscious, conscious.
  • Mind and brain are the master tools , that could eventually lead to the heart energy and flow.

25 years of :

  • Become aware of what multi-dimensionality of the self is and implies – we did that through digging in timelines/past lives and then ET selves, intrusions, etc.
  • Developing multi-dimensional awareness eventually assist in becoming Whole, putting your pieces together.

Then we added the process of interferences/entanglement, this term being less Martian and judgmental. I know that I am repeating myself, but we have, I have obviously to practice a little more! Humility and surrender to the unknown instead of using the Will, eventually moved by personal desires.

2 weeks ago, someone, trying to cheer me up, quoted Saint Thomas d’Aquin: «les astres proposent, l’homme dispose. » “Stars offer, man choose”.

Well, I disagree.  The answer is multi-dimensional.

The stars can be read and utilized differently: Mars can bring constructive energy or anger- depending how it is inspected by other stars, on the moment, and how we react to it. Choice.

Mercury conjunct Mars and Uranus in the 3rd house, take a good car insurance or drive slowly, without a buzz.

That’s easy.


Now that we know and believe that we are an infinitely insignificant yet complicated software, in the body of a huge other super complicated Cosmic-clock (much better than Swiss), how can we, little bugs, pretend that we can ‘dispose-choose’? Yes, the color of your walls or car; or … and this is where it becomes interesting, to activate or not, certain mechanisms that we have been seeded with (no choice), and that we have enjoyed so much that we try to repeat them again and again.

Unless our main software has something to do with the future of mankind…

One example that we have discovered together: besides cycles, human civilizations, we have stumbled across the imposed presence of the Mantis ETs. Whatever our role with them, could anyone pretend to be free from their influences, until the Cosmic Clock said: get out! No. That was included in our contract. And to make sure that we would not derail from the frantic train, we could not remember our roles in this regard before the time chosen by the Cosmic Clock! Freedom! Saint Thomas, time to reconsider.

If we are part of a story that is more than mom and pop delivering little humans to increase the population; if you are a part of a story that is important for humankind, you have barely any choices, except to go through your particular story-destiny with as much grace and less setbacks/deboires as possible.

For that:

A time-line is built on a vast number of multi-dimensional little softwares, that we carry around in our DNA and brain structures. The softwares are activated at specific times, and with specific energies carried by the stars and the people whose softwares are connected to specific stories. See below, quote David Bohm.

There is NO ACCIDENT in our lives, or for humankind; just interferences/entanglements leading to this or that situation.

The trick is to develop:

  • Connection with the grander stories and softwares (Cosmic and humans); ability to LISTEN and the capability to get one’s will out of the way in order to be in the flow, in the continuum imposed by the Cosmic Clock.
  • Develop some relationships with Moon, Lilith, connect the useful aspects of Lilith to Mercury and humbly ask for guidance. (more on that later, if I finish the text).
  • Become able to see, decipher the signs and listen, so as to avoid the traps (pieges) sets by the global consciousness (eventually running head first into a wall),  and by the unconscious participants in your story (generally unconsciously, let’s be loving here). Detangle. Detangle, it seems very manipulative. The Grand Jeu d’Echec.

The February eclipse occurs at 180 degrees of the August solar eclipse. “It brings to completion projects or issues raised at that August eclipse.” Thanks to the Divine Mercy, we have another opportunity to revise our decisions and re-center.

So, at this point, I would recommend to our small readership to:

  • Close their 3rd chakra until after the February eclipse.
  • Pray to God or the Cosmic Consciousness before going to sleep so that you can restrain your astral self.
  • Avoid activating old stories with partners who have played any part in those dramas (how do we activate: contact, mind, friendship (emotional body), sex).
  • Be centered in the present and allow the New Paradigm’s energy to flow through you.

To cheer everyone up: I have been singing: A whole new world…

“A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no   (not sure about that one!)
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming”



… no need of Mayan Cocoa magic powder to be initiated… in case someone recognizes him/herself…. A little dose of Archangel Michael and the Water of Life for the Planet and we shall do it!


NOTES: David Bohm and the implicate order: “the law of structure (MEN, what we could call ‘manifestation’) will just be a law relating aspects with various degrees of implication.” “What is always a totality of ensembles, all present together, in an orderly series of stages of enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and inter-penetrate each other in principles throughout the whole of space…. if the total context of the process is changed, entirely new modes of manifestation may arise.”



Comment: How do we move forward without collapsing events?

Stuart Hameroff  speaks about the measure that triggers collapse :




when we dream, meditate, we perceive lines of potentials that are forming and we navigate, as best as we can, some of us more consciously than others. What happens when I open my eyes and look, that is to say, use the senses, sight, hearing, etc,

Quand j’ouvre les yeux et regarde, c’est-à-dire utilisations des sens Vue, Ouïe, Toucher, odorat, goût, est-ce que nous réalisons une mesure lorsque nous qualifions ? Comment avancer sans faire collapser les évènements ?



I have no time to listen to those videos immediately. Please ask questions in English so that i do not have to translate. My understanding of those concepts comes from direct experience. I do not claim any scientific knowledge of these matters.


There is no way to live, move around without collapsing anything. No collapse, no world.

The fact that 2 particles at-one to each other instantaneously, faster than the speed of light, indicates that consciousness bypasses Time – the structural effect of Saturn.


Back to these ideas in the February newsletter to bring awareness of the importance of the eclipse.

The world is a holographic type construction. A hologram appears when several streams of light/data loaded intersect in a specific (based on programs) way. (Very infantile definition, but ok for our little brains! You can correct if you know better).


Step one: the sorcerer’s apprentice of the apprentice-sorcerer: One observation — we note this or that— is enough to collapse an event. Yet, if you are very sensitive to the energy, there is a specific quality of energy triggering the collapse. You might start noticing this energy when you ride the space between intuition and creation. You think that you see the future, while you are, in fact, creating it. A junction, a merging of two space times is occurring. It seems that this type of experience occurs to individuals who are NOT yet aware of the process, some kind of a natural gift… sometimes embarrassing gift…


Then, with progress, we develop a new way to relate with the lines of potential and with this sorcerer-apprentice-manifestation-energy. The soul is learning to become a conscious creator.


Step two: you decipher your subconscious softwares, generally connected to experiences of the past, therefore so called past lives. So-called suggest a continuum or superposition that might only be erased, completed when the group consciousness is ready or when time is right according to the Cosmic Consciousness, the later involving layers of consciousnesses (i.e. in the article, example of the Mantis).


So, the more layers and individuals involved, the more complex is the manifestation process.


We must connect this with the old notion of egregores. Not only individual DNA is programmed to do this or that, but we must add personal tendencies, and adherence to specific egregores. The more minds looking in one direction, the more powerful the energy. Three bullies against a little innocent kid in the playground is always more effective. Think about the Navy, the Vatican or the Mossad.


Remember, if you ‘see’ something in a dream or vision, we are almost 100% sure to be involved (step 1).


If you start to study, listen, eat food from and about Brazil, or the Anti-Christ, your consciousness is also doing something about Brazil.


If you are still functioning at the 2d and third centers level, at the ego-personality level, then you might see and feel, participate with your visions, but not perceive or be willing to listen to the voice of your higher self (the story of the dumb guy earning $$$ versus the intellectual lost in the maze of his brain).   Such circumstances trigger  ‘negative’ interferences with each other (Heard last week: the accident that killed the therapist who dared to say to a young adult that his mother was controlling). Or, if there is a higher purpose involved, then, anything, anyone against the ‘higher purpose’ as seen or imagined by an individual or group, becomes a nuisance and fights occur. (Egregore between groups, religions, countries). ‘Negative’ is thus only pertinent to one’s personal direction and purpose.


Entanglement happen when connected/entangled souls/consciousnesses collapse potentials by coming together or connecting their consciousness.


The game is to be open enough to see what your whole-self is doing, while being aware of your personal tendencies, softwares and karmic stories. Then chose what to think about, where to be and with whom — if you know enough about other person’s tendencies, etc, in order to activate the right lines of future.  This is the choice card, that should follow a knowledge or intuition of the path provided by the Stars, telling us what doors are open or closed. Of course, the more one knows about others’ software and stories/past lives/purpose, the easier it is to decipher and avoid troubles (a meeting of bullies for instance) or traps (working with the head of a lodge that want you out!).


Practically speaking: examine your programs, what and how you have stumbled, while making choices that did not serve your higher purpose or the planetary purpose – if you know what That might be— and adjust, when the doors (astrological aspects) permit or facilitate it. Take responsibility for your choices, own them as the best choices for your soul’s evolution. You will then manifest responsibly


Notice how and when you have repeated the same words, the same behavior, in front of the same choice. Then, adjust to collapse events differently.



2018/2/11: just remembered something that I have recommended off-on during the workshops.  There was a technique that I practiced in the 1980’s after reading ‘Recits du Pelerin Russe’. If I remember well, the monks were practicing the ‘perpetual prayer’ : repeating the same thing again and again, whatever you are doing. Of course, I made it a little more complicated.

Chose a mantra in 2 stances; for instance: ‘I am the Light, I anchor the Light’. chose something that has a meaning or pertains to a present goal. the two parts of the mantra have to be very short, as you will coordinate them with your breathing, one part inhale, one part exhale.

you start repeating the mantra, coordinating with your breathing, until you can continue repeating the words while working, eating, doing anything during the day. NON STOP. It can takes 24 hours to a few days to be able to do it.

Then, you add a visualization of the Light (or whatever your mantra says), coming in and anchoring itself in your body or the planet (apply according to your goal). NON STOP, whether you are working, speaking to your boss or your kid, etc. You will notice that your brain continues automatically at night.

and you will have NO OPPORTUNITY to mess up your life with subconscious patterns. This technique, practiced for a while, can remove 80% of brain noise. In the past, I would use it to create a robot-position in times of turmoil.








In the context of relativity, matter causes or is curvature. Space matrix


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  • Bruno says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDewfQE4wVs Magic vs Quantum Entanglement – Dr. Ken Wharton minutes 18+ observations per 2 persons of the same event

  • devecchilo says:

    Many thanks AAMKL for the article and the Aladin video to remember! Maya Cocoa powder was good quality and taste (though terribly bitter) but quite sterile from a spiritual elevation point of view, mainly some more joy in the audiance … My feeling today: it’s a great opportunity to complete a loop and re-center. A voice in my mind told me during I was cleaning my bureau, that for some, things have to be experienced/lived out to be able to make the decision to finish once and for all! LDV

  • kdmalmberg says:

    Thank you! Thought provoking and inspiring towards change for the eclipse.
    With love and gratitude, Kristi

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