Thank you, Brothers from Vega!

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Thank you, Brothers from Vega! Astral, holographic projection, matrix

Thanks to one of our readers, you will enjoy translated excerpts of the French magazine Aliens, issue #34, February 2018. What I am about to repeat and discuss is very humbling, or very comforting, depending on how we look at it. It stresses out how connected to and dependent of the Cosmic Man we are. Let’s focus on the positive aspect of the situation: we can only trust and rejoice; the Cosmic Man takes good care of Himself and therefore of us, as the living parts of His Consciousness. We are then nurtured, love and protected.

This magazine discusses Ufos and exoplanets. Although, nothing is really new, I would like to share very interesting insights, although I do not endorse all the material published by the quoted authors, channels, namely Nathalie Chintanavitch and Gary Renard.

One sub-article of Revelations sur les technologies Aliens/Revelations on Alien’s technology gives will be quoted in the following pages, published by Alain Moreau, listed as a member of the Redactional Team and ‘specialist of the UFO phenomenon. notez l’orthographe…. Smile!


Lyra Constellation and Vega

Constellation Lyra, the vulture

“A human being who masters energetic projection can travel beyond Earth space; distance is not an obstacle. A true projection of [one’s] consciousness allows to get information on the physical plane. The consciousness projection does not allow to travel on other planes [MEN: it is a complete different process, in fact safer than astral travel]. When one travels on other planes, we can then speak about astral travel, that being a true out of the body experience [MEN: actually, astral travel only covers ONE dimensional area, the astral one. I use the term dimensional area, as the astral plane is vast enough to cover a range of frequencies; there is a difference between the low astral in which larvaes live and hopelly the human emotional astral level in which the personality expresses itself]. … what is happening during the consciousness projection? ‘the consciousness expands without exiting the physical body, it defies space and distances to be able to travel in the dimension where this physical body is’” [MEN: in fact, you can project yourself in any dimension or world; the limitation comes from your frequency. This is what spiritual work is about: expanding your consciousness to more and more levels and frequencies]. […]



‘When your consciousness-spirit travels out of your body, you can densify this energy and thus create what we call holograms of consciousness. [MEN: there, this is more interesting]. The holographic projection is a consciousness projection that allies/adds the image of the body-vehicle of the Dimension in which you are to the mind energy’. The later has a tendency to adjust the frequency of the projected consciousness’ electromagnetic field, so that the image of the individual in this reality can be reproduced.” [French : ce dernier tend à re-frequencer le champs électromagnétique de la conscience projetée pour que l’image de ce qu’est l’individu dans cette réalité puisse être reproduite.]

Us, from the stars, frequently use the holographic projection to visit vibratory spheres existing on the same plane as ours, but are located very far, in terms of distance. The holographic projection allows contacts, however, without moving the body, whether it is a light body or a denser one.’ During a true consciousness projection or holographic projection, without intervention of exterior and specific technologies, the created hologram uses a live electro-magnetic field, which is the same as the one of the person who is projecting his/her consciousness. MEN: the text is then confusing, mixed with astral travel, and I guess that this is what the author speaks about in this sentence, which is in fact the one that I would like you to pay attention to, as this is exactly what I have attempted to do with my students. “ The energetical projection induces the slow development of new potentials. The process of DNA mutation, will be accelerated and all the faculties asleep at the chore of our cells will be reactivated faster. This projection is not a goal in itself, but constitutes a step in our evolution and in the process of mutating our DNA.”

This is the paragraph that struck my attention and that I would like to share with you, to trigger brain storming and comments:

“The creation of holograms allows the projection of images and to create interactive communication systems between several far-distanced locations as well as between different planes; however, this technology is not utilized to interfere ‘in the dimensional strata belonging to the past[strata: plural of stratum, strates in French]’ because this is forbidden by universal laws.

‘This has to do with the fact that all the dimensional strata composed of evolution planes in which the notion of time exist must imperatively be autonomus in their decisions and existentialist choices. We cannot intervene to modify the past. Same for you. What belongs to your past evolution, that is to say all the experiences that you have gone through and that are inscribed in what makes you the multi-dimensional being that you are now, cannot be modified. It is true that we can have access to those memories, to the Akashic Records of the evolving planes such as your planet. But, there is no way to interfere and modify the events that took place, as destructive as they could have been. This would mean changing a whole system of parameters established throughout time, and the present situation of your planet would be destabilized.”

[This paragraph is channeled material by N. Chintanavitch, Revelations du Futur, tome 1 des Chroniques de Vega, 2010. Above paragraph, in original langage: ‘Ce qui appartient à votre évolution passée, c’est-a-dire toutes ces expériences que vous avez traverses et qui se sont inscrites dans ce qui fait de vous l’être multidimensionnel que vous êtes aujourd’hui, ne peut être modifié. […] En aucun cas nous ne pouvons interférer pour modifier les évènements qui ont eu lieu, aussi destructifs puissant-ils avoir ete. Cela reviendrait a changer tout un système de paramètres établis au fil du temps, et la situation actuelle pour votre planète pourrait être déséquilibrée.’]


In 1996, in the I Am book, i said that we could modify our past to change our future. If everything is a holographic type construction, that sounds true.  The statements quoted above seem to say that we cannot, are not allowed to re-write the past.  It would confirm the observations of the past few years: human life and freedom of choice appear to be chained to the matrix and to our inner-blue print; our patterns seem to be impossible to change, even with hard spiritual work, with love and patience.

Yet, I believe that each of us has the freedom to navigate within the matrix, itself connected to time and to a specific clock/agenda/purpose.

We can, in some ways, extract ourselves from the general fabric/matricial programs in which humankind evolves to create our own little time-bubbles. This is what we do when we create coincidences, little miracles in our daily life.

We reach the All-Encompassing Universal Light and love, opening a doorway through the matrix and manifesting within the Creator’s and Infinite Divine Consciousness.


To do so, we must be aware, of ours and other’s patterns/softwares, keep ourselves as balanced as possible, emotionally strong, stable, detached and constantly reach out, towards our Divine Presence. The Divine is communicating with you through body awareness, intuition and coincidences. No one, even the matrix can stop you to feel your divine nature.

Isn’t it what we are speaking about when we identify ourselves as spiritual or light workers? Creating a space within which light and divine codes can flow? A space that grows with us and will merge with the fields of other light workers; a space in which our hearts can communicate and push, maybe ahead of time, for the materialization of the New Paradigm.

For fun, this article shows a picture of a man whose lower body is a DNA helix (could be 2 serpents), bathing in a Michael-blue atmostphere, with this text: “the colors from Vega raise the frequency of the light bodies and of the cells; they impact the deep levels of the human DNA and of the quantic DNA.”

“Le planetarium holographique est un système de communication universel. The holographic planetarium is a universal communication system. »

The inability to have contacts with the advanced creatures who inhabit the Universe is mostly imputable to the difference of consciousness level.{…} above a certain threshold, Evil does not exist. This threshold is usually determined by a quantified value measuring the average consciousness level of a civilization.”

So, back to square one: the higher your level of consciousness, the best for the Planet. Think about that when you feel negative, hopeless, angry or about to do anything silly.



The above mentioned astro page is very genuinely reminding us the message that I have brought  for 2 decades now: “with Sagittarius, we are beginning to see the fulfillment of the Seed Promise — or the promise of a Savior who would pay the penalty for Adam and Eve’s (and all of our) sins. And now — we have Lyra, the first decan in Sagittarius — and we are reminded by the picture of a harp, and by the names of the stars in it, to praise that Savior!!” 

Pay close attention to the names of the stars in each constellation. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

LYRA (G) “the harp”; Fent-kar (E) “the serpent conquered: Vega (G) – “He shall be exalted”; Shelyuk (G) also Al Nesr (A) – “an eagle”; Sulaphat“springing up, ascending.”


“Based on studies of the motions of stars in our neighborhood, astronomers have determined that the sun hauls its family of planets, comets and asteroids at 43,000 miles per hour in roughly the direction of the bright star Vega in Lyra.”



Le pape: clean your own house before looking at others!!


How long before someone uses the new weapons? Russian new arsenal alliance between Emirates and South Korea

of a secret military pact between South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

Under this pact, concluded in the period 2009 – 2011 (which was during the presidential mandate (2008 to 2013) of Lee Myung Bak) South Korea undertook to defend the United Arab Emirates if a war broke out; an undertaking which it has only, to date, agreed to, with the United States.

This treaty forms part of a sales agreement for a nuclear centre to the Emirates. In December 2009, the South Korean company, Electric Power Corporation was victorious in its tender offer, prevailing over Areva (a French company), General Electric (a US company) and Hitachi (a Japanese company) to build a nuclear complex worth 40 billion dollars. Two of the four 1 400 megawatts reactors, provided for in the agreement, are almost complete. Indeed, the whole complex should be delivered before the end of 2018.”

US in Cosimo:

“the Russian missiles (assuming their range is intermediate) are deployed in a defensive position in the Russian territory, while the US intermediate-range missiles would be deployed in an offensive position in Europe close to the Russian territory. It is as if Russia deployed nuclear missiles pointed at the United States in Mexico.

As the US / NATO escalation continues, the deployment of such missiles in Europe is increasingly likely.

Meanwhile, in early February, Ukraine tested a ground-based intermediate-range missile, which was certainly produced with US assistance.

The new US nuclear missiles – much more precise and faster than the Cruise missiles of the Eighties – would be deployed in Italy and probably in Eastern countries too, adding to the B61-12 nuclear bombs that US will deploy in Italy and other countries since 2020. In Italy, the new Cruise missiles would probably again be positioned in Sicily, although not necessarily in Comiso. On the island there are two US installations of primary strategic importance.

The MUOS ground station of Niscemi, one of the four on a world scale (2 in the US, 1 in Australia and 1 in Sicily) of the satellite communications system that connects all US forces, even nuclear, anywhere of the world they are.”



The take-home message from these two studies was that the effectiveness of antidepressants had been overstated, and that the benefit might be limited to far fewer patients than were actually using the drugs.

These points, and more, were made in a paper written by John Ioannidis in the journal Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine in 2008. He argued that the study designs and populations selected, especially the short length of many studies, biased them to positive results. He argued that while many studies achieved statistical significance, they failed to achieve clinical significance. He argued that we knew too little about long-term harms, and that we were being presented with biased information by looking only at published data.

This paper — “Effectiveness of Antidepressants: An Evidence Myth Constructed From a Thousand Randomized Trials?” — sowed lingering doubts about the use of antidepressants and the conduct of medical research. But recently, the most comprehensive antidepressants study to date was published, and it appears to be a thorough effort to overcome the hurdles of the past.


We are one, says the new age….










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  • PatrikMalmberg says:

    Intriguing as always Archangel Michael, lets work for a better planet!

  • The sentence : we can not intervene to change te past :
    An event is interpreted through various parameters including that of emotions. If the situation generate an amount of important stress by one or more people, then the event take great importance.
    Looking at this same event with a broader perspective, the interpretation of it is modified. If the interpretation is changed, the meaning too.
    The question I ask myself: If a group of people who participated in a traumatic event expanded his vision, is possible to modify some aspects of the past?
    Including the emotional aspect? And if this aspect is disabled, does not one interfere with part of the past?
    It would be like a requalibrage with new data.

    • admin says:

      CAN WE CHANGE THE PAST. Answer to N’s comment
      Changing perspective, re-framing, I agree with you, in theory. This is what I have always wanted to believe. Does it work? It should, if all the people involved in a situation are at the same level of healing and as long as the circumstances (stories in which people have participated) permit the completion of a karma (Divine or earth calendar).
      In fact, I questioned my belief about changing the past after watching two events:
      – 2010: The Adam Kadmon moved His Heart up. That showed that humankind in general depending on Him to evolve, was, in fact, trapped.
      – End 2016: the discovery of a planetary contract with the Mantis ETs. ETs are an intrinsic part of the evolutionary tissue. No one could, especially the leaders involved in this karma, bypass the earth calendar. It is like trying to heal a warrior’s body through his metallic armor. The armor has to be removed first.
      Finally, in daily life, we can change our path, past and future, and create mini-personal-bubbles of peace. As a leader, I take responsibility for what I have created and eventually projected onto others. I believe that a time of separation was necessary to hasten a deactivation of our common memories, in relationship with the Earth time-line/schedule.
      Practical level: if understanding the past was enough to change it, we would not have co-created such commotions during the retreat a few years ago. Without even mentioning the power and ego struggles, the denial, that were so dense between the participants of this specific retreat. All these personal problems coming in the same group at once, plus My Uranian energy … anyone spending time at the Sanctuary faces his/her deep challenges, denials or have a breakthrough. Uranus + Michael’ s Frequency, and the veils falls apart for a moment; then, are the people ready and able to look at the Pandora box?

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