Age of Brahma

Age of Brahma

The Age of Brahma

Excerpts from Secret Doctrine, H.P. Blavatsky

PI and the CYCLE OF BRAMA….for fun

The age of Brahma = 1 cycle, 1 an et un jour.

1 cycle (= 100 années)  = 311. years

1 brahmanic year           =     3.110.400.000.000

1 day ( :360)                     =            8.640.000.000


                                             =  Pi


“31415 or Pi, the synthesis, or the Host unified in the Logos and the Point, called in Roman Catholicism the ‘Angel of the Face’, and in Hebrew Mikael ‘Who is (like unto, or the same) as God,– the manifested representation.” Secret Doctrine, I, 434



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